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  1. Wish you the best luck Argone ❤️
  2. I'll be missing u Oopticc... ; ; thank you for all your hardworks! o7
  3. Unique. Even I rarely interract with your char but tbh all of them is unique in their own ways. I love em and thank you for ALL your hardworks here. MI Cards, Fun events, Models, et cetera. .net is better because of you. Even I'm a late comer I always salute and respect people who contributed their hard ass works to keep the community afloat. Wished you luck! o7
  4. Whjoa-... WHOA CAPTAIN AMERIKA-- add atichat saiphan plez
  5. @Hecle @Floofy @Neelinator Doooone sorry for taken so long.
  6. Character Name: Atichat Saiphan Character Rank: SPC Character Patches: SYST, MUNS, SAP Are you currently on LOA: nope Date of last Login: 18/5/2019
  7. Atichat Saiphan dew it wetard
  8. Me testing new chinese bootleg mask
  9. https://pcgamehaven.com/best-900-dollar-gaming-pc-build/ Hmm maybe this. Few months ago I build new PC. Mid-grade gaming PC btw. GTX 1050 Ti, 16gb Ram, core i5 gen 8 around 800 dollars so yee.
  10. Mister Stark.. I don't feel so goo-
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