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    Märeta Håkansson

    Theme song: Reference picture: *insert .jpg file of a blonde human here*Basic Information:Name: Märeta Håkansson Age: 20 D.O.B: 25th December Gender: Female Role: Cannon fodder. Kin: Unknown. Home: Gothenburg, Sweden Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Brown Build: Typical military build, just a bit smaller than others. Rank: Lance Corporal Rct. > Pvt. > Pfc. > LCpl. (Soon to be LT) Backstory: All her info shows is that she is from Sweden and has a passion for writing, her backstory is highly unknown. She is quiet about her past because its no ones business, according to her. Attributes:Strength: 20/20Dexterity: 20/20Constitution: 20/20Intelligence: 20/20Wisdom: 20/20Charisma: 20/20Combat Rating: 10+/10Pain/Health: 10+/10Wealth: Fucking loaded. Other Information: She usually speaks in Swedish and is known for writing a book about her time in the MI.Character Description:Swedish accent, aged 20, green book hanging on her belt, has blue patch on her right shoulder, blonde hair, brown eyes, slightly smaller than your average MI, Characteristics: A quiet person who can be kind but has the tendency to be quite blunt in certain situations.AchivementsMareta managed to rank up to Lance Corporal only 4 days after she joined, she was promoted to Lance after her fourth drop. Regrets None as of yet. Personal Relationships: Alicia White: White is a highly skilled medic, she also speaks Swedish, so I guess there is a mutual respect there. Would like to talk to her properly one day considering I barely speak to anyone.
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    Märeta Håkansson

    I have updated the stats to be more realistic.
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    Märeta Håkansson

    i will update the stats
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    Märeta Håkansson

    i was gonna make it 10
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    LCpl Rick Wilmot LCpl Mareta Akansson Probably not gonna add them but worth a shot. Wilmot was removed for no reason. Please unfuck that
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    Biography Of Shang Guan

    fucking forgot this
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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

