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  1. Noah Gargano

    You smell that? It smells like something got burned by a backblast. Could be Lick... 8^]
  2. Alexander "Lick" Tschenkowtisch

    I wanna like this so hard but i can'T 'cause the button isn't here 8^[
  3. Cornelius Zeem

  4. Cornelius Zeem

    I miss somebody... Somebody who got backblasted. Something licky. Idk maybe you can help me out 8^]
  5. Applications

    Federal Forward Research Laboratories scientist (Lieutenant) Character name: Dr. Bernard Ost Wiki account name: I don't know how this works and i can't creat a account. So i guess i write just the name i would give myself, Traitorverpackung. Are you aware you will have your own category on the wiki to maintain; which includes logging the missions you run? Yes Desired field of study ('major'): Behavioural Sciences , Earth and Life Sciences Field of specialization: Psychology, genetics. How would your work affect the server and/or the canon we currently have? Firstly i want to improve our lovely passive roleplay. There are enough of our M.I.s with problems and dramas. So i want to give them a person to speak with and a person who overlooks the outcome of fights. My goal is to take caer of the M.I. And to reach my goal i will create research logs and reports about the M.I. They will contain information for superiors about the situation and who they should take care of. On the other side this char will prevent that somebody turns to an alcoholic or worse. He will be somebody to speak to. On the other side he will do genetics (If Behavioural Sciences is full) . The goel here is to find weakpoints in the genetic code of the enemy or a weakness about their surroundings. This will tend towards biological weapons. Also this will focus on the sub-species of our buggy friends and our Progenitor friends. In this topic this char will research and maybe find a way to weaken our enemy by creating a bug in their genetic code. Describe a day in your lab! Bernard enters his section of the lab, as he noticed that he left something in the microwave. After getting the microwave cleaned and putting the rest of his noodles in the bin he checks the last of his research logs for any flaws. After done that he begins to investigate a sample of an arachnid Tanker. He finds something more or less useful and takes some notes. He heads on with more and more investigations and takes more notes. After getting done with this he gets a summary done for that he did today. "Time to take a break" he says to himself after leaving the lab. Then he heads down getting a sandwich or something else. And if he works in the Behavioural Sciences section he will mostly talk to other staffmembers. He will almost do the same like in genetic but as psychologist. Making reports and research logs about different staffmembers of the M.I. This will create a personal profile of some staffmembers. This will take the most of his time as psychologist. Beside that he will work on summarys of psychs of the M.I. searching for issues and problems that appear more then once.
  6. FFRL: How it will work

    It does. 8^]
  7. Alexander "Lick" Tschenkowtisch

    Didn't catched it IC strangly. Gotta wait for that and then i change the entry.
  8. Alexander "Lick" Tschenkowtisch

  9. Alexander "Lick" Tschenkowtisch

  10. Rachel Valenwood (WIP, just made it quickly, working on it)

    Could you add Lick. Also could you tell me when you're online? Need to give you something.
  11. Valerie Faust

    Are you sick Wewai? If the coughing gets worse you should visit a doc mate. Also *cough* Lick *cough*. Dammit!
  12. William Beans

    Tschenkowitsch? Tschenkowitsch!
  13. Mobile Infantry Roster

    YOu can now remove Tschenkowitsch's LOA. I'm back!
  14. Mobile Infantry Roster

    Good day people. I have a internship by the police for two weeks so i will be not here. I can assure fully activity after the 23th. So have a nice day and mybe i'll look around if i get some freetime :D.