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  1. Robert Taylor

    Does Finch have to ask?
  2. Anni Järvinen

    Tina König, please, thnx, yeah!
  3. Mobile Infantry Roster

    Jennifer Hayes, Lance Corporal, GMT-7 , http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198081947916/
  4. Mobile Infantry Roster

    Michael Finch - Promoted to Corporal by Sergeant Westervelt.
  5. SST Quotes Thread

    A bit late, but still good: 23:10:47 - : OOC Chat has been toggled on 23:10:47 - **Spc. Troy 'Turtle' Hughes nods. 23:10:51 - Spc. Troy 'Turtle' Hughes[OOC]: Rawr! 23:10:52 - Spc. John McTaviche: Hello Finch. 23:10:55 - : OOC Chat has been toggled off
  6. OUT OF CHARACTER: Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Wewai/ How long have you been roleplaying?: About 8-10 years now. Started back at WC3 roleplay modes, did Gmod afterwards & some Arma. Timezone: GMT + 1 Server activity: Everyday on. How many other characters do you play?: 3. LCpl. Michael Finch, Cdt. Paul Schmidt, Pvt. Tina König(The one applying) Do you accept the increased risk to your character associated with this position?: Of course IN CHARACTER: Full Name: Tina König Time in service: 2 years Rank: Privat Backstory: Born on Karrus, grown up with two elder brothers, she learned how to keep herself in controll of them. Both of them went for "normal" jobs after high school, but Tina wen't to MI straight away. This was taken not well by her mother. Thanks to the union she was able to rise her childrend alone, but she does not want her children going there. Her brothers did decide to follow into service due to the civil war and someone in the family just speaking good about the work, live and social things. List of accomplishments: Not dead, (yet), made it through boot and survived to up ot Privat. Reason for interest: Keeping the ship, members and fellow soldiers. Keeping the Federation Law up even at times of unrest. Accepted. Talk to TSgt. Dominic Cage
  7. Mobile Infantry Roster

    I(Michael Finch) live in GMT+1(Germany).