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    When TS kills RP

    Thanks for the idea. Wilco.
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    Noah 'Sargegano' Gargano

    Sargegano Sargeano
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    Alicia White

    I want a hot piece of Biography please.
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    Kyle O'Reilly (WIP)

    Hell yeah! Just woke up!
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    Troy Hughes

    Mister Hughes. Would you like to add Lick to your "Personal Relationships".
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    Lawrence Chandler

    Nibba Schibba let's update Lick okay? Get one of these! 8^{]
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    Franklyn Holland - Beatnik

    Mister Lick wants to be on that list 8°)
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    Kyle O'Reilly (WIP)

    We are one guard short. There should be a Lick here 8°]
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    petition for the new gun to play kpop

    Nevermind me please.
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    petition for the new gun to play kpop

    kbobp isnt cool at lll it s not pop enough and is jsut bob and k ao so no
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    petition for the new gun to play kpop

    nogood kpop nm goof
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    petition for the new gun to play kpop

    no no no dont no. its okay to be no. no no no. its jsut no and no hand no. no is good f0r us. just no no and no. no fopr kpop no and no for kop and now no.
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    petition for the new gun to play kpop

    No, Just no. How about no. No is god for us. No,No,No. No is c00l for us. No nO no. And again nowwww. Now mow now now- No just nonot
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    Tina König

    What is the opinion about your brother? His name is Andrè König in case you forgot him.
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    Michael Finch

    I will smuggle stuff in his cell.
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    Jackie Knoxx

    We are one man short... Who could that be... Right Finch but It would be good to have Lick too please 8^]
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    Michael Finch

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    Michael Finch

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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Not a Corp anymore - Lick
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    As long you don't crash in humans or anything that is importent as well I think you are fine. But don't come up with a really really really special story about driving a terrorist as a taxidriver to his home while haunted by the police but you ahd to do it bacause he had a pistol at your head pointed... Nevermind do it!
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    Lawrence Chandler

    Ah the great Chandler... I saw this comming and prepared! Prepared message: Could you add Lick?
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    Alexander "Lick" Tschenkowtisch

