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    Gerald 'Gaz' Cunningham

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    The PAC Collective

    all i can request, is something i have been waiting for, for a long time can someone please upload reading glasses model for PAC plz i beg
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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

    Theme song(s): "I got me a shovel,And I'm digging a ditch,And I'm going to fight for this four square feet of land like a mean old son of a bitch,I got me a future,I'm not stuck on the past,I got no new tricks, yeah I'm up on bricks but me,I'm a machine and I was built to last," Reference picture: < She was a medic at one point! Basic Information:A small Irish gal with an attitude, she is aggressive and has the tendency to prank/laugh at others, she can be nice though. She likes coffee and drinks a good amount of beer. She has her special shotgun that she kept after her days of being a weapon specialist and owns a cap that she wears all the time. She also wears a nose ring despite being told not to wear it, because fuck the system right? She spent time as medic for awhile but decided to have a change of heart and jump ship to the engineers. Name: Cait Donovan Age: 18 D.O.B: April 1st Gender: Female Role: Engineer Kin: Finn Donovan (Father) [ALIVE], Rebecca Donovan (Mother) [DEAD], Homeworld: Terra (Earth) Hometown: Dublin, Ireland Hair color: Dark ginger Eye color: Brown Build: Small, not that strong, but getting stronger to do well as an engineer. Rank: 3Spc. (Engineer) Rct. > Pvt. > Spc. > Pfc. > 3Spc. > 2Spc. > Pfc. > 3Spc. > 2Spc. (She was recruit in another platoon)Backstory: From Dublin, Ireland, Cait was one of the evacucees from Terra along with her father Finn Donovan, they were sent to a corrupt colony that resembled a slum area, it had little order and Cait experience lots of trauma. After her father was beaten infront of her and the two struggled living in such colony, she enlisted to the MI to escape the gangs and kidnappings that took place. The idea was to serve in the MI to help her father out of the shitty situation, a citzenship meant money and money meant an escape. When she enlisted, it was after the civil war meaning she was always split on Sanctuary or The Coalition. Her signature cap was a gift from her father, before she left for the MI. It was for good luck and to remind her of what she was fighting for. AKA do not steal the cap. Strength: 11/20Dexterity: 10/20Constitution: 11/20Intelligence: 8/20Wisdom: 9/20Charisma: 18/20Misc. Attributes:Can run, REALLY fast. Combat Rating: 8/10Pain/Health: 8/10Wealth: Poor.Other Information: Use to hate engineers after an incident that happened on her first drop (in another platoon), However she has changed now and is becoming an engineer. Description: Irish accent, BT left leg, has a silver nose ring, aged 18, dark ginger hair and brown eyes, looks confident, has a brash tone to her voice, young looking, looks slightly smaller to other troopers, is wearing standard engineer gear, Achievements: Turned the engineer bay upside down. (Back when she hated engies) She also won a medal once, how nice. Relationships with people on board: Jackie Knoxx: Gotta' admit, didn't like ye' much when we first met and sometimes we have ah' disagreements, however, I have a mutual respect for ye'. I feel like we both share a similar story and I think me' similarities make ye' uncomfortable. Maybe when I spend more time in this rust bucket I will understand ye' more, and we can be buddies. (I still want that cage fight though) [UPDATE] Oi, oi, she finally did it, she is NCO now! Good on her, ye' I like her now, she is an alright gal, she will make for ah' very logical NCO n' stuff. Anaxilea Archaria: I really don't like you, I think ye' are a bitch. You have beaten me in that cage and on the same day choked me against tha' gym wall just for stealing ye' cigarettes. Our problems are far from over, I almost hate ye' more than Knoxx or the those fockin' engineers, you better not get injured next to me. I HATE YOU. [UPDATE] Wonder what happened to ye'. I guess I was kinda' bitchy to you... I have changed now.. Kyril Layland: (KIA) A pedo engineer who calls me "Teddy". Another annoyin' yellow jacket. [UPDATE] You were me' favorite wasp, rest in peace mate. Daniel Dumont: (KIA) I would say he is a friend, I mean his pranks of stealin' the engineers sofa crack me up. I like to call him "Danny" Even though it pisses him off, but that's the best part, I swear though if he calls me "Leprechaun" or "Teddy" ever again, I will kick em' in the nuts. I like Danny and he looks out for me in way. (Just pisses me off sometimes.) [UPDATE] The medic bay has never been tha' same since ye' passed, I just wish I was there ta' say goodbye.. Alicia White: White, or Snow as I call her, is my mentor in a way and a friend (sort of). I am kinda scared of the lass though, the way she gets mad when me, Freeman and Dumont prank the engineers is.. Well I mean when I was taped to a wall upside down by the LT of engineering she had not very nice words to say. At least she didn't make me do the PT like the others.. She is nice but