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    SST Quotes Thread

    *gives an 'OK'* That's YES from me.
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Semi LOA for a week I guess.
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    Federal PX

    Name: Cornelius Zeem Rank: Corporal Item(s) requested: x1 Lick's butt x3 FedFinest cigs New leather hat Pair of leather gloves Whip Rubber ball.
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    XCOM SST Edition!

    I want Zeem Be there. Eyepatch, little russian look, scars and shit. You know me dad.
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    -The- Medic, Daniel Dumont

    Maybe, something about Zeem? Some last words maybe?
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    I will always have a place for Dumont in my heart. Peace be with you my brother. o7
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    Leading Logs.

    Droplead: Cpl. Zeem Second in command: SSgt. Vickers Squad leaders: LCpl. Dubois - Cpl. Seraphim took over - Cpl. Simms; Cpl. Harris
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Zeem to Cpl
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    Cornelius Zeem

    Theme: Basic Information:Name: Cornelius Zeem Age: 23 D.O.B: 25/08/2277 Gender: Male Affiliation: Federation Role(s): M.I. 112th Rifleman, Jumping-from-rank-to-rank NCO. Kin: Father - Cpt. Aleksandr Zeem (KIA)/ Mother - Alla von Schafrik (Alive) Homeworld: Terra, Moscow Alignment: Hair color: Black Eye color: Green Build: Athletic Rank: CPL --> Resigned --> Back on service as PFC-LCpl-CPL-LCpl(due to inactivity in paltoon.)-CPL-LCpl ( No idea why)- Cpl (Demotion was lifted) Current rank: Cpl.Backstory: He was just a simple guy from your neighborhood. College, dropout, bars, fights - common life before joining M.I. Couldn't find his place in this world. Was starving for aim to live for. Attributes:Strength: 15/20Dexterity: 10/20Constitution: 9/20Intelligence: 17/20Charisma: 15/20 (Why not?)Combat Rating: 6/10 (slightly decreased due to long apsence)Pain/Health: 8/10Character Description: Zeem. What do we know about him? Sometimes he crosses the line. Do you want to give him a punch in his annoying face? You do. But did you want to look closer on the man you serving with? First look - nothing special. But what covers behind it? Cornelius is a man, who will never let you down. If you managed to get along with him you will get trustworthy friend. Always there to help. Good listener: You can always tell him your worries or problems - he will help you to solve your issues or just sympathize. Thinks that he is not enough useful for his squad mates. Tries to be better than he is. Injures on duty: Was shot in the right shoulder with .308 Neck was pierced by the shrapnel from the M55's blast. Two .308 shots in the right shoulder Right hand was mangled and then cut off (voided) Plasma in da face. ---> Apsence of the right eye. Right side was half-melted. Has an eye-patch. Awards Purple Heart x2 Meritorious Unit Medal Valorous Unit Medal Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Close|Friends|Likes|Aquaintance|Neutral|Dislikes|Hates|FINCH Lawrence Chandler - Lawrence. First meeting - nothing special. With time passing by Zeem realizes that Lawrence is the man who he can rely on. Incident on the shipwreck showed him that he can trust Lawrence like himself. Assumes Chandler his close friend after that. Valerie Faust - Zeem sees not a 'big breast' woman, but hero that will make self-sacrifice just to save her squad mates. Feels guilty for not helping her, while he was resting with his right shoulder nearly ripped off by rifle round. Doesn't really consider themselves as friends, but would be glad to make her as one. Fully admires Faust. Farewell, Valerie. You are back, what a surprise! Welcome back, wash out. Noah Gargano - (This one is very hard to explain. Our first meeting was pretty awful... His jokes made me angry, but I was holding my feelings inside. Well.. Actually now I like him, he is good fella, but sometimes can be annoying. I enjoy his company. They always choose him SL, instead of me, I don't even get 'Second'. That pissses me off.) I heard what happend.. This is the most shoking loss after Bean's death. Guess people telling truth - everything comes after. I feel deep sorrow, we should had spend more time together, there is so much I gotta tell you, but.. it's too late brother.. too late. Anni Jarvinen - What should I say about that girl? Seems pretty to me. Well, besides everyone thinks that she fucked up when Lick and Carter was hit by backblast, I think