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    James Chevosky

    Update Devin Saiphan u monko
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    Jocelyn Holiday

    Add Devin Saiphan. Da Cheffy boy.
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    Webm and MP4 Thread

    Already saw that boi. He already got out off jail boi.
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    Webm and MP4 Thread

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    Jackie Knoxx

    Boooy add Devin Saiphaaan
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    The new sounds you be bumpin'

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    The new sounds you be bumpin'

    this is gucci
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    Haleem bint al-Attar

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    Haleem bint al-Attar

    soo many nerddds i'm so lazy bruh.
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    Dossier: Clenmore

    Update da Devin Saiphan!
  11. THEME SONG. DISTURBED - ASYLUM , DISTURBED - HELL REFERENCE PICTURE. Awards and Certificates Basic Information: Name: Devin Saiphan Age: 21 - 22 D.O.B: 05 / 25 / - - - - Gender: Male Affiliation: Mobile Infantry Role(s): Specialist CQC (Flamethrower Unit.) Kin: His sister enlisted into PDF. He keep refusing her request to join the MI. His mother. Homeworld: Earth. Alignment: Federation. Hair color: Black. Eye color: Brown. Build: Normal Built with a slight muscle. Rank: Specialist ( Equal to Private First Class. ) Backstory: Devin was born on Earth in Dublin, Ireland before the fall of Earth. His sister was born the next year. Their father was quite abusive and was an alcoholic Irishman. Their mother was a warmhearted person. Most of the time they were having fights and things were always about money to fill the daily needs of their alcoholic dad stuff, until one day their mother had had enough and decided to take the two of the children back to Ubonratchathani, Thailand, where they finally grew and lived to have a happy life. Devin was and is a quite easy-going person with a bit of a sadistic tendency from his father while his sister was quite a warmhearted girl who loves adventures. They get along well. Their mom set up a small restaurant in the city, a multi-national restaurant, that's when Devin really got into cooking and learned most of his skills from his mom. His sister loved to sing and she taught Devin to sing as well. Devin decided to have a go with the MI; he never thought of joining the military prior, but his family needed the citizenship so he had to. His sister always wanted to join the MI, saying that it was the best way for her to travel around the planets and see new things. As a brother, he cared about his sister a bit too much and kept barring her from enlisting into the MI. After he passed his training as a recruit and got transferred to the Grant, shit happened to Earth. Luckily, their family survived and moved to Faraway where they set up another restaurant, and Devin finally allowed her sister to join the military, if only the PDF. She remains requesting him to join the MI as well. [Thanks for Fitz for grammar corrections <w<] Attributes: Strength: 14/20 Dexterity: 16/20 Constitution: 13/20 Intelligence: 14/20 Wisdom: 15/20 Charisma: 14/20 Misc. Attributes: Cooking, Singing. Combat Rating: 6.5/10 Pain/Health: 10/10 Wealth: Okay. Other Information: Nickname (Called by certain people.) FIREBUG. Character Description: 6’1 Feet tall l Black hair l Brown eyes l Normal built l Asian accent with a slight irish accent l In combat gear there would be flamer patch on his left arm l His helmet has been inscribed "FIREBUG" l Usually wear the beret l Sometimes have a smells of napalm or gasoline on him. Characteristics: Sadistic( Sometimes. ), Sarcastic,Perfectionist, Smartassy sometimes, Quite hard-working, Strict when needed, Pyromaniac, Loves to cook, Being loud sometimes and always quite protective with the people he knew. Achivements: Got into MI, Got Flamer qualifications. Neutral: MREs quality. Regrets: Can’t bring his flamer with him on some mission, Can’t be there to save his comrades. Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears --[[Federation Personnel Of The Grant ]]-- - Gray Seraphim : Talk with him once then fucking love him already. (No homo.) A good guy and make me laughs my arse off sometimes. Love him. Like a brother. - Ferdinand Faust : Hell.. poetry mother fucker. But hey he’s a good guy too. Love him as well. We both do have something in common and loved him. Oh and he does good at mixing the drinks! I… FUCKING can’t be there to save him…. I still have to listen to what he always said.. Death in battlefield is an honour and don’t be sorry when he’s dead…Farewell friend.. - James Chevosky: Smartass… HAH! Well Chev just being Chev. Good at roasting people and oh always get the job done as well. Love him. - Jesse Chinter: Oh here we go… She looks weird and awkward at first time but cute. I think I know why Gray falls in love with her.. She’s good friend. I think I might try to make her be more comfortable with her self. - Haleem bint al-Attar: She fixes me up..thanks to her I'm still alive. Ohh shoot and looks quite interesting girl too… Just hope I could have a chance to cook her some stuff... Why I blush while writing this!? - Valerie Faust: Hell.. she really do looks tough and beautiful at the same time.. What the fuck. But hey she’s the first to tought me how to handle this beautiful incinerator unit. I respect her. - Tina Koenig: One hell of a woman.. with biotechs and stuff damn she’s really gone through shit and knows her job. Respect her… When she’s going to train me how to use Shotgun anyway? - Miguel Lorenzo: Right.. Miguel one good ol Hispanic guy. He's seems to be alright. I like him. After one drop on Cassandra.. he went PTSD n shit...then after he went through some sort of treatment he came back.. and it's different.. I feel really really bad for him. He's nearly finished his tour... why these things always happened to people.. -Lynsey Carter: Well she's cute and always laughs at jokes. She's good friend too and gave me some of the advice. Oh and she finally stop drinking Cola... good so she can Finally gain more muscles! -Franklyn Holland: He's smart ass... but get's the job done. I respected him as a Corporal and he even gave me an advice!.. hell. At first I don't even like him. Quite bossy and idiotic but later on I get to know him more.. he's a good lad. -Sebastian Bently: Staff Sargeant. The one who promoted me from Recruit to Pvt. Still remember what he just said to me. " You were in the drop? Then you passed the training congrantulations. You're now Private." Heh.. he's seems like a good guy, Show sympathy and not an absolute robot like some people.. He's a great guy I respected him. I wish I could know more of him. -Kyle O' Reiley : He's funny guy. I like him.. Oh and that Enthusiastic.. man I love people with that kind of stuff. He's an engineer and knows how to handle M55 well which is a good thing. Oh and he's starting group with... Gaz? Huh what kind of group are they making... -Helena Clenmore : Clenmore? I can't recall her much. We didn't talk together alot. I do really wanted to talk to her to get to know her more though. She looks alright actually.
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    Specialist. Devin Saiphan

