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    Charlie Timms

    Name:Charlie Timms D.O.B.: 14.07.2270 Gender: Male Kin: Father: Jason Timms, 43, alive, carpenter Mother: Selena Timms, 45, alive, teacher Brother: Jerome Timms, 25, alive, carpenter Sister in law: Tina Smith, 25 alive, nurse Sister: Elena Smith, 22, alive, soldier Homeworld: Terra Eye colour: Green Skin colour: Black Hair colour: Black Rank: Spc. Role: Engineer Backstory: Charlie grew up with his parents back at Terra until he was 11 years old. At that time, his father opened his own carpentry workshop at Hesperus, which made him quite wealthy. Charlie always had average grades and learned after high school carpentry. Some years after the successful apprenticeship, he was bored with the job, and was happy to hear, that his parents were not against him joining federal service. He enlisted with 24 and was assigned the 142nd after boot camp. There he did prove himself to the unit and was promoted to Sergeant after 4 years. After 2 more years, his squad ran into a trap, in which most of his Men were slaughtered by sanctuary troopers. He and Private survived with a lot of luck and recognisance training. After re-attaching to bis unit, Charlie was charged with the Article 104. He was able to defend himself against the allegations and took two months LOA before deciding to become an engineer. He was allowed that and was assigned to the 112th Engineering Detachment. Relationships(Ask to be added): Cait 'Teddy' Donovon Teddy is a cute medic, not gonna lie. Quite up for some jokes, but one of these 'talkers'. She says she wants to improve, but for now, I can not tell how serious she takes that herself. Gonna stick around her and see how things develop and how she honestly does her job. Till now it seemed nice how she dealt with minor injuries. Eric Shepard Dumb goon, good for morale. That is it. George R McCarthy Another cute medic! God damit, going Engineering might have been wrong. Anyways, his personality seems quite kind and is nice to be talked to. Up for my jokes, I presume and really offering to people. I honestly wanna know more about this guy, will not lie. Joe Kalas A dude... who is an engineer... and a Specialist... I don't know what to think of him yet, we will see. Sylase "Fucker" Freeman Funny & nice dude. He knows when to play serious and when not to, a guy I would entrust my life. Allways and at any time. Tzipora Bronson Our Senior Specialist, eh... from what I know, she is certificated in Sapper and Munitions. Either she is damn good in these or I do not understand her position. But I like her. Nice to chat with and did not try to use the additional S on me, so I see forward to be working with you. Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko The guys a good lad. That is it. He means great, always shows his dedication, but sadly hasn't any talent as an NCO in my eyes. I like him, as a friend, but I would not call him a great leader, rather the opposite. But all he can do is keep trying to be the best and that is to admire. Never stop, friend, you are talent is only the floor on which skills are built.
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    Tzipora ‘Action’ Bronson

    Do Timms, pl0x.
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    Charlie Timms

    @alright sassy @NorseTheNomad Don3, biatches.
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    SST Quotes Thread

    Did... you just quote yourself? Pathetic.
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    New Engineering Tank Protection NETP

    Classic meme
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    Texture problems

    @Solitaire How many addons did you subscribe to in total? I experienced addons not working due to having to many interfiering with each other.
  7. (Note to self, do not do on phone... Gonna redo that home.)
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    Fleet Roster

    Senior Chief Petty Officer Paul Schmidt Engineering, Technician, Relay GMT +1 https://steamcommunity.com/id/Wewai
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    Fleet is open!

    @Jinny Who qualifies as Senior Member of Fleet? I would tell some people who already asked to get put back in the fleet/if they can play their old chars.
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    John York

    Timms, pl0x?
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    Profile Pictures Vs. No Profile Pictures.

    You got an anime profile picture, so you might aswell call yourself useless.
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    Paul Schmidt

    Name: Paul Schmidt Station(s): Engineering, Science, Relay, Helms, Weapons. Biography: Born on the planet Hesperus, at the 14.03.2977, Paul was the third son of German colonists on the planet. As a kid, he developed an early on interest in mathematics, technical systems of all kind and logistics. Due to both of his parents working on a shipyard, like most people on Hesperus do, he was able to get a lot of information on these subject hand on and was even helping out as a hobby in his free time. In school, Paul had average grades at best until his last year. He knew he wanted to go into the fleet for quite some time, and worked his ass off for better grades. He made the grades needed to become a fleet technician and joined directly after school. He worked on various vehicles, mostly transport ships and with all kind of ranks, before being offered a position on the Ulysses Grant. He accepted it out of his patience for the technical wonder hidden and build into the Grant, and worked himself through the ranks ever since as a technician and future bridge member.
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    Working out? Do you or do you not

    You can't even read, don't lie.
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    Black Ops Detachment.

    Sure, just say it.
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    Kyril Layland [KIA]

    Mr Timms, I don't feel so good.
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    Engineering In a nutshell

    Goddamit! At least I got some credit.
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    Some nice video

    I dunno, that made my day...
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    Bernhard Franke

    Charlie Timms, please, thanks, see ya later, adios.
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    I hate this man 😢
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    Lance Corporal Sam Ruse

    Charlie Timms
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    SST Quotes Thread

    05:22:57 - LCpl. Vito 'Gay Cowboy' Dominiko[LOOC]: gotta take the pizza out 05:22:58 - LCpl. Vito 'Gay Cowboy' Dominiko[LOOC]: brb 05:23:25 - Cpl. Sarah Redbrick[LOOC]: high ass nig taking his pizza out for a walk n shit. 05:23:27 - Spc. Charlie Timms[LOOC]: *Bang* The pizza is taken out. 05:23:31 - Sgt. Patrick Stevenson[LOOC]: lol
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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

    Charlie Timms
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    George R. McCarthy

    Charlie Timms. Please.
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    SST Quotes Thread

    [AdminLog] 03:20:11 - [ic]Luther W. Taylor: Do you know the way? [AdminLog] 03:20:40 - [ic]Sabine Bilodeau: De wae to where Captain? [AdminLog] 03:20:51 - [ic]Luther W. Taylor: To the Sanctuary [AdminLog] 03:21:38 - [ic]Sabine Bilodeau: Indeed I do. A place I have been to a handful of times. [AdminLog] 03:21:32 - Xalphox used /radio. Arguments were Listen to me... I am the Captain now