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    James 'Chev' Chevosky [DECLARED DEAD 4:50 pm 7/26/2298]

    stink smelly irish marauder man
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    Sebastian Bently

    Add O'Farrell aka smelly bathroom blockade marauder
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    Lyndsey 'Lynn' Carter

    Stinky smelly old fart irishman O'Farrell.
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    Aramis A. Hux

    Stinky smelly MAC King Zone-bone
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    OSW/Pathfinder character check

    SGT. Giovanny M. (Can't remember the last name sadly.) - He was on the operation to Pangae before the whole campaign there. Dooley was leading it, as far as I can remember.
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    Valerie Faust

    Add old fart Irishman marauder face.
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    Rahman Takeshi

    Add old fart irishman
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    Cassie Newman

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    Daisy 'Hel' Bailey - KIA 14/07/2298

    Add old fart irishman (please)
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    Dossier: Clenmore

  11. VulcanisTheShiba

    [CLOSED] Marauder Applications

    MARAUDER DESIGNATION APPLICATION IC: Name: Aiden O’Farrell Physical Age: 32 Gender: Male Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Brown-Ginger Height: 6’5” Weight: 224lbs. Employment & Background Current Rank: PFC. Educational History: Standard High school education and Diploma. Marauder Specialization training. Criminal Record: N/A. Employment History: Farmhand (Pre-enlistment). Service Record: 7 years. Former XO of Marauder Division under TSGT. Byrd. Acted as Specialization Instructor through 2297 for separate units. OOC: Steam name: Vulcanister Shell. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:120853268 Length of time on Server: 1.5~2 years-ish. Time zone: EST. Current characters on server: PVT. Hanna Fleiss, PFC. Aiden O’Farrell. Roleplay History: Been rping since 2012 with SST being the senior-most out of any RP setting I’ve ever played. Played on Reeplex, EP (short time), and .net for quite a time. Roleplay example: