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  1. StevieJr

    Time for me to go.

    See you Ymot. Times were fun while they lasted!
  2. StevieJr

    Sylase "Fucker" Freeman

  3. StevieJr

    Bernhard Franke

    Sergeant Stevenson
  4. StevieJr

    Patrick Stevenson

    Added pictures! Woop woop!
  5. StevieJr

    Patrick Stevenson

    All yous added
  6. StevieJr

    Patrick Stevenson

    Lame updates
  7. StevieJr

    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

  8. StevieJr

    Patrick Stevenson

    There added bichboi
  9. StevieJr

    Patrick Stevenson

    Done And done
  10. StevieJr

    Sebastian Bently

    Update Stevenson pleoz?
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    Maxine A. Valentine

  12. StevieJr

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Posting here so I can follow topic. Website being weird.
  13. StevieJr

    [IC] Dear Alpha Company

    My bad didn't see it, I haven't gone to bed yet and my brain is at 10% efficiency