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  1. drpepper10

    drpepper10 ban appeal

    I know my reputation, people have been harassing me on garrys mod serious rp for 4 years now. It started on lemonpunch hl2rp waaaay back. People make rumors about me that are not true, and they harass me. According to the rules here I can only be banned " Only acts of malice should result in serious/prolonged punishment." I never did anything malicious. When I tried to get information on the situation on the Teamspeak I was immidently banned The way this was handled is extremely childish and I want to resume playing
  2. drpepper10

    drpepper10 ban appeal

    Hey, so I just joined the Teamspeak, and asked who banned me and why. Everyone was very nice, and explained hicks was the one who did it. So I dropped him a PM asking if we could talk Right as I did this, he perma banned me from the ts Can someone explain to me why? People have been nice here why is he doing this
  3. drpepper10

    drpepper10 ban appeal

    Steam ID STEAM_0:1:43085888 Ban reason : None Admin who banned you: Hicks So, I have been playing Gmod for years and years. I get harassed based on rumors of me, and I sometimes play here. I have never had any problems, people are very nice here and dont judge me. I join today, as I have not joined in a long time and ask in LOOC to clarify about the rules. Right after I ask the question I get RDMed. I respawn and get RDMed again. I ignore it and move on, trying to find some RP. I go down to the bar, and see a bunch of people. So, I ask if we can order some strippers to lighten up the mood and start a conversation. Immidently I get frozen/teleported, and kicked with the kick reason saying "Ill strip you :3" or something. Extremely immature. Anyway, I join back to resume RP and get perma banned without told why. I just want to play here, and the acts toward me where very childish and I hope to resume RP