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    Quinn Caffrey -- Degenerate Psychic

    Add Devin Saiphan pl0x
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    FFRL Starter Park

    This is what they need as well.
  3. As the title said.. just have some question to ask. Why marauders remove the flamethrowers off from infantry? To behonest I've never ever ever seen any marauders using the flamethrowers at all. Is fine that we share the flamethrowers with Marauders and Infantry but.. why remove them from the infantry and keep them from using it? (Keep it civil don't start any fight please.. just curious about why it has been taken off.)
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    Dossier: Clenmore

    update Saiphan boi.
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    A question concerning Flamethrowers.

    Already read it yeeeep.
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    A question concerning Flamethrowers.

    No no is not an issues for me I'm just curious about why it got taken away. Yes I have my marauder and still using him but I just want to know the reason that's all.
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    A question concerning Flamethrowers.

    Not many people knows that if you're up against the bugs while using flamethrowers you have to aim down to the ground at where it was heading. That way and it's the only way to deal damage to the bugs. By the way not many people use Flamethrowers anyway and few of the people who received a proper trainings. In my opinion infantry should be versatile incase none of the others shows up.( Marauders,Medics,Engineers etc.) Annd it's not happened often that there's going to be 3 flamethrowers and 2 miniguns at the same time btw. Or if that's the case just limited flamethrowers to 1 per drop only.
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    A question concerning Flamethrowers.

    They kinda have small auto cannon now btw. Spitfire that shoot .50 caliber rounds full-auto.
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    A question concerning Flamethrowers.

    Btw no offense to the marauders but yeah I think we'll going to wait for an actual reason to be given. Otherwise let's just not assume anything and wait for the reason to be given. Although marauders got tons of new weapons now.
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    A question concerning Flamethrowers.

    It is exclusively to Marauder now. Before we share flamethrowers together. Marauder can use them as well as Specialists who trained with them.
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    This is what admin do in their freetimes RWIGHT!?
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    Alysia Harper

    Devin Saiphan.. DEWWWW ET!
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    Dossier: Dorian Elswood

    add ze Devin Saiphan yo asian boi
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    Lawrence 'Stud' Chandler

    Devin Saiphan. DEEEEW ET!
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    Troy Hughes

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    Artyom Kholvok - Russia's BFG (WIP)

    Try add Devin Saiphan btw? Or you have to get to know him more? Just gimme ze first impressions :v
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    SST Screenshots

    Explain this.
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    Patrick Stevenson

    Devin Saiphan. Do it.
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    Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker

    update Saiphan pl0x
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    Combat Engineer Training Guide [New]

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    SST Quotes Thread

    21:05:16 - **Pfc. Devin Saiphan Would walk up to Dumont before quickly grab Dumont's crotch and squeeze it hard. " Bently send you his regards." 21:05:30 - **Spc. Daniel Dumont squeals. 21:05:32 - Pfc. Devin Saiphan[LOOC]: I CRAK 21:05:38 - Spc. Daniel Dumont[YELL]: <color=215, 105, 105>Hey! 21:05:44 - **Pfc. Devin Saiphan Would let him go Laughs his arse off. 21:05:50 - Cpt. Sebastian Bently[CH1 - RADIO]: So? 21:05:51 - **Spc. Daniel Dumont backs away, grabbing at his junk. "That fuckin' hurt, you asshole." 21:05:57 - **Spc. Daniel Dumont drops to his knee. "Holy fuck, man." 21:06:00 - Spc. Daniel Dumont: Agh, God. THIS gentlemen.. THIS IS THE MOST GAYEST THING DEVIN EVER DONE.
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    TACs and Tanks.

    So we got a new toys to play with A actual flying TACs and Tanks. I'd like to point out some of the things that we should NOT do when we're on mission with them. First of all TACs or CAS should not engage or drops any bombs close to infantry platoon. 500 meters and below are counted as danger close and should be announced before dropping the bomb below 500 meters away from the platoon. Now let's move on to the tanks. Tanks have a big gun. 120mm smooth-bore cannon which produce a loud firing sound and blast which is bad for infantries to be near it. As an tanker you should be aware and tell the infantries to stay away from the tanks before you shoot the main cannon just like the back blast on M55. Otherwise they'll risks of destroying or injured themself. I know some of it can be hard to do considered our server is not mic used (Which is a good thing for me.) so just do what you can and try to adapt it. I don't know if in game and real life counterpart used the same stuff but.. well as a tank nuts as myself I'll just leave the vid about Merkava Mk.4 that we're using right now for you to get to know the basic of this tank first. The armor on this tank is one of the thickest in the world right now. And it can be compared to Challenger 2. But things that make it different than any other modern tanks is that Rear mounted turret, Ability to carry 1 squad of infantry, Front mounted engine to increases survivability of the crew, Ready Rack for the ammunition to be loaded faster, And the best one is TROPHY APS that can defeat the incoming ATGM, Shape charges rocket, Or even tank shells. (Right now the ability to destroy tank shells are just ideas and blueprints. Which right now it is 2298 in our time line. That technology ain't far anymore.) This tank features thicks armor which can be proved userful against the arachnids. The armor are all round thicks and heavy as the commander hatch cannot be opened by hands it can only be opened by the electrical ramps. This tank doesn't needs any add-ons armor as it is already featured on this tank. SO that's all for what you needs to know about the tanks.. I don't know about the A-10 so yeah. ANND sorry for any Grammar errors
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    TACs and Tanks.

    calm ya horses. Yes we'll have to wait for the admin to decide the specs. I'm just pointing out some of the realistic aspects and the main point is SAFETY OF USING IT. So yeeeeeep.