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  1. Theme: "Nothin' like droppin' six tonnes of napalm on some asshole bugs." Basic Information Name: Neal, H Stevenson Other Aliases: 'Eagle' 'Not-Stevie' Place of Birth: Flira, Hombar State, Faraway Date of Birth: June 28, 2271 Age: 27 Gender: Male Height: 5'11 Physical Description: Weight: 175lbs Hair color: Brown Eye color: Green Visible Scars/Injuries: - Large stab scar on his stomach Military Information Rank: Lieutenant Commander Branch: Federation Fleet Date of Enlistment: August 31, 2290 Years of Service: 9 Years. Service Record: Academy: Cdt - Cm Service on the Dauntless: Cm - Po - CPo - Service on the Grant: CPo - SCPo - OCdt - Ens - FLt - LtCdr Awards/Commendations: Ribbons: - Gallant Unit Citation - Several Theatre Ribbons - Various other service ribbons (none for fleet so I have to make due guys) Medals: - Purple Heart x2 - Veteran Combat medal - Distinguished Service medal - Combat ACE medal Personal Information Family: Father: FLt. Brendon Stevenson (Deceased) Mother: Jacklyn Stevenson (Alive) Brother: MSpc. Patrick Stevenson (Deceased) Spouse: Ens. Amanda Whitfield (Alive) Strengths: Skilled pilot, Experienced, Comedic, Strong-Willed. Weaknesses: Does Stupid Brave shit, Risk taker. Backstory: Personal Relationships Love|Admiration|Considered Bro/Sis|Best Friend|Friend|Liked|Neutral|Mixed Feelings|Disliked|Hated|Fears (Request to be added, will not be added other-wise): The gone but never forgotten: Retired/Disappeared(If you happen to reappear, you will be re-added to the main section):
  2. Wow, I see how it is colesion
  3. Theme: Face Claim: "You're an asshole dad, fuck you!" Basic Information Name: Tanner, J Bradley Other Aliases: Peanut Place of Birth: Paso, Iskander Date of Birth: May 23, 2280 Age: 19 Gender: Male Height: 5'9 Physical Description: Weight: 170lbs Hair color: Black Eye color: Blue Visible Scars/Injuries: - Bullet Wound on right bicep - Burn marks on right thigh - Stab scar on left thigh [Bradley Combat Gear, 2299] Military Information Rank: Sergeant Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: November 15, 2298 Years of Service: 0.5 Months. Service Record: Bootcamp 112th Moritas: Rct - Pvt - Pfc - LCpl - Cpl - Sgt Awards/Commendations: Ribbons: N/A Medals: N/A Personal Information Family: Father: Cpt.(Ret) Mason Tanner | Age: 57 (Alive) Mother: Rebecca Tanner Age: 51 (Alive) Brother: Lt. Daren Tanner | Age: 21 (Alive) Sister: Alyssa Tanner | Age: 16 (Alive) Strengths: Out-going, Youthful, Athletic, Brave, Dedicated, Loyal. Weaknesses: Cocky, Minimal Life Experience, Ignorant of many things. Backstory: Personal Relationships Love|Admiration|Considered Bro/Sis|Best Friend|Friend|Liked|Neutral|Mixed Feelings|Disliked|Hated|Fears (Request to be added, will not be added other-wise): SSpc Tzipora Bronson Pfc Shane Emmett: Maj Sebastian Bently: 3Spc Sofia Holloway: 3Spc Michael Benson: Sgt Aaron Holtz: SSgt Elaine Asper: Pvt Lance Twombly: Cpl Jackie Knoxx: Pfc Oliver Graham: Pfc Cait Donovan: The gone but never forgotten: Retired/Disappeared(If you happen to reappear, you will be re-added to the main section):
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    Bradley 'Peanut' Tanner

    Added the bois
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    Alice Carmine

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    <//: After Action Report :\\>

    //: Drop Lead: Sgt. Bradley Tanner //: Second In Command: Sgt. Jennifer Ramsey //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: Sgt. Lowell Hartwick Orange Team: Sgt. Jennifer Ramsey //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): N/A //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: Tanks did an amazing job. Hammer 1: WO. Savage, 3Spc. Alive Carmine Hammer 2: Spc. Troy Hughes, Spc. Charlie Timms //: Mission Summary: Build and defend an FOB to buy time and stop a bug horde. Evac'd with only minor cuts and bruises.
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    See you mcrann 😢
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    Bradley 'Peanut' Tanner

    minor updates in general also relationships
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    Sebastian Bently

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    Shane Emmett

    Doesn't even add tanner wtf
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    [IC] TAC Equipment.

