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  1. It's Wilson, not Williams....
  2. //: Drop Lead: ACpl. Wilson //: Second In Command: N/a //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: Cpl. Jones Orange Team: Pfc. Murphy //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Weiss, Harris, Saint-Claire, Murphy, Gunnarsdóttir //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/a //: Notable Acts: N/a //: Mission Summary: We were tasked with destroyin an infant hive after a meteror hit a planet near to the Upham. Objective was archieved.
  3. LCpl. Natalie Wilson, promoted just now.
  4. Aren't... both left arms? @Neelinator
  5. -Snip, never around recently-
  6. Whoever does not love this man is gay, change my mind.
  7. Timms passed away on the 28th of March 2299. If you want some last things on your char from him, hit me up, to lazy to do it here.
  8. @alright sassy @NorseTheNomad Don3, biatches.
  9. Did... you just quote yourself? Pathetic.
  10. @Solitaire How many addons did you subscribe to in total? I experienced addons not working due to having to many interfiering with each other.
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