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  1. Ansty

    [OOC] Hopping down.

    Just like how you said in the guide SSTRP is not a job so proiritize your real problems first.Also if i should reccomend someone i guess it would be Wewais Timms.Anyway later mate and hope to see you again
  2. Ansty

    [IC] Christmas

    Spc.Ondřej David
  3. Ansty


  4. Ansty

    Chiyuki Asahi

    iS tHiS a JoJo rEfErEnCe ?
  5. Ansty

    Welcome to my new show.

    When is the preimere first episode comming out ?
  6. Ansty

    After Mission Report - 11th of November

    // looseleaf can't be hacked Sombra from overwatch : Hold my bear
  7. Ansty

    Show and Tell Thread

    oh ok
  8. Ansty

    We stray further and further from Jihad

    Not enouch requesting gaycomm to glass the planet 0/10
  9. UN : *Proceds to mobilize humanitarian artilary divisioans and destroys the federation*
  10. Ansty

    It's That TIme Again

    Video not avalible in my country
  11. Ansty

    Player Competition! #1

    Its evening
  12. As it was already said APCs tend to crash the server so if you want ground transport vehicles perhaps we could make people sit on the sides of the tank more ofteen to get from point A to point B and fight on foot from there
  13. Ansty

    F.F.R.L Roster.

    Rank : 3rd Lt Name : Jade Marzinez Fields of study : Weapons and Defense
  14. Ansty

    Combat Engineer Roster - New

    I have sapper EOD Systems munitions rank of specialist and im not on LOA GMT+2