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    Applications of interest, Status: CLOSED

    - OOC SECTION - Steam Name: Soaps. Steam I.D.: Soaps Length of time on the Server: Early days of SST. Length of time RPing: Been back on server role playing over a week or so, intend to stay. Time-Zone: GMT. How active are you?: On every day. Is this character already active on the Server?: 2Spc. Tommy Fenix. What is your backstory that would make you believe that your character was a Psychic? OR Why would the Federation believe you were a Psychic as a child? Not every psychic is suited for military service. Vasilii Becket was one of them. Through his early childhood he showed good promise, highly intellectual, creative and a master of arts included within his studies of a High School Diploma. However, after much observation the initial aptitude tests for military service suggested that Vasilii was hardly suitable in terms of baseline personality traits. Rather than join into service, he much rather fulfil his life in the creative arts and went on to become an artist on an outer colony planet. Possession of numerous illicit substances, and a bender of minor crimes left Vasilii with two options. Serve in penitentiary in a federal prison, or join the mobile infantry. With conscripted military service, Vasilii Becket was shunted into the brackets of serving in MIPOD and sees it as a necessity toward returning to life as a citizen and his calling. The ink is yet to dry on how that story will end. Write out a situation in which you would have to use one of your abilities? I foresee that psychic abilities should be a facilitator to the MI in role play during missions. There are 5 choice actions in the introductory thread, "Being able to get a “gut feeling” that something is about to happen. ." The troopers have pinned down a hostile force inside of a compound that is soon to be searched by a the mobile infantry. After clearing a number of rooms, the entire group arrives at a set of sealed doors which the engineers started to breach. Being a rather pressed for time, the psychic trooper wants to know what dangers they can expect when they reach the other side. /report Admin; I want to premonition, what happens when we open this door? !a On the other-side the enemy force are prepared for you with a barricade and shooters. The leader is holding a dead-man's switch. The psychic trooper steps up to the plate. He shouts to the engineer to hold up, and immediately tells his superior what he saw. The mobile infantry squad leader looks at him funny, disregards him and orders the engineer to soldier on. . . They cut the door open, the infantry open to a fire fight. Then at the end of the fight. The leader explodes, and the squad leader looses two good men. As the commanding officer turns his sight to the two scorch marks on the ground, the psychic trooper holds near at his back. Next time, perhaps, the mobile infantry will listen. Silence and guilt was enough. The psychic takes the last hallmarks of the men's uniforms, and the final memories they had of the world. Vice versa, in more of a passive sense. /w Admin: You begin to have strong visions of pain, anguish, that only get stronger as you walk toward the bridge. An attack is coming within the next hour. The psychic trooper who was inside the main habitation deck, suddenly falls on a nearby trooper. Starting to faintly mutter a few words as if delusional, episodic, he reels off lines calling for battle-stations. He moves up to the bridge, coming to the deck and searches for the first superior office who will listen to him. The fleet officers raise the battle alert early, prior to the incoming attack. For the rest of the troopers on-board, a handful of lives are saved with the infantry none the wiser. In terms of my character, I would also like to look at using psychic influence per the RPG book. Using the powers in an instrumental way to mitigate rebellious behaviour, doing focus groups on troopers, designing artistic propaganda with the help of the starship troopers role play player base. --- - IC Section - Name: Vasilii Becket Age: 23 D.O.B.: 14/02/XXXX Sex: Male Physical Description: Black hair, Green Eyes, Caucasian, 5"11.
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    Discord Updated

    Changelog; -NSFW emoji added.
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    Discord Updated

    Noted. Changelog; -New role added. --"Intelligence," for mobile infantry intelligence. It will also cover, FFRL, Pathfinders, Military Intelligence, Games & Theory, etc. for now as these are smaller divisions and there isn't currently benefit to splitting them into seperate roles on the discord. Subject to change in the future. -New channel added; "Sicon Intelligence Network" - I can't tell you what is in this channel, if I told you I would have to kill you. NEW LINK TO JOIN TODAY: https://discord.gg/Gj3zVb
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    Discord Updated

    There is a meme-dump place OOC. If you wanted we could put an IC billboard up in the role play section?
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    Discord Updated

    One can only dream. Shit is updated again. -New "Roleplay" category added. --"Story" area for administrators to record events and outcomes of missions for people. --"Davios bar" area for people to role play in from discord.
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    Discord Updated

    I've updated the discord, apparently some guy called Franco sucked balls at making one. https://discord.gg/pKKKc4 24 hour offer to join. Change-list: -New emotes added. -New channels; meme-dump, nsfw, voice-chat. -Mission channel added for admins. -Voice channels renamed
  7. Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Tommy Fenix Physical Age: 19 Race: Human Gender: Male Eye Color: Blue. Hair Color: Black. Height: 6’05 Weight: 70kg. Injuries: None. Employment & Background Current Rank: Recruit Educational History: High School Diploma (72%) Criminal Record: None. Employment History: World Health Organisation Volunteer Service Record: First service after graduation. OOC: Server Time: I have been around since Starship Troopers Roleplay was founded. Roleplay History: Very extensive.