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  1. MARAUDER DESIGNATION APPLICATION IC: Name: Laura Morillo Age: 25 Gender: Female Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Blonde Height: 5'4 Weight: 120lbs Employment & Background Current Rank: LCpl Educational History: High School Employment History: None. Joined MI straight out of high-school. Service Record: 84th Jill's Jillies, served 4 years, reaching rank of Sergeant. Selected for Marauder program, resumed service with 112th. Transferred to 82nd year later. OOC: Steam name: ELFBIPAPI13 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:61447975 Length of time on Server: 3 Time zone: GMT - 5 Current characters on server: Pfc. James Herzog Roleplay History: 6+ years on Garry's Mod and many forum RP sites.
  2. ryu

    Bon Voyage

    fuck this hit me i miss you futuristicdonut see ya
  3. thanks for everything i was probably a little bitch the whole time and in retrospect one of those confused teenagers who was always bitching and complaining but thank you
  4. ryu

    the boys

    me and the boys when we get back into the federation but the 112th is dissolved
  5. figured it out, has to do with pac but dk what had to disable and reenable a few times to walk normally
  6. Title, pretty much. Can't walk with just WASDs, and only when I use sprint, alt, or ctrl to move will they work. Only happens on this server. Any fix?
  7. yes, this the zion was a change for once that included all aspects to the server once we came back to upham it just devolved back to the same shotbug events that arent any interesting and provide zero story or zero char dev
  8. What was meant to go after this? Seems to have cut off
  9. ryu


    see u in like half a year oldfag
  10. hey do more i missed the first one
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