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    TL;DR: Got beaten up by Pathfinder. 02:34:07 - **MSpc. Tina König takes her arms up and puts her right foot infront of her other. 02:34:18 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would assume a kickboxing stance. 02:34:28 - **CWO. Darius Hawke steps in and rolls his neck for a moment before staring at them both. He takes a few steps back, towards the fencing of the cage. 02:36:12 - MSpc. Tina König: Ready when you two are. 02:36:24 - Spc. Miguel Lorenzo: Ready. 02:36:37 - **CWO. Darius Hawke nods slowly, staring forward, hands by his side. 02:36:39 - CWO. Darius Hawke: Always. 02:36:56 - MSpc. Tina König: Good. We let the looser of this dance beginn. 02:37:11 - Spc. Miguel Lorenzo: Fun... 02:37:12 - **CWO. Darius Hawke nods slowly, "When you are ready then." 02:37:25 - MSpc. Tina König: We are waiting on you, if not allready clear. 02:37:38 - **LCpl. Miranda Walters Would chuckle and goes to stand up aswell "Might go with 'ya, want something from the bar?" 02:37:57 - **CWO. Darius Hawke sniffs quietly from behind the mask, taking a small step forward, "So be it." 02:40:07 - **CWO. Darius Hawke reaches up and fiddles with the mask for a few seconds. The breathing sound from it seems to get more laboured and intensive. He nods before suddenly dashing forwards, his movements fast enough to actually be hard to follow. He dashes between the two infront of him, ducking into a slide, his right leg lashing out to slam into Tina's shin, attempting to trip her. 02:40:50 - **MSpc. Tina König attmepts go jump back as he comes in. 02:41:06 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would send his right foot in a kick to the side of Hawke as he comes slideing in. 02:43:42 - **CWO. Darius Hawke 's foot slams into Tina's shins with the aim to bring her down to the floor, Hawke's momentum takes him past them both, his left arm coming down in a bar block to deflect Lorenzo's kick. He skids up against the far end fencing, spinning around to push himself to his feet before they have the chance to right themselves again. 02:45:11 - **MSpc. Tina König hits the ground. "Ahh, holy shit." 02:45:33 - **CWO. Darius Hawke pushes himself off of the fencing, his right leg coming out to aim a straight kick at the back of Lorenzo's left knee. 02:46:42 - Spc. Miguel Lorenzo[YELL]: <color=215, 105, 105>This is why you don't let pathfinders go first! 02:47:09 - **MSpc. Tina KönigWhile Lorenzo is slaughterd, all Tina can do is turn around and try kick the right foot of Hawke. 02:50:10 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would let him self fall to the ground attempting to throw a desperet heel kick while he his falling to Hawke's jaw. (If he has not already dissapeard) 02:50:38 - **CWO. Darius Hawke 's right foot slams into the back of Lorenzo's left knee, causing it to buckle and most likely making him fall forwards onto his knees. Hawke would bring his foot back down afterwards, stomping down on Tina's foot as she tries to trip him, trapping her foot underneath his boot. 02:52:10 - **MSpc. Tina König missed her original kick, pulls her boddy up and trys hitting Hawkes left knee with her right fist. 02:53:58 - **CWO. Darius Hawke is caught under the chin by Lorenzo's desperate heel kick as the man goes down. His left knee buckles as Konig's fist impacts against it. He staggers back against the fencing, Tina's foot freed from under his boot as he moves. 02:55:57 - **MSpc. Tina König grabs with her left hand to Hawkes left thigth, standing up and pushing him with her right arm, hopefully into the corner of the two fences. 02:56:12 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would quickly push himself off the ground. He would back up for a second before fainting a left hook and actually throwing a left round house to the mans side. 02:59:41 - **CWO. Darius Hawke recovers from his stagger, allowing Konig to close the distance and push him back into the fence. He sees clear through the feint, pushing his shoulder down as he reaches up to loop his left arm around Konig's waist. His right hand shoots downwards to deflect Lorenzo's kick into the chainlink behind him before he attempts to pull Tina off balance, his left foot sliding out infront of Konig's legs, going to trip her and push her into Lorenzo. 03:01:28 - **MSpc. Tina König trys keeping her balance befor flying onot Lorenzo, not being able to do much more. 03:02:01 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would continue his assault bringing his other leg forward. His original foot being to Hawkes right. He would continue with his other into another heel kick aiming for the mans head. He would not be paying attention to Hawkes attempt to throw her into Miguel. 03:03:50 - **CWO. Darius Hawke manages to pull Tina off balance, tossing her into Lorenzo's incoming kick, pushing forward off of the chainlink to occupy the spot that Konig was in just a moment ago. He lashes out with a hard front kick to Tina's back, attempting to push her into Lorenzo even harder and knock them both off balance. 03:05:40 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would try to step out of the way in time to his right. He would attempt to drag Tina with him to get them out of the scenario. 03:05:48 - **MSpc. Tina König trys grabbing the nearest fence with her arms and regain her balance wihtout falling over. 03:07:36 - **CWO. Darius Hawke 's foot connects with Konig's back, sending her toppling into Lorenzo with quite some force. Hawke takes a step back, waiting for them to attempt to right themselves again. 03:09:00 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would be nocked into the fence he would raise his hands to try and grab the fence to stop himself from falling over. He would waste no time in assisting Tina to her feet. He would then assume a kick boxers stance again. 03:09:48 - **MSpc. Tina König does hit the ground directly infront of the to the fence leaning Lorenzon. She roll over, sighing and just looking up. 03:10:40 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would litteraly lift Tina up on her feet. "Come on. It's not over yet you edgy, mask wearing, green eyed, mother fucker!" 03:10:51 - **CWO. Darius Hawke pushes himself off of the fence, moving in while Lorenzo goes down to help Tina to her feet. He aims a flying knee to the side of Miguel's head. 03:12:25 - **MSpc. Tina König gets helped up until Lorenzo will be hit and be doomed to fall with her again. 03:12:49 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo sees in his peripherals that Hawke would be getting up. Miguel would attept to counter with a straight kick to the mans stomach. In the hopes that his foot will reach him before his knee does. 03:15:23 - **CWO. Darius Hawke 's knee slams into the side of Lorenzo's head, sending him reeling. He follows it up by stamping his left foot down upon Tina's neck, applying enough pressure to cut off her air supply momentarily. 03:15:53 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would be nocked a couple feet. "Mother fucker...Fuck! That hurt." 03:16:14 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would slowly push himself to his feet once more. Useing the fence as support. 03:16:19 - Spc. Miguel Lorenzo: Ok. 03:16:49 - **MSpc. Tina König pulls her arms up, pushing as much as she can while just trying to speak. "Got---- Enough-----." 03:17:51 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would onec again assume his Kick Boxing stance. He would stare down Hawke for a second before coming in. Fakeing with a right straight he would throw a left footed kick of awesome power to the mans balls. 03:18:07 - **CWO. Darius Hawke holds his foot down upon Konig's neck, occasionally applying a little bit of extra pressure, cutting off her oxygen supply. He stares at Lorenzo, "She will be unconcious in a few seconds..." 03:21:06 - **CWO. Darius Hawke takes a step off of Tina's neck as Lorenzo comes in, stopping the suffocation by boot momentarily. He pivots on his left foot, his right foot coming upwards in a counter strike as his entire torso pivots downwards, his boot aimed upwards towards Lorenzo's chin as he deftly sidesteps the man's incoming kick to his groin. 03:22:10 - **MSpc. Tina König gasps for air as he gets off her neck, cought loudly and holding herself to the floor.
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    SST Quotes Thread

