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    walmart sells routers for like 20 bucks
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    petition to ban Lit Coins

  3. TheBigEye

    confucious say

    those who eat many snack, not eat dinner :thinking:
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    Welcome to my new show.

    Caroline hugs the rock, her immense rear end pressing roundly and firmly into it. Her rapid breathing the precursor to extreme bosom bouncing. Ahead of her, the bog swam. "Fuck.", she says, peering out from the rock to shoot her Moreeta only to be met with a mere click. "I'm out.", she yells, as she reaches under her uniform and into her band 40 C cup Victoria's Secret Outrageous Pink Demi Bra, semi lined. "Ah! There we go.", she pushes the magazine into the well and charges her rifle. "WHERE WERE YOU WHEN BOG SWAM?", she says, unloading her rifle into the overgrown insect. Sprays of goo and untold arachnid choleric juices coat her face. "Damn it, I told you not to get it on my face!", she giggles. A few hours later at the FOB a sinking feeling persists in the young private. "H-hey Sergeant? D-do you uh- do you think arachnids can smell blood, Sir?" "Probably. What do you know about masturbating?" "Uh excuse me? That's kinda inappro--" "Shut up and follow me, here, get in the back.", the Sergeant says, patting the tailgate of the pickup. "O-okay." Caroline hops into the rear of the truck, collapsing onto her built in pillows. Dust begins to fly as the pickup picks up speed, her breasticles nearly launching her into space via Newton's Third Law. The bumps were bad. "Okay now you just stay here.", the Sergeant says, helping the young lady out of the truck. "I'll be back.", he says, as he drives back to base. "Who wants to practice their aim?", the Sergeant yells, looking for volunteers. "I've just master-baited." TO BE CONTINUED
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    Pte. Petya Pushechnikova

    Mr. Nar is quite busy with more... fruitful work.
  6. TheBigEye

    Working out? Do you or do you not

    I work out at the library.
  7. TheBigEye

    Debates done quick: Traps

    If you're attracted to traps that isn't gay. The attraction to traps/transwomen is called Skoliosexual. This practice has been going on for a very long time. Many cultures have had a recognized "trap" gender, or societal role throughout history. The native americans, are, and were a good example of this. The middle east was as well. WAS. It ended around 1000 A.D. thanks to a guy named Al-Ghazali. Even before modern medicine enabled people to "swap" their penis out, castration and herbal estrogens was a common practice among impoverished children to make them more valuable. It was also done to the children of nobles who wanted the status of having one of these traps for their house. It is not fair to call traps/transwomen men (in a sexual manner) because, objectively once they go on HRT, the majority of their masculine features dissolve. There are clear exceptions to this however, just as cis people can be ugly, so can traps/MtF people. It is not a philosophically, or historically accurate act to consider these people "women" either though. As they lack the quality of "adult human female". That being, two X chromosomes, an inherently "enabled" ability to lactate, (via the production of estrogen and progestrone and dormant prolactins). Not to mention a fully functioning vagina and uterus, and a clit that is appropriately sized. So, if you fuck traps, you aren't gay, but you aren't straight either. You're a skoliosexual.
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    .net char descriptions in a nutshell

    "relatively attractive uWu" ; relative to what you fucking neanderthal
  9. TheBigEye

    Wallpapers and the like

  10. TheBigEye

    Wallpapers and the like

    I'm a really huge fan of this wallpaper because of how simple, yet tantalizing it is. Sometimes I like to alt tab away from Garry's Mod and ogle the immense void to get my cockus back up to half chub. It really helps me self insert my excitement into the events. But seriously, why even have a desktop background? You never look at it anyway. Double down if your background is some light colored shit that imprints itself in the back of your fucking retinas when you look at your desktop at night. Also, people that still have icons? Mentally deficient. If you can't find what you're looking for with a blazing fast 135+ WPM windows search, you might as well just forget you have those files in the first place. You might ask, well, nigger, that would mean you have file indexing on! Wrong. It just means my PC is a few steps above your Intel Core 2 Duo inside. Added bonus to having a black wallpaper is when the police eventually break into your abode trying to arrest you for all that loli cosplay you conveniently have stored under D:\UnrealGold\Textures , they wind up shooting your computer screen first, as to by you more time.
  11. TheBigEye

    previously on sst...

    Consider not flirting with men, pretending to be a girl, speaking with an LGBT lisp and denouncing your American identity every nanosecond in favor of pretending to be a real Japanese at heart!!! Maybe people will have alternative opinions of you. Strange.
  12. TheBigEye

    previously on sst...

    Oh but you did, young Bonerboy. You really did. From the moment we first met in the back of a dark, cool English room. "S-spill the beans stalker?" I won't forget it. I hope you won't either. If you've ever thought about the influence you've had on us, I think you'd be shocked. I was the first Crony, but I won't be the last. You asked for this with your actions. The way you encourage us to polish our skeleton rods before wheeling every night... God, you ARE a leader. I might be the funds behind our gang, but the funds are meaningless without the thought and effort that goes into keeping a coherent organisation running. God bless you Toby.
  13. TheBigEye

    previously on sst...

    I'm gonna have to get Cronk to deliver you from sin.