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  1. saiphun987

    SST Quotes Thread

    MSpc. Lisa Bennet whispers "Butt fuck." Spc. Atichat Saiphan whispers "The fuck-"
  2. saiphun987

    Grace Corbin, Big Brain Medic

    sleeep u magnificent human
  3. saiphun987

    So... zombies?

    nope mah net was fucked. But this one if we cut off VJzombies and replaced by these. It looks cool btw. After watching this vid.. it kinda cool btw. We can customise it using mod menu.
  4. saiphun987

    So... zombies?

    Hmm okie. but ya dis mods looks nice btw.
  5. saiphun987

    So... zombies?

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1707627546&searchtext=gmod+of+the+dead https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1709084646 I dunno bout u but this looks interesting. Wut chu guise thinks?
  6. saiphun987

    Amanda Winters - Explosive Widow

    Do da Atichat Saiphan dad
  7. saiphun987

    Grace Corbin, Big Brain Medic

    Atichat SAAAIPHANY
  8. saiphun987

    Seraphine Von Strattmann

    Atichat Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaiphan?
  9. saiphun987

    SST Quotes Thread

    [OOC] Spc. Atichat Saiphan: Say the magic word. [OOC] Cpl. Noemi 'Tidbit' Rosangela: dicknipples [OOC] 3Spc. Jerome Bevin: pussy [OOC] Spc. Guy Larson: abracadabra [OOC] Cpl. Frederick 'Buttshot' Stokes: communism. [OOC] Spc. Atichat Saiphan: i fucking love you all. [OOC] Spc. Guy Larson: no homo [OOC] MSpc. Grace 'Cobbo' Corbin: nigger [OOC] 2Spc. Hecle Phan: no homo
  10. saiphun987

    Hecle Phan

    Atichat Saiphan u fek
  11. saiphun987

    Erhart Von Strattmann

    Atichat S a I PHaN!?
  12. saiphun987

    [IC] The Morita Mark One

    I'd love to have it btw. 😛 Atichat Saiphan joins before that time so yeeet
  13. saiphun987

    Squad Plugin Thing

    I'd succ for this.