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  1. Name this Bunny!

    Name it yu to confuse everyone when you yell "Come here yu"
  2. How it looks When an NCO pulls out their Baton

    Yeah then get shot a few second later
  3. SST Quotes Thread

    When you go to set a temp admin back to user but forget what you were doing half way through it 00:33:36 - Kris used /setplyrank on Kris. Arguments were user 00:33:36 - : Liliana Verbeck has been made a user
  4. Application format was updated slightly. All current applicants will be viewed based on their education to place them within the correct slot.
  5. FFRL Roster.

    Roster has been updated. @cookies has been removed for the roster.

    --MEDICAL APPLICATION-- OOC Name: Kris Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:91406270 Timezone: GMT + 00 How long have I been roleplaying?: Seven years What medical experience do I have?: I have little to none medical experience but I am wiling to learn the most I can about it. How active will I be? I play the server under a constant daily basis, I am more than wiling to share some time during passive and drop ships as my medical character If you were to ask someone about my rp skill or level: Some may say I afk to much to tell, others might say I am decent level just above or below average --IC SECTION-- Name: Astrid Hellström Age: 20 Blood Type: A+ Medical Experience if Any: A slight bit of experince when assisting with another professional medical staff, other than that. Knowledge is blank Why do you have an interest in Medical?: I take interest in Medical as health of others is something I see myself taking some care in. Ensuring others are at their peak and during situations and the current occupation we reside in. This role is vital and I wish to be apart of it.
  7. John York

    Add bernkek
  8. Liliana Verbeck

    Updated with award list
  9. Liliana Verbeck

    Updated slightly

  11. [LOA] So Yeah.

    Take care my dude.
  12. SST VR?

    I couldn't. I would shit myself seeing an arachnid come at me.