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  1. Grizzly Hughes


    ACCEPTED A training will be occur soon. Will keep you posted.
  2. Grizzly Hughes

    Alicia White

    Jennifer Hayes
  3. For those of you that keep asking to bring in Characters that were lost during an activity check. You will just have to reapply into Medical. Start over. You can use the previous experience before. So reapply into medical, I will review the application.
  4. Grizzly Hughes

    Back at the ranch with Grizzly

    Always, cousins are always alright.
  5. Grizzly Hughes

    Equipment Info Megathread

    Updating to add hyperlinks to show people what the items look like to help out.
  6. Grizzly Hughes

    Back at the ranch with Grizzly

    Just some pics from the daily work on the ranch. Also some of my other work.
  7. Grizzly Hughes

    What do you want to see happen in medical?

    I will put one idea of mine that will be implemented int he next few weeks. I will be hosting weekly or bi weekly reviews. So discussions amongst medical personnel. Once I can get a schedule made it will be posted. Feedback is welcome..
  8. I am opening this topic to those in medical and that have been around to see what works. I am open to suggestions and many ideas. I would like everyone to agree on the way medical is ran so that everyone is happy and stays to make it an active organization.
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    Updated the lead. Added @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz
  10. Grizzly Hughes

    Medical Activity check

    For anyone in medical please post your characters name and rank down below. Please inform other people in medical to do so. Failure to post will result in loss of your medical character. Everyone has the same amount of time which is two weeks to post in this thread. If you are going to be away please send me a message on the forums.
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    Stuck in nowhere. Pictures

    Is this the weed?
  12. Grizzly Hughes

    Stuck in nowhere. Pictures

    I am driving through my ranch. Montana. In my steed @Bohannon
  13. Grizzly Hughes

    Stuck in nowhere. Pictures

    The mountains are a lot closer but camera sucks. They are 30 miles away.
  14. Grizzly Hughes

    Stuck in nowhere. Pictures

    Just working and thought some of you might like to see the view. @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz
  15. Grizzly Hughes

    John York