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  1. ryu

    Stepping Back In

    what the fuck is the MI lounge
  2. ryu

    I'm Back

  3. James Herzog: SAW/Support Gunner
  4. // do we post here if we're certed already or?
  5. ryu

    Using "MOBCOM" in everyday speech.

    mobcomm pls respond
  6. ryu

    Starship Troopers RP Trading Card Game(tm)!

    give me the retard pack
  7. ryu


    take care
  8. ryu

    Chiyuki Asahi

    shikamaru best character of all naruto
  9. ryu

    After Mission Report - 11th of November

    // why is this shit on looseleaf paper
  11. ryu

    Fantasy jumpball league??

    im interested
  12. ryu

    How to Join to Join the Staff Team

    @admins Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you get selected by XA's to become an admin rather than a joining/application process