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    TAC - Applications [Open]

    OOC Portion: Steam user name: ZombieStalker08 How active are you on server: I'm new but I've been on everyday since I've joined When are you most active with your timezone: All day everyday. Do you have a Microphone and Teamspeak: Indeed I do Have you had any previous experience with Fleet rp: On the server? This character is new. In other servers? I've roleplayed a Communications and Weapons Officer for a NS:Status RP. In which I was the acting Officer for the weapons systems of the deep space ship for over five months. Provide an RP example of how a TAC fighter would react during space combat and or during ground combat: Cdt. Jake Gearheart Would proceed to quickly rush towards the F-76 Thunderbolt, nearly sprinting up the ladder used to climb the side of the Fighter. Climbing into the cockpit of the fighter he'd proceed to start to strap himself into the seat, taking small moments to lean out the side of the Fighter to check on the maintenance crew preparing the ship making sure they'd be ready for his take off. Pulling the canopy lever and allowing the top latch to shut. Giving the inside of the shuttle to pressurize as he'd activate his long range transmitter and contact the control tower running through his flight code "Stalker 2-1 To Tower, 2-1 Ready for flight.". Waiting a few moments to get the normal response “Tower To Stalker 21, Greenlight, Greenlight, Greenlight.”. Smiling to himself, the Pilot would stick a thumbs up to the window signalling the maintenance crew that he was ready, giving a few moments for the crew to clear the area. He’d slowly push the throttle forward, quickly taking off out of the hanger and pulling into formation with Stalker 2-2 and Stalker 2-3 as they’d all dip right and start to head towards the planet. Provide an RP example of a dropship pilot, on ship or during a deployment: Cdt. Jake Gearheart would grip the joystick to the Dropship tightly, quickly gliding left and right attempting to avoid the bright blue plasma balls being fired into the sky from the arachnids on the ground acting as Anti-Air. Pushing a view color coded buttons on his display as he’d line the dropship up with the LZ. Turning on the ship’s communications as he’d announce the MIs in the back of his dropship “ETA 30 Seconds! Prep for deployment!”. As the Pilot would pull the nose up upon reaching the landing zone bringing the Dropship into a hover, allowing the landing gear to slowly kiss the ground. He’d quickly flick two switches on his overhead display, a loud “BUZZ” coming from the back with a flashing green light as the back transport door would drop down allowing the Infantry in the back to charge out. Waiting a few moments for them to get into a clear position before pulling back on the joystick and pushing the throttle forward, dusting off. Do you acknowledge that extended lack of activity without notice will result in your removal: Yes, I understand Do you acknowledge the negative stigma of Flight Wing, and my efforts to break said stigma: Yes, I understand Do you acknowledge that failing to assist in these efforts will result in your removal: Yes, I understand IC Portion: Name: Jake Gearheart :: Please provide all medical and or physical records below:: I;E -- Age, Weight, BMI, Build, wounds sustained, medical conditions, so on. :: :: Medical :: Medical disorders: None Known allergies: None Diseases: None Extra info you’d wish to tell us: N/A :: Physical :: Age: 18 Height (Must be below 6’0”): 5’7 Weight: 132lb Build: Fit, Skinny BMI: 21.3 Extra info you’d wish to tell us: N/A :: Note, all your physical test scores from basic will be accounted into selection process :: Current Rank: Cadet Previous/Current Vessel (For Transfers): N/A Brief history of your character: Born on Earth, Jake Gearheart was nothing but a Federal Civilian, after spending his time rather bored on the home planet. It was after the hit of the asteroid Brazil, Jake was motivated to join up to support the war...Graduating Early, Jake head off to join the service. First heading into the Mobile Infantry he didn’t last two days in their PT Courses. After getting chewed out by his Drill Instructor and Base Commander, instead of being kicked out, they requested he take a Fleet Entry Test on a whim. After scoring a 98% on the Exam he was formally transferred over into the Fleet. Set at the rank of Cadet, his dream is while not being able to become an MI, he still wishes to support them by becoming a TAC and or Dropship Pilot he applies for a TAC Pilot Position. Brief History of military service: After briefly failing the MI PT Test, Jake was gave a Fleet Entry Exam on a whim, after scoring a 98%, he was transferred into the TF Fleet, acting as a Cadet. He performed various task on the Ulysses Grant, till reaching the rank of CM in which he placed a Flight Crew request in. Commendations given: Federal Defense Medal, Joint Service Ribbon Notable remarks from your higher ups: None Why do you wish to become a pilot?: To serve and support the Federation till my last breath, I seek to aid the Mobile Infantry on the ground and also serve the Federal Fleet proudly. It is my personal goal to use my abilities to the best they can provide and I strongly believe that’s by serving as a Pilot for the Federation. What qualifications do you have that would make you suitable for this position?: My loyalty to the federation, my trained focus and my knowledge in the Federation’s Fleet, with careful training and extensive simulation I believe I have and will grow to be a rather well equipped and trained pilot for the position. If you were to sign up, which position would you like to start your training in? TAC or DROPSHIPS? And provide a reason why: I wish to request TAC as I wish to aid in tactical strikes on the ground or in the air, but If TAC must be restricted from me I am perfectly capable in becoming a Dropship Pilot. I seek to become a TAC member to act a defender and first hand striker against our foes of the Federation. ::Note:: TAC is usually reserved for people who’ve shown that they are capable pilots, both on and off ship ::