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  1. I’ll make this simple Mobile Infantry Theme: Marauder Theme: Engineering Theme: Medical: Fleet: Military Intelligence:
  2. Wow made me update you but won’t even update Vito since he’s returned
  3. Please bring jumpball back BA-RA-CU-DAS
  4. 10:02:00 - Vito 'Eggbrain' Dominiko[REPORT]: enable ooc 10:03:15 - : OOC Chat has been toggled on 10:03:32 - Sgt. Vito 'Eggbrain' Dominiko[OOC]: sweaty balls 10:03:39 - : OOC Chat has been toggled off
  5. Name: Vito Dominiko Requested specialisation: Support Gunner Existing (relevant) weapon training: SAW training.
  6. Face Claim Theme Song Basic Information Name: Jochi Khasar Place of Birth: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Date of Birth: 2279 Age: 19 Gender: Male Height: 5'9 Physical Description: Weight: 155lbs Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Blue Military Information Rank: Ens Branch: Federal Fleet Date of Enlistment: 2296/1/24 Years of Service: 0 Service Record: Cdt < Ens Call Sign: Khan Personal Information Family: Cotota Khasar [Mother], Jochi Khasar [Father], Maral Khasar [Sister], Tolar Khasar [Brother] Backstory: Jochi Khasar was born on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He was raised by a small family in a household of 5, being the oldest of two other siblings. He attended boarding school in Beijing, China and independently studied aeronautical engineering on his own time alongside his federal studies. His grades were far above average and his study of aviation peeked a interest in fleet early on in his life. Upon his graduation, he applied for the federal fleet academy and was accepted shortly before the prog invasion. He originally planned to specialize in the piloting of transport craft, until his interest was pulled into TAC after a lecture from a former TAC pilot. He then dedicated his training and studies to operating CAS aircraft and becoming apart of one of the most advanced fighting forces within the Federal Fleet. Personal Relationships Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated Lorilee Zemke: My commander in chief. She's a damn good pilot and somebody I look up to. We're not that close but I'll hear all the words of wisdom she has to say.
  7. I just wanted to say out of all the players on the servers you’ve been one of the most influential and greatest people to be around. You made my experience a lot better on the server and I really appreciate your time here. Best wishes man
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