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    SST Quotes Thread

    01:42:30 - 2Spc. Thomas Constantinos: I'm not actually gay. I was fucking with you. 01:42:39 - LCpl. Johnny Smith: That would make you gay.
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    Specialist using MGs

    Hey there, boys & girls! If you wanna suppress a position, maybe even do it against Bots, /report can help. Just let your event admins know what you are doing and he may react to it. If you don't tell him, he can only guess, which is always bad. TL;DR: Tell us you suppress!
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    Valerie Faust

    Update Finch!
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    Anderson Kayne

    Update Finch, boi.
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    Tina König

    Face claim: Theme: Basic Information: Last Name: König First Name: Tina Aliases: N/a D.O.B.: 23.04.2275 Current Rank: Master Specialist Kin: Father: Philipp König Mother: Sabine König Brother: Andrè König Brother: Alex König Bodyfeatues: Eye Colour: Brown Hair Colour: Redish Hight: 5'1 Weight: ~165 Left foot: Modern BT, starting below knee Medical Record: Steped on a mine once, face took most of the explosion head on, was uncounsious. Scars remain and are healing. Frag grenad landed near her, left foot blow of as she tried running to cover, part of the left leg was not safeable either. BT remains on her. Ripped open belly by bug, survived with mostly luck. One big scar remainins on belly after treatment. Carrer: Recruit after bootcamp, arriving on the Grant as a new member of the 112th. Private after first drop. 3Spc. as part of joining the Marine Corps. on board. 2Spc. after Provost Certification and general good conduct. 1Spc. after close protection & interogation courses alongside more general good conduct. Pfc. after Marines being disabendend. Denied the rank of LCpl. Spc. for joining the Weapons Specialists in the CQC branch. MSpc. was allready offerd, but was denied. MSpc. while taking lead of CQC Branch. Personal Relationships(No colours; ask to be added; Use a quesiton(Example: What do you think off XYZ ?). Makes it a bit more interesting; In alphabetical order):
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    Tina König

    Nvm, retarded, did not save
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    Valerie Faust

    F. Faust.
  8. About time! Po. Paul Schmidt|Technician.
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    Michael Finch