    This is a list containing the current number of craft available to the TAC Pilots on the Grant.(Correlates ICly) F-76 'Thunderbolt': Active: 8 Reserve: 4 Total: 12 Our 'TAC' fighter. Easy to replace, but the pilots aren't. (http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/F-76_Thunderbolt) VT-2 'Caracara': Active: 4 Reserve: 2 Total: 6 This craft is very valuable. Losing it is a massive pain in my and the Captain's ass to replace. So please do not fly like a maniac in these things. (http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/VT-2_Caracara) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These stats I am going to have correlate IC, I feel it will cause RP, and make it more logical that if we lose a lot of fighters/vtols things will be needed to be done to prevent more loses until they are replaced. Losing expensive aircraft will make it feel like the things we have are more valuable and are not easily replaceable or at least not quickly replaced.
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    TAC Guide for Pilots

    Still very relevant. Credit goes to Fitz
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    TAC Guide for GM's

    Keeping, because it is relevant. Credit still goes to Fitz.
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    Changes to TAC in general.

    These are just a few things I wanted to go over for admins and such and the players of TAC, things I will do in the future. Right now I am deciding whether or not to do applications on the forums for a spot. But right now I am letting in people I know will actually want to play and be there for events. I will not make it mandatory for you to go on drops with the VTOL. I will not force you to go to TAC only events. Every once and a while I will ask you if you still want your character (in the case you are not active). You tell me whether or not it is worth it to keep that character, and I will edit the roster accordingly. If a GM or someone running a drop wants a gunship pilot and there is no others on and you have one (on the roster), you should step up and take it, in my opinion it's fun to fly around and scout, even if it isn't a combat mission there are still many things for you to do that can contribute to the mission. I will consult with Jinny to see if he would prefer apps for the division, or if I take personal applications myself, to ask you questions and such and make sure you are educated in the TAC ways.
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    [IC] Change in Leadership.

    Hello pilots, My name is Neal Stevenson, most of you have probably met me already. Regarding the TAC wing aboard the vessel that is the Ulysses S. Grant, there will be several changes I will be making effective immediately: 1. Effective immediately TAC pilots are no longer required to wear MI fatigues. You are now free to wear our jumpsuits. Black Armor will be available to all pilots, however it is optional to wear the orange vests as well. 2. Pilots are not required to fly gunships mandatory, I will personally train you in the gunship whenever I am available and then you will be fully qualified to fly it and go an kill things in it. 3. Under no circumstances are you to try and big dick infantry just because you are officers. HOWEVER, if you are being blatantly disrespected, please grab an NCO, or major Bently himself to have said Mobile Infantrymen punished. Only take it into your own hands if no one else is available but report it to me right after and I will have said report sent to the Major. Signed, Lieutenant Commander Neal Stevenson
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    TAC Roster

    TAC Roster Wing Commander: LtCdr. Neal 'Eagle' Stevenson (Stevie GMT -6) Second in Command: FLt. Kolton 'Badger' Buxton (Fluid) Wingmen: FLt. Jeremiah 'Martini' Mazzoni (Colesion GMT -5) Ens. Matias 'Chispos' Lautaro (Rook GMT -5) Ens. James 'Huscarl' Norse (NorseTheNomad GMT -8) Ens. Alena 'Kangaroo' Konovalov (Minyari GMT -8) If you have a TAC character and wish to be added, list your character and callsign below. This is simply an early prototype, it will be made prettier in the future. 
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    Shane Emmett

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    Katherine Anderson

    Give me an ipod
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    <//: Training Logging :\\>

    //: NCO's in charge: Sgt. Joshua Edwards/ Cpl. Bradley Tanner //: Time and Date of session: 2/11/2299 //: Type of Training Session: CD-95 Qualifications as well as CQC training. //: Notable Acts: Sergeant Hartwick blowing himself up the C4
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    Lillian Flowers

    Where's Tanner?