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    Dossier: Dorian Elswood

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    Troy Hughes

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    Troy Hughes

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    Dossier: Dorian Elswood

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    TAC - Applications [Open]

    ULYSSES S. GRANT FLIGHT WING APPLICATION OOC Portion: Steam user name: Harmacist [The Doctor is Win] How active are you on server: On [almost] every day for 3-6 hours. When are you most active with your timezone: EST 6:00PM-11:00PM (Weekdays); EST 11:00AM-11:00PM (Weekends) Do you have a Microphone and Teamspeak: Yes, and Yes (just re-installed) Have you had any previous experience with Fleet rp: Argus Parrow flew TAC for a mission when no Fleet characters were available Provide an RP example of how a TAC fighter would react during space combat and or during ground combat: Ground Combat Scenario [Hardened position firing upon advancing allied forces] Pilot Action: "Killbox-One to Bandicoot, I have eyes on indicated target. Over" The pilot flicks the switch arming his UBG-Paveway unguided bombs and corrects his course to make a run on the target. "Adjusting attack vector, entering approach corridor." The pilot avoids known AA sites and guides his TAC into the bombing approach. "Target acquired, and... ordinance away!" Dropping his paylad on the dortified position, the pilot pulls up and away from his original vector and moves to resume support pattern. "Killbox-One to Bandicoot, confirm effect on target? Over." The pilot then waits for the response, prepared to make a second run if necessary. Space Combat Scenario [Engaged in dogfight with hostile space fighter] Pilot Action: "This is Killbox-One, I've got a hostile fighter on my six! Taking evasive action, over!" The pilot bobs and weaves with his craft in an attempt to be as unpredictable as possible. Juking hard to avoid a purst of cannon fire, he veers towards the Grant in the hopes of picking up a wingman to get the bogey off his tail. The targeting computer blares a lock warning and the pilot is forced to yank hard on the stick and deploy decoy flares. Veering hard to port, he cranks down the engine to get better drift and allow the flares to paint a larger target than the signature of his thurusters. The missile sails past and explodes upon contact with a decoy. Ramming the throttle forward again, the Pilot zips past the grant kills the engine and rotates his craft to face backwards before the hostile craft can also round the Grant's hull. When the bogey zips around the Grant in pirsuit, the pilot slams on the thrusters to shoot past the target before engaging adjustment jets to turn him around. Now on the hostile's tail, the pilot pushes for a cannon lock. "Killbox-One, I got bogey zeroed. Guns, guns, guns!" Squeezing the trigger, the pilot fires his ship's cannons. A few tracers stitch the emptiness of space while he searches for the sweet spot, then the cannon fire finds its mark and the hostile craft's right rear thruster erupts into a fireball which is snuffed quickly by the lack of atmosphere. Catastrophic systems failures cascade through the hostile craft's structure until the munitions storage catches and the whole craft detonates in a massive blast. "Killbox-One, splash one fighter! Someone confrimt that kill! Over!" Provide an RP example of a dropship pilot, on ship or during a deployment: Dropship Pilot During Deployment Scenario [Dropship is on approach to extraction LZ] Pilot Action: "This is Soapbox-One to Bandicoot, on approach to LZ. It looks like you've got arachnids on the move toward your position, Bandicoot. Be ready for a hot extraction, over!" The pilot approaches nice and easy to the landing zone, allowing time for the troopers to clear the area for a safe touchdown. Once landed, the pilot waits for the troopers to board but keeps the engines running. Upon the order to dust-off, the pilot cranks power to the thrusters and takes back to the sky with his bay full of troopers. Assuming there are wounded, the pilot makes haste back to the Grant. Do you acknowledge that extended lack of activity without notice will result in your removal: I undererstand Do you acknowledge the negative stigma of Flight Wing, and my efforts to break said stigma: I understand Do you acknowledge that failing to assist in these efforts will result in your removal: I understand IC Portion: Name: :: Please provide all medical and or physical records below:: I;E -- Age, Weight, BMI, Build, wounds sustained, medical conditions, so on. :: :: Medical :: Medical disorders: None Known allergies: Cefzil (type of antibiotic) Diseases: None Extra info you’d wish to tell us: Argus is the picture of health, taking great pains to maintain peak physical condition. Diabetes runs in his family, and he does not intend to be a victim of genetics. :: Physical :: Age: 24 Height: 5'10" Weight: 160 lbs Build: Athletic leaning towards muscular BMI: 20 Extra info you’d wish to tell us: Argus maintains as low a BMI as possible for his weight to maximize musculature. He has always been concerned about needing to fight on the ground should he ever be shot down, and intends fully to be in a physical condition to fight for his life. :: Note, all your physical test scores from basic will be accounted into selection process :: Current Rank: Ensign :: Must be below the rank of SCpo. and must not go below CM. :: Previous/Current Vessel (For Transfers): Ulysses S. Grant Brief history of your character: Parrow was born to civillian parents, but always found the idea of soaring through air and space to be fascinating. Not long after graduating high school, Argus Parrow enrolled himself in the Federation Armed Forces and was placed in Fleet Academy as per his aptitudes--particular note paid to reflexes and situational awareness. Agter a fairly run-of-the-mill experience, Argus graduated from Fleet Academy qualified to pilot an array of small craft, but not to helm a full-sized service vessel. Showing promise as a TAC pilot from aptitudes and simulations, Argus was transfered to the Ulysses S. Grant to learn at the feed of experienced combat pilots. Directly after his transfer, Parrow was called into action without even enough time to drop his bags. The 112th mounted an offensive on a bug-held planet to establish a mining outpost required to supply desperatly needed resources. A lack of available TAC pilots forced Brass to make the executive decision to put Parrow in the cockpit and hope he worked it out. Brief History of military service: Much to the fortune of the Mobile Infantry, Parrow lived up to expectation and demand. Over the course of the mission, Parrow provided close air-support and non-stop bombing runs to drop "Paveway" unguided ordinance and napalm on arachnid forces. Of particular note, Parrow managed to score a direct hit on an adult Royal with two napalm canisters flying a trench run between two mountains to avoid arachnid air response. The royal was killed almost instantly, and the retreating troopers were given the time they needed to set up their FOB. Commendations given: Nothing official other than a recommendation for permanant TAC post Notable remarks from your higher ups: Recommendation of permanant TAC post. (Xalaphos) Why do you wish to become a pilot? To support my fellow soldiers from the skies. I was born with a particular set of skills that provided me strong reflexes and strong awareness of my surroundings. I believe they would best be employed in the cockpit of a TAC. What qualifications do you have that would make you suitable for this position? Graduated from Fleet with 90% and above aptitudes and scored perfect on my TAC pilot quilifications. If you were to sign up, which position would you like to start your training in? TAC or DROPSHIPS? And provide a reason why. TAC would be my preference given that I have already been behind the stick of the newest TAC model. I know how she handles, how she bites, and how she barks. If necessary, I would accept the opportunity to prove it. ::Note:: TAC is usually reserved for people who’ve shown that they are capable pilots, both on and off ship ::
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    Dossier: Dorian Elswood

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    Dossier: Dorian Elswood

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    William Saint-Claire

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    Holy hell that is one sexy wallpaper! Here, all these in 1920x1080