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    Layden Harris

    Is apart of the crazy man's page known as Layden Harris On a side note, relations have been done now. So start adding your names if I have talked to you before outside of the field. Bump.
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    Character Generators

    This is why I like having my creative mind...
  3. SpeedyGrylls

    Jamie "Dutchess" Sanderson

    GET ADDED. Heh.
  4. SpeedyGrylls

    Layden Harris

    All done and dusted, Relations being added soon. If you've spoken to me for longer than a fucking second. Paste that name on here. Bump.
  5. SpeedyGrylls

    David Harris

    Didn't even have to ask. So ThOUgHtfUL
  6. SpeedyGrylls

    Bernhard Franke

    Ya boi Jamie Sanderson. Or else....
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    Layden Harris

    Combat Theme: General Theme: Basic Information Name: Layden Harris Place of Birth: Iskander Date of Birth: 23/02/2274 Age: 24 Gender: Male Height: 5'10" Physical Description: Weight: 184lbs Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Blue Military Information Rank: 3Spc. Branch: 13th Marauder Detachment. Date of Enlistment: 20th February 2294 Years of Service: 4 Service Record: Pvt - Pfc - LCpl - Cpl Transferred 3Spc. -  Personal Information Family: Mother, Stella Harris [Age: 50, ALIVE] Father, Layden Harris [Age: 64, DEAD] Backstory: Layden had the average life as a child. Messing about and having fun. He went through school doing well, which began to slowly turn sour as his grades fell; including his relations with his family. He left high school we grades that could only be described as laughable at best, however, Layden wanted to make a life for himself. With no need for permission from his parents as they had already agreed and a willingness to march on, Layden signed onto the Mobile Infantry. Later on down his career line to be transferred to the 13th Marauder Detachment after his skills and efforts recognised by many around him. Strengths & Weaknesses: Strengths: Carries out orders to the letter, Professional, Quick thinking. Social skills. Weaknesses: Being Tactful at certain times. Other Information: He likes drinks He likes games. He likes music... A lot... Loves/Loved | Good Friends | Friend | Known to Exist | Mixed feelings | Disliked | DEAD (RIP) (Ask to be added if we have spoken outside of the field) Cpl. Alexander "Lick" Tshenkowwitsch
  8. SpeedyGrylls

    [IC] Noticeboard

    ~On the noticeboards scattered throughout the Grant is a new piece of paper that reads as such~ [IMPORTANT NOTICE] Due to recently conspired events aboard the Grant, this notice is being stuck upon all noticeboards. A trooper is allowed freedom of religion including beliefs in particular subjects. However, a trooper may not under any circumstance use his or her religious beliefs or beliefs in general as a substitute to bypass the Chain Of Command and act high and mighty; or for any other purpose at that. Doing so will only get you in trouble and a potential Court Martial. Signed, LCpl, Jamie Sanderson As ordered by SSgt, Tom Solomons
  9. SpeedyGrylls

    Lance Corporal Sam Ruse

    I didn't even have to ask, So ThOUgHtFuL
  10. SpeedyGrylls

    [OPEN] Marauder Applications

    IC: Name: Layden Harris Physical Age: 24 Gender: Male Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Brown Height: 5"10 (177.8cm) Weight: 184 Lbs Employment & Background Current Rank: Corporal Educational History: Highschool Education Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: N/A Service Record: 4 Years of service OOC: Steam name: MrSpeedyGrylls Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:142582086 Length of time on Server: I am on a lot of the time. A nice chunk of my day goes into roleplaying on the server with the occasional day off to do work or fix some problems. Time zone: GMT +1 Current characters on server: Lance Corporal, Jamie "Dutchess" Sanderson Roleplay History: I have been roleplaying for over 5 years. I have mainly roleplayed in Garry's mod with exception of a year in another game. (I couldn't remember) Roleplay example:
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Lance Corporal Jamie Sanderson. UTC +1
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    Jamie "Dutchess" Sanderson

    8 minute reply time, fucking godly. Get added.
  13. SpeedyGrylls

    Jamie "Dutchess" Sanderson

    Extra info added. Including cleaning the mess of quotes up. Looks pretty now.
  14. SpeedyGrylls

    Jee-un Choi

    Not even gunna say more.
  15. SpeedyGrylls

    Jamie "Dutchess" Sanderson