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    Märeta Håkansson

    I have updated the stats to be more realistic.
  2. Ymot Tommy Wort

    Märeta Håkansson

    i will update the stats
  3. Ymot Tommy Wort

    Märeta Håkansson

    i was gonna make it 10
  4. Ymot Tommy Wort

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    LCpl Rick Wilmot LCpl Mareta Akansson Probably not gonna add them but worth a shot. Wilmot was removed for no reason. Please unfuck that
  5. Ymot Tommy Wort

    Biography Of Shang Guan

    fucking forgot this
  6. Ymot Tommy Wort

    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

  7. Ymot Tommy Wort

    Märeta Håkansson

  8. Ymot Tommy Wort

    Märeta Håkansson

    the most creatively dead biography I have ever done
  9. Ymot Tommy Wort

    Märeta Håkansson

    Theme song: Reference picture: *insert .jpg file of a blonde human here*Basic Information:Name: Märeta Håkansson Age: 20 D.O.B: 25th December Gender: Female Role: Cannon fodder. Kin: Unknown. Home: Gothenburg, Sweden Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Brown Build: Typical military build, just a bit smaller than others. Rank: Lance Corporal Rct. > Pvt. > Pfc. > LCpl. (Soon to be LT) Backstory: All her info shows is that she is from Sweden and has a passion for writing, her backstory is highly unknown. She is quiet about her past because its no ones business, according to her. Attributes:Strength: 20/20Dexterity: 20/20Constitution: 20/20Intelligence: 20/20Wisdom: 20/20Charisma: 20/20Combat Rating: 10+/10Pain/Health: 10+/10Wealth: Fucking loaded. Other Information: She usually speaks in Swedish and is known for writing a book about her time in the MI.Character Description:Swedish accent, aged 20, green book hanging on her belt, has blue patch on her right shoulder, blonde hair, brown eyes, slightly smaller than your average MI, Characteristics: A quiet person who can be kind but has the tendency to be quite blunt in certain situations.AchivementsMareta managed to rank up to Lance Corporal only 4 days after she joined, she was promoted to Lance after her fourth drop. Regrets None as of yet. Personal Relationships: Alicia White: White is a highly skilled medic, she also speaks Swedish, so I guess there is a mutual respect there. Would like to talk to her properly one day considering I barely speak to anyone.
  10. Ymot Tommy Wort

    XCOM SST Edition!

    I've already done this. You copied my idea obviously.
  11. Ymot Tommy Wort

    Time for me to go.

    the cronies dictatorship is no match for my autism.
  12. Ymot Tommy Wort

    Time for me to go.

    My time on this server has been fun and I will always remember the good days back in summer where I made cool friends and played as Carter I started playing this sever again after a very bad time in my life, playing here helped me massively and was a great distraction from the bullshit. Playing such a positive char like Carter and being surrounded by whole different world was a perfect release, I am thankful to all that run the server, even the ones that might not like me. However, over time, it felt like a dark cloud was forming and as it went on this server became less of a release for me and became more stressful. As someone with complicated mental issues its only wise I leave, I am a working adult now and I get stressed at work as much as it is. My favorite days of the server won't come back, and they shouldn't, things will keep going foward and changing, for bad or worse. There is just some change I can't keep up with and dramas I no longer have the time for. Time for me to go. Ymot x One day I will be back, promise.
  13. Ymot Tommy Wort

    SST Quotes Thread

    13:26:56 - 3Spc. Kevin Fletcher[CH1 - RADIO]: Wilmot what should we call our group? 13:27:12 - LCpl. Rick Wilmot[CH1 - RADIO]: The demoted.
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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

  15. Ymot Tommy Wort

    Tiago Sousa