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  1. Character Name: James Reacher Character Rank: Spc. Character Patches: SAP, MUN, SYS Are you currently on LOA: Pft, no Date of last Login: As of this post.
  2. Cause I want to make you work that little bit more harder. Give Reacher an update.
  3. Sorry for the late update, but boom. Updated Phan is added, have fun reading Other than that, a few others have been updated: Shaw Asper And some relationship bars.
  4. James Reacher, cause I am nosy as fuck
  5. James Reacher. Oh boy I can't wait to read this one..
  6. Updated some relationships. (If you want an update, let me know) Changed some minor things. Comment below to be added.
  7. Done And for extra stuffz, I have completely re-done the relationship section. So for all those looking for that...accuracy... will find it finally. Enjoy.
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