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  1. nikb

    SST Quotes Thread

    18:18:45 - : Marko Dragovic has been made a admin 18:18:46 - Spc. Percy Ásbjörn: How much of systems have you previously gone through? 18:18:50 - Spc. Percy Ásbjörn[OOC]: Wrong person 18:18:56 - MSpc. Patrick Stevenson[OOC]: didn't work anyways 18:19:00 - Spc. Marko Dragovic[OOC]: thanks 18:19:00 - MSpc. Patrick Stevenson[OOC]: lel 18:19:05 - Sgt. Elaine Asper[OOC]: im going back to naruto roleplay 18:19:05 - MSpc. Patrick Stevenson[OOC]: oh it did nvm 18:19:05 - Spc. Marko Dragovic[OOC]: love u stevie 18:19:06 - Spc. Percy Ásbjörn[OOC]: yes it did 18:19:14 - Spc. Marko Dragovic[OOC]: /me adminges 18:19:16 - : Marko Dragovic has been made a player
  2. nikb

    ::>Vinera Rose<::

    Dragovic peder
  3. nikb

    Leading Logs.

    Drop Lead: Corporal Hartwick, Lowell Second in Command: Squad Leaders: KIA/WIA: Summary of mission: Go and collect tags and mark bodies for Fox.
  4. nikb

    SST Quotes Thread

    16:35:47 - Sgt. Vito 'Dogbrain' Dominiko: Fuck me, I want to commit a war crime. 16:35:48 - Sgt. Vito 'Dogbrain' Dominiko: Woah. 16:35:51 - Sgt. Vito 'Dogbrain' Dominiko: I said that out loud. 16:35:52 - Cpl. Lowell Hartwick: What the fuck. 16:36:00 - Cpl. Lowell Hartwick: Why. 16:36:09 - Sgt. Vito 'Dogbrain' Dominiko: How about that weather? 16:36:15 - Cpl. Lowell Hartwick: We're on a fucking spaceship. 16:36:23 - Sgt. Vito 'Dogbrain' Dominiko: Bit drafty ain't it? 16:36:32 - Cpl. Lowell Hartwick: God damnit Vito.
  5. nikb

    New dropship?

    steam messages pls
  6. nikb

    New dropship?

  7. nikb

    New dropship?

    idk why we dont use that one
  8. nikb

    New dropship?

    I still think there would be a nice addition to either MI pilots or Fleet pilots with a gunship
  9. nikb

    Tzipora Bronson

    Lowell Hartwick
  10. nikb

    New dropship?

    he gets it
  11. nikb

    War Movies!

    thats a good movie yes
  12. nikb

    saint claire's singing

    why did i buy tickets to this shit show
  13. nikb

    New dropship?

    especially ebic
  14. nikb

    New dropship?

    But dropships are fucking massive and when do you ever see /events where a dropship guns down seppies or boogs, never really