    ------Finch was send to Federal Prison after not killing a enemy in the field and this killing members of his unit----- Face claim: Theme: Family Name: Finch First Name: Michael Aliases: N/a Rank: Sergeant Military Branches: Mobile Infantry Gender: Male D.O.B.: 04.11.2270 Height: 5’9 Homeworld: Iskandar Body build: Muscular Hair colour: Blond Eye colour: Green Significant Facial features: N/a Significant Body features: Both legs got scars all over them. Family: N/a Medical history: Ran into a mine, resulting in fragments covering both legs. Fell unconscious right away. Scars remain all over legs. Part of the left arm bitten away by a bug, healed completely. No staying injuries. Shot into the left shoulder. Extreme lucky. No staying injuries. Brocken his left arm when a bug flipped a tank he was on. No staying injuries. Neck cut open by a bug, MEDEVAC and great medics saved him. A big scar remains on the neck. Background: Abandoned on Iskander at the 04.11.2270 the baby from unknown parents was found near the ‘Innocent Finchlings’ orphanage. The day he was found has been set for his birthday, even though he is a bit older. As no name was known, he got the one he has now by the employees. He lived there until he was officially 18, joining the MI right away. From then on he was moving from unit to unit, until staying at the 112th. Relationships: (Ask to be added, no colours; in alphabetical order) Alexander "Lick" Tschenkowitsch: Lick joined, I believe, the day after I did. He was on the drop where Krautstag died in, must be a good first impression. But it was good, I was able to enjoy our free time with him. Had many talks, becoming friends. He got First Class before me, after losing a game of 'Staff Sergeants Says' by licking the floor. I won, got First Class right after. Was a fun game, but even better, I gave Lick the name he is called from everyone today. From time to time we had more serious talks. And he almost broke my knee, when I had to prove something to him. He is a Lance Corporal currently, and a trustable Second in Command. But he seems to not wanna go on, and if he does, he needs to be better. He's funny, for me and more important the enlisted. They trust in him, as an equal more than a superior, or it seems like that. If that is a good or bad thing, we will see. I'm keeping you as a close friend, but leading might be something I need to talk him out of. He is... to soft, too nice for it, too much joking about it. He did surprise me quite much the last drop when he was SiC for Hughes. From what I saw, he was the one keeping everything together. He should keep up such work, I'm quite happy to see such great performance from him. Alice White: A great medic. Follows orders, is there when needed and allways does her best. We need more like those, and I want to see her become a high ranking medic! Anderson Kayne: He took the career ladder, cut it in half and boom, he was Staff Sergeant. And I got no idea why. He enforces some regulations, but for what? As long as everyone does his job, who cares about the colour fo their hair? When I was dealing from time to time with fuckups he came by to throw around some words and leave it to me. Looks like he wants to make himself important, not sure why he does that. His skills in leading are average for a corporal at best. At worst we sit on a moon being slaughter one by one because he can not make up his mind and is giving conflicting orders. Just like Hughes, he got, in my opinion, no reason to be at the job he currently has. Maybe he will surprise me one day and be actually useful or important. Cornelious Zeem: A Lance Corporal right now. I'm not sure if he is ready to be a constant leader, not from what I saw, but I agree that he should have a chance to prove it. He wanted to stay in the field wounded, wanting to show himself or whatever. All he did is show that he does not think through. I'll work on changing that. Felix Krautstag: He was my Lance Corporal. The one I considered to be my role model, I think. Not sure if it because he was my first Squad Lead, or because he was actually good. I tried doing my best whenever he was around, so that is a good thing. He died after running onto a mine, had not much time crying over it back on the ground. Funny thing I did the same not a week later but had way more luck. Either way, Lance, you will always be remembered by me and I keep reporting if something important happens. Farwell. Franco Sorrentino: The man made me Lance Corporal and Sergeant. I thank him a lot for that, but even more for what he did. He allways seemed to want the best, a somewhat weird form of humor. He showed me what real leading is. Direct, quick and decisive must it be. Especially on one drop, we stormed a island, he showed that he can do mistakes and said us he did them. He showed me something I wanted everyone to learn. Self-Reflection. He was by that point, the only one that showed it without being asked to, and I'm happy that I was able to meet him. Haleem bint al-Attar: Weird name. That could be it, but sadly it is not. She seems a little bit upset with me, for good reason. I once did some clearing with her, she got shot out of my sight and I completely forgot about her. Was not able to say sorry to her, yet. Giving me not the full fault, but certainly some. She was detached from her squad, which leader was terrible at doing his job. Outside of that, she seems like a brat. Comming to me and telling me she floats. Not requesting or asking, not informing me that she is the only medic. She came and said she would float now. If she tries that again I let her 'float' back in the ship in her own sweat after running through the cargo. Jackie Knoxx: She talks much about improving, but shows none. Either this will change or she is gonna get a hard time, not only by me. Her control over emotions lack as well, and her motivations to be at the MI are questionable at best, at least does she not show any. What motivates such a person to join service? Just a matter of time to find out for me. At least she is useful in the field. James Chevosky: Not sure if it was for that fleetie, to get on her good side, or because he actually is that way. But if he keeps calling out errors of the troopers under his command to superiors or outsiders, I'm gonna get really piseed with him. If he wants to be a corporal, or keep being one, he better learns to deal with it hands-on and learn to shut up about it afterwards. An error is to be corrected instead of talked about for ages, especially not to get on a womans good side. Lyndsey Carter: This woman is a permanent reason for my squads for a good reason. Fast, reliable, always up to do her job and in such a good manner. I want to see you ranking all the way up. Her jokes are old and beefy, she gotta learn not to stand between me and my drinks. Noah Gargano: From what I saw he seems to care for the safety of the troopers in the field, without looking too much at useless regulations. That's a good thing. He's sadly also making my job hard when defending him against certain Chief Petty Officers and similar, is not smart in regards to reading the situation he is in and acting accordingly. He needs to think more before talking in general. He often does not mean it evil, I assume, but the way he sends out his words just makes it sound terrible. He has potential but is far from being the NCO I would wish to see my place after me. We'll see about him, had not much chance checking his skill in either leading or squad management. I'll be watching and changing the courses he's gonna set in his future with great interest. Sean Richardson: Noisy and obnoxious ass. Just a big dick. First time I see him on a drop his face gets some acid on and is now really fucked up. The irony is almost funny. But no one deserves such a fate, not even he. Troy "Turtle" Hughes: He seems a bit moody from time to time. He got a girl now, I think she was called Taylor. Anyways, hope that betters it. He's a Sergeant now as well. From what I know of him, he is not ready, but I did not look how he was leading in the one drop he and Hayes were tested. Anyways, I will be looking how he does, but I'm not sure about him, yet. We will see if or if not he has improved, or will. Valerie "Panzer" Faust: Was a Corporal when I joined, haven't seen her leading. But she shows why she is a master specialist. Constantly looking for new members and being a hero in my eyes. She started looking for new members when she was 'only' a specialist. Without her, the weapons specs would be gone already, I'm sure about that. She acts quick, with the best intentions all the time in the field. You can only find her on the front, if not hold back, diving onto nades to save her team. A woman I can trust and consider a friend, always ready to help out from what I see. Her German lacks from time to time, she does not concentrate on grammar enough in that regard. ------Finch was send to Federal Prison after not killing a enemy in the field and this killing members of his unit-----
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    Jackie Knoxx

