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    Federal Forward Research Laboratories research assistant (Petty Officer) Character name: Duncan Kailor Wiki account name: Dalttheman will be my account name once the registration process is fixed! Field of specialization: Biology, Computational biochemistry, Inorganic chemistry and Analytical Chemistry. Are you aware that while somewhat working independently, you will have to report to one of the Lieutenants? Of course. Describe a day in your lab! Things could range from materials development (inorganic chemistry), to analysis of something that is completely unknown (analytical), or to analysis of any star clusters (computational) given the diversity of each field of study, and versatility of this particular petty officer. The most invaluable tool will most likely be computational analysis. Through Born-Oppenheimer approximations and use of coupled cluster theory, the vibrational frequencies of certain molecules can be determined to give theoretical infrared/raman spectra which can be compared to experimental infrared/raman spectra of unknown compounds and substances...allowing for identification of them. This can also be used to approximate the energistics of certain reactions, troubleshooting any problems that a materials scientist or a biologist might have in experimentally synthesizing certain materials, creating weapons, or even in development of drugs.