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  1. Traitorverpackung

    [IC] Cert Training Requests

    Name: Alexander "Lick" Tschenkowtisch Requested specialisation: Pointman Existing (relevant) weapon training: Former DMR.
  2. Traitorverpackung

    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Ronny rANGE Physical Age: 23 Race: Caucasian Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 1.91 Weight: 95 kg Employment & Background Current Rank: Private Educational History: High School Criminal Record: - Employment History: MI. Service Record: Former 2nd Spec. Engi OOC: Server Time: No clue. Roleplay History: Alot. No clue but it's alot.
  3. Traitorverpackung

    Federal PX

    Processed - Expect it around 01/15 - Delivered Note: A package is in the amoury with your name on it. If not, please inform me ASAP.
  4. Traitorverpackung

    Federal PX

    Processed - Expect it around 01/15 - Delivered Note: A package is in the amoury with your name on it. Your beef is seperated in a second package also with your name on it next to the first. If you csn't find it there please inform me ASAP.
  5. Traitorverpackung

    Federal PX

    Processed - Expect it around 01/15. (My PC is still dead. I should be back next week or overnext monday. But I havn't forgot PX! :D)
  6. Traitorverpackung

    Lucky me,

    Oh we can! Not this time. More like a Rdrdrdrd. Was like a heart attack. The lights flicker, then wosh, dead. Hey, maybe it will start tomorrow. If not, it will stay dead for some long time. But as it is now, it's reallllllllly fucked up. Also Happy new year!
  7. Traitorverpackung

    Lucky me,

    Killed PC. I just ended the life of my PC. Maybe it will work tomorrow somehow again or this is it. 4 years with Win 7 and no formatting. Glhf :D
  8. Traitorverpackung

    Patrick Stevenson

    Have a great time up in heaven.
  9. Traitorverpackung

    SST Quotes Thread

    02:09:15 - 3Spc. Aoife 'Kansas' York: Range. Are you dead? 02:09:19 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: Are we allowed to? 02:09:29 - 3Spc. Aoife 'Kansas' York: It's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. 02:09:42 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: I don't like that reasoning. 02:09:55 - **2Spc. Ronny 'Retard' RangeA group of 2nd platoon docs is operating Range at the moment, looking with a angry faces at York... 02:09:59 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: So. Range. How ar- 02:10:06 - **LCpl. Angela P. Clark chuckled 02:10:07 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: Yup. 02:10:09 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: Just gonna. 02:10:20 - **LCpl. Angela P. Clark grabbed York, whisking her out 02:10:22 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: Bye! 02:10:23 - LCpl. Angela P. Clark: Good luck! 02:10:27 - 3Spc. Aoife 'Kansas' York[WHISPER]: <color=105, 105, 215>I don't think they liked the question. 02:10:36 - **3Spc. Aoife 'Kansas' York is dragged away. 02:10:40 - **2Spc. Ronny 'Retard' RangeThe docs return their work... Straight outta logs.
  10. Traitorverpackung

    Fleet Roster

    I forgive you Who are youa gain... oh the captain! Right...
  11. Traitorverpackung

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!
  12. Traitorverpackung

    Fleet Roster

    Crewman Otto Hermann is still a miss here Would be super nice to add him Also merry christmas @Jinny
  13. Traitorverpackung

    Weapon Certification Roster

    Hold up I've just read a thread. Just put Carl as SAW gunner in and Lick as DMR. Lick also got the nades. All of 'em.
  14. Traitorverpackung

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    It's Carl. Carl Rocks.