    Next level shit about Lick Different faceclaim: 8^] Basic Information: Name: Alexander Tschenkowitsch aka. Lick Age:32 D.O.B: 04.12.2266 Gender: Male Affiliation: Galactic Federadtion Role(s): Active desingnated Marksman Kin: Wife(Julia Tschenkowitsch,33), and two sons(Harry Tschenkowitsch,12 and Will Tschenkowitsch,16. All dead) Homeworld: Terra Hair color: Black Eye color: Brown Build: Normal for a soldier Rank: Spec Record stuff: Rookie->Private after drop with Krautstag->Private First Class after you know->Lance Corporal after promoted by O'Neill->Corporal after promoted by Finch-> Became Specialist to get some silence. NCO was a good job and maybe I'll later become one again. Backstory: Alexander Tschenkowitsch, born at the 4th December 2266, was the only child in his family. The mother worked in a meat factory. The father was addicted to gambling. This caused a divorce when Alexander was 8. He took it well and lived on. At this time he had not much friends. He changed to the Gesamtschule. In the 8th class he finally realized what it means to be a human, a living thing. He saw the world and took it as it is. He marks went from fours and fives to ones and twos. He evolved and found much friends. One day he was with his class in a disco. Noone danced to that nice music so he teached himself in about 15 minutes some dances and started to dance. After a while his class joined him. He also lost gambling with his teacher this day and lost all of his clothes. It was a great day for him. And at this evening he changed his life. He was known across his school and almost everbody knew his name. And also he learned to accept everybody, even if he's a criminal. So he got much new friends but only 4 really good friends. At his school life he tried everything. That's what kids do eh? But in the end he didn't smoked or drank alcohol. Some of his friends even gave up smoking after he telled them what it is exactly. It was a very nice time. With his new marks he got his qualification for the german Abitur. At this time he wanted to be a psychaitrist. So he started to study psychology and sociology in private and at a specialized school. He wrote his Diplomarbeit and started as lifeline employee. There he learned one important thing. Everybody has a reason to do what he does or will do. Also he learned that suicide in never a option. Never. After 3 years he started in a local clinic as psychiatrist. He worked there for almost 12 years. At his 6th year there he did a sidejob as psychiatrist for policeman and woman to help them to come along with pictures there seen and so on. There he met his wife. She was just like him, sometimes crazy and she saw life like he seen it. After a year they married and got two kids. But Tschenkowitschs career stopped. His dear wife pushed him to join the M.I. to learn something more and get citizenship. It was a complicated time. But in the end, so we know, he enlisted himself for that. Even with his education level. He wanted to serve quick and help those who need help. But mainly he was there for his family. Only 2 weeks after he joined the 112th his whole family got killed. The murders fled into space. He also did a lot for his family. Sometimes he worked for his grandpa. But after a week working with his father they got into trouble. Some debt wasn't payed by his father. They called the police and he was arrested for attempted bodily injury. Alexander knew this person was in a bad shape and felt guilty about his sentence. He visited him often in the prison without his family knowing about it. It was weired. And so he met his best friend. Alexander told him to do better and more complex conversations. After 6 years his friend got out of prison and started his own business. They are still friends. Attributes: Strength: 8/20 Dexterity: 10/20 Constitution: 12/20 Intelligence: 19/20 Wisdom: 15/20 Charisma: 1,5/20 Confusion:100/100 Misc. Attributes: Combat Rating: 5/10 Pain/Health: 9/10 Wealth: moderate, he worked for a long time as a psychiatrist. Medical stuff: Backblast broke my back; Cured Backblast burned my neck and hands; Not cured Backblast burned my right lung; Cured with a new lung Got shoot and lost two toes from my right foot; Toes will be missed Broken left wrist; Cured Other Information: Achivements Got some good friends. Got the fuck backblasted Neutral Was promoted to Corporal No soldier died in while he was in command of a squad Regrets Licked the floor. Turning insane sometimes. Almost broke Finchs knee. Didn't saved Lance Krautstag on his first mission. Couldn't protect his family. Got the fuck backblasted; First injury. Got someone injured under my command. Personal Relationships [DISCHARGED]Micheal Finch: This man is a dickhead. And my friend. When i first arrived here he showed me everything. We talked and discussed and so on. Then we went out for my first mission. Oh boy that was a hellride. Krautstag, our Squadleader got blown up and our dear Private First Class Finch was Second. He did well i have to say but that was a damn hard mission. After that we did take part in Staff Sarge says. He got a good view how i licked that floor and got promoted. By the way he won that game. Then we got a movie eve. Really nice and a lot of fun. That is where he