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  1. Peacekeeper

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Gonna have reduced activity for a while. Got a race coming up that I forgot existed XD.
  2. Peacekeeper

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Donald Handly to Corporal.
  3. Peacekeeper

    William Beans

  4. Peacekeeper

    Donald Handly

    Got you my guy.
  5. Peacekeeper

    Sebastian Bently

    Update for Handly if you have anything.
  6. Peacekeeper

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    LOA for Sgt. Donald Handly from April 1st to the 8th. Vacation.
  7. Peacekeeper

    Anderson Kayne

  8. Peacekeeper

    Sorry, eh

    This is sad but good on you man.
  9. Peacekeeper

    Elizabeth Graham

  10. Peacekeeper

    Cipher Exposed

  11. Peacekeeper

    Donald Handly

    Done did.
  12. Peacekeeper

    Until I see you all again.

    Peace my guy, can't wait for your next character.
  13. Peacekeeper

    Donald Handly

    Done my guy.
  14. Peacekeeper

    3Spc. Wendy A. Goodwin

  15. Peacekeeper

    ✝ Sgt. Jack O'Neill.

    This actually made me sad. I'm legit bummed out.