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    Engineering loses an autist.

    Engineering? For me it's more like server.
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    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Wow that was really late response. I've been out the jail cell for a while now lol.
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    Hello, ERP? I require an admin.

    CMB.C33.ANVIL-EpU.14500 says "<:: I don't really know the exact rules on dating. I know you can have relationships... I actually have one, myself." CCA:C45.PHANTOM.99999 says "<:: After killing day in and day out..coated in the blood of those I've killed..I've been desensitized to it." https://pastebin.com/2gxThzDR Alex Santos says, "... Mary, a reminder that cuddling and writing profound notes to someone is sexual harassment."Mary Gwen says, "Thats a lie!"Mary Gwen says, "Wass never sexting"Mary Gwen says, "I's uh.. work!"Mary Gwen says, "To..be more productive!!"Alex Santos say, "With your, and I quote, "Tight little ass?""Mary Gwen says, "Asssk my boyfriend!"Mary Gaenk says, "He can back me up."Alex Santos say, "From the sounds of things, he might very well be backing you up." OOC] [SA] MPF.C17-UNION.DvL.69470: Omg my parents are like I WANT A DIVORCE and shit and im havin issues with my girl basically my whole life is just shattering.... Im havin like suicidle thoughts right now[OOC] Maggie 'Magazine-Maggie' French: its ok, every 13 year old goes through that.[OOC] [SA] MPF.C17-UNION.DvL.69470: Im 14 XD not 13 [OOC] MPF-RCT.69697: THIS IS THE TIME OF VENGEANCE, AND NO LIFE IS WORTH NOT RDMING MPF-SeC.06196 says "<:: ciitizen"MPF-SeC.06196 says "<:: get in your home" -R-groans the whole time, in sheer pleasure, and as his knot tightens into her, he begins thrusting it, though upon noticing her desire, he doesn't take long to pick up the pace with her, and thrusts slightly faster, still trying to keep it quite soft for her sake. His upper torso stoops a bit, and his tail stops wagging, due to his hip movement. 8:28 PM - -REDACTED2-: how the hell do you play on that server? 8:28 PM - REDACTED2: wow i thought we were gonna talk about stuff that arouses us 8:28 PM - R: o-oh 8:28 PM - R: sorry... 8:29 PM - REDACTED2: yes.. 8:29 PM - REDACTED2: its ok. 8:29 PM - R: uhm 8:29 PM - R: well 8:29 PM - R: what arouses you? 8:30 PM - REDACTED2: you 8:30 PM - R: oh 8:30 PM - R: that's 8:30 PM - R: reassuring 8:30 PM - R: ? 8:30 PM - REDACTED2: yes 8:30 PM - R: well 8:30 PM - R: what else then? 8:31 PM - REDACTED2: just you. 8:31 PM - R: oh 8:31 PM - R: well 8:31 PM - R: thanks? 8:31 PM - REDACTED2: i think i'm in love 8:31 PM - Roth: well i'm not really gay, but 8:31 PM - REDACTED2: yes but 8:31 PM - REDACTED2: i think im in love 8:31 PM - REDACTED2: god damnit 8:31 PM - R: well, i... 8:32 PM - R: i'm pretty flattered. 8:32 PM - REDACTED2: you should be 8:32 PM - R: so uh 8:32 PM - R: what now then? 8:33 PM - REDACTED2: you love me back 8:33 PM - R: y-yes 8:33 PM - R: i do 8:33 PM - REDACTED2: you better 8:33 PM - REDACTED2: have sincereit 8:33 PM - REDACTED2: y* 8:33 PM - REDACTED2: you better 8:33 PM - REDACTED2: have sincereit 8:33 PM - REDACTED2: y* 8:33 PM - REDACTED2: or i will chain your ass up to my radiator 8:33 PM - REDACTED2: until you love me OT: C18.MPF-SHADOW.09574 says "<:: If you decide to choose a religious route, the most common Combine-approved religions (fluffwise) in the year 1858 include...::>
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    Sabine Bilodeau

    Add Andre Henderk
  5. Soapy Soap

    in remembrance...

    One day you'll recieve the samething. I think. I dunno.
  6. Soapy Soap

    in remembrance...

    Fitz got fucking rekted
  7. Soapy Soap

    Canadian LOA

    Ay bud goin' to Canada, eh?
  8. Soapy Soap

    Back in the saddle.

  9. Soapy Soap

    The new sounds you be bumpin'

    What the hell.
  10. Soapy Soap

    Dr. Phil Character Sheet

    I make the best character sheets
  11. Soapy Soap

    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Forgot the logs, remember I did some yesterday. But now considering I'm stuck in a cell just ignore that for now and go with the rest of what I said. Don't really care how much of a bonus I get, just want something.
  12. Soapy Soap

    How Moritas Should Work

    Seems like a good idea.