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    Noemi 'Tidbit' Rosangela

    D o n o v a n
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    [OPEN] Marauder Applications

    Ah thought so. No worries!
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    [OPEN] Marauder Applications

    IC: Name: Rick Wilmot Age: 38 Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 5'11 Weight: Heavy as he is well built. Employment & Background Current Rank: Pfc. Educational History: Basic schooling and bootcamp. Employment History: Use to work as a brick layer before joining the MI at the age of 20. Service Record: Cpl. > LCpl. > Pfc. (// ICly he was a NCO in another platoon, then was drafted) OOC: Steam name: Y m o t Steam ID: Length of time on Server: 1 year and a half (Had a LOA from April 2017 til April 2018) Time zone: GMT Current characters on server: Cait Donovan, Gavin Mackenzie, Reilly Stone. Roleplay History: Started playing rp servers late 2012, was very on and off though.
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    Cait 'Donny' Donovan

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    Cait 'Donny' Donovan

    this character has 1400 more views than holloway
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    Cait 'Donny' Donovan

    that moment when u realise that the only popular char you have is not even urs and is just a fallout character
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    Jackie Knoxx

    Re - add Donovan and add Stone
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    Reilly Stone

    @alright sassy added Knoxx
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    Reilly Stone

    REILLY SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTONE " Sup' " - Pvt. Reilly Stone Theme song : Basic Information Name: Reilly Stone Place of Birth: America, Detroit Michigan, Earth (Terra) Date of Birth: 31st July Age: 18 Gender: Female Height: Smaller than your average trooper. Physical Description: Weight: Not fat. Hair colour: Ginger Eye colour: Brown Military Information Rank: Pvt. Date of Enlistment: On the 1st of January she enlisted, then went to bootcamp. After that she joined the 112th. Time of Service: Less than a month. Service Record: Rct. > Pvt. Personal Information Family: Father: Jay Stone (Former NCO) [ALIVE] Mother: Olivia Stoner (Former fleetie) [ALIVE] Backstory/information: Reilly grew up in Detroit Michigan with her relatively normal family, she never really saw her father much as he was in the mobile infantry as an NCO. She lived a relatively happy life, just had a few bad experiences that left her with minor mental health issues. She was brought up to be a genuine person by her mother and taught to be kind to others, behind good reason. She was a trouble maker at times in her youth, but nothing too serious. Reilly has always liked talking to people and achieving her goals, if she sets any. Her dad was a little more jaded and cynical due to the fact he was in the MI for over 10 years, he was very bleak but never wanted Reilly to be that way. When they had to evacuate earth (3 days after her father retired), Reilly decided to join the MI. Whilst her parents went to live in a colony, she went to fight in the mobile infantry for her citzenship! Characteristics: Friendly, genuine, social, Weaknesses: Anxiety, concentrating, maths, Other Information: She thinks cats are better than dogs, like any sane person. Personal Relationships Jackie Knoxx: First person I spoke too, they welcomed me to the 112th and stuff. She seems experienced, I can tell by her robo leg thing (The bio tech). I felt too awkward to point out the BT so uh... I just pretended it wasn't there to be polite. ANYWAYS, yeah she is a cool gal and I was glad to be introduced by her. [COMMENT BELOW TO BE ADDED]
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    Cait 'Donny' Donovan

    Hal updated, Choi re added (Not sure why she wasn't on)
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    SST Quotes Thread

    [128.0] WO. Avacyn Moon: Who the fuck left a shotglass of cum in the messhall. o k a y
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    Cait 'Donny' Donovan

    Added another theme song.
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    Biography Of Shang Guan

    I miss this character.
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    Charlie Scott

    Dono Dono Donovan
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    Cait 'Donny' Donovan

    @The_Harmacist UPDATED ya boi dor