holy shit there is a lotta' of rage hidden in there. [UPDATE] Where ye' at? Where have ye' gone? Oh! And I am a wasp now.. sorry i betrayed the medics [UPDATE 2] Thank fuck! She is alive! White is ah' good medic n' stuff. She should have her rank back ta' be honest, she has done a lot for tha' medics and a lot for me. We don't talk much now but me' respect for her will never change. Patrick Stevenson: (KIA) Ye' are too grumpy, cheer up. I don't hate you (yet) but damn you ah' a grumpy lad. [UPDATE] I see ye' a smurf now, ah' bullet catchin' rauder. [UPDATE] Guess ye' didn't avoid death's grip this time mate'. I wish we coulda' been on good terms before ye' passed.. Rest easy smurf.. Dorian Elswood: One of the first people I chatted too, he seems very kind and smart. Not really anything bad to say about em', he is a good medic and DORtcor- Get it? Cause I call him "Dor" So, "DORct- Ah' never mind. Keep bein' a good medic Dor. [UPDATE] Last time we spoke, ye' said you were disapointed in me.. And I haven't seen ya' in months. Where did ye' go? I will get better, I promise. Troy Hughes: Hm... He seems alright for a wasp, but I hope he hasn't heard about me turnin' all the furniture in his bay upside down because I doubt he would like that. It was fucking hilarious though heh'. [UPDATE] Did ya' die? Or did ye' just leave the platoon.. [UPDATE 2] Ha! Yes! Ye' ah' alive! Goodie. We both did sick on that FOB drop with tha' tanks eh? (Minus the part where ye' nearly cooked alive) Lawrence Chandler: Broke my nose, tried stealing my cap and worse of all, he is a engineer. He is fat and needs to loose weight, we made up but after he teamed with Archaria, I don't really know about him. [UPDATE] I actually kinda miss ya' now, feel like we coulda' of been friends despite our differences. I am an engie now! So ah' maybe ye' won't hate me no more.. Heh' William St. Claire: Okay stop threatenin' to remove me' nose piercing, I like it. Also, stop stealing me' coffee and please, stop always coming into the medbay. Shoo. I mean he ain't that bad, his outfit just reminds me of ah' WW2 Nazi. [UPDATE] He has come back a much lower rank than before, I wonder what happened. He is ah' good medic now, unlike me when I was medic. Devin Sai: (KIA) I thank Sai for training me in the shotgun, giving me my most favorite weapon ta' date, (I take it on every drop). I can hear a bit of Irish in em' which makes him cool by default and he seems to be nice, unlike some people in this platoon. He is a friend. [UPDATE] He was the one who trained me in me' beloved shotgun, and a good friend.. Now he is gone.. Miss ye' Sai. Sylase Freeman: A medic friend of mine who also wears a cap. He is a funny guy and chillin' with him is fun, he likes pineapple on pizza so I mean that makes him better than most people on the ship. [UPDATE] I hope ye' doin' well Freeman. Mikhail Kuznetsov: He is just a Russian with an eye patch, is grumpy most of the time. [UPDATE] Who tha' fock' is this? Tallie Vega: A medic with a nice accent, I would like to talk to her more, she seems cool and stuff. Unlike most people on this borin' ship. [UPDATE] Probably dead. Tyberos: A kind human, good friend and smart soldier. He seems alright for a purple beret, just a bit odd. When he isn't having one of his episodes I have had some good chats with em', he seems to help me a lot, he one was one of the people who inspired me to change. I hope Ty stays alive. [UPDATE] Glad ye' still ah' kickin'. Lick: Can't say ye' name or spell it for shit but uh.. Yeah you ah' called "Lick" For some reason, do I want to know why? Nah'. No I don't. [UPDATE] This lad is alright actually, he is funny as fuck. We chew on gum and chill before drops, he is ah' cool one indeed. Ondř ej David: An engineer, wasp, a yellow jacket. However, he seems alright and his cooking is good, surprisingly useful for an engineer. I don't know the yellow BDU's just annoy me. [UPDATE] I take back the engie bashin', I am one of you now! I kinda' miss ye' cookin' mate. Shame ya' left.. Charlie Timms: Some experienced dude who is too wise to be an engineer, he should probably quit them. He actually treats me kindly. [UPDATE] Please don't tell me he is dead, ye' were great Timm's heh'. [UPDATE 2] Aye' me' boy Timms is still kickin'! We have had some fun time bein' wasps together already, now that ye' got ya' head around me bein' one, its all goin' well. He is ah' great friend I tell ye', one of tha' good ones. Iris Blanka: Bout' time I met someone with a taste in piercings. Apparently she can read fuckin' minds or something like that, which is cool. Makes me feel better knowing I ain't the only one with my opinions. [UPDATE] Last time I saw, ye' were a high rank, just uh', kinda' wondering where ye' went? George R McCarthy: (MIA) Some noob medic, who likes coffee. Not sure what I think of him. Stay alive, noob. [UPDATE] Well shite', ye' didn't last long in the 112th did ya'? Vito Dominiko: Vito is my favorite human on this borin' ship. He has an awesome taste in music and he just gets me'. I really enjoy talkin' about real music with em' and joking about all sorts, he gets me' style. We have been together for over a month now, never been happier. Love ye' Gay