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  1. Another update, rife with relations with another few shifting into the departed section. Updates to his family and so forth.
  2. Kelso to 2Spc. trained and promoted by White 😁
  3. That's done for you mate
  4. WHOLE LIST COMPLETED See @Cipher for details
  5. Sgt. Adrien Goose yells "If your feet are cold, I suggest you warm them up before you sit your ass back on this dropship. This isn't a unit of fuckin' fleet now, is it?"
  6. Mmm, yep, need s some Lupi ;D
  7. Hrm, isn't on my screen but I removed the formatting and redid it to see if it helps. And added Tumas for ya.
  8. OOC SECTION STEAM NAME / ALIASES: Solitaire STEAM ID: SERVER TIME: (ESTIMATE) Since March 31stish with the occasional night off ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Various schemas including HL2, STALKER, Fallout, Metro, Halo and Custom MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Significantly less than others like engineering, I've been a medic on serious Military Role-Plays in a sci-fi setting before though. AVAILABILITY: (ESTIMATE) Pretty much everyday for the time being. CHARACTER COUNT: LT. Lupinacci, Spc. Lawson IC SECTION NAME: Kelso, Z.L AGE: 20 RACE: Caucasian SEX: Male HEIGHT: 5'10 WEIGHT: 165 lbs BLOOD TYPE: A+ RANK: Private First Class LEVEL OF EDUCATION: High School, above average grades in sciences and maths. CRIMINAL RECORD: None MEDICAL RECORD: Mild asthma in childhood, treated and since has not had an attack. DATE OF ENLISTMENT: 14th December 2276
  9. @sarduker - Added Stanley
  10. Whooooooole month since last update. -Moved some relations around. -Added his Creed -New Theme -Added a more updated service record. As always asked to be added/updated
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