gave me that name, Lick. We do alot together and the last mission we're we both were involved in he got almost crushed by a tank. Loosing another friend... impossible to think of. We got him out of the tank. We also train often together. He was the first one i consulted that my family died. Since then we fight in that cage. That is how i comae along with all these terrible things that happen. If you do fighting you only can contentrate about it. Last time i almost broke his knee. Very sorry about that still. In all this you can assume he his my best friend. Well he is. Well he's Sarge now and Dicks around but i'm fine with it. And Aye! He promoted me to Corp' boy! Now I have to be efficent. That sounds efficent I guess. But now I can enter his baracks and do shit with his chair or so. If somebody reads this, I don't. i will not manipulate his chair. No. [DEAD]Jack O'Neill: Jack was a good friend of mine. He was the person who got me promoted to Lance. He was that person who said good things to me. Infact he was the first one in the military who was impressed by me. And then you find out that he got killed. That was not a great day. Infact i'm still sad about this. I hope his sons will come along with this. At least, i wish you a good afterlife if there's any god. [DEAD]Rock Sanders: He was also one of the first i met beside Micheal. It was really funny hanging with him out. I won that bet i tell you! I like him almost as much as Micheal. Also, he thinks that my brain is more a tumore. He could be right. || Well Sanders died today. He gave me hist last will. I feel honored and sad. He was funny and rude. More than that, he was a friend. Somebody i knew since the beginning. I will miss him. Paul Schmidt: I know him longer than everybody. I know him for like 20 years or so don't even know. I watched out for him when he was a child. Broke some noses and stuff. But know i don't see him that often. Well he is in the fleet and need to learn alot of stuff. But i would like it if he would visit me more often. I mean he's like family for me. [DEAD]Cool Beans: What a dude. He does alot of shittalk and jokes. And that's why i like him. He's a good guy having fun and humor. Somebody not talking about boring stuff and so on. He's also the perfect wingman. Oh for fuck sake. Just why the fuck did you have to leave! Since O'Neill died it's feels like somebody is picking the friends of mine. Beans if there's a heaven i hope you got there. Travis Young: A good soldier and a good man. He does alot of jokes. Even more than me. I got him once as my SiC and he did a solid job. I like having him around. [DEAD]Glenn Henry Reynolds: I have to same that i don't get often to that level of confusion. But holy shit i'm confused like an apple. She got me at the wrong time. I'm not that guy who will never have sex after his wife died. But there are only four weeks between her death and this. I'm not really sure how to react and i feel sorry for her. I enjoyed that moments but it feels just not right. Maybe at a different time. Valerie Faust: Oh go the Terminator himself. I got beaten up like a child in a bearfight. With a very friendly bear. But still a bear. I mean beside that she kicked my ass she's really nice. Mostly happy and polite. I don't know if polite is the right word but somehow she is. It's always great to have her around 'cause then somebody laughes at my jokes. But to be not so Licky, she's a great human being... I fucked up. [DISCHARGED]Cornelius Zeem: Oh boy oh boy what a dude. I really like him and i see potential in him. With enough training and some help he might be a good squadleader. It is remarkable taht he has an alomst infinite thrust keeping him on doing his thing. He does all waht he can and that is remarkable. I don't know if he can handle the horrors of war. What i can say it that I trust him. || After Discharge Zeem. There is nothing I want to tell you. Noah Gargano: Well well you little soldier. You laugh at my jokes;One point You say hello to me; Two points You are funny; Three points You dance; Four points Congratz you got four points! On the lickish scale you reached: Person who dances and that makes me happy Lyndsey Carter: Our dear Carter. You know there are persons you just like to have around and to speak with. Persons who are nice and friendly. Persons who are just kool. Carter is such a kool person. Everytime i see Carter i can speak with her and have fun. She got humor and she got friendlyness. And that's kool. And she's not such a hardliner saying "Yeah people die in war". No, she has the ability to be sad. And that's great. Remeber the backblast? You don't know how glad I am that you survived that thing. Like on a scale from 1 to 10 it would be Sorry to say that but this number is not named yet. Like that. Sean Richardson: First i want to say that i call him sometimes Dumbnut instead of Dumbcunt. Why? I don't know. Sooooooo you pen throwing racist big human being! Yeah that's all... Nah there's still something more. Sean is like Sean. He is big, has jokes in his pockets and is sometimes rude. A real Sean. And for that i like him. That acid attack back there is my fault. First injured under my command. Gotta to be more careful but that's not your problem Sean. I hope that you