Nugget. [UPDATE] I love you. [UPDATE 2] I miss you. Claud Cozwin: (KIA) If they just called tha' fucking evac! I- I reckon he woulda' made it... Coz was a friend and a rauder with ah' kind heart... Why do all the good ones, the ones I can call friends, die? I am sick of this fuckin' cycle. Atleast I can remember em' for tha' guitar he gave me and learn ta' play in his honor... Jason Marsh: (KIA) Still not over this death.. He was one of me' first friends and I thought there was more to come but he died before any form of bond could start. His death fucked me up for a couple days. RIP Marsh. Bradley Tanner: He is ah' dope and I don't like him one bit. Ferdinand Hartung: Aye' he is ah' cool dude, interestin' person to talk to and someone I would seek advice from. I can tell he has seen a lot, probably got some cool stories ta' tell. Tzipora Bronson: Ah' me fellow wasp. A engie friend of mine who is good at what she does, she is one of em' systems geeks but I like her. I consider her ah' friend. [UPDATE] She is ah' senior spec now, and ah' fuckin' good one. Stay alive Bronny, Donny has got ye' back. Carlos Martinez (in a different font style for no reason): (KIA) He is tha' techy of tha' engies and ah' good one. He is like me' mentor, he is showin' me tha' ropes and I feel the like the guy is tryin' ta' make the engies better, which he is. What ah' cool Mexican dude. [UPDATE] Another dead friend... And like usual, I was caught up with other shite', so I never got ta' say goodbye. Why do they always die on the days I am away? Tha' people that care for me ah' droppin' like flies... Maybe I am next? Arryn Falco: Talkin' to Falco is ah' very weird experience but she is kinda' interesting. I don't think there are many gals like her, she is ah' unique person, and I can respect that. Heh' I witnessed her snort ah' line of salt in tha' bar, that was ah' fuckin' weird day. One minute we were talkin' like pals, then tha' next minute we were arguing over random shite'. Eh' she is alright, just needs ta' learn to respect us engies heh'. (the wasps will always be better than the medics Falco) Aaron Holtz: Aye' he is alright I guess, I feel like tha' other NCO's give em' ah' hard time. I think for tha' most part, he is ah' kind dude and I can tell he cares us troopers (On occasion heh'). However, he should stay from tha' engies cat Josh, he is our cat, a cute one too, Holtz need ta' get his dirty NCO hands away from Josh the cat. -Cat's aside, I like Holtz. Amanda Winters: BEST. TECHY. EVER! She has a fuckin' cat and she promoted me ta' Second spec, I mean what more could ye' ask for? She is good ta' talk to and have a lot respect for her. She was Martinez's wife, and Martinez was ah' legend so- Ye', I like Winters. Joe Kalas: Oi, oi, Kalas is ah' genuine and down ta' earth dude. He got sent ere' from another platoon much like I did many months back, and holy shite' he is ah' good engineer, ah' good addition to tha' wasps. (His piano playin' is sick.) Lilian Flowers: She is ah' friend! I am sorry for roastin' ye' alive Flowers, I hope we have put that behind us eh? -For real though, she is a nice person and very kind, almost overly kind. Stay alive Flowers. Lily Parker: Aye' she is ah' good NCO and ah' kind person for sure. She is not afraid ta' express who she is and what she stands for, gotta' love someone who has tha' guts ta' be them selves, to many clones on this ship. Keep bein' you Parker mate. Asahi: Ye' had ah' sense of humor, and though I didn't know ya' much, ye' were ah' good laugh. Hope ye' return to this rust bucket soon. Sebastion Bently: Well, well, well.. Tha' big boss em' self, tha' one who calls tha' shots. Never been ah' fan of the NCO's me', too stressful, and too much fuckin' politics. But this mad lad somehow manages ta' keep the entire system ah' float, I respect em', he is tha' leader after all. I probably don't even exist ta' him, eh' I ain't nothin' too special I suppose. I did piss him off with me' nose ring that one time, but aye' he is alright. Zeem: I remember when we met, it was durin' some campaign, there was progs left n' right and I was just some noobie medic. Ye' got ya' eyes fucked after takin' plasma to tha' face, ye' couldn't see for shit heh'. I remember half ye' fuckin' face bein' melted off, it was grim ta' look at. Bein' tha' hero I am, I threw ye' over me' shoulder, took out me' sidearm and ran to the evac. We are lucky to be alive, it was like Omaha times ten on that fuckin' planet, I dodged a lot of explosions gettin' ye' to that EVAC. When we got there, ye' thanked me for savin' ye' life, we have been buddies ever since. Zeem is ah' good friend, and hella' of ah' guy ta' chill in tha' bar with. Stay alive ye' edgy lookin' freak. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Serious injuries: Cait has a BT left leg, she lost her leg after getting shot by a tank. According to witnesses, she stupidly stood on a sandbag in plain sight, attempting to shoot the tank. As you can see by the picture below, it didn't end well. Cait with the engineer cat named Josh: "YE' FOCKIN' WOT YE' FUCKIN' BASTARD" Voice claim:
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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

