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  1. Wewai

    Texture problems

    @Solitaire How many addons did you subscribe to in total? I experienced addons not working due to having to many interfiering with each other.
  2. (Note to self, do not do on phone... Gonna redo that home.)
  3. Wewai

    Fleet Roster

    Senior Chief Petty Officer Paul Schmidt Engineering, Technician, Relay GMT +1 https://steamcommunity.com/id/Wewai
  4. Wewai

    Fleet is open!

    @Jinny Who qualifies as Senior Member of Fleet? I would tell some people who already asked to get put back in the fleet/if they can play their old chars.
  5. Wewai

    Leading Logs.

    *Drop Lead:* A/Cpl. (LCpl.) Natalie Wilson *Second in Command:* N/a *Squad Leaders:* LCpl. Carl Rocks; Pfc. Blaire Montgomery *KIA/WIA:* N/a *Summary of Mission(Brief):* Free ship of pirates.
  6. Wewai

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    LCpl. Natalie Wilson
  7. Wewai

    John York

    Timms, pl0x?
  8. Wewai

    Profile Pictures Vs. No Profile Pictures.

    You got an anime profile picture, so you might aswell call yourself useless.
  9. Wewai

    Working out? Do you or do you not

    You can't even read, don't lie.
  10. Wewai

    Black Ops Detachment.

    Sure, just say it.
  11. Wewai

    Kyril Layland [KIA]

    Mr Timms, I don't feel so good.
  12. Wewai

    Engineering In a nutshell

    Goddamit! At least I got some credit.
  13. Wewai

    Some nice video

    I dunno, that made my day...
  14. Wewai

    Bernhard Franke

    Charlie Timms, please, thanks, see ya later, adios.