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  1. Mannulus

    Liliana Verbeck

    Alysia Harper. Got to fill in that Fleet section.
  2. Mannulus

    Sylase "Fucker" Freeman

    Oh I been waiting for Freeman's bio. Alysia Harper fam.
  3. Mannulus

    The ‘I want to die’ thread

    By the Admin team, smart one.
  4. Mannulus

    The ‘I want to die’ thread

    That was voided.
  5. Mannulus

    The ‘I want to die’ thread

    Ow. My bones. My feelings.
  6. Mannulus

    The ‘I want to die’ thread

    I will cut you. ❤️
  7. Mannulus

    Sebastian Bently

    Update Harper too! It's been months!
  8. Mannulus

    Alysia Harper

    Okay, I will.
  9. Mannulus

    Alysia Harper

    Finally overhauled the entire bio. Relations should be a lot easier to read due to the dropdowns and easier text. Updated: @Jun Nagase - Sabine (Its only 4 months overdue.) @Troy Hughes - Hughes @Coleision - Holiday - Updated, again. Sorry fam. Changed: @StevieJr - Chevosky / Simplified the finale to just part 1 as the overall summary. - Update me too u jerks, otherwise imma cri <(;-;<) (Except Stevie cause Chev dead. Unless Stevenson has an update.)
  10. Mannulus

    Alysia Harper

    Big updates since the website been down. Currently now working on optimizing how to display the relations page to make it easier to go through as it grows and grows. Those with an original view that has since changed will be merely crossed out and a new one added below. Updated the following @Troy Hughes - Hughes @alright sassy - Knoxx @Coleision - Blanka @The_Harmacist - Elswood Added the following: @Jinny - Jee-un Choi
  11. Mannulus

    Dossier: Dorian Elswood

    Alysia Harper!
  12. Mannulus

    Iris 'Blanket' Blanka

    Alysia Harper!
  13. Mannulus

    Sarah Redbrick

    Alysia Harper!
  14. Mannulus

    Alysia Harper

    Added @The_Harmacist @Heresiarch Grimm @Coleision Updated @Troy Hughes
  15. Mannulus

    Alysia Harper