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  1. Traitorverpackung

    Rate the Person Above You's Ride

    Bicycle. But I tell you, that thing survived alot.
  2. Traitorverpackung

    Charlie Scott

    My heart. My heart! Please add that tasty Lick!
  3. Traitorverpackung

    The MI's recent 'Ball'

    This is great.
  4. Traitorverpackung

    Jenny Hoover

    Dear Communist Nazi. I shall please you to add Tcshen - Tschen - Tschen - Lick to the relations list. Also, I wish you a good day fellow human being. [8°]
  5. Traitorverpackung

    Char loss.

    As soon I remake the chars I'll think of that Thanks.
  6. Traitorverpackung

    Frank Hauptmann

    Human dignity is inviolable " " - Frank Hauptmann Basic Information Name: Hauptmann, Frank. Place of Birth: Earth, Europa, Somewhere near Bielefeld. Date of Birth: 2236-04.02 Age: 63 Gender: Male Height: 1.95 meters Physical Description: Weight: 89 kg Hair colour: White Eye colour: Blue Military Information Rank: Private Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: 2255 Years of Service: 44 Service Record: Started in the 112th Battalion he was assinged to Delta company as one of the first. He ranked up until Sergeant as the reputation started to drop for Delta. Leaders were dead or were gone with Sanctuary. After some new positions were filled up he got demoted to Lance Corporal. An incident happend not long ago, where his CO was involved. A few statements later he was transferred to First Platoon unwillingly. Now he is a Private. Personal Information Family: - - - Backstory: - - - Characteristics: Chain smoker. Strengths & Weaknesses: - - - Other Information: - - - Personal Relationships  Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated
  7. Traitorverpackung

    Char loss.

    @Deck Thanks. I'll take a look No I don't need to fear anymore heartattacks.
  8. Traitorverpackung

    Char loss.

    I jsut came onto the server and all my chars are just gone. My heart stopped for a breath second and then I realized that we got a new SST. Should I still have my chars? And if not, where can I get them back? Or do I need to create new chars? I am confused, please help.
  9. Traitorverpackung

    An idea

    I do believe that somebody shouldn't be combat effective after he or she got stabbed or shot. Being stabbed in the leg would make somebody slower or unable to move. Being shot in the shoulder would maybe prevent somebody to shoot his weapon. And then comes the pain, and after that the painkiller. If that person will still be able to work properly in such a situation where a soldier needs to fear for his life? I like the system how it is at the moment and I am really happy that I don't need to fear for anything bad because the chances are so low. But hell, I want to get my first limb off. I either get death or burns. Christ I want this limb go away! I want to have someone looking like a robot! But beside this I think to increase the severity of the 25 roll wounds would adapt good to the system we got.
  10. Traitorverpackung

    An idea

    Seems like they actually fear. Like they should.
  11. Traitorverpackung

    An idea

    I get you Cipher. Feels like there are no deaths happening. And I get have the feeling this ain't war. Dropping multiple times a day, there would be a higher lossrate. But on the other end I would not like loosing my main char, Lick. Or Thumper. Or Rocks. That would not be cool. But I would accept these risks, if there is a big campaign happening and our whole company is good, maybe got one wounded. A higher life threatening rollchance of 15 would be okay in my eyes.
  12. Traitorverpackung

    Federal PX

    Processed - Expect it on 02/24 - 02/25 - Delivered Note: I'll try to get your shipment in the sunday supply run, but I can't promise anything. It may come at monday.
  13. Traitorverpackung

    Federal PX

    Processed - Expect it on 02/18 - Delivered Note: I'll try to get you a good Violin but I can't promise anything yet. With luck I get an average one. //NEW// I got you a used but good one. I got it all packed up and stored it in your bed. If it is not there, damaged or something other wrong report it ASAP to me. Have fun with it. Hehe. @Troy Hughes
  14. Traitorverpackung

    Sassy Platoon Roster

    @alright sassy I have a great idea. To fill that old memorial, you could go on and try to kill all your chars. You can document it and try to get all kinds of different deaths. One gets executed, one gets ffed, one gets blown by a DOTON, one jumps on a grenade and so on. Would be cool
  15. Traitorverpackung

    Bradley Tanner

    *thump* *thump* Thumper! Stop walking like that! *thump* thump*