that probably shit happens. I think she got future, she knows what to do, and doing it good. I will look forward to see her success. Sebastian Bently - (Even he is a sergeant, he always a good man to speak with, I mean, he will not whoop your ass for stupid questions. He will always help you to solve your problems. He is not as harsh as Finch sometimes. I trust him.) Who knew, you are a big boss now. Old times are gone. New generation takes its places. Time will show, is it the new beggining or the last hour. Anderson Kayne - We met when he only was a Lance Corporal. I was guarding an APC where 3 troopers were laying wounded, including him. Well, I can't say we got best friendship, but I like him, I consider him as my friend. I don't know if he thinks in that way. He is Staff now, and behaving differently. Sometimes it makes me really mad, but in the end I understand him - he got too much responsibilities and got no time for shit. I will support him anyways.( I wonder, where are you now brother?) MICHAEL Finch - (What are you looking at? Who is that? Fuck. He will rip my ass off. Oh, wait. He won't do that. Well.. If I think about this man, first things to come into my mind is harsh sergeant that will kick your ass, BUT, Frankly he is not as bad as people think about him. Yes, he may be harsh, but he actually wants you to be alive after the drop. He cares about his troopers. You may hate him, but he will do his best to keep you in good condition. I like him, even if sometimes he is acting like a dick.) Sarge, how did it happen? I still can't believe it. Prison, then death.. That must had not end like this. You were an example to me. I wanted to be like you(and still want to). Who knew what tragic destiny awaited you. Rest in peace Sarge. LICK FUCKING TSCHENKOWITSCH. - Buddy, you was the first who took care of me when I was a recruit. You told me what to do, how to act and with all information you gave me I probably could save my ass. I trust you and I'm sure that you will never let me down. Hope to see your face in one piece soon. Take care. Chev - Why would you leave me brother? It's not right, you should have lived. Vito Dominiko AKA Gay Cowboy AKA Gay Nugget - Funny guy, I don't even now how and when we got along, but it's like I know him all my life. Good person to speak with, decent trooper, knows his shit. Still wonder how oddly it happend, you didn't speak to a person, didn't think about actually to do so. And just suddenly, he is one of a few that actually can be trusted to speak with about everything you want. Last words:(Would be voided) I left this here cause it's history I made once(It was dumb as fuck, but it led to a new branch of our RP.)
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    Cornelius Zeem

    you good, nugget
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Zeem demoted to Lance Corporal
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    Anderson Kayne

    Are you alive Noviix? I thought you were kidnaped by aliens
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    Sebastian Bently

    Why am I still in 'Dead or Gone' topic beatch
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    Dossier: Dorian Elswood

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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

    Your boy Zeem
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    Training Log: October 2298

    Name and Rank: Cpl. Cornelius Zeem.(At that time - Drill Corporal Zeem.) Date: 10/04/2018 Goal: Drill. It is the fact, that nowadays our troopers are too soft. Aim is to show enlisted that they are serve to kill, show them that this is war and nobody will baby sitting them. Revising boot camp material, how to act in line and how to obey orders.
  17. @Fitz ю ар стилл дуинг грэйт хани
  18. @Fitz This guy poisoning mites with Bipin-T.
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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

    You nugget
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    Things going forward

    This is note for Engineering Detachment on how not to fuck up using ladder. Like how many engis you need to screw in a light bulb
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Zeem back to Corporal
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    Cornelius Zeem

    Added some minor features
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Baltazar GMT + 3 please.
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Zeem - demoted to Lance
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Change Lowel on Zeem, or add Zeem instead. GMT +3