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  1. Hey, everyone. I know I have not been around too much the past week or so, and I feel like I owe it to my friends and the community to explain. Without getting into too much detail, someone very close to me passed away unexpectedly and it has knocked me for a loop. The absence of this person is like a gaping hole in my life which draws attention to itself over and over again every day. So, for the next little while please expect that my presence may be a bit spotty. I will be on as often as I feel I can because .net provides me a strong sense of community and a pleasant distraction from the less pleasant realities of my world. That said, sometimes I will simply be unable to muster the will to be social and participate. I hope you all understand. Hope everyone is doing well. --Harmacist
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    Goodbye, Hazy. It was nice to have met you... :c
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    -The- Medic, Daniel Dumont

    @Maple Leaf Moosefucker You never added Elswood before Dumont died... ;-;
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    Approved. Find Dorian Elswood IC and have Blackwell talk to him. He will be responsible for her induction and preliminary training.
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    ...Dammit. See you later, you beautiful asshole. o7
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    SST Quotes Thread

    I... am not actually sure what I am reading... I'm a little scared.... send help.
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    Dossier: Dorian Elswood

    Added, boi.
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    Debates done quick: Traps

    *Writes that one down.*
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    Dossier: Dorian Elswood

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    Debates done quick: Traps

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    Valerie Faust

    I request an entry for Dorian Elswood!
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    Debates done quick: Traps

    They're whatever. Stick your dick in whatever you want. It's not my dick.
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    Uh, MOBCOMM this is Alpha-Actual — *CRRrRrRrrRrRrrrrr*

    What is this, "My Immortal 2"?
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    [IC] Incident Reports

    Patient Name:Cpl. Victor Von Klauster Patient Sex: Male Primary Care Physician and/or Medic: MSpc. Dorian Elswood Patient Injuries: Shrapnel puncture [Face; R. Cheek], Shattered Tooth [R. Lower Molar], Severed Blood Vessel [Arterial] Patient Vitals: Strong; BP stable after hemostatic clamp of severed blood vessel Treatment / Care Provided: Severed blood vessel clamped shut; hemostatic gauze packed around shrapnel lodged in cheek and into socket of broken tooth; gauze and medical adhesive used to secure shrapnel in place; covered exterior of cheek in gauze dressing; had patient stuff gauze into mouth on wound-side; administered pain management and antiobiotics Time of Treatment: 2215 Terran Standard Time Current Patient Status: Recovering in medbay after shrapnel extraction, sutures, and removal of broken tooth remains. Drugs Administered: Mobic, Lavequin Overview of Situation: Separatist grenade detonated beside Klauster who was breaching a room. Additional Notes: Shrapnel has been cleaned and sterilized in the event the patient wants to keep it
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    Medical Training Log

    Instructor: MSpc. Dorian Elswood Trainee: Sgt. Pauline Westervelt Time and Date of Training: 9-October-2298; 1800 Hrs Goal of the Training: CLS practical applications. Training simulations to treat injuries in controlled enviornment. [Part 1: Gunshot wounds, lacerations, arterial vs veinous bleeds, tourniqet, etc. -- COMPLETE]