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  1. Traitorverpackung

    [IC] Monolith of Service

    I don't think so...
  2. Traitorverpackung

    Useful guide for your chars.

    20. The modern military man is nurturing. He knows which hard liquor puts his child to sleep the fastest.
  3. Traitorverpackung


    1,5 is my charisma score. Gotta level up soon to 1.67
  4. Traitorverpackung

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Carl Rocks, Lance Corp'. GMT +1 and Confuse-a-cat Ltd. Put Lick on a LOA of a few weeks. Maybe one or two. Don't have the time to do trainings and co. And Rocks will show himself on weekends or such. May you all have a good day fellow human beings of flesh and mind. May you enjoy your stay here. |8°{]
  5. Traitorverpackung

    Leena Stokes, the Insomniac

    Mhm Yes. Indeed we have radios. And helmets!
  6. Traitorverpackung

    Cosplay ideas?

    How about cosplaying as Dark Helmet from Space Balls. Sure that will be less expensive.
  7. Traitorverpackung

    The Journal of Kid McCarthy

    Have a productive day citizen!
  8. Traitorverpackung

    The Journal of Kid McCarthy

    Dude you have either to much time or alot of talent. Maybe both. No clue but holy shit, that looks nice.
  9. Traitorverpackung

    Carl Rocks

    Basic Information Name: Carl Rocks Place of Birth: Terra, South America Date of Birth: 1.1.2285 Age: 23 Gender: Male Height: 1.98 Physical Description: Weight: 110kg Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Brown Military Information Rank: Private Branch: MI Years of Service: 2 Service Record: Joined 83th Morita Rifles. Changed to 112th Morita Rifles Personal Information Family: Backstory: He enlisted for shooting. Not much else. Characteristics: He likes to shoot bad things. Strengths & Weaknesses: He can kill. Other Information: Loves killing. Personal Relationships Eric Shepard. Shooting buddy. Killing Artist. Front Soldier. Friend.
  10. Traitorverpackung

    Weekly character question: Reasons for enlistment

    You got the point
  11. Traitorverpackung

    Weekly character question: Reasons for enlistment

    We do a little char round here. Man hell I created my first char with no clue. Lick was just nothing pretty much. I joined mid event and had no clue and almost died two times. Poor Krautstag. And the first question back on the ship was how he passed Boot camp and why . So I thought about that for a few minutes. Was it a genuinely better option than staying where they were? : No. Were they just a through-and-through patriot? Do they still feel that way? : Oh well at first time Lick saw members of the MI and co as good bois. Dudes who do everything to protect the weak. He still feels the same but also believes in a big meat grinder. You ever will ask him if you should join the MI the answer is a clear "If you want to suffer the shit out of you, sure. If you want a decent human life, then no." Were they seeking travel and adventure? : Somewhat. Being in active combat is always adventure. Did their family push them into it? : His wife was in the Medical Detachment. Both have the same ideals. So why not he thought. His wife supported him, and took care of the kids. But as things went, both are not so sure staying in the MI anymore. Not much for his wife, she's a medic and CO. Not that high risk of dying. But Lick is a filthy NCO in the MI. The risk getting killed is always high and so he evaluates if it's still reasonable for him, his kids and his wife. But a few words he remembers "Darling you are clever enough not to get killed. And don't dare you not coming back in time. I'll kill you a second time if you die."
  12. Traitorverpackung

    Federal PX

    Processed - Expect it on 10/31-11/02 - Delivered, check your footlocker.
  13. Traitorverpackung

    going on strike

  14. Traitorverpackung

    Izla 'Hang' Sinthachai (KIA - 16 /11 / 2298 )

    Valerie Faust