    Theme song: Reference picture: Basic Information:A small medic with a attitude, is aggressive and has the tendency to prank/laugh at others. She can be nice though, as long as you don't call her names or wear the engineer armor. Likes coffee and drinks a good amount of beer. She has her special shotgun that she kept after her days of being a weapon specialist and owns a cap that she wears all the time. She also wears a nose ring despite being told not to wear it, because fuck the system right? Name: Cait Donovan Age: 18 D.O.B: April 1st Gender: Female Role: Medic Kin: Finn Donovan (Father) [ALIVE], Rebecca Donovan (Mother) [DEAD], Homeworld: Terra (Earth) Hometown: Dublin, Ireland Hair color: Dark ginger Eye color: Brown Build: Small, not that strong. Rank: Second Specialist Rct. > Pvt. > Spc. > Pfc. > 3Spc. > 2Spc. (She was recruit in another platoon)Backstory: From Dublin, Ireland, Cait was one of the evacucees from Terra along with her father Finn Donovan, they were sent to a corrupt colony that resembled a slum area, it had little order and Cait experience lots of trauma. After her father was beaten infront of her and the two struggled living in such colony, she enlisted to the MI to escape the gangs and kidnappings that took place. The idea was to serve in the MI to help her father out of the situation, a citzenship meant money, money meant an escape. When she enlisted, it was after the civil war meaning she was always split on Sanctuary or The Coalition. Her signature cap was a gift from her father, before she left for the MI. It was for good luck and to remind her of what she was fighting for. AKA do not steal the cap. Strength: 7/20Dexterity: 9/20Constitution: 10/20Intelligence: 13/20Wisdom: 10/20Charisma: 18/20Misc. Attributes:Can run, REALLY fast. Combat Rating: 8/10Pain/Health: 8/10Wealth: Poor.Other Information: Hates engineers after an incident that happened on her first drop (in another platoon), only those who have talked to her know exactly what happened. However Cait does say a lot of bullshit so you never know when she is telling the truth.Character Description: Irish accent, has a silver nose ring, aged 18, dark ginger hair and brown eyes, looks confident, has a brash tone to her voice, young looking, looks slightly smaller to other troopers, is wearing standard MI gear, Achievements: Turned the engineer bay upside down. Relationships with people on board: Anaxilea Archaria: I really don't like you, I think you are a bitch. You have beaten me in that cage and on the same day choked me against the gym wall just for stealing your cigarettes. Our problems are far from over, I almost hate you more than Knoxx or the those engineers, you better not get injured next to me. I HATE YOU. [UPDATE] Wonder what happened to you. I guess I was kinda bitchy to you... Kyril Layland: A pedo engineer who calls me "Teddy". Another annoying yellow jacket. Daniel Dumont: (KIA) I would say he is a friend, I mean his pranks of stealing the engineers sofa crack me up. I like to call him "Danny" Even though it pisses him off, but that's the best part, I swear though if he calls me "Leprechaun" or "Teddy" ever again, I will kick him in the nuts. I like Danny and he looks out for me in way. (Just pisses me off sometimes.) [UPDATE] The medic bay has never been the same since ye' passed, I just wish I was there to say goodbye.. Alicia White: White, or Snow as I call her, is my mentor in a way and a friend (sort of). I am kinda scared of the lass though, the way she gets mad when me, Freeman and Dumont prank the engineers is.. Well I mean when I was taped to a wall upside down by the LT of engineering she had not very nice words to say. At least she didn't make me do the PT like the others.. She is nice but holy shit there is a lot of rage hidden in there. Patrick Stevenson: You are too grumpy, cheer up. I don't hate you (yet) but damn you are a grumpy lad. Dorian Elswood: One of the first people I chatted too, he seems very kind and smart. Not really anything bad to say about him, he is a good medic and DORtcor- Get it? Cause I call him "Dor" So, "DORct- Ah never mind. Keep bein' a good medic Dor. Troy Hughes: Hm... He seems alright for a wasp, but I hope he hasn't heard about me turning all the furniture in his bay upside down because I doubt he would like that. It was fucking hilarious though heh. Lawrence Chandler: Broke my nose, tried stealing my cap and worse of all, he is a engineer. He is fat and needs to loose weight, we made up but after he teamed with Archaria, I don't really know about him. William St. Claire: Okay stop threatening to remove my nose piercing, I like it. Also, stop stealing my coffee and please, stop always coming into the medbay. Shoo. I mean he ain't that bad, his outfit just reminds me of a WW2 Nazi. [UPDATE] He has come back a much lower rank than before, I wonder what happened. Devin Sai: (KIA) I thank Sai for training me in the shotgun, giving me my most favorite weapon to date, (I take it on every drop). I can hear a bit of Irish in him which makes him cool by default and he seems to be nice, unlike some people in this platoon. He is a friend. [UPDATE] He was the one who trained me in my beloved shotgun, and a good friend.. Now he is gone.. Miss you Sai. Sylase Freeman: A medic friend of mine who also wears a cap. He is a funny guy and chillin' with him is fun, he likes pineapple on pizza so I mean that makes him better than most people on the ship. Mikhail Kuznetsov: He is just a Russian with an eye patch, is grumpy most of the time. Tallie Vega: Fellow medic with a nice accent, I would like to talk to her more, she seems cool and stuff. Unlike most people on this borin' ship. Tyberos: A kind human, good friend and smart soldier. He seems alright for a purple beret, just a bit odd. When he isn't having one of his episodes I have had some good chats with him, hell he seems to help me a lot, he one was one of the people who inspired me to change. I hope Ty stays alive. Lick: Can't say your name or spell it for shit but uh.. Yeah you are called "Lick" For some reason, do I want to know why? No. No I don't. Ondř ej David: A engineer, a wasp, a yellow jacket. However, he seems alright and his cooking is good, surprisingly useful for an engineer. I don't know the yellow BDU's just annoy me. Charlie Timms: Some experienced dude who is too wise to be an engineer, he should probably quit them. He actually treats me kindly. Iris Blanka: Bout time I met someone with a taste in piercings. Apparently she can read fucking minds or something like that, which is cool. Makes me feel better knowing I ain't the only one with my opinions. George R McCarthy: Some noob medic, who likes coffee. Not sure what I think of him. Stay alive, noob. Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko: Vito is my favorite human on this boring ship. He has a fucking awesome taste in music and he just gets me. I really enjoy talking about real music with him and joking about all sorts, he gets my style. We have been together for over a month now, never been happier. Love ye' Gay Nugget. Claud Cozwin: (KIA) If they just called fucking evac I- Coz was a friend and a rauder with a kind heart. Why do all the good ones, the ones I can call friends, die? I am sick of this fucking cycle. Jason Marsh: (KIA) Still not over this death.. He was one of my first friends and I thought there was more to come but he died before any form of bond could start. His death fucked me up for a couple days. RIP Marsh.
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    Märeta Håkansson

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    Märeta Håkansson

    the most creatively dead biography I have ever done
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    XCOM SST Edition!

