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    Xalphoxian Shower Thoughts

    pls refrain from typing zed
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    Mason Piason

    Name: Mason Piason Station(s): Helms, engineering, weapons, science, relay. Biography: Mason Piason was born on the F-1-C43 'Downtime', a travelling trader ship while orbiting the gas mining planet of Pollor. Up until he was six, he essentially lived on the ship, assisting his parents with their trading business on the ship, all the while gaining an interest in ship systems and navigation in the time. With his parents finally deciding to settle down on Terra on his sixth birthday, he attended school like any other. He wasn't necessarily gifted, but he did always gain high marks and showed a natural aptitude for more complicated things such as engineering. Upon his time of graduation, however, he decided to join with the M.I to assist with the war effort. Not surprisingly, recruiters told him that with his scores, he'd be a better fit in Fleet, and could choose to go into OCS. Opting to not spend much of his valuable time training to become an officer, he enlisted in Fleet as a technician. However, he knew that he would want to settle down as a technician and made the transition over time to become a helmsman. He was eventually transferred to the FSS Sephton, serving his two-year term there and becoming a citizen. Not wanting to feel guilty of not helping the Federation and the war effort, he joined up with the Audie Murphy up until its demise, now working on the Ulysses Grant as a helmsman, still. ((this is an existing character.
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    Federal Council Club details.

    sounds pretty interesting, i'd be willing to join. shame that the federal council proposed a year-ago ish didn't take off, but this seems just as good.
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    Frank Esposito

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    good luck
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    vertigo best map
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    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    i personally wouldn't be worried too much @StevieJr . The trend of servers losing pop during summer is quite common; just give people time to adjust to their new summer schedules and to regain interest in playing. not like u can ever escape these types of servers lol
  8. ryu

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    I've been on the server for 2 years, and the pattern Hazy stated is pretty much accurate. The playerbase will pick up in late summer, and then drop. However, people just tend to lose interest in SST after long periods of playing it. RP gets stale, events get repetitive; whatever. Just give it time, people will come back. As for stuff like leadership, that's always been an inherent issue in SST, independent of the playerbase. It's all about taking initiative.
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    Details lads

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    This generation of .net is SST 3

    rated funny