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  1. Baltazar

    SST Quotes Thread

    *gives an 'OK'* That's YES from me.
  2. Baltazar

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Semi LOA for a week I guess.
  3. Baltazar

    Federal PX

    Name: Cornelius Zeem Rank: Corporal Item(s) requested: x1 Lick's butt x3 FedFinest cigs New leather hat Pair of leather gloves Whip Rubber ball.
  4. Baltazar

    XCOM SST Edition!

    I want Zeem Be there. Eyepatch, little russian look, scars and shit. You know me dad.
  5. Baltazar

    -The- Medic, Daniel Dumont

    Maybe, something about Zeem? Some last words maybe?
  6. Baltazar


    I will always have a place for Dumont in my heart. Peace be with you my brother. o7
  7. Baltazar

    Leading Logs.

    Droplead: Cpl. Zeem Second in command: SSgt. Vickers Squad leaders: LCpl. Dubois - Cpl. Seraphim took over - Cpl. Simms; Cpl. Harris
  8. Baltazar

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Zeem to Cpl
  9. Baltazar

    Cornelius Zeem

    you good, nugget
  10. Baltazar

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Zeem demoted to Lance Corporal
  11. Baltazar

    Anderson Kayne

    Are you alive Noviix? I thought you were kidnaped by aliens
  12. Baltazar

    Sebastian Bently

    Why am I still in 'Dead or Gone' topic beatch
  13. Baltazar

    Dossier: Dorian Elswood

  14. Baltazar

    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

    Your boy Zeem
  15. Baltazar

    Training Log: October 2298

    Name and Rank: Cpl. Cornelius Zeem.(At that time - Drill Corporal Zeem.) Date: 10/04/2018 Goal: Drill. It is the fact, that nowadays our troopers are too soft. Aim is to show enlisted that they are serve to kill, show them that this is war and nobody will baby sitting them. Revising boot camp material, how to act in line and how to obey orders.