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    Alicia 'Snow' White

    Added Added I'll do the rest and also update a few once I have more time.
  2. Zebastion

    Lyndsey Carter, PK Appeal.

    I can agree with the part of it not being a clear 'chance' to save Carter and If I do remember correctly White (My character) reached for her sidearm as she was injured herself by the same tiger. Though there was no hint to 'saving' Carter and I was not told to roll for my action of reaching for my side-arm and the other's involved didn't roll or reach for their weaponry at the time. What was running through my head at the time was 'Let the admin finish his /event until I get the chance to hopefully react in anyway.' Yet again this only my personal opinion and sadly I don't have any screenshots of logs or such so I can't provide with any direct proof of the exact /me or actions at the time. Feel free to correct me on anything I might be wrong in as I don't completely recall everything.
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    George R. McCarthy

    White if u got anything on er
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    Alicia 'Snow' White

    Done Done Done Done Done Sorry for the long wait, been busy and away for a few days.
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    Vylyss ‘Fine’ Finer

    Done diddly do.
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    Apukohai Tyberos

    Add Whitie if u got anything bout her
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    Vylyss ‘Fine’ Finer

    Theme Song: Face Claim: Voice Claim: Favorite Songs: Basic Information: Name: Vylyss ‘Fine’ Finer Age: 18 D.O.B: 4/04 Gender: Female Affiliation: UCF - Mobile Infantry Role(s): Rifleman Kin: Betsy Finer [Mother] Status: [Alive] Age: [38] Occupation: [Surgeon] Kenneth Finer [Father] Status: [Alive] Age: [40] Occupation: [Environmental Scientist] Jeffrey Finer [Brother] Status: [Alive] Age: [16] Occupation: [D-J ‘Fine-Ray’] Homeworld: Iskander, Proxima System Alignment: Chaotic Good Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Blue Build: Endomorph [Hourglass] Rank: Recruit Backstory: Raised on Isklander by two very loving parents even though they were rather busy with work. She’d get the time and almost anything she wanted by her parents though they raised her with good manners. Her parents also providing the best of best education they could afford for her. But they soon found it she wasn’t like the others, she’d much rather draw, dance and sing than pay time to school as she didn’t find it ‘fun’ and she wasn’t the best at it either failing most of her tests and when ever she would pass she’d pass at the minimum. But this didn’t stop her from having a happy childhood, having lots of friends and barely any major problems. When she became 17 the thought of joining the MI struck her mind and after all she did want to explore the universe without the money from her parents. Her parents were mostly against it but eventually gave in and decided it was time for them to let go of their child for her to stand on her own legs. Attributes: Strength: 10/20 Dexterity: 12/20 Constitution: 13/20 Intelligence: 5/20 Wisdom: 8/20 Charisma: 20/20 Misc. Attributes: Great dancer and an amazing singer Combat Rating: 5/10 Pain/Health: 8/10 Wealth: Rich Other Information: Below Average IQ Character Description: A slightly muscular and average heighted woman stands before you, her blond almost white hair rather short with a few strands of hair hanging free infront of her face. Her luscious red lips forming a wide smile and her warm blue eyes are almost always looking around. Her whole body clean from any scars or nicks and she’s always seen clean except when in the field. If one were to get close she’d smell of luscious plums. Her stance rather confident and her voice being full of happiness as well as being ‘fruity and silvery’ one could describe her voice as pleasant, clear and light but her accent ruining it at times. Characteristics: Loud, ‘stupid’, talkative, happy, Achievements: Joining the MI Neutral: Eating the last cookie Regrets: Stealing soap and a towel from a hotel by accident when she was 16 because she was told she had paid for everything in the room Personal Relationships
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    Anaxilea Archaria

    Done Done
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    -The- Medic, Daniel Dumont

  10. Zebastion

    Dossier: Dorian Elswood

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    Alicia 'Snow' White

    Done. Not much, I'll add more with time.
  12. Zebastion

    Alicia 'Snow' White

  13. Zebastion

    Alicia 'Snow' White

    Done Done Done
  14. Zebastion

    Anaxilea Archaria

    [Theme Song] [Combat Theme] [Face Claim] Basic Information: Name: Anaxilea Archaria Age: 20 D.O.B: Gender: Female Affiliation: Coalition Role(s): Infantry Kin: Unknown Homeworld: Unknown Alignment: Neutral Hair color: Dark Ash Brown Eye color: Ocean blue eyes Build: Muscular Rank: Private Backstory: [WIP WIP WIP] Attributes: Strength: 15/20 Dexterity: 11/20 Constitution: 12/20 Intelligence: 15/20 Wisdom: 16/20 Charisma: 3/20 Misc. Attributes: Combat Rating: 8/10 Pain/Health: 6/10 Wealth: Poor Other Information: Character Description: A rather muscular and average heighted woman stands before you, her ash brown hair rather short only a few single strands hanging free infront of her face. Her lips forming a straight face and her cold blue eyes are almost always in a cold stare. Her arms, legs and back covered in small scars and marks of one could only describe as torn, though her left arm seems to be covered in a tattoo. Her stance rather confident and her voice being rather raspy and completely lacking any emotion or change in tune as she speaks. Characteristics: Cold, some what emotionless, semi-religious Achivements Neutral Not dying Regrets Being born Personal Relationships