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  1. Talk to whoever is in charge of the medical faction. They have them. We are not allowed to post biotechs.
  2. Is that the Diana hair option under HQ Hairs that I need to replace?
  3. Feel free to contribute with optimized textures.
  4. Alright, so. I'm leaving for the time being. Goin to keep it short and to the point. Reasons: Lost interest in SSTRP. I could see that Fleet is or /was/ going nowhere from my recollection. The attitudes towards the faction are not worth the upkeep currently. The decisions by leadership showed I am wasting my time for the time being. People that I enjoyed rping with have either left entirely or gone on LOA. It's starting to feel like a Kindergarten and a sense that behavior correction is imbalanced. I was told to work and change my character personality and in a sense my roleplay style. Now when I get on, I see tons of M.I speaking like they have a speech problem and doing really childish shit (even for M.I). A lot. Add to a blatant disrespect towards officers shows we have regressed in the progress or promises made in the past. I was told that we are to be highly professional and that the values of the Federation were to be ingrained in us, why is that not enforced / seemingly absent in these players (at least the newer ones)? Current campaign is confusing, and I feel no connection to it at all. Is there even a campaign going on? Lack of progression for my main character. Been stuck at Ensign since August, with multiple Ensigns under my command that I can not promote because I can't promote them above me (obviously). Little social development between Harper and the rest of Fleet / M.I - They either fucking vanished or went LOA. Other petty shit. Real Life bois. I suffered a spine injury and discovered I might have cancer in my left leg while they were checking out my other leg that began malfunctioning as of a few months ago; Which is apparently due to how jacked my lower spine is. So as it stands currently, SSTRP just aint as interesting and fun as it was way back when I first joined so it doesn't help distract from the pain while I wait for the surgery later this month (hopefully). I will state that these are my personal feelings / observations. Whether they are truly accurate or not should be taken with a pinch of salt. This is not something I thought of on the spot, this LOA is something I been feeling for quite some time (With the surgery and shit pushing it over the tipping point). While there is other shit in SSTRP that irks me, they are not significant enough to warrant me addressing here. I will still visit ICly if I am absolutely needed but I wished to fully step down from my positions so I don't hold back anyone else. I will also still be semi-active on the website, assuming someone can unfuck this unsecure and non-avatar uploading website. So the PAC Collective will still remain operational incase of any more contributions. With that said, I know for a fact I will be back next year but possibly earlier if shit starts unfucking in the server sooner (and I get this surgery done). As for IC, Harper was transferred to Pallas for the time being.
  5. PAC's are not locked behind admin bureaucracy.
  6. Get use to it. Rumors are the norm fam.
  7. Doesn't work. Tried just copy and pasting my code as well as using the Insert Code method, neither work.
  8. Tried deleting my own avatar to see if I can put the exact one back. Nope. Apparently other websites using IP Invision was having the same issue. The only reason I see this being an issue is an addon / plugin conflicting with the uploading of avatars. That or when we had the website go down a bit ago, it may of somehow reset permissions for the various usergroups. The second theory seems more likely (or a combination of both) as Administrators and whatnot still have the ability to upload avatars while regular users do not.
  9. Thanks for contributing @Lalatina! I also took the time to add even more of Bohannon's contributions. Still hunting for the BT Models. @El Excellente - Do you know if we can get an insert table function for posts?
  10. @Argon Custom Content has been added / absorbed into the PAC Collective. Thanks mate
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