    added Zeem @Baltazar
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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

    Updated White @Zebastion And added Bently @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz
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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

    Added Asahi @Arrow because i found the char funny
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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

    Added Parker @Lilypad Added Flowers @North Added Kalas @alright sassy NOW ADD CAIT TO YOUR BIOS FOOLS!
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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

    because YOU ARE good
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    Joe Kalas

    add cait
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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

    added LOTS of updates and also two new people to ze relationships list, @Cipher @Mighty Mouse Also updated @Traitorverpackung @NorseTheNomad @alright sassy @Troy Hughes @Wewai @rarewatch
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    Amanda Winters - Explosive Widow

    cait dono dono donovan I will add winters to mine m8
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    goodbye and good luck with ur future (Cait will throw glow sticks in memory of Dumont)
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    SST Screenshots

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    Joe Kalas

    look in my eyes brick im dying
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    sparring a marauder

    Dickson Wort would take Hartwick down in under 5 seconds.
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    Lawrence 'Stud' Chandler

    come back plz
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    SST Quotes Thread

    12:53:26 - Pvt. Chen Guan[CH1 - RADIO]: God bless the federation. 12:53:38 - Sgt. Sarah Redbrick[CH1 - RADIO]: Go to bed. 12:53:50 - Pvt. Chen Guan[CH1 - RADIO]: I just woke up sarge! Ready to serve. 12:54:11 - Sgt. Sarah Redbrick[CH1 - RADIO]: --Find a new masterbation technique then. 12:54:33 - Pvt. Chen Guan[CH1 - RADIO]: Masterbating over the Federation flag is what I was taught. 12:54:43 - Sgt. Sarah Redbrick[CH1 - RADIO]: Go for it. 12:54:45 - Pvt. Chen Guan[CH1 - RADIO]: That will never change. 12:54:47 - FLt. Aranea Saint-Laurent[CH1 - RADIO]: I'm gonna have to stop you there. 12:55:04 - Pvt. Chen Guan[CH1 - RADIO]: Its quite practical too, I can use the flag as a cloth.
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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