    Update Finch, pl0x.
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    Sebastian Bently

    Please Update the criminal Finch.
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    Lyndsey Carter

    Update Finch, please.
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    ur guy Franco Sorrentino

    Finch, pl0x.
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    Michael Finch

    Last edit (maybe) ever. Finch now no longer there.
  15. Name: Tina König Bonus: +15 Reason: Former Marine Condition: Losses 5 each week if not trained.
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    Tina König - Wewai - Base +10

    I cut off when Tina was done with the fight.
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    Tina König - Wewai - Base +10

    TL;DR: Got beaten up by Pathfinder. 02:34:07 - **MSpc. Tina König takes her arms up and puts her right foot infront of her other. 02:34:18 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would assume a kickboxing stance. 02:34:28 - **CWO. Darius Hawke steps in and rolls his neck for a moment before staring at them both. He takes a few steps back, towards the fencing of the cage. 02:36:12 - MSpc. Tina König: Ready when you two are. 02:36:24 - Spc. Miguel Lorenzo: Ready. 02:36:37 - **CWO. Darius Hawke nods slowly, staring forward, hands by his side. 02:36:39 - CWO. Darius Hawke: Always. 02:36:56 - MSpc. Tina König: Good. We let the looser of this dance beginn. 02:37:11 - Spc. Miguel Lorenzo: Fun... 02:37:12 - **CWO. Darius Hawke nods slowly, "When you are ready then." 02:37:25 - MSpc. Tina König: We are waiting on you, if not allready clear. 02:37:38 - **LCpl. Miranda Walters Would chuckle and goes to stand up aswell "Might go with 'ya, want something from the bar?" 02:37:57 - **CWO. Darius Hawke sniffs quietly from behind the mask, taking a small step forward, "So be it." 02:40:07 - **CWO. Darius Hawke reaches up and fiddles with the mask for a few seconds. The breathing sound from it seems to get more laboured and intensive. He nods before suddenly dashing forwards, his movements fast enough to actually be hard to follow. He dashes between the two infront of him, ducking into a slide, his right leg lashing out to slam into Tina's shin, attempting to trip her. 02:40:50 - **MSpc. Tina König attmepts go jump back as he comes in. 02:41:06 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would send his right foot in a kick to the side of Hawke as he comes slideing in. 02:43:42 - **CWO. Darius Hawke 's foot slams into Tina's shins with the aim to bring her down to the floor, Hawke's momentum takes him past them both, his left arm coming down in a bar block to deflect Lorenzo's kick. He skids up against the far end fencing, spinning around to push himself to his feet before they have the chance to right themselves again. 02:45:11 - **MSpc. Tina König hits the ground. "Ahh, holy shit." 02:45:33 - **CWO. Darius Hawke pushes himself off of the fencing, his right leg coming out to aim a straight kick at the back of Lorenzo's left knee. 02:46:42 - Spc. Miguel Lorenzo[YELL]: <color=215, 105, 105>This is why you don't let pathfinders go first! 02:47:09 - **MSpc. Tina KönigWhile Lorenzo is slaughterd, all Tina can do is turn around and try kick the right foot of Hawke. 02:50:10 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would let him self fall to the ground attempting to throw a desperet heel kick while he his falling to Hawke's jaw. (If he has not already dissapeard) 02:50:38 - **CWO. Darius Hawke 's right foot slams into the back of Lorenzo's left knee, causing it to buckle and most likely making him fall forwards onto his knees. Hawke would bring his foot back down afterwards, stomping down on Tina's foot as she tries to trip him, trapping her foot underneath his boot. 02:52:10 - **MSpc. Tina König missed her original kick, pulls her boddy up and trys hitting Hawkes left knee with her right fist. 02:53:58 - **CWO. Darius Hawke is caught under the chin by Lorenzo's desperate heel kick as the man goes down. His left knee buckles as Konig's fist impacts against it. He staggers back against the fencing, Tina's foot freed from under his boot as he moves. 02:55:57 - **MSpc. Tina König grabs with her left hand to Hawkes left thigth, standing up and pushing him with her right arm, hopefully into the corner of the two fences. 