    There goes my hero: 00:53:58 - Pfc. Helena Clenmore[OOC]: Finch is gonna Bone Walters. 00:54:04 - : Helena Clenmore was kicked with the reason: 00:54:05 - : redneckrOadkill has just disconnected. 00:54:11 - : OOC Chat has been toggled off
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    SST Quotes Thread

    22:25:36 - SSpc. Aoife 'Loki' Hviteulven: Dream catcher. Like an SS officer, but inanimate and aimed at dreams. 22:25:45 - MSpc. Valerie Faust: .....Sadly no.
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    [IC] Lasertag Tournament

    Team name: Flamingos Team leader: [TBD] Team member #2: Cpl. Gargano Team member #3: Cpl. Chevosky Team member #4: Spc. Carter Team member #5: LCp.. Walters Mascot: John Cone
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    [OPEN] Marauder Applications

    MARAUDER DESIGNATION APPLICATION IC: Name: Ferdinand Faust Physical Age: 22 Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 5'11 Weight: 180,779 lbs (82 kg) Employment & Background Current Rank: LCpl Educational History: High school diploma with GPA: 3.4 Criminal Record: N/a Service Record: Served for 4 in the 88th Morita Division after basic training. UGL certification earned shortly after becoming a Lance Corporal. OOC: Steam name: Wewai Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:149817882 Length of time on Server: 2 months+ Time zone: GMT+1 Roleplay History: Around 10 years. Started back at WC3, moved to Gmod about 3-6 years ago, starting with DarkRP, later SWRP, HL2RP, BMRP, the list goes on and on. Roleplay example: