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  1. StevieJr

    ur guy Franco Sorrentino

    James Chevosky!
  2. StevieJr

    Sebastian Bently

    Sees Chev is still not one of Bently's friends. Cries.
  3. StevieJr

    SST Quotes Thread

    Friday, May 18, 2018 SSgt. Sebastian Bently: /yell. 'First of all.' SSgt. Sebastian Bently: /yell. 'Hyvonen, Holland.' SSgt. Sebastian Bently: /yell. 'I would like to start by saying your accuracy is fucking awful.' SSgt. Sebastian Bently: /yell. 'Next time you want to frag me on the field aim for my fucking head.' SSgt. Sebastian Bently: /yell. 'The rest of you. Firing lines. Use. Them.' SSgt. Sebastian Bently: /yell. 'And watch your fucking aim. So help me God if I get shot by either of you dumb cunts again I'll shoot you back. And you will not stand up afterwards.' SSgt. Sebastian Bently: /yell. 'Recruit with the eerily familiar last name, you're promoted.' Pvt. Vinny Sebastion /me. 'Would smile to himself saying a small "Yaaay~" under his breath' SSgt. Sebastian Bently: /yell. 'The rest of you, go shower, go relax. Except Hyvonen and Holland. I hope you stub your fucking toes in the shower.' SSgt. Sebastian Bently: /yell. 'Dismissed.'
  4. StevieJr

    Sabine Bilodeau

    Yo, what about James Chevosky, if she even has anything on him.
  5. StevieJr

    James Chevosky

    Updated, added Sean Richardson and Daisy Bailey. @HazyDay @Postal
  6. StevieJr

    Valerie Faust

    James Chevosky
  7. StevieJr

    Alex Parker

    Gotta have Chev in there
  8. StevieJr

    Alysia Harper

    It looks the same as it did last time.
  9. StevieJr

    James Chevosky

    Updated BIO a bit!
  10. StevieJr

    Liliana Verbeck

    Yo put that James Chevosky on there
  11. StevieJr

    John York

    James Chevosky
  12. StevieJr

    Jackie Knoxx

    Can't forget your Boy Chev
  13. StevieJr

    Lyndsey Carter

    Glad you got chev on der
  14. StevieJr

    Alicia White

    C'mon can't forget good guy James Chevosky can yuh?
  15. StevieJr

    Michael Finch

    James Chevosky