    @Cipher Updated Martinez.
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    Märeta Håkansson

    Theme song(s): Basic Information:Name: Märeta Håkansson Age: 21 D.O.B: 25th December Gender: Female Role: Mobile infantry Kin: Mikael Håkansson (Father) [ALIVE], Linnéa Håkansson, (Mother) [ALIVE], Home: Gothenburg, Sweden Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Brown Build: Typical military build, just a bit smaller than others. Rank: Lance Corporal Rct. > Pvt. > Pfc. > LCpl. > Pfc. (She was demoted in a very un-fair manner, and now thinks the NCO team can go fuck themselves. Because she is a overly negative bitch that needs to chill) Backstory: Coming from a strict and rich family, Håkansson is a very disciplined person. Growing up in a mentally abusive household has made her into a strange person, who lacks social skills and confidence. However, her very calm and collected personality made her good NCO material, that was until she got fucked over. She is set on her goals, and the goals she was given by her parents. Her first goal, is to obtain a citizenship and her second goal WAS to be NCO, but now its to be a medic. She will put these goals before making friends or anything. Its how she is. Since bootcamp she has wrote about her experience in a book (usually seen hanging on her belt). Its written completely in Swedish, so only some can understand and she isn't up for showing its contents to everyone unless she trusts them. Attributes:Strength: 14/20Dexterity: 15/20Constitution: 14/20Intelligence: 17/20Wisdom: 13/20Charisma: 13/20Combat Rating: 8/10Pain/Health: 8/10Wealth: According to sources, she came from a rich family.Other Information: She usually speaks in Swedish and is known for writing a book that she keeps close to her.Character Description:Swedish accent, aged 20, green book hanging on her belt, has blue patch on her right shoulder, blonde hair, brown eyes, slightly smaller than your average MI, Characteristics: A quiet person who can be kind but has the tendency to be quite blunt in certain situations. However as time has gone on, she has become more social.AchivementsMareta managed to rank up to Lance Corporal only 4 days after she joined, she was promoted to Lance after her fourth drop. Regrets Trusting her superiors. Personal Relationships: Alicia White: White is a highly skilled medic, she also speaks Swedish, so I guess there is a mutual respect there. Would like to talk to her properly one day considering I barely speak to anyone. [UPDATE] I am guessing they must of died, or something. I hope that isn't the case. Lily Parker: I guess they are a friend, they won against me in the battle of the Swedes (some random cage fight we did). She got Lance in 3 drops, I got it in 4, so maybe we both have good luck. Probably to do with us both being Swedish maybe? Not sure. Wilson: A nice person who was kind to me when I started, gave me a chance. Time will tell if we will be... Friends.
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    Märeta Håkansson

    Remember her opinions don't represent mine at all. Or do they? I joke, I joke.
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    Märeta Håkansson

    The Swede lives on.
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    OOC SECTION STEAM NAME / ALIASES: Y m o t SERVER TIME: Been fucking about on here since early 2017, on and off. ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: My first gmod rp server was in 2013, been into rp since. MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: I was medic as Cait at the end of last year for a good couple months. AVAILABILITY: Every week, but not everyday. CHARACTER COUNT: Many, but not as much as Sassy. IC SECTION NAME: Märeta Håkansson AGE: 21 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'6 WEIGHT: Not fat. BLOOD TYPE: Whatever is the best. RANK: Pfc. LEVEL OF EDUCATION: Good at academic subjects, writing in particular. CRIMINAL RECORD: None MEDICAL RECORD: None DATE OF ENLISTMENT: November 1st 2298
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    hakansson rn

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    hakansson rn

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    <//: NCO Roster :\\>

    Hakansson got demoted. Add my character Wilmot instead