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    Haleem bint al-Attar

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    Haleem bint al-Attar

    Pl0x ; ; i beg u
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    Haleem bint al-Attar

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    A Collection of Images of Fat Mice

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    New Map #4?

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    I am back!

    WOOOOOOOOOOOO Welcum bak mah boiyo
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    Johnathan Skye

    Do Saiphan and Izla!
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    Liliana Verbeck

    Do ze Devin Saiphan!
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    Good ol british stuff.

    Good ol british army. "There are only two Sarge's in this man's army and one is a massage, and the other's are bloody sausage! And if you massage the sausage you are calling me A WANKER!" Love it XD
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    Specialist using MGs

    Just found these and tested it. Works like a charm too. ANND I LOVE THE MINIGUN! Damn those earrape are so lovely. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=886153712 <----------- M60 et cetera. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=419012532 <---------- GAU-2/A Minigun. (Damn earrape stuff.)
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    Specialist using MGs

    Basicly it is SAW. A Squad Automatic Weapons.. but in real life it doesn't have that much recoil. If you can't hit enemy 5m away in game? Then better not to use it.
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    Thomas Constantinos(WIP)

    Izla Sinthachai mah doood. I'll be makin Bio for him sooooooooon.
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    Specialist using MGs

    +1 Should replace M60 M9K with CW 2.0. That way they can kill something with it. But I've heard that new weapons are incoming sooo..