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    SST Quotes Thread

    *Comes around the corner flanking the man with his Spitfire oriented at him. A bulky big ass Marauder* 08:46:02 - ** Arnold Bobber throws the gun down. 08:46:14 - Arnold Bobber[YELL]: Nigga, I ain't fightin' you. 08:46:17 - **Spc. Izla 'Hang' Sinthachai Keep his gun oriented at the man. 08:46:24 - Spc. Izla 'Hang' Sinthachai: Good thinking.
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    Activity check and Roster cleaning

    Thank god Thailand used that format. It'll be easier for me now
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    Activity check and Roster cleaning

    Izla "Hang" Sinthachai still active btw.
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    Setting a rumour straight

    I think the people who created and spread rumors must hated you or just doing it for fun. All I have to say is... Rumors cannot be believed without any evidences. If you heard about it then stop spreading it.
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    This is Synthwave

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    How to Join to Join the Staff Team

    How to become adminge? Be minge first so you can get upgraded. Don't hurt me PLEASE
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    Farewell Lads,

    // Yes he is ; ;
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    Farewell Lads,

    // Well.. tomorrow I hope she showed up on Saiphan's funeral ; ;I'll be missing her.
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    [Fixing what we already have] Part 1 of 6

    They actually have their use... saying Marauders are shit are outright disrespect there mate. By the way I actually agreed with this fixing post.
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    Ben Shapiro is in SST

