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  1. Redshooter

    Ms. SmartyPants - Hannah Zhao (WIP)

    Im going to make Recker now
  2. Redshooter

    Gray Seraphim

  3. Redshooter

    Training Log: October 2298

    Name and Rank: (At the time, now Cpl.) LCpl. Gray Seraphim Date of training: 10/2/2018 Goal of training: Teach fundamentals of perimeter holding, technique, and situational awareness/adaptating to situation(s) in order to hold a perimeter.
  4. Redshooter

    Gray Seraphim

    Added miss Maria
  5. Redshooter

    Patrick Stevenson

    Ya boi Gray
  6. Redshooter

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Thought I replied on this topic but I guess I didn't *shrug* LCpl Gray Seraphim - EST ( {PN} Gray )
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    Gray Seraphim

    Maxi-pad applied
  8. Redshooter

    Gray Seraphim

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    Jamie "Dutchess" Sanderson

    What, no guy who saved you twice?
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    Gray Seraphim

    Also donezo
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    Gray Seraphim

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    Gray Seraphim

    Whelp rewrote shit and cleaned it up, hoping it looks better ya nignogs
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    Sarah Redbrick

    Gray (:3)
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    Iris 'Blanket' Blanka