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  1. Hello, my name is Jann. I recently logged into your server to check it out, as I have played sstrp a lot before. Upon connecting to the server I wanted to test the humor of people, and wrote a quite silly character description. In addition, my selected name was also of an unserious character. Seconds of getting into the server I explained I was merely trying to be funny, and even asked for the command to change the character description as /charphysdesc was something we did in the old days and it did not work out in your server. Unfortunately I forgot I had a chicken in the oven and explained to an admin I had to go but would be back shortly to explain. However, as I was trying to get back into the server I had received a permanent ban. Therefore I wish to be unbanned because never in my 4000 hours of srp have I ever tried anything like it. The admin even named the reason for being memeing (spelling) around. I am highly unsatisfied with this as I genuinely want to try the server out. This leads me on to the next thing, I think the admin was out of bounds for permabanning me. However, I get that he might have been irritated by my actions of which I was going to explain, but permabanning me and making me write this appeal is just humiliating and I very much do not appreciate it. Therefore I want to formally complain over this specific admin. I believe he was completely overreacting, even though I told him I'd be back shortly to converse with him about the situation. I had hoped for the admin to be a bit more patient as that is a quality an admin should posses. I did not get the name of the admin sadly. Thank you Character name: Your boy bangs (What I was talking about) My steamID: STEAM_1:1:20034123