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    ...Fack.... well I'll be missing ya ; ^ ;
  12. THEME SONG. DISTURBED - ASYLUM , DISTURBED - HELL REFERENCE PICTURE. Awards and Certificates Basic Information: Name: Devin Saiphan Age: 21 - 22 D.O.B: 05 / 25 / - - - - Gender: Male Affiliation: Mobile Infantry Role(s): Infantry Kin: His sister enlisted into PDF. He keep refusing her request to join the MI. His mother. Homeworld: Earth. Alignment: Federation. Hair color: Black. Eye color: Brown. Build: Muscular. Injuries and scars : 3rd degrees burn on his right side of his face. Multiple scars ranging from Bullets to bugs talon through out his torso. Rank: Rct - Pvt - Spc - MSpc (CQC.) - Pfc (Weapons specializations changes.) Backstory: Devin was born on Earth in Dublin, Ireland before the fall of Earth. His sister was born the next year. Their father was quite abusive and was an alcoholic Irishman. Their mother was a warmhearted person. Most of the time they were having fights and things were always about money to fill the daily needs of their alcoholic dad stuff, until one day their mother had had enough and decided to take the two of the children back to Ubonratchathani, Thailand, where they finally grew and lived to have a happy life. Devin was and is a quite easy-going person with a bit of a sadistic tendency from his father while his sister was quite a warmhearted girl who loves adventures. They get along well. Their mom set up a small restaurant in the city, a multi-national restaurant, that's when Devin really got into cooking and learned most of his skills from his mom. His sister loved to sing and she taught Devin to sing as well. Devin decided to have a go with the MI; he never thought of joining the military prior, but his family needed the citizenship so he had to. His sister always wanted to join the MI, saying that it was the best way for her to travel around the planets and see new things. As a brother, he cared about his sister a bit too much and kept barring her from enlisting into the MI. After he passed his training as a recruit and got transferred to the Grant, shit happened to Earth. Luckily, their family survived and moved to Faraway where they set up another restaurant, and Devin finally allowed her sister to join the military, if only the PDF. She remains requesting him to join the MI as well. [Thanks for Fitz for grammar corrections <w<] Attributes: Strength: 14/20 Dexterity: 16/20 Constitution: 13/20 Intelligence: 14/20 Wisdom: 15/20 Charisma: 14/20 Misc. Attributes: Cooking, Singing. Combat Rating: 6.5/10 Pain/Health: 2/10 Wealth: Okay. Other Information: Nickname (Called by certain people.) FIREBUG. Character Description: 6’1 Feet tall l Black hair l Brown eyes l Normal built l Asian accent with a slight irish accent l In combat gear there would be flamer patch on his left arm l His helmet has been inscribed "FIREBUG" l Usually wear the beret l Sometimes have a smells of napalm or gasoline on him. Characteristics: Sadistic( Sometimes. ), Sarcastic,Perfectionist, Smartassy sometimes, Quite hard-working, Strict when needed, Pyromaniac, Loves to cook, Being loud sometimes and always quite protective with the people he knew. Achivements: Got into MI, Got Flamer qualifications, Got Master Specialist, Got MI Cross. Neutral: MREs quality. Regrets: Can’t bring his flamer with him on some mission, Can’t be there to save his comrades. Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears --[[Federation Personnel Of The Grant ]]-- - Gray Seraphim : Talk with him once then fucking love him already. (No homo.) A good guy and make me laughs my arse off sometimes. Love him. Like a brother. - Ferdinand Faust : Hell.. poetry mother fucker. But hey he’s a good guy too. Love him as well. We both do have something in common and loved him. Oh and he does good at mixing the drinks! I… FUCKING can’t be there to save him…. I still have to listen to what he always said.. Death in battlefield is an honour and don’t be sorry when he’s dead…Farewell friend.. - James Chevosky:Smartass… HAH! Well Chev just being Chev. Good at roasting people and oh always get the job done as well. Love him. UPDATE: I don't know about him but I can safely call him a brother. Stay side by side together. Going through hundreds of battle. And then one day his luck ran out.... Wish I was there to save you.. rest in peace brother. UPDATE2: He's dead... well... fuck... I'll just have to move on. Be strong don't show any weaknesses. -Annabelle Thacker: Can I just start calling her "Mom" now? Damn she's sure looks like one. We have scar on the right face as well... she helped me when I was fucked up. To me she's like my second mom. I really wishes to hear her story again.. hell there would be thousands of it. Claud Cozwin: I miss you. I fucking miss you.. you went through hell and came back with me a thousand times....and then your luck runs out... Cozwin if there's one thing I want I want you to come back. Fucking seriously you're like a brother to me... - Jesse Chinter: Oh here we go… She looks weird and awkward at first time but cute. I think I know why Gray falls in love with her.. She’s good friend. I think I might try to make her be more comfortable with her self. - Haleem Bin Al Attar She fixes me up..thanks to her I'm still alive. Ohh shoot and looks quite interesting girl too… Just hope I could have a chance to cook her some stuff... Why I blush while writing this!? UPDATe: Well.. we talk more and more and more one day she came up to me and.. urgh damn it was weird but.. yeah. I think I love her and I say it right away. I'm not sure if I can really call her my girlfriend yet but that's remained to be seen... All I can say is my heart always yearning for her. Wish we have more time together. - Valerie Faust: Hell.. she really do looks tough and beautiful at the same time.. What the fuck. But hey she’s the first to tought me how to handle this beautiful incinerator unit. I respect her. UPDATE: Didn't talk with her that much. It seems like she doesn't wanted to talk to me? Then one day she came up and offering me an Master Specialist badge for CQC... Thanks for trusting me I would not let you down. - Tina Koenig: One hell of a woman.. with biotechs and stuff damn she’s really gone through shit and knows her job. Respect her… When she’s going to train me how to use Shotgun anyway? UPDATE: Rest in peace.... You're were my mentor hell like a mother to me. I'll not fail you. Never Ever let you down. - Miguel Lorenzo: Right.. Miguel one good ol Hispanic guy. He's seems to be alright. I like him. After one drop on Cassandra.. he went PTSD n shit...then after he went through some sort of treatment he came back.. and it's different.. I feel really really bad for him. He's nearly finished his tour... why these things always happened to people.. UPDATE: Rest in peace brother.. you're one of the best. -Lynsey Carter: Well she's cute and always laughs at jokes. She's good friend too and gave me some of the advice. Oh and she finally stop drinking Cola... good so she can Finally gain more muscles! UPDATE: Carter Carter... welp nothing much to add. She's one of the kind people on this ship. And her love for the cone is unmatched by anyone. -Franklyn Holland: He's smart ass... but get's the job done. I respected him as a Corporal and he even gave me an advice!.. hell. At first I don't even like him. Quite bossy and idiotic but later on I get to know him more.. he's a good lad. -Sebastian Bently: Staff Sargeant. The one who promoted me from Recruit to Pvt. Still remember what he just said to me. " You were in the drop? Then you passed the training congrantulations. You're now Private." Heh.. he's seems like a good guy, Show sympathy and not an absolute robot like some people.. He's a great guy I respected him. I wish I could know more of him. UPDATE: Welp got to know more of him and he's pretty cool and capable leader. Looked up at him like a brother. One day I'll be like him.. one day. -Kyle O' Reiley : He's funny guy. I like him.. Oh and that Enthusiastic.. man I love people with that kind of stuff. He's an engineer and knows how to handle M55 well which is a good thing. Oh and he's starting group with... Gaz? Huh what kind of group are they making... -Helena Clenmore : Clenmore? I can't recall her much. We didn't talk together alot. I do really wanted to talk to her to get to know her more though. She looks alright actually. UPDATE: Melon Crusher. I get to know her more.. damn she's cool. -Maxine Valentine : Crazy. Yeah she's crazy in a good way. A young girl with a tatto and love to smokes. I called her Mad Max and yeah she loves it. She seems to be pretty cool girl to hang out with. I'll made sure to get to know here more. -Ji Park: One of our fleet dropship pilot. Also she's asian too and that's make her even cooler. Wish I know more about her though but she seems to be pretty decent gal.
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    Specialist. Devin Saiphan