02:56:12 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would quickly push himself off the ground. He would back up for a second before fainting a left hook and actually throwing a left round house to the mans side. 02:59:41 - **CWO. Darius Hawke recovers from his stagger, allowing Konig to close the distance and push him back into the fence. He sees clear through the feint, pushing his shoulder down as he reaches up to loop his left arm around Konig's waist. His right hand shoots downwards to deflect Lorenzo's kick into the chainlink behind him before he attempts to pull Tina off balance, his left foot sliding out infront of Konig's legs, going to trip her and push her into Lorenzo. 03:01:28 - **MSpc. Tina König trys keeping her balance befor flying onot Lorenzo, not being able to do much more. 03:02:01 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would continue his assault bringing his other leg forward. His original foot being to Hawkes right. He would continue with his other into another heel kick aiming for the mans head. He would not be paying attention to Hawkes attempt to throw her into Miguel. 03:03:50 - **CWO. Darius Hawke manages to pull Tina off balance, tossing her into Lorenzo's incoming kick, pushing forward off of the chainlink to occupy the spot that Konig was in just a moment ago. He lashes out with a hard front kick to Tina's back, attempting to push her into Lorenzo even harder and knock them both off balance. 03:05:40 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would try to step out of the way in time to his right. He would attempt to drag Tina with him to get them out of the scenario. 03:05:48 - **MSpc. Tina König trys grabbing the nearest fence with her arms and regain her balance wihtout falling over. 03:07:36 - **CWO. Darius Hawke 's foot connects with Konig's back, sending her toppling into Lorenzo with quite some force. Hawke takes a step back, waiting for them to attempt to right themselves again. 03:09:00 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would be nocked into the fence he would raise his hands to try and grab the fence to stop himself from falling over. He would waste no time in assisting Tina to her feet. He would then assume a kick boxers stance again. 03:09:48 - **MSpc. Tina König does hit the ground directly infront of the to the fence leaning Lorenzon. She roll over, sighing and just looking up. 03:10:40 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would litteraly lift Tina up on her feet. "Come on. It's not over yet you edgy, mask wearing, green eyed, mother fucker!" 03:10:51 - **CWO. Darius Hawke pushes himself off of the fence, moving in while Lorenzo goes down to help Tina to her feet. He aims a flying knee to the side of Miguel's head. 03:12:25 - **MSpc. Tina König gets helped up until Lorenzo will be hit and be doomed to fall with her again. 03:12:49 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo sees in his peripherals that Hawke would be getting up. Miguel would attept to counter with a straight kick to the mans stomach. In the hopes that his foot will reach him before his knee does. 03:15:23 - **CWO. Darius Hawke 's knee slams into the side of Lorenzo's head, sending him reeling. He follows it up by stamping his left foot down upon Tina's neck, applying enough pressure to cut off her air supply momentarily. 03:15:53 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would be nocked a couple feet. "Mother fucker...Fuck! That hurt." 03:16:14 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would slowly push himself to his feet once more. Useing the fence as support. 03:16:19 - Spc. Miguel Lorenzo: Ok. 03:16:49 - **MSpc. Tina König pulls her arms up, pushing as much as she can while just trying to speak. "Got---- Enough-----." 03:17:51 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would onec again assume his Kick Boxing stance. He would stare down Hawke for a second before coming in. Fakeing with a right straight he would throw a left footed kick of awesome power to the mans balls. 03:18:07 - **CWO. Darius Hawke holds his foot down upon Konig's neck, occasionally applying a little bit of extra pressure, cutting off her oxygen supply. He stares at Lorenzo, "She will be unconcious in a few seconds..." 03:21:06 - **CWO. Darius Hawke takes a step off of Tina's neck as Lorenzo comes in, stopping the suffocation by boot momentarily. He pivots on his left foot, his right foot coming upwards in a counter strike as his entire torso pivots downwards, his boot aimed upwards towards Lorenzo's chin as he deftly sidesteps the man's incoming kick to his groin. 03:22:10 - **MSpc. Tina König gasps for air as he gets off her neck, cought loudly and holding herself to the floor.
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    SST Quotes Thread

