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  1. Added @Samikins @sarduker Updated: Photo album with two new pictures
  2. Sigrun, I got my fit of chuckles out of this for sure
  3. Sigrun And Ironside Verbeck too
  4. @Samikins @Jun Nagase Done
  5. - Ironside pictured in Saudi Arabia during the Terra Invasion THEME Basic Information Name: Bjørn 'Ironside Place of Birth: Trondheim, Norway Date of Birth: 30/06/2272 Age: 27 Gender: Male Height: 6'4 Physical Description: Weight: 210lbs Hair colour: Dark Brown Eye colour: Blue Military Information Rank: Master Specialist Branch: Marauders Date of Enlistment: 30/06/2290 Years of Service: Nine Service Record: Personal Information Family: Characteristics: Off Deployment: Hearty. Deployment: Focus minded Strengths & Weaknesses: Other Information: Personal Relationships PHOTO ALBUM Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated MOBILE INFANTRY ENGINEERING MARAUDERS MEDICAL FLEET MIPOD OTHER
  6. ACCEPTED make two characters (One in suit/ the other out of suit) and have an admin set your rank/faction. For the suit character have an admin set their stats following this And give you a minigun
  7. Both of you are accepted. Feel free to make the two characters( Suit and out of suit) Please use the forum here: And have an admin set those stats.
  8. @Scarface One @Hecle @Samikins @Jimbow @Silent All added! Updated some music and a few new pictures in the album
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