    Saiphan Will. A hand written will has been attached to the biography "Okay so....I got my lungs punctured, Sharpnels all over my bodies that are close to vital organs. I have 24 hours to live... I never thought I'd die. Seriously I've never thought about it.... I'm scared of it actually but then... something helps me fights it... what is that? I asked myself. 'Friends and people I love' That's what I came up with. I have a lot of friends... brothers and sisters...a lot of them I couldn't even count. Well.. enough chit chat let's get this started. To whomever blaming themselves about abandoning me leaving me on the battlefield... don't blame yourself. I'm the one who asked all of you to leave me as my chance of survival is slim.. (But fuck me The Reservist did found me and patch me up.. that's one thing they're good at but they're freaking annoying.) So please do me a favor don't blame yourself and enjoy life! Next up.. holy shit I feel like I'm a freaking santa claus... well you better behave! First up.. my own cookbook... please copy them and send it to the cook or anyone who's interest in cooking.. and sent one to my family back on Faraway. Next... well I love Bourbon so why we don't have a Bourbon party or even make a party for the whole ship!? Oh! Maybe set one into my coffin that'll be great. Next one is going to be a bit personnal...Captain Bently you're one hell of a Officer so please.. have my besties.. A customised Peacemaker pistol. It saves my life many times and I hope it does save yours too. And please don't punish your men too harsh hah. Next.. Dominiko (Or Gay Cowboy.) if I see you cried over my coffin I'll be kicking your ass very soon.. Cheer up! Go make some yourself some whiskey and drinks in my name.. oh and don't forget about Charms. Next one Layland. I know you old S.O.B are quite annoying.. but holy hell you're like a father to me... the one I wish I had.. you're one of my best Battle Butts I've ever fights alongside. Please... take my gear and stored them... and gave it to the person you see fits.. to carry on my crazy asian style of fighting heh. Now.. my mom Thacker (Please don't kill me. ) Seriously I see you as my mom.. second mom I should say.. you love to tell a stories, Help me fights through hard times.. oh lordy..Take my journal.. and share the stories with others... how bad I am at firing the rockets at around 500 meters..hehe. Now... Gray Seraphim... seriously my besties one of the few people whom I met during the first day on the ship.. Gray don't fucking cried... I repeat FUCKING DON'T OR I'LL KICK YOUR ASS AS WELL! but well on serious note.. be more freaking cheerful mate you've been depress everytime I see or talk to you.. so Cheer up! You can have my mix tape of a shitty musician as a punishment hah. ..So.. this is it..this is not all of the people I knew... I'm sorry if I didn't mention you but please know that you helped me, fights alongside this crazy asian lad for 5 -6 months... is been a pleasure 112th.. I'll be fucking miss you all... Oh ehh Captain Bently please take 112th to my restaurant in Faraway if you can... And tell the old woman incharge there that Devin sent them there for a party. She'll close the restaurant just for you lads.. so have fun!.. This is.... Devin Saiphan.. signing off the one last time... good bye lads... is... been a pleasure.. a great ride.. the best one."
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    THIS is heresy...
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    It's me Goku

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    When Delta company working with Alpha.

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    SST Screenshots

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    SST Quotes Thread

    That's a god tier RP right there.
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    application thread

    OOC Name: i love horses IC name: Asian man backstory: there was an ocean man and then asian man was born acomplishments: get fucked, broken grammar finally pisses off someone, butt kick someone, have absolutely useless peanuts
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    SST Quotes Thread

    12:09:40 - **Pvt. Guy Benson groans he screams as th worst pain in his life, worse than being Stabbed with an arm in the fork, his veins buldge out of his neck as he passes out balls exploded theyre on the ceiling, theyre everywhere
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    Roleplaying in arma 3

    veRI N o IcE
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    Some nice video

    This made my day.. LOL
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    Time for me to go.

    I'll miss u.. omfg nooooe ; ^ ;