    I've already done this. You copied my idea obviously.
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    Time for me to go.

    My time on this server has been fun and I will always remember the good days back in summer where I made cool friends and played as Carter I started playing this sever again after a very bad time in my life, playing here helped me massively and was a great distraction from the bullshit. Playing such a positive char like Carter and being surrounded by whole different world was a perfect release, I am thankful to all that run the server, even the ones that might not like me. However, over time, it felt like a dark cloud was forming and as it went on this server became less of a release for me and became more stressful. As someone with complicated mental issues its only wise I leave, I am a working adult now and I get stressed at work as much as it is. My favorite days of the server won't come back, and they shouldn't, things will keep going foward and changing, for bad or worse. There is just some change I can't keep up with and dramas I no longer have the time for. Time for me to go. Ymot x One day I will be back, promise.
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    Time for me to go.

    the cronies dictatorship is no match for my autism.
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    SST Quotes Thread

    13:26:56 - 3Spc. Kevin Fletcher[CH1 - RADIO]: Wilmot what should we call our group? 13:27:12 - LCpl. Rick Wilmot[CH1 - RADIO]: The demoted.
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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

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    Tiago Sousa

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    LOA because life [CANCELLED]

    My passion for this server is dead atm. Also I got a job that covers many hours. So bye for a little bit, if I come back on tomorrow it means i have changed my mind :). Strange feeling of disconnection to everything is throwing me off. (If I change my mind then I will delete this post)
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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

    I did urs aswell
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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

    Do Cait then I will write up Vito on my bio when I can
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    SST Screenshots

    dats my box
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    Jee-un Choi

    u forgot Wort but okay
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    Applications of interest, Status: OPEN

    --- APPLICATION - - OOC SECTION - Steam Name: Ymot The Autist Steam I.D.: Length of time on the Server: Since early 2017 Length of time RPing: Since early 2012 Time-Zone: England's one How active are you?: Nearly everyday (When I am not working) Is this character already active on the Server?: Yes, her name is Alexa Gunnfulsen - What is your backstory that would make you believe that your character was a Psychic? OR Why would the Federation believe you were a Psychic as a child?: Alexa was always the odd kid at school, the one who looked at things in a weird and different perspective. The doctors always had some limited evidence of physic activities but Alexa's foster parents assumed it was false. After Alexa married her husband Chester after she completed her two years in the MI, she was pregnant not long after. Although it was a miss carriage, she seemed to show more physic activity during the pregnancy (Like that girl from Starship Troopers 2), it has always been noted but never acted upon as it has never been considered strong enough to be any use to the Federation, but you never know when things will change. She was enlisted onto some mild training after she re joined the MI to go career, however plans were ruined during the entire civil war mess, however thanks to that training she can do some very mild physic tricks. If these powers were trained and act upon, it could help the Federation massively. Write out a situation in which you would have to use one of your abilities?: (Please tell me if this isn't possible, I am new to this.) The federation capture a hostage who is in possession of very important information, that information being the deactivation code for a nuclear strike on a colony named "Tec-Nee".These men and women are obviously terrorists and traitors of the Federation. ** The male in scruffy clothes would be restrained onto a chair, with Wilmots knife to his throat. "Okay we need a physic- Oi, Private Gunn, do your brain magic. Quick! *Looks at the screen then back to Gunn* We don't have time!" Says some NCO. /me Gunn would kneel down closing her eyes and grasping onto the terrorists restrained, yet reachable, wrist. Also placing her index finger onto her temple, just to be stereo typical. *Her face twitches, particualy her left cheek before a drip of blood comes from her nose. /me crunches up her face in concentration, her face turning red and shaking as she tries to basically read the mans mind, /roll (Lets say I roll a 89) /report What do I see, as well as the code for the deactivation. Or maybe a lead, a direction where the code is stored (^Because I know it isn't as simple as "Oh you are thinking this."^) *The codes location on a paper is given by the admin gods by PM.* /me Gunn stops gripping on the now, confused and screaming man's wrist, opening her eyes after the catching her breath, grinning, /me points to the locker left side of room, still looking at the hostage as she does this. "Its in there Sarge" Says Alexa the edgy physic. MISSION COMPLETE. --- - IC Section - Name: Alexa Gunnulfsen Age: 21 D.O.B.: 31st January Sex: Female Physical Description: Aged 21, medium build, wedding ring on finger, speaks confidently, happy tone to her voice, speaks with a Boston accent, blonde hair, brown eyes, - If Applicable - Current Rank: Pfc. Education History: High school and a qualification in music tech. Criminal Record: None. Employment History: Worked as a light and sound assistant in a music company, from age 16 to 18. Service Record: 2295 - Joined the MI. 2295 - Joined the weapon specialists. 2297 - Left the MI after completing two years. Getting her citzenship. 2298 - Re joins the MI to go career. 2298 - Has Weapon Specialist rank removed. 2298 - Gets drafted to the 112th (That she already spent some time in, in 2297.) --- --- ---
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    Lyndsey Carter, PK Appeal.

