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  1. Solitaire

    Aaron Holtz: "Dad" Of the MI

    You need some more Lupi in your profile
  2. Solitaire

    James Reacher

    This needs more Lupi
  3. Solitaire

    Alvaro Lupinacci

    I know who it is. Added Added. Additionally, updated theme songs, added Other Media section to aid in the world building of our current circumstances and to characterise his family members some outside of the server.
  4. Dear All We saw our window, we saw our future. The trading post had ships and it had our opportunity we wish you luck, all the best and safe travels. Thank you for the good times. S.H and G.R
  5. Add [REDACTED] yknow who I mean they [REDACTED] together
  6. Solitaire

    Alvaro Lupinacci

    Update according to our circumstances, whittled down the entries of people to reflect how such an event can change them and will update them as those changes or lack thereof in your characters become evident. @Avi @CaptainCrozier @Valkrae
  7. Solitaire

    McRann's Music

    Well fair enough, they're really good, Argon's song is very nice
  8. Solitaire

    McRann's Music

    These are awesome, do you have a patreon or are any of your works on purchase sites?
  9. Solitaire

    Jeremy Nash

    Well shit I didn’t know Nash had a profile, gotta add Lupi!
  10. Solitaire

    The Third Bug War

    DO IT!
  11. Solitaire

    Edgy Speeches Thread

    "Get out of the fuckin' race, the Federation shot out our horse from under us, expected us to make the trek by ourselves and wanted us to die along the way. Fuck 'em, strike out on your own before they find you."
  12. Solitaire

    Steven Hartcourt

    Added for ya
  13. Solitaire

    Steven Hartcourt

    You better appreciate the fk out of this update you lovable fool
  14. Solitaire

    Seraphine Von Strattmann

    First impressions of Hartcourt?
  15. Solitaire

    Erhart Von Strattmann

    Oooooooh you should add Steven Hartcourt