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  1. more like a threat to the Worts
  2. ryu


    off loa
  3. ryu

    Is water wet?

    if water isnt wet then is water dry
  4. ryu


    Finals week + shitty internet. Will be gone for 2 weeks-ish already been inactive but didnt have time to post
  5. ryu

    Basically the ending of Infinity War.

    why is eveyone saying the movie was trash based solely on the ending
  6. ryu

    My Dog Died Today.

    Take care fam personally lost a dog before it sucks
  7. ryu

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    singh off loa pc finally fixed
  8. ryu

    i killed sheriffeli

    lol the sigh of regret after he died
  9. nerds back in the olden days on the 2007 fucking xenforo forums or whatever shit i once had the highest post count like what nerd goes over 100 posts on an rp forum????
  10. ryu

    Are traps gay?

    they are gays its man on man end of
  11. ryu

    Taking an LOA.

    Take care man Ultimately if you don't enjoy something and you're doing it constantly then a break is more than well deserved
  12. ryu

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Jgonna need to expand my loa, pc decided to die
  13. ryu

    Rugby sucks

    arsenal best team
  14. ryu

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    singh on loa for 2-3 days