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  1. saiphun987

    planet big rock

    And when you ask one of the citizen who live there...
  2. saiphun987

    Mobile Infantry picture day

    // i ned diz. diz looks juicy
  3. saiphun987

    why r u gae?

  4. saiphun987

    why r u gae?

  5. saiphun987

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    No knee pads cuz yolo... :V (My knee and elbow hurts af and I'm now just laying on my bed) wtf u want m8
  6. saiphun987

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    Where I have been? Well.... yeah :V
  7. saiphun987

    Our plans for 2019

    Does this included cloning facilities and portal where you can revive the deaths? [On the serious notes.. I appreciated staff's team efforts to keep the community alive and growing <3]
  8. saiphun987

    Medics DNA

    That's surprising.
  9. saiphun987

    Mobile Infantry Theme

    Sabaton - Winged Hussars Sabaton - Unbreakable
  10. saiphun987

    Just gonna drop this here...

    wtf is dis lel
  11. saiphun987

    Chiyuki Asahi

    Hmm I didn't see his name wtf now I do.
  12. saiphun987

    woah im bak

    whoaaaa boi
  13. saiphun987

    Chiyuki Asahi

    Atichat SAIPHAN!?
  14. saiphun987


    It takes around 6666 hours to get approved.