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  1. Oh shit, Scotty up in here! Add Dorian Elswood!
  2. @Tridon Updated Kuze @Ymot Tommy Wort Re-added Cait @nikb Added Hart-Hart
  3. Ok so I thinned out a bunch from the relationships section. If I accidentally removed your character, please let me know! Also, now that I am back, I will be updating and adding those who want to be added once again. So, drop those names, people!
  4. LOA officially over after all this time. I may not be on as much as I was before, but I will be on reliably at least.
  5. Face Claim Voice Claim A Thematic Melody //>>Receiving File Transfer Request //... //... //>>Handshake Protocol Recognized //>>Transfer Request Accepted //>>Downloading File... //... //... //... //>>Download Complete //>>File [Dossier_SevchenkoCeladon112th.etf] Added To Downloads Directory //>>Would You Like To Open This File Now? [Y/N] //>>Y //>>Processing... //>>Opening File In Default Editor For File Type: [.etf] //>>[File Begin] 112th M.I. Command, Attached is the full background workup for Rct. Celadon Alexei Sevchenko including the notes from his assigned psychologist, Doctor Ryan Edbauer. This is all pretty standard dossier material, and changes to the service record should propagate automatically when your personnel database syncs up with FedNet. In addition to this dossier, I've attached additional informative modules for use by division medical and intelligence staff. I trust that the information will get to the right people. Please send your confirmation of receipt and update your personnel roster. Thank You, Lieutenant Silvia DuCrois Mobile Infantry Personnel Services //>>[Attachment-1 [CAS_112Dossier.dbe] {Identifying Information}>> --[Given Name(s)]: Celadon Alexei --[Surname]: Sevchenko --[D.O.B.]: 06-May-2274 --[Age]: 24 --[Height]: 187.96 cm --[Weight]: 88.90 kg --[Ethnicity]: Caucasian --[Hair]: Dark Brown --[Eyes]: Blue {Background Profile}>> --[Place of Origin]: Seattle; Washington Province; North American Territories; Terra --[Next of Kin]: -----------------------> Iven Lawrence Sevchenko ; Father; Civilian; Vice President of Sales[Goodspeed Electronics]; LIVING -----------------------> Tanja Yasmin Sevchenko; Mother; Civilian; Director of Marketing [Goodspeed Electronics]; LIVING -----------------------> Azirus Rory Sevchenko; Brother; Civilian; Partner Attorney [Celino, Raub, and Sevchenko Attorneys at Law] ; LIVING -----------------------> Violet Victoria Sevchenko; Sister; Citizen; Head of Research [Cyngo Dynamic Solutions]; LIVING -----------------------> Raud Wesley Sevchenkp; Brother; Civilian; Neurosurgeon [Edmund Center for Neurological Research]; LIVING -----------------------> Amaris Mikhail Sevchenko; Brother; Civilian; President and CEO [OptiMed Manufacturing]; LIVING -----------------------> Anjer Barnabas Sevchenko; Brother; Civilian; Student [Massachusetts Institute of Technology]; LIVING --[Education]: -----------------------> Bellwether High School for Boys; 3.8 GPA; 90%+ Aptitudes: Math, Science, Social Studies; GRADUATED --[Federation Training Program]: Fort Woodrow --[Promotion Record]: {Up to date as of 15-October-2298} -----------------------> Pvt. [20-September-2298] --[Biographical Summary]: -----------------------> Celadon Sevchenko graduated in the top ten percent of his class for academics but did not get accepted into his chosen university due to speculated conflicts of interest with the Dean of the university and the Sevchenko family. Against the wishes of Sevchenko's father and mother, the youngest Sevchenko child enlisted for Federal Service in the Mobile Infantry despite being eligible for Fleet or Intelligence positions. Rct. Sevchenko's experience in training had been unmemorable with no notes in his file save for a single annotation by his drill instructor detailing the recruit's potential in a reconnaissance or stealth-oriented role due to his penchant for silence and low visibility. At the conclusion of training, Rct. Sevchenko had been transferred to a unit stationed on Terra post-Progenitor War due. After nearly a year of quiet service and several additional transfers, Rct. Sevchenko began to suspect his postings were being manipulated by the influence of his family and requested a transfer to a frontline unit. After several appeals, Rct. Sevchenko was transferred to the 112th Morita Rifles. --[Commendations for Federal Service]: ----------------------->Purple Heart [2 Clusters] {Psychological Profile}>> Morale Poor<███████|██████|██████>Excellent --[Overview]: Celadon Sevchenko is remarkably meek despite his large stature and thick musculature. As the youngest child of six highly successful siblings, Celadon has a habit of disappearing into the background. Ironically, this has made him very adept