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    Use the hip fire, also there is the M249 saw would work well.
  4. Name: Jennifer Hayes Reason: Marine in first term 2 years, Police training, In the police force for 7 years.Was very active fighter lifestyle She works out on a weekly basis. Approved by @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz A +10 roll bonus
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    The character died
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    Updated Relations.
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    Use the LMG Handguard

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    Use the LMG Handguard

    I didn't choose the location just noticed the post.
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    Use the LMG Handguard

    I recommend that you look into the actually RP that happened for the injuries. The two recorded injuries are justifiable. The first may have been over the top but if properly ask would make sense. Aka a civilized conversation not the blame game or the I know more than you game. The second injury the gunner said he threw the barrel at the enemy. That would be the doing of himself. On the topic of the person saying the stuff (not naming person for the sake of them). Instead of going around and complaining informal, they should write a formal complaint about the issue. They have been told by an XA to drop it. The second injury knew nothing of the first incident. Can people not just go with the RP anymore or are you trying to make this a realistic military sim? I am open to civilized discussion. I will not deal with the kid crap or the teenage drama. P.S. Also several admins were involved already on the topic. Instead of causing more issues lets talk it out like adults.
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    So, its time to take some time off.

    Good luck Cipher, hope it all works out. Derpy says "Fuck you" with his best regards. He knows the feeling bud.
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    Noah Gargano