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  1. Noviix

    When TS kills RP

    this is what i want to have a general discussion about this right here is exactly what a general discussion calls for
  2. Noviix

    Anderson Kayne

    @Postal - Richarson added @Bohannon - Thacker added @Lalatina - Decim added @Wewai - Finch updated Medical record update Accolade update - should of been there a while ago Service record update General quality improvements.
  3. That one cunt who almost blew Sigurd up. Kayne
  4. Noviix

    Anderson Kayne

    Updated Medical History: Grenade Blast Wound Biotech Left Hand Updated Relations Fwanco Sowwentino LMK if you'd like to be added or updated.
  5. Noviix

    More Gas mask for yo PAC 3 needs

    Well it’s either shit on abstract creativity no matter how odd it is or wait until someone tells us to and then it’s a big issue so we might have to start a little.
  6. Noviix

    God Fucking Damn

    take ur salt and sadness up the chain of command or else, ape.
  7. Noviix

    Anderson Kayne

    General Updates.
  8. Noviix

    Liliana Verbeck

    K A Y N E :()()
  9. Noviix


    LOA concludes Saturday the 26th
  10. Noviix

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Returning from LOA Saturday the 26th.
  11. Noviix


    LOA until finals conclude, exact dates unknown at this time. 2Spc. Leonardo Astrom - LOA
  12. Noviix

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Going on LOA until finals are over. SSgt. Anderson Kayne to LOA.
  13. Noviix

    John York

    Kayne and Astrom please.
  14. Noviix

    Anderson Kayne

    Done. got rid of a lot of relation that don’t apply or those that haven’t spoken to Kayne