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  1. Anderson Kayne

    Both done. Added themes to three people and updated Medical History.
  2. Anderson Kayne

    Update to some relations
  3. Cornelius Zeem

    Anderson Kayne?
  4. Hello again, again.

    Ive been baited thrice omfg
  5. Hello again, again.

    Who tf are you? hi welcome back?
  6. Send-Off

    I’m gonna cry because you’re still here
  7. Wow.

  8. Well I can make this pretty brief on my end. Kayne isn’t going to turn into some hardass just because someone slapped a corporal patch on him. Most of our NCOs will step up when needed and be the bad guy, and if we were the bad guy all the time it wouldn’t be fun. sure I’d love to bust every guy who used a sleeveless model or used the wrong attachments or used a camo not everyone’s using but it ruins it for that player. Amukama was one of the most unique characters on the server for example, (that I've been here for) and he all the sudden had a falling out for reasons I shall not speak of and he’s basically the equivalent of Dr Disrespect post cheating on his wife and bland. aside from a few ; NCOs are characters who developed from private and unless they’ve gone through something to change that, they are still humans with their own personalities.
  9. Anderson Kayne

    Updated Bently. Added Beans - RIP. ;( Updated Medical Record & Scars Added 1x Noteworthy Photo
  10. Taking an LOA.

    Don't sweat it man, ultimately at the end of the day the one who pays the bills makes the decisions. Enjoy your time off.
  11. Seasons Greetings

    steam summer sale
  12. Seasons Greetings

    The dust in my wallet sadly
  13. Brits can't post today.

    Tomorrow Germans can post. hitler birthday :!”-&2$8
  14. William Beans

    Updat blyat