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    PK Reversal

    why not now's a good a time as any lol plus i wont be using right off the bat, i'd just like to keep him around if i ever feel like reinitating his story arc. he is (or was) pretty developed
  2. ryu

    PK Reversal

    Name: Ryan Herzog How they died: He was providing covering fire to his team as they were pulling out of a cave. They went into a small, narrow opening to back out of the cave. My character, using a Mark Two, covered the opening from a safe distance as a few wounded were being treated inside the small opening. After the wounded were treated, we began to pull back, but then, a /event came up where a bug somehow managed to reach into the cave, stab me, and pull me out through the opening. Why you think the PK should be reversed: I believe it should be reversed because I wasn’t doing anything heroic, and I was simply doing my job as a Mark Two gunner by providing covering fire for the wounded. I didn’t disobey any orders, as I was told to cover the wounded. Also, I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the PK, but OOCly (as in game-wise), I never died or took damage as far as I can remember. Again, just thought I’d say it, but not sure if it’s actually relevant to the PK. Anyways, I’m not sure I’d be using the character from the moment he gets unPK’ed, (if he does) but I’d like to keep him around for further use in the future or if I feel like it would be nice to restart his character arc, considering he is a pretty old character OOCly. Extra note: This PK happened quite a while ago on the old script, and I just went with it at the time. However, I feel like this would be a good chance to get him back, and I do eventually, at some point, plan to play on him again. Thanks.
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    vertigo best map
  4. ryu

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    i personally wouldn't be worried too much @StevieJr . The trend of servers losing pop during summer is quite common; just give people time to adjust to their new summer schedules and to regain interest in playing. not like u can ever escape these types of servers lol
  5. ryu

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    I've been on the server for 2 years, and the pattern Hazy stated is pretty much accurate. The playerbase will pick up in late summer, and then drop. However, people just tend to lose interest in SST after long periods of playing it. RP gets stale, events get repetitive; whatever. Just give it time, people will come back. As for stuff like leadership, that's always been an inherent issue in SST, independent of the playerbase. It's all about taking initiative.
  6. ryu

    Details lads

  7. ryu

    This generation of .net is SST 3

    rated funny
  8. more like a threat to the Worts
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    off loa
  10. ryu

    Is water wet?

    if water isnt wet then is water dry
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    Finals week + shitty internet. Will be gone for 2 weeks-ish already been inactive but didnt have time to post
  12. ryu

    Basically the ending of Infinity War.

    why is eveyone saying the movie was trash based solely on the ending