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  1. Ok the previous Post i made here is sort of messed up and even if i edit it i cant fix it hopefully you will sort of be able to orient in it
  2. Character name: Jade Martinez List your (former) characters: 3spc Ondřej David Name your favorite subject(s) of research! Weapons Equipmeant History Give us an example technology you'd introduce to the server: Anti Bug Rifle , Personnal Detecter And how you would go on researching this technology: For Anti Bug Rifle 1 : Take some insperation from older designs such as the Tankgewehr M1918 and the barret 50.cal 2 : Request specimeans of armor and skin of some more powerfull bugs such as the Royal one ore the Tanker bug 3 : Test what would the requirmeants be to penetrate the armor and kill the bug in 1-2 shots 4 : Design appropraite cartridge for the weapon 5 : design the weapon itself 6 : Try to solve any problems that the weapon may poses such as high recoil that could posible brake the users arm if held incorectly by adding functional muzzle brakes and building the ends of stocks out of some more comfortable materials 7 : If authorized by higher ups send the weapon for field testing await comments from troopers welding the weapons and improve the design based on their feedback Note : Im no weapon expert
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    Ondřej the builder
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    That one girl nobody like but we keep her here anyway becouse she is funny ... when no one else is
  5. Nice job appreciate the effort put into writing this, Way more understandable then the old one
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    Combat Engineer Roster

    Can you please add me the sapper badge completed the course
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    Demn she is quite powerfull if she managed to turn the Engie bay upside down that means she can manipulate time and space
  8. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name:Ondřej David Physical Age:18 Race:Cacausian Gender:Male Eye Color:Brown Hair Color:Dark Brown Height:182cm Weight:183lbs Employment & Background Current Rank:Pvt Educational History: Passed Electrotechical High School in Pilsen High Interest in Modern Day Conflicts Criminal Record:N/A Employment History:N/A Service Record: 2297 Enlistmeant 2298 Completed Bootcamp 2298 Assigned to UCF-291 Ullyses grant Class Battlecruiser as as MI Private OOC: Character's College Explanation: Does not have Coolege education Server Time: like 15 hours and can be on for 3-5 hours a day Roleplay History: 3 years of rp on many diferent servers such as HL2RP WW3RP StarwarsRP Military Rp and many more i have never had previous expirience whith any sort of enginnering realated faction Additional note : Im not realy an Expert on Starship Troopers lore so if you dont like anything backstory wise i can always change it since this character is very new and it would have much impact on him ore those around him