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    Garry's Mod errors and co.

    Good day fellow human beings. I might have a slight problem with gmod. Since I cleared all my addons gmod is a walking error. I have only some textures. But most of the maps are just a combo of errors and missing textures. I don't see items like a morita in PAC. Errors are blinking everywhere like I'm in Vegas. After a drop I close my eyes and see pink and black. And that's not so cool. I reinstalled gmod, reinstalled all addons, Dedi and the base pack. I reinstalled all Half Life 2 Episodes and Half Life 2 itself. I just have no clue anymore. I checked every file. If anyone has a clue how to help it, that would be supa-dupa knorke
  2. Traitorverpackung

    Garry's Mod errors and co.

    @Jun Nagase You already helped me. I've more disk space free now. Tiem to install everything again
  3. Traitorverpackung

    Garry's Mod errors and co.

    Thanks. I'll try it tomorrow and see if it helps.
  4. Traitorverpackung

    Player Competition! #1

    I accept and suffer in silence.
  5. Traitorverpackung

    Player Competition! #1

    It's Guten Tag.
  6. Traitorverpackung

    Black Ops Detachment.

    I fear.
  7. Traitorverpackung

    Federal PX

    Processed - Expect it on 10/14 - Delivered Unavailable - We apologize Processed - Expect it on 10/14 - Delivered
  8. Traitorverpackung

    It's me Goku

    Welcome back. |8^]
  9. Traitorverpackung

    Federal PX

    Unavailable - We apologize
  10. Traitorverpackung

    Federal PX

    Delivered Delivered Note: Only 2 units of the requested "Karrus' sabor de Cuba Inc. Cigars" have been delivered. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  11. Traitorverpackung

    XCOM SST Edition!

    Hello there good Sir. Somebody called Alexander "Lick" Tschenkowitsch wants to fuck up some greyheads. Please allow him to do so. A nice asian german with a personel note of retardness. Like taking sodacans instead of 'nades.
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    Happy.exe has stopped working...
  13. Traitorverpackung

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Hello there humans. I am back.
  14. Traitorverpackung

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Hello there kidz. I got a LOA from next monday till friday. Just you know.
  15. Traitorverpackung

    Things going forward

    Good to know. I have no clue what I would have done if I didn't read that.
  16. Traitorverpackung

    SST Quotes Thread

    22:13:46 - SSgt. Joshua Edwards: Awwwh 22:13:48 - SSgt. Joshua Edwards: my radio man 22:14:00 - **Sgt. Kyril 'Corpse' Layland exhales. 22:14:07 - SSpc. Daniel 'Dan' Dumont[OOC]: beeourbe 22:14:10 - Sgt. Kyril 'Corpse' Layland[LRR - RADIO]: MOBCOMM THIS IS BANDICOOT 1-1, RADIO CHECK OVER! 22:14:18 - SSpc. Daniel 'Dan' Dumont[OOC]: i need to hit /a joint of grass/ if you know what i mean 22:14:20 - P. F. Kruger[MOBCOMM]: STOP SHOUTING AT ME 22:14:28 - Sgt. Kyril 'Corpse' Layland[LRR - RADIO]: OKAY!
  17. Traitorverpackung

    Combat Engineer Roster - New

    3rd Spec Ronny Range Sappo Name is Confuse-a-cat Ltd. GMT +1
  18. Traitorverpackung

    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Ronny Range Physical Age: 23 Race: Human Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 191cm Weight: 87kg Employment & Background Current Rank: PFC Educational History: Highschool GPA 2,5 Criminal Record: None Employment History: None Service Record: Rookie, Private, Private First Class OOC: Server Time: Since February Roleplay History: For idk, maybe three to five years.
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    17:31:46 - **Pvt. Hayden Gallagher would rummage around in his pocket and pull out some neatly folded papers. 17:31:53 - **Pvt. Hayden Gallagher hands them towards Lick. 17:32:06 - **Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch takes them, folding them open and starts asking "Age?" 17:32:16 - Pvt. Hayden Gallagher: Twenty-Six. 17:32:23 - Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch: Eye color? 17:32:30 - Pvt. Hayden Gallagher: Brown. 17:32:37 - Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch: Length of your penis? 17:32:40 - : ansty has just loaded in. 17:32:45 - Pvt. Hayden Gallagher: A very moderate six inches. 17:32:57 - Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch: Count of your balls? 17:33:01 - Pvt. Hayden Gallagher: Four. 17:33:05 - Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch: Okay. 17:33:09 - Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch: That's all. 17:33:23 - **Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch packs the papers in his pockets, folded of course. 17:33:37 - Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch: I did not expect brown as answer. 17:33:50 - Pvt. Hayden Gallagher[LOOC]: Oh shit I FORGOT MY EYES ARE GREY 17:33:54 - Pvt. Hayden Gallagher[LOOC]: AHHHHHH
  20. Traitorverpackung

    Layden Harris

    Lick wants to be a part of it
  21. Traitorverpackung


    Wewai 21.09.2018 15:40. "We need the Marines back onboard."
  22. Traitorverpackung

    Lance Corporal Sam Ruse

    Mhhhhhhhhh. Guud. Viddy viddy well. Please adjust the code for the implementation of a new line of code. it's called Flesh Unit 44028, also known as Lick.
  23. Traitorverpackung

    Jee-un Choi

    Please add Lick under hated.
  24. Traitorverpackung

    Jamie "Dutchess" Sanderson

    Maybe he does for five bucks, never tried yet.
  25. Traitorverpackung

    a picture of halloway in his casket

    Are that Hartkekse?