    Okie dokie, well this is my petty appeal. There are other witnesses, the person who plays White and Radical Roach, (Who is perma banned tho) What happened: We were on a drop, the objective was to set up an FOB in some desert map, I was in charge of the fall back point, which was where the medic triage and last line of defence was. I do ramble a bit so I will keep this to the point. I was rping the usual Carter, overly nice person handing out coffee to the platoon then I was called to the medic triage as apparently White had a "Pet". When I got there, with three others, we saw that this pet was indeed a chariot. I was chill about it icly and was like "Just don't shoot it" and said it was "Cute" (Because Carter.) I mean it was semi in character, I was just having a laugh. After a brief semi serious convo with White, Roy and that guy I forgot the name of a /event occured. This event was that a Tiger bug walked into the triage, and was like looking at us like we are his next snack. I mean I don't know how it got past the the first line of defence, but for sake of logic I am just gonna say it flanked us and entered from behind the massive line of troopers with guns. I am still a bit confused on why it got past without being spotted icly. Important note: THE CHARIOT NEVER DIED TO EVEN ATTRACT BUGS. (Unless they can attract them whilst alive? Although I don't remember that in lore) The Death: The entire section was rp'd of course, and everyone rolled for who would get completely fucked first. Everyone rolled near the number 30 but me, I rolled a 2. What followed after that wasn't actually instant death, I was picked up by the tigers talons, (about to be snapped in half) And everyone supposedly had a chance to roll and save me. No one rolled to save me, and I think it was genuinely because they didn't know that they had the chance or just complete missed the point (Or maybe they just thought my 82 roll would save me, which makes sense I guess). I mean White was there, Carters best friend and even she didn't roll, as it wasn't clear enough in my opinion. My last roll was 82 or 81, and I think the event that came after that was a bit harsh for a 82 roll. I strongly believe that the admin should of at least hinted or told the others they could roll to save me, like I see that happen a lot. Conclusion: In conclusion. If they were told to roll then rolled low, then I would be like "yeah she is dead af" but the others rolling aside, the fact my last roll was 82 and I died kinda never sat right with me. I mean I kept on having rumours surrounding the death and it being a targeted one and it has been stressing me out xD. It didn't help that people shot guns and prepared meeting durings my funereal (I hope that was just a coincidence) It just sucked that I was assaulted during something that was hardly IC. If in the 1 in a 100 chance this shit appeal gets accepted, I am willing to have the character stripped of all her ranks, even her engineer one. Literally just a Pvt, I don't mind. The character is awful for NCO anyways. Side note: Can we please keep it civil and please don't get mad at me, I just saw similar situations on other accepted appeals. I am really sorry if this annoys people. Also please keep in mind I am a brain damaged autismo who does forget things, so if anyone sees parts of this like "Where the fuck did you come up with that" Please say, just keep it civil. Sorry again.
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    Lyndsey Carter, PK Appeal.

    Aye understand, I prefer Wilmot and Donovan to Carter any how. Thanks for explaining it clearly.
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    Lyndsey Carter, PK Appeal.

    Okay but its just that it wasn't made clear to some of the people, like Zebastion said. Alot of people just thought my 82 roll would of saved me, I still stand by my argument. I literally see admins tell people they can save others all the time. Also what was the reason for making the tiger bug entering the triage if a chariot wasn't shot. We didn't even leave it unprotected that long, we had little men to work with. I saw West get her char back from a roll of bad luck, and others. The difference with mine is that my last roll was 82, I should of just been critically wounded. A lot of people can see my side, I was just too scared to say anything til now. Literally no one knew to roll, and that's the only reason I died. Many others would of been let off. I mean in the event I get Carter back she will be Pvt. anyways, only effecting some peoples roleplay (However I have spoken to those people and they say they don't mind). All I did was call a chariot cute