at literally disappearing into the background. Sevchenko's naturally quiet, soft-toned voice makes it difficult for him to project any authority without a significant amount of effort. That said, there does exist a professional side to the otherwise shy Sevchenko which allows him to act more decisively and project a more potent authority. Typically, this side is only seen when others are relying on him--letting them down being his greatest fear. --[Key Personality Traits]: Meek, loyal, respectful, amicable, reliable --[Psychological Strengths]: Sevchenko maintains a strong desire to thrive outside the influence of his family, and wants to be someone dependable. This desire drives Sevchenko beyond his comfort zone and allows him to act decisively in places where he might otherwise falter. He cares a great deal for others, and feels a strong desire to prove his worth to them. Endlessly loyal, friends of Sevchenko can always expect endless support and respect from him. Sevchenko will go far and beyond to see that which he is tasked with through to its completion. --[Psychological Weaknesses]: Sevchenko deeply lacks in self-confidence and consistently underestimates himself. This, and his overall shy/meek disposition, likely stems from living in the shadow his highly successful siblings. None of his family have ever participated in Federal Service thus making Celadon Sevchenko the first. In his therapy sessions, Sevchenko detailed the falling out with his parents when he decided to enlist, and they made certain to inform him of all the ways he was unfit to do so. According to his other sessions, this rhetoric is not an uncommon theme in his family. Whenever Sevchenko sought a path different than his parents' vision, he was psychologically stamped down. The result is a meek individual with an inferiority complex who, despite his remarkable strength and natural talent, struggles to feel anything beyond the perpetual need to improve. --[Known Psychological Conditions]: -----------------------> N/A //>>[Attachment-2 [CAS_112MedRec.dbe] {112th Morita Rifle Battalion Medical Record: Celadon Alexei Sevchenko} --[Physical Injury] ----->Injury: Laceration ; Upper Back [Diagonal; L. Shoulder Blade to 12 R. Rib] ----->Medivac: Yes ----->Cause: Patient slashed across back by arachnid during underwater deployment. ----->Treatment: Laceration packed with hemostatic dressing [Field Care]. Occlusive dressing applied over laceration [Field Care]. Lavequin antibiotic and Ketamine painkiller administered [Field Care]. Wound packing removed and laceration sutured shut with two-layered stitches [Medbay]. Biogel ointment applied before sutures wrapped in gauze [Medbay]. Placement in recovery tank [Medbay]. ----->Recovery Period: Two days ----->Status: Healed; Moderate Scarification on Back From L. Shoulder Blade to 12th Rib on R. Side //>>[Attachment-3 [CAS_112PersonalRelations.dbe] {Personal Relationships}>> --[Relations Key]: (Stolen from Jinny!) - Never - No - Maybe - Neutral - Yes - Very - Absolutely - Forever - -█-█-█- -█-█-█- -█-█-█- (Color represents each individual feeling) | Liked Generally - Liked Professionally - Liked Romantically | | Want to know better - Want to avoid - Want to see more | | Thought of as friend - Thought of as enemy - Thought of as romantic partner | --[Known Relations]: //->DisplayEntry.Embed("Jee-Un Choi"); //>>[Attachment-4 [CAS_112Addendum.dbe] {Additional Resources}>> [Below Is A List of Unconfirmed Resources Related to Celadon Alexei Sevchenko]: ----->N/A
  6. Hey, everyone. I know I have not been around too much the past week or so, and I feel like I owe it to my friends and the community to explain. Without getting into too much detail, someone very close to me passed away unexpectedly and it has knocked me for a loop. The absence of this person is like a gaping hole in my life which draws attention to itself over and over again every day. So, for the next little while please expect that my presence may be a bit spotty. I will be on as often as I feel I can because .net provides me a strong sense of community and a pleasant distraction from the less pleasant realities of my world. That said, sometimes I will simply be unable to muster the will to be social and participate. I hope you all understand. Hope everyone is doing well. --Harmacist
  7. Goodbye, Hazy. It was nice to have met you... :c
  8. @Maple Leaf Moosefucker You never added Elswood before Dumont died... ;-;
  9. Approved. Find Dorian Elswood IC and have Blackwell talk to him. He will be responsible for her induction and preliminary training.
  10. ...Dammit. See you later, you beautiful asshole. o7
  11. I... am not actually sure what I am reading... I'm a little scared.... send help.
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