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  1. Wewai

    Tina König

    She thought good of him, a solid man and leader, working before he told others to work.
  2. Wewai

    Tina König

    She dead... If you wanna know what she thought about you char, ask me in person too lazy to write that down.
  3. Wewai

    SST Quotes Thread

    21:40:23 - Dango, prepare to fire a proton torpedo directly at us. [AdminLog] 21:40:23 - Rook used /event. Arguments were Dango, prepare to fire a proton torpedo directly at us. KeyValues Error: RecursiveLoadFromBuffer: got } in key in file models/cire992/props/kitchen04.mdl mdlkeyvalue, 21:40:29 - Fuck me [AdminLog] 21:40:29 - Rook used /event. Arguments were Fuck
  4. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Kibe Moe Physical Age: 19 Race: Mongoloid Gender: Female Eye Color: Black Hair Color: Black Height: 5'3 (163 cm) Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg) Employment & Background Current Rank: Pfc. Educational History: Barley passed High School with a GPA of 3.9 Criminal Record: N/a Employment History: School -> Service. Service Record: Rct., Pft., Pfc., Transfer to the 112th. OOC: Character's College Explanation: N/a Server Time: 5+ months Roleplay History: 10+ years, started with WC3, then Gmd DarkRP, some Clone Wars, Black Mesa & Stargate Roleplay & many, many more.
  5. Wewai

    SST Quotes Thread

    01:42:30 - 2Spc. Thomas Constantinos: I'm not actually gay. I was fucking with you. 01:42:39 - LCpl. Johnny Smith: That would make you gay.
  6. Wewai

    Specialist using MGs

    Hey there, boys & girls! If you wanna suppress a position, maybe even do it against Bots, /report can help. Just let your event admins know what you are doing and he may react to it. If you don't tell him, he can only guess, which is always bad. TL;DR: Tell us you suppress!
  7. Wewai

    Valerie Faust

    Update Finch!
  8. Wewai

    Anderson Kayne

    Update Finch, boi.
  9. Wewai

    Tina König

    Nvm, retarded, did not save
  10. Wewai

    Tina König

    Face claim: Theme: Basic Information: Last Name: König First Name: Tina Aliases: N/a D.O.B.: 23.04.2275 Current Rank: Master Specialist Kin: Father: Philipp König Mother: Sabine König Brother: Andrè König Brother: Alex König Bodyfeatues: Eye Colour: Brown Hair Colour: Redish Hight: 5'1 Weight: ~165 Left foot: Modern BT, starting below knee Medical Record: Steped on a mine once, face took most of the explosion head on, was uncounsious. Scars remain and are healing. Frag grenad landed near her, left foot blow of as she tried running to cover, part of the left leg was not safeable either. BT remains on her. Ripped open belly by bug, survived with mostly luck. One big scar remainins on belly after treatment. Carrer: Recruit after bootcamp, arriving on the Grant as a new member of the 112th. Private after first drop. 3Spc. as part of joining the Marine Corps. on board. 2Spc. after Provost Certification and general good conduct. 1Spc. after close protection & interogation courses alongside more general good conduct. Pfc. after Marines being disabendend. Denied the rank of LCpl. Spc. for joining the Weapons Specialists in the CQC branch. MSpc. was allready offerd, but was denied. MSpc. while taking lead of CQC Branch. Personal Relationships(No colours; ask to be added; Use a quesiton(Example: What do you think off XYZ ?). Makes it a bit more interesting; In alphabetical order):
  11. Wewai

    Valerie Faust

    F. Faust.
  12. About time! Po. Paul Schmidt|Technician.
  13. Wewai

    Jackie Knoxx (NEW)

    Update Finch, pl0x.
  14. Wewai

    Sebastian Bently

    Please Update the criminal Finch.
  15. Wewai

    Lyndsey 'Lynn' Carter

    Update Finch, please.