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    SST Quotes Thread

    18:18:45 - : Marko Dragovic has been made a admin 18:18:46 - Spc. Percy Ásbjörn: How much of systems have you previously gone through? 18:18:50 - Spc. Percy Ásbjörn[OOC]: Wrong person 18:18:56 - MSpc. Patrick Stevenson[OOC]: didn't work anyways 18:19:00 - Spc. Marko Dragovic[OOC]: thanks 18:19:00 - MSpc. Patrick Stevenson[OOC]: lel 18:19:05 - Sgt. Elaine Asper[OOC]: im going back to naruto roleplay 18:19:05 - MSpc. Patrick Stevenson[OOC]: oh it did nvm 18:19:05 - Spc. Marko Dragovic[OOC]: love u stevie 18:19:06 - Spc. Percy Ásbjörn[OOC]: yes it did 18:19:14 - Spc. Marko Dragovic[OOC]: /me adminges 18:19:16 - : Marko Dragovic has been made a player
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    ::>Vinera Rose<::

    Dragovic peder
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    Leading Logs.

    Drop Lead: Corporal Hartwick, Lowell Second in Command: Squad Leaders: KIA/WIA: Summary of mission: Go and collect tags and mark bodies for Fox.
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    SST Quotes Thread

    16:35:47 - Sgt. Vito 'Dogbrain' Dominiko: Fuck me, I want to commit a war crime. 16:35:48 - Sgt. Vito 'Dogbrain' Dominiko: Woah. 16:35:51 - Sgt. Vito 'Dogbrain' Dominiko: I said that out loud. 16:35:52 - Cpl. Lowell Hartwick: What the fuck. 16:36:00 - Cpl. Lowell Hartwick: Why. 16:36:09 - Sgt. Vito 'Dogbrain' Dominiko: How about that weather? 16:36:15 - Cpl. Lowell Hartwick: We're on a fucking spaceship. 16:36:23 - Sgt. Vito 'Dogbrain' Dominiko: Bit drafty ain't it? 16:36:32 - Cpl. Lowell Hartwick: God damnit Vito.
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    New dropship?

    steam messages pls
  6. nikb

    New dropship?

  7. nikb

    New dropship?

    idk why we dont use that one
  8. nikb

    New dropship?

    I still think there would be a nice addition to either MI pilots or Fleet pilots with a gunship
  9. nikb

    Tzipora Bronson

    Lowell Hartwick
  10. nikb

    New dropship?

    he gets it
  11. nikb

    War Movies!

    thats a good movie yes
  12. nikb

    saint claire's singing

    why did i buy tickets to this shit show
  13. nikb

    New dropship?

    especially ebic
  14. nikb

    New dropship?

    But dropships are fucking massive and when do you ever see /events where a dropship guns down seppies or boogs, never really
  15. nikb

    New dropship?

    I do think having something that can move troopers but also shoot shit for them is a good alternative to boats for transport and tacs for cas, a gunship would be better at cas than a jet fighter, like the russian Hind or the american UH-1. Plus a gunship would be a bit more agile than a boat but not as fast as a tac per say, I think its a good mid ground for the MI and may also help bring some more activity to fleet for gunship pilots for drops
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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

    lowell hartwick
  17. nikb

    War Movies!

    Where the fuck is Black Hawk Down.
  18. nikb

    Veronika Harth

    Hartwick nerd
  19. nikb

    It's been fun...

  20. nikb

    What I have left

    I don't recommend characters being made to be like you. The closest thing you'll get to me and my characters having a likeness is nationality and height, so when my first character after not playing for a year or two died, I didn't feel that bad, or appeal, I had the chance to be medevac'd and have a bio-tech cock but I didn't, I had McRann put me out of my misery. Understanding that your character can and probably will die is important, I understand your character has been around for a while but it is, for the meme, a 'hIgH pK fAcTiOn.' Everyone was startled IC'ly when Klauster died, no one really expected it, but the loss of a character is, for everyone. So come around and make a new one, and earn your spot back as Klauster 2.0
  21. nikb

    James Wilkins

    Hartwick u fuckin pole slinger
  22. nikb

    Federal PX

    Name: Hartwick, Lowell Rank: Lance Corporal Item(s) requested: Pocket notebook (x1) 20 pack of mechanical pencils (x1) 10 pack of FedStandard Beef Snack sticks (x5)
  23. nikb

    SICON Combat Award nomination form

    Your name and rank: Lowell Hartwick, Lance Corporal Date of event: 1/11/2299 Recipient: James 'Smurf' Wilkins, Specialist Detailed account of the act: After losing his primary to a progenitor, Specialist Wilkins commandeered a pole, later on Sergeant Jodie Cutter (Gazza) was snuck up on by a red thrall with a plasma sword, After losing her weapon and parts of her fingers, Sergeant Cutter dived out of the way, leaving Specialist Wilkins (Optic) to project the pole in a spear-like manner, killing the progenitor, saving Cutters life. Associated map: rp_salvation_2_stalker Witnesses: Patrick Stevenson, Joshua Edwards, James Zielinski, Jodie Cutter