will recover and come back here. And as i said I'm not a chinese healer with magic. Alicia White: What a medic. I have the feeling that she's the only medic around 'cause she's so often nearby. A little bit scary. She's a real hero i might say. And a really nice person, like relly nice. Really nice. Also I can't even count the lifes she rescued. Well i can count at least one and that's my life. I still don't know how but she did. I should talk to her more often. Talking to nice persons is cool. Also I mean it would be nice somehow knowing your savior. Yeah sure it would. Or a funny game! For each soldier she patches up she gets a drink. Nah drinks don't cost anything... I will get something rewardy for you don't worry. And even that's only in my head I wish you good luck and hope you will survive this war. Lawrence Chandler: Our dear Chandler. Where to start, where to start. Right I talked to Lawrence often and that was nice. He has humor and he is cool. All taht stuff. But things are getting funny after the accident of the blast. The great backblast. Well somebody made a mistake, such things happens, and then Carter and I got blasted away. Carter got lucky but I, I was just fucked up. Thanks to our dear medic I survived. I mean my lungs were still fucked and my back broken but it was kinda funny. Don't ask why but it was. Anyway Chandler was the person who blasted me and my dear lungs. I was again on a mission with Chandler and I walked up to him. Dude you should have seen his face. He was like "Oh no there he is and now I have to talk to him" . I will never forget this face. It was so hard not to burst out in laughter but I did it. I walked up and was serious all the time. You should have seen his face after I told him that I'm not angry and everything is okay. What a great day. Anyway Chandler named his M55 after me. A real honor. I like the name "Big Lick". So Chandler dude. You're are great guy. So watch out. I don't know how much more friends I can loose. Jackie Knoxx: Well well my job never leaves me I guess. i think all on the ship know Jackie. Nothing much to say about her. But beside that I like her. She's just somehow lost. When we talk more often I'll get a better picture but so far from now, she's doing good. Kyle O'Reilly: A golden dude like Carter or Chandler or yeah most of my friends. Fist bumping high fiving cool nibba. Hell yeah! He got some spirit! I think he would be a great addition to our lovly gang. The Chandler-Carter-Kyle-Lick Gang. We rule that damn dropship! CCKL! Placeholder for Nosh Franklyn Holland: Blue Flcons hell yeah! We rule the streets NIBBA! So taht is Holland. He's fucking cool and a hard man. He helps out and is realistc. He does what he can and trys not to be more than a human. He shoots you in the ass when you disobey his orders. He drinks at the bar with you and talks while doing so. He is a cool dude I met on a worse drop. He got stainless steel around his head. A good fellow soldier and friend. Keep it on dude. Placeholder for Kyle Troy Hughes or turtle. I never call him turtle: So that is Hughes. Hughes likes to be an engi. Hughes is since a long time here. Hughes almost started with me. I like Hughes very much. Hughes is a nice person. I shall talk to Hughes more often. Hughes is a super buddy. i like that Hughes is still alive. Hughes there Hughes here. But you know what? Hughes is really part of this. I know him since I know Finch. And he made it so far as me. Keep it one mate. Everybody else: I like this company. We got psychos and dickheads... and also friends and... birds. All of this stuff. I like it here. Better to be home i would say. Sometimes i'm thinking of never leaving the military. More and more this ship reminds me of a family. A big family. It's just good to be here. The fact that we are killing people is hard to accept. But here's no place for critisim. For me everybody on this ship is a friend 'cause we are fighting in the same war and suffer from the same things that happen. Psychology: Alexanders absolute opinion is that life is something what should be enjoyed everyday. He is a really optimistic nihilistic. He's kinda floating through life and enjoyes it every moment and thinks that everyday there's a new thing to explore and new things to do. For him life is perfetion itself. And that's kool. The black folder of the mind of Lick There's much stuff in that folder and some of that is specific for the thoughts going throuh my head. More coming soon!
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    Alexander "Lick" Tschenkowtisch

    @Zebastion Zebastion: Could i have a hot piece of biography? Waiter: No problem Sir, hot piece of biography. Anything else? Zebastion: No, thank you. Waiter brings a hot piece of biography Waiter: Here you go, I hope you enjoy your meal. Zebastion: Thanks, I will. On the hot piece of biography is something written, "Alicia White Traitorverpackung: Could i have a hot piece of biography?
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    Alexander "Lick" Tschenkowtisch

    @Postal @Ymot Tommy Wort I upgraded.
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    Best Song Ever

    http://itsyourbirthday.today/#öööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööööö and that