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  1. ShiftKnife

    Combat Engineer Rules & Regulations

    Standing orders and rules updated, engineers please read.
  2. ShiftKnife


    i made this for engineers after i left but idk if they use it hey engineers do you use this?
  3. ShiftKnife

    Goodbye Everyone

    seems a bit excessive to remove all of your friends bye
  4. ShiftKnife

    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Accepted. Speak to a senior engineer on the ship. - CPT. ROXANNE LAFRENTZ
  5. ShiftKnife

    I got a new 3D Pen.

    Really cool, had no idea 3d pens existed.
  6. ShiftKnife

    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Speak with a senior combat engineer on the Grant. - TSGT. J. LERWICK
  7. ShiftKnife

    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Denied for physical requirements. - TSGT. J. LERWICK
  8. ShiftKnife

    Cold as Ice

    “You’ll hold until the ice melts.” That's what came down the pipe after the third retrieval call. Bastard. It’s been a week since we last saw him, that smug piece of shit. That grin on his fucking lips - he knew retrieval would be impossible but he sent us anyway. Klendathu. Centennia. Omega. A thousand losses in between. Millions dead. The number’s rising every day - though really, what does a hundred more dead matter here in this frozen waste? Humanity is on the brink of extinction, and here we are, killing each other for the scraps.
  9. ShiftKnife

    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Speak to a senior engineer on the Grant. - TSGT. J. LERWICK
  10. ShiftKnife

    New OffDuty Model - Opinions Needed

    loooooks cool
  11. ShiftKnife


    see if he'll come to our campaign, cronk
  12. ShiftKnife

    Marc Laidlaw's "Epistle 3"

    Marc Laidlaw is one of the writers behind the story of Half Life, and retired from Valve about a year and a half ago. Several hours ago, on his personal blog, he posted what seems to be his summary of Half Life 3. He doesn't go into great detail, and changes many of the big names in the story. To a lot of fans in the Steam/Valve community this is being seen as the final nail in the coffin for the beloved Half Life series. Below I've linked to the original blog as well as the version with corrected names seen in the Half Life series. Do you guys think we'll ever get a follow up to Half Life? Original: http://www.marclaidlaw.com/epistle-3/ Corrected: https://github.com/Jackathan/MarcLaidlaw-Epistle3/blob/master/Epistle3_Corrected.md
  13. ShiftKnife

    Matene's theme song (In my opinion)

    None of you know matene like I do apparently.
  14. ShiftKnife

    Traitors of Mars

    why did they give rico skunk hair
  15. ShiftKnife

    Lerwick, James

    Added the goonsquad