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    Starship Troopers RP Trading Card Game(tm)!

    i WANT this with legendary Devin SAiphan
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    Concerns About Marauders

    I still have my char on the roster and to be honest I've lost my passion to play as marauder due to the time zone not able to meet and play with most of players,and after my main marauder char died of course. I understand that I'm the only asian boi here on the server so is gonna be tough. Thing is.. there's no real rewards to work your asses off and climb through the ranks rather than new weapons et cetera. I'd love to see something new to the marauders..and more active leaderships (same goes to every factions) or perhaps something to make it worth climbing through the ranks? This is just my opinion though. By the way I have one question if you want to remove your char from the marauders does the character stay on the ship or they would be sented off (PK)?
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    [OOC] Hopping down.

    Awee... well wish you luck ; ; and take care!
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    [IC] Christmas

    3Spc.Atichat Saiphan
  5. HMMMMM this is nice. VERY nice.
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    dem weeb attacks again
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    fuk wut happuned wish you arm gets bettar
  8. so if i want 2 be in GnT who cuck do i hav 2 suck?
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    aWee... Scar I'll be missing you. Take care and god bless ya <3
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    Chiyuki Asahi

    Atichat Saiphan? :V
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    The PAC Collective

    ohh i wunna use et
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    Lisa Bennet

    She must be T H I C C
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    Show and Tell Thread

    When yo boy goes to singing contest.
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    Show and Tell Thread

    This is subtle and polite way to ask for grandson.
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    permanent pk appeal

    this meme is 2 old that i don't get it
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    A dogs best friend, Shay Callahan

    John Wick...
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    Izla 'Hang' Sinthachai (KIA - 16 /11 / 2298 )

    I was hoping him to get higher and go well in the Marauder but.. well with his habit of not leaving anyone behind so he get himself killed
  18. FACE CLAIM THEME SONG Basic Information Name: Izla Sinthachai Place of Birth: -RADACTED- Date of Birth: -RADACTED- Age: 22. Gender: Male. Height: 6'3 Feet tall. (193 cm.) Physical Description: Weight: 82 Kg. Hair colour: Black. Eye colour: Brown Military Information Rank: Rct - Pvt - Pfc - Lance Corporal - Corporal - Sergeant - TRANSFER TO MARAUDER - 3Spc - 2Spc - Spc Branch: 13th Marauder Detatchment Date of Enlistment: -RADACTED- Years of Service: 3 Years Service Record: CQC certified, Purple Heart, Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon, Distinguished Service Medal, Transferred from 72nd Gurkha Morita. Personal Information Family: Mikaela Sinthachai, Mother: Deceased Kalu Sinthachai, Father : Deceased Narayan Sinthachai, Younger Brother : Alive Aadhya Sinthachai, Youngest Sister: Alive Backstory: Oldest brother out of all three child. His Mother and Father died when he was still young. He have to work hard to keep his younger brother and sister alive and get them into school and graduate. He decided to join in Gurkha recruitment program as he feels the needs to get a Citizenship for himself so he could have a better pay grade to feed them. Decided to stay and fight in military just he can have a steady pace of pay grade and doing what he do best. Characteristics: Standing 6'3 Feet tall with Black hair and Brown eyes. Strengths: A strong will and commitment to his course, Loyalty, CQC specialists, Specialise in all kind of weapons. Injuries: Lead Poisoning. (And will eventually lead to his death.) Other Information: He love Cherry Soda. Personal Relationships Besties l Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated Asked to be added. Valerie Faust : Warrant Officer. Talked with her few times oh.. she does have some war stories to tell which is nice and interesting. She's nice overall and I'm looking forward to talk to her more. UPDATE 1: Talked with her more... wow... damn she got my respect for sure. She was part of 72nd after I left... good thing our boy's didn't give her much of a troubles. I respected her like alot. She gets the medals which we're highly regards them... she's one hell of a girl. Lick:Hmm... his name are quite hard to remember. Didn't talk much but he seems like a nice guy. I hope we talk and get to know each others more. Wendell Cheslock : Talk to him once and he's now my best friend! What the fuck. He's a pyromanic and loves to 'Ka-boom' stuff. I dunno someone have to keep him in check before he goes around and blow stuff up hah. Overall.. he's a good kind of weirdy guy. I love him. (What the fuck NO HOMO.)
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    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooice. Dem I love USMC suit.
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    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    focking twink boi
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    SST Screenshots

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    SST Screenshots

    And thus mark the starts of their relationships.
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    [IC] Monolith of Service

    Spc. Izla 'Hang' Sinthachai - 16 / 11 / 2298
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    Izla 'Hang' Sinthachai (KIA - 16 /11 / 2298 )

    Izla's Will This is my will.. written 14/11/2298... before the lead poison destroy my cognitive functins 'n shit. Is been a pleasure to serve the federations for 3 years... sadly I didn't get picked for the PFO but the Marauders are great too. First one goes to Wendy. Fuck me you're the weird but an interesting one as well. Met you once and talked... I know you have something special and all you need is just someone to be there and help telling you what to do. You were like my younger brother to me.. and I cared for you alot. Keep my knife well and she'll keep you alive and safe. Farewell... brother. The second. Faust you're one hell of a girl. It's great to know someone from the same place... sharing experiences together and get to know eachothers more. It's been a pleasure and an great honour to serve along side you. I offered you a 72nd Gurkha Honory patch.. this is a special patch that gave out to the people that distinguished themself by a superior achievement while participating in combat. Which you deserve it. I'd say again... it's been a pleasure to get to know people here... to help them in their times of needs. Farewell.. brothers and sisters...