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  1. Mannulus

    Alysia Harper

    @StevieJr Updated Chevosky.
  2. Mannulus

    favorite story-based game?

    Horizon: Zero Dawn.
  3. Mannulus

    Alysia Harper

    Updated @StevieJr
  4. Mannulus

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    I have seen the same thing and even mentioned it in the chat about a week or so ago. Personally, I feel it comes down to a few things for activity: 1.) The overarching story is currently on hold. RP servers with an engaging and developing story that they can be a part of will always be a driving force towards player retention. We saw this growth several weeks ago when we were doing quite a few story elements and we were rushing towards the ending of the one chapter of the story line. 2.) Leadership Presence = more people. This is kind of a stretch but I feel a minor one but the more leadership that is on the better. It opens a new dynamic when we see leadership other than Chevosky, Hayes, and Hughes for M.I. Same goes for Fleet. 3.) The Grant itself. Lets be honest in that the Grant needs an update. Everything is too spaced apart and not optimized for performance. That can be a turn off for new players who get on just to get bad performance. 4.) As what @StevieJr said, the drop in the server's administration activity reflects back into the playerbase. While some of us may know better, others may see it as those in charge of the server simply don't care / lost interest in the community. I am personally not saying that is the case but I won't be surprised if that does have an effect. 5.) My own personal point: Lack of Fleet activity again. We were doing extremely well rebuilding it up and those who wanted to do Fleet stayed on the server more which added to the population. Me being gone for two weeks for military shit seemed to have destroyed that effort.
  5. Mannulus

    I am back!

    @Arrow D.owned A.ircraft R.escue T.eam (DART) based Operations.
  6. Mannulus

    I am back!

    Hello friends! I am back from my grueling hole digging, rain sloshing firefight opfor madness for the past 2 weeks! Look forward to seeing you ingame going forward.
  7. Mannulus

    SST Quotes Thread

    14:47:14 - SCPo. Alysia Harper[OOC]: Ever take a dump so big that when it finally pops out you feel kinda gay? 14:48:00 - Pfc. Gary "Gaz" Johnson[OOC]: stop 14:48:07 - PO. Paul Schmidt[OOC]: No? 14:48:43 - Cpl. Miranda Walters[OOC]: Only when I put it back in @Harper 14:48:51 - Cpl. Franklyn Holland[OOC]: Yeah we fucked a few times. 14:49:22 - SCPo. Alysia Harper[OOC]: Isn't that an actual sex act? Where you freeze the turd and then fuck the girl with it? 14:49:32 - MSpc. Valerie Faust[OOC]: ........STOP 14:49:33 - Cpl. Franklyn Holland[OOC]: Is that what Chev does? 14:49:35 - 3Spc. Jessica Read[OOC]: uhhhhhhh 14:49:36 - LCpl. Gray Seraphim[OOC]: STOP AH, FUCKING FUCK STOP 14:49:44 - Spc. Adam Pearce[OOC]: Da fuk? 14:50:16 - SCPo. Alysia Harper[OOC]: Oh yeah it is! It's called the Alaskan Pipeline. Now I remember. 14:50:23 - LCpl. Gray Seraphim[OOC]: DONT TELL US THAT SHIT 14:50:29 - Cpl. Troy 'Turtle' Hughes[OOC]: Guys, you are making me want to kill myself. Stop, please. 14:50:32 - Cpl. Franklyn Holland[OOC]: SO that's what Chav means when he wants it rough 14:50:32 - Spc. Adam Pearce[OOC]: Band him!!! 14:50:40 - Pfc. Gary "Gaz" Johnson[OOC]: i already want to die so it is cool dw 14:50:45 - : OOC Delay set to 999999999 seconds
  8. Mannulus


    Today is my final day y'all. Though you may see me on Steam, I decided to have my LOA begin at 8pm EST tonight. ICly I will be leaving the ship to get leadership and communications training to prepare for MCPO and up.
  9. Mannulus

    Jesse chinter

    Alysia Harper!
  10. Mannulus


    I will be out for two weeks (roughly) from June 2nd till around the 15th. Military Training.
  11. Mannulus

    AFC BC-291 ULYSSES S. GRANT Crew Roster

    Alysia Harper promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer.
  12. Mannulus

    AFC BC-291 ULYSSES S. GRANT Crew Roster

    You mean PO?
  13. Mannulus

    Alysia Harper

    @El Excellente added and @Jun Nagase updated.
  14. Mannulus

    Alysia Harper

    @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz @Grizzly Hughes and @Arrow have been added. Sorry @Grizzly Hughes, I don't remember Casey all that well. So many people to keep track of. I am pretty sure we have talked a bit ICly but I can't remember. ;_; Also took the time to update the main picture recently with the more accurate model. Also added a secondary picture of Harper during an RnR in her more casual hairstyle. I also made a Wiki of Alysia Harper too that adds some information, so go check it out.
  15. Mannulus

    Lyndsey 'Lynn' Carter

    Alysia Harper.