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  1. Noviix

    Anderson Kayne

    bently sir updated sir sir sir
  2. Noviix

    Sebastian Bently

    woah dude Kayne's back get him out of that smelly dead section
  3. Noviix

    Anderson Kayne

    this is alive again, updated service record to reflect the disappearance.
  4. Noviix

    hello again

    ive decided to return, for real, real time, im gonna return to the server love you all see you soon
  5. Noviix

    pk appeal

    this guy is a liar you know I know he made have fooled you all but not I for I am a truther through and through he claimed to have a final post, but a final post it t'was not thus I demand he goes to trial to pay for his misconduct that is all
  6. Noviix

    pk appeal

    this is werh i o7
  7. Noviix

    /me would, the great debate

  8. Noviix

    /me would, the great debate

    boys you're ruining the thread
  9. Noviix

    /me would, the great debate

    glad to see the conversion
  10. Noviix

    Grasping the reins once more!

    Did he mention mine at all? Welcome back Xalphox.
  11. Noviix

    Bugs. Define a Bug. REWARD

    Hex bug meme > anything you’re about to post
  12. Noviix

    Change the server name!

    Well when you make an offer like that how can I stay away?
  13. Noviix

    Bugs. Define a Bug. REWARD

    this is the warrior arachnid, the most common bug seen by a mobile infantryman. it ain't too smart but their claws are LETHAL... their talons are SCARY... and the worst of all.. is that it's still 86% combat effective without one of it's limbs.
  14. Noviix

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    I skipped over a lot of the later posts or skimmed them briefly but I get the basic gist. I personally love the server, the people on it, the admins, the roleplay, the events, etc. So the problem doesn't reside in any one thing really. I just simply don't have the time or the willingness to split my time up so much to include SSTRP in all the things I want to do right now. RP is one of the few things I can manage efficiently during school so when summer came along I had a lot more free time and a lot more drive to want to do other things. One of which was getting back into an ArmA unit which REALLY drains my time. As a result SSTRP is kind of just left as the last thing on my list of things to do. I don't want to leave the server/community or have my characters removed or demoted as I want to stick around. But with the story halted and my initial boost of energy with a new server dying down I felt I needed to take a healthy break. As some of you may know I went full force in the first few weeks and months that I came here which was essentially putting all my time into the server and one character for a long time. This resulted in me being up to date on everyone and everything happening and it made me feel a lot less intimidated with everything and anything new that came about because I could digest it. Another issue on my end now is that I have been out of the loop for roughly a month give or take, which makes me want to wait until I feel ready to go back in for another full run of SSTRP. There are new people with new characters or positions that could effect my characters and I'd rather just put all that on hold until the timeline gets back on track so I can take it in all at once. As others have said, this is usually the status quo with SSTRP or any Military RP for that matter. They run on a simple timeline majority of the time ; Passive RP @ Hub>Deploy on an Event from Hub>Return to Hub>Repeat. Aside from the slight changes that can be made to that system, it's bound to get repetitive. People come and go all the time, people take breaks all the time. Changes in the playerbase, even negative, are often considered healthy, not everyone is going to stay or be available or have the wanting to play ALL the time.
  15. Noviix

    When TS kills RP

    this is what i want to have a general discussion about this right here is exactly what a general discussion calls for