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  1. saiphun987

    Concerns About Marauders

    I still have my char on the roster and to be honest I've lost my passion to play as marauder due to the time zone not able to meet and play with most of players,and after my main marauder char died of course. I understand that I'm the only asian boi here on the server so is gonna be tough. Thing is.. there's no real rewards to work your asses off and climb through the ranks rather than new weapons et cetera. I'd love to see something new to the marauders..and more active leaderships (same goes to every factions) or perhaps something to make it worth climbing through the ranks? This is just my opinion though. By the way I have one question if you want to remove your char from the marauders does the character stay on the ship or they would be sented off (PK)?
  2. saiphun987

    [OOC] Hopping down.

    Awee... well wish you luck ; ; and take care!
  3. saiphun987

    [IC] Christmas

    3Spc.Atichat Saiphan
  4. HMMMMM this is nice. VERY nice.
  5. saiphun987


    dem weeb attacks again
  6. saiphun987


    fuk wut happuned wish you arm gets bettar
  7. so if i want 2 be in GnT who cuck do i hav 2 suck?
  8. saiphun987


    aWee... Scar I'll be missing you. Take care and god bless ya <3
  9. saiphun987

    Chiyuki Asahi

    Atichat Saiphan? :V
  10. saiphun987

    The PAC Collective

    ohh i wunna use et
  11. saiphun987

    Lisa Bennet

    She must be T H I C C
  12. saiphun987

    Show and Tell Thread

    When yo boy goes to singing contest.
  13. saiphun987

    Show and Tell Thread

    This is subtle and polite way to ask for grandson.
  14. saiphun987

    permanent pk appeal

    this meme is 2 old that i don't get it
  15. saiphun987

    A dogs best friend, Shay Callahan

    John Wick...