    There goes my hero: 00:53:58 - Pfc. Helena Clenmore[OOC]: Finch is gonna Bone Walters. 00:54:04 - : Helena Clenmore was kicked with the reason: 00:54:05 - : redneckrOadkill has just disconnected. 00:54:11 - : OOC Chat has been toggled off
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    SST Quotes Thread

    22:25:36 - SSpc. Aoife 'Loki' Hviteulven: Dream catcher. Like an SS officer, but inanimate and aimed at dreams. 22:25:45 - MSpc. Valerie Faust: .....Sadly no.
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    Jackie Knoxx

    König, pl0x?
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    [IC] Lasertag Tournament

    Team name: Flamingos Team leader: [TBD] Team member #2: Cpl. Gargano Team member #3: Cpl. Chevosky Team member #4: Spc. Carter Team member #5: LCp.. Walters Mascot: John Cone
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    [CLOSED] Marauder Applications

    MARAUDER DESIGNATION APPLICATION IC: Name: Ferdinand Faust Physical Age: 22 Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 5'11 Weight: 180,779 lbs (82 kg) Employment & Background Current Rank: LCpl Educational History: High school diploma with GPA: 3.4 Criminal Record: N/a Service Record: Served for 4 in the 88th Morita Division after basic training. UGL certification earned shortly after becoming a Lance Corporal. OOC: Steam name: Wewai Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:149817882 Length of time on Server: 2 months+ Time zone: GMT+1 Roleplay History: Around 10 years. Started back at WC3, moved to Gmod about 3-6 years ago, starting with DarkRP, later SWRP, HL2RP, BMRP, the list goes on and on. Roleplay example:
  23. Paul Schmidt, Crewman, Technican(Auxiliary)
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    Tina König - Wewai - Base +10

    22:58:00 - **Spc. Tina König gets her arms up. "You go first, fella." 22:58:10 - **MSpc. Valerie Faust assumes a Freestyle boxing stance ''Right Right.'' 22:58:54 - **MSpc. Valerie Faust steps up to Tina, starting the spar with a faint jab and a suprise right hook to her Face. 23:00:24 - **Spc. Tina König steps aside and turning a bit in, her left elbow going for her enemys chest. 23:01:05 - **MSpc. Valerie Faust takes a hard hit ''Aua!" she yelps out, retaliating with a swift hook to the Womans jawline [] 23:02:48 - **Spc. Tina KönigFausts reveng comes fast and swift, suprising König, who just took the hit to the jawline. The ex-marine does go a step back, bfor send her left fist towards Faust guts. [] 23:03:43 - **MSpc. Valerie Faust sidesteps to the right, countering with a jab to her cheek once more to roughen the Woman up some more [] 23:05:52 - **Spc. Tina KönigAgain the jawline of Köing is hit, with more force this time. She's wobbeling a side a bit, befor trying to go and hit Fausts nose, with no delay this time, but clearly slagging. [] 23:06:39 - **MSpc. Valerie Faust steps back and then leans foward , performing a swinging hook onto the Womans face once again [] 23:08:53 - **Spc. Tina König blocks the hook comming for her with her left arm and trying to punch her in the guts with her right fist to Fausts gut. 23:10:01 - **MSpc. Valerie Faust takes the blow hard as she was caught offguard, she stumbles back to the Fence gasping for air [] 23:12:08 - **Spc. Tina König goes close to Faust, her left arm pressed against Fausts neck, and her right pushing Fausts face against the fence. Atleast, that is the goal. [] 23:13:07 - **MSpc. Valerie Faust suddenly bobs her head under Tina and sends a knee strike to her Crotch while moving away [] 23:16:31 - **Spc. Tina König pushes Faust off her, the knee going allmost to the destination planned. She pants. "Okay -- Just -- call it --- a draw."
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    Jackie Knoxx

    Michael Finch.