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    Training Logs: December 2298

    Name and Rank: Sgt. Vito Dominiko Time and Date of Training: January 20, 2298 | Federal Standard Time (FST): 16:38  Goal of the Training: Establishing firm understanding of CQB.
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    Jochi Khasar

    Face Claim Theme Song Basic Information Name: Jochi Khasar Place of Birth: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Date of Birth: 2279 Age: 19 Gender: Male Height: 5'9 Physical Description: Weight: 155lbs Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Blue Military Information Rank: Ens Branch: Federal Fleet Date of Enlistment: 2296/1/24 Years of Service: 0 Service Record: Cdt < Ens Call Sign: Khan Personal Information Family: Cotota Khasar [Mother], Jochi Khasar [Father], Maral Khasar [Sister], Tolar Khasar [Brother] Backstory: Jochi Khasar was born on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He was raised by a small family in a household of 5, being the oldest of two other siblings. He attended boarding school in Beijing, China and independently studied aeronautical engineering on his own time alongside his federal studies. His grades were far above average and his study of aviation peeked a interest in fleet early on in his life. Upon his graduation, he applied for the federal fleet academy and was accepted shortly before the prog invasion. He originally planned to specialize in the piloting of transport craft, until his interest was pulled into TAC after a lecture from a former TAC pilot. He then dedicated his training and studies to operating CAS aircraft and becoming apart of one of the most advanced fighting forces within the Federal Fleet. Personal Relationships Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated
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    Fleet Roster

    Jochi Khasar, TAC Pilot, Ensign
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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

    Updated, Also updated Stevenson
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    I just wanted to say out of all the players on the servers you’ve been one of the most influential and greatest people to be around. You made my experience a lot better on the server and I really appreciate your time here. Best wishes man
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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

    Added and done
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    [IC] Vito’s Guide For New NCO’s (Unfinished)

    (OOC): Formatting is currently broken, will fix soon
  8. Introduction Instead of going over for what has already been covered by Vickers in her manual, I decided I would write a manual more oriented on your NCO responsibilities outside of combat. You might ask, “Hasn’t this been covered in the other manual?” and the answer is yes, however, this serves to act as a learning tool for NCO’s who find themselves lacking clarity on certain aspects of their non combat duties. I highly advise reading Vickers manual alongside this as it contains many valuable tips and tricks for newcomers and veterans alike. The Learning Phase. So you made Lance Corporal? Lance Corporal is a interesting rank to be at as they’re not technically official NCO’s, rather apprentices in training, who are on the path to Corporal. Lance Corporals are essentially there to solve problems at the very lowest part of the chain and keep them contained there if possible. You’re there to keep morale up and help troopers however you can. This will often consists of things such as resolving non violent disputes, comforting troopers with low morale and giving advice to those who need it. You will often rely on your superiors as a backbone and this is nothing to be ashamed of. If you find yourself not knowing what to do and confused how to handle a situation, ask for help from someone who will, which in this case will often be Corporals, the greatest ally of the Lance. Your higher ranking NCO’s will serve as your mentors, in many cases you will even be assigned one as a mentor. Learn what you can and watch them closely, in many cases troopers who make it to Corporal are doing something right that can be learned from. Being a leader So you now know the basics of your duties and responsibilities, this will serve you well, but being a leader requires initiative and assertiveness. Below I have laid out some basic guidelines on things to do and avoid in your early days as either a NCO or NCO in training. Don’t be a Asshole. The title of this is rather self explanatory but can be hard for certain individuals to understand. You’re here to lead these men and women, not bully them. You’re their equal in every aspect other then the patches you carry, meaning mutual respect must be earned, not demanded. Guide troopers when they fuck up, don’t belittle or punish troopers for making a mistake that is unintentional. When punishing someone ensure that they’re told why they’re being punished and the punishment is something that will actually correct the behavior, rather than creating another spiteful trooper who has failed to learn anything from what you did to him. NJP’s are not for your own personal amusement, rather they’re to be a learning experience and correct unwanted behavior. Take Initiative Part of being a leader is getting things done that need to be done without being told to do them. You’re aware of your duties and you’re aware of the state of your peers. This means going out of your way to lead trainings (ask permission if below the rank of Sergeant), giving advice, holding meetings with your peers to address things you can all improve on, finding things to keep the troops occupied and more. A good NCO is a busy NCO and if you find yourself sitting on your ass rather frequently, perhaps you may be lacking initiative. There is constant need for training and guidance within the 112th and it’s up to individuals such as yourself to address these needs out of your own free will without constantly being told to do so. If you don’t know what needs to be addressed, ask your superiors or peers. Ranks and Responsibility. With every rank you inherit, you will take on new and challenging responsibilities. A good NCO will think on his feet and know ahead of time what his next promotion will entail. It’s not recommended to learn only the responsibilities of the rank you’re at, rather it’s best to learn what each and every rank does, so that one is potentially ready to function at any level should you be called upon to do so. Lance Corporal Act as role model for peers. Address issues at the bottom of the chain. Give advice and aid fellow troopers. Assist Corporals in their duties. Corporal Carry out tasks given to them by Sergeants Mentor Lance Corporals/troopers in general Lead trainings if given permission Hold meetings with Lance Corporals Identify Potential Leaders Sergeant Mentor Corporals/troopers in general Lead trainings Hold meetings with Corporal and Lance Corporals Delegate tasks to Corporals Maintain Discipline Throughout The Platoon Staff Sergeant Oversee day to day operations of the NCOs Hold NCO meetings Maintain discipline and standards within the NCOs Delegate tasks to Sergeants and Corporals Enforce platoon agenda within the NCOs Master Sergeant Oversee NCOs as a whole Act as communication link between Officers and NCOs Delegate tasks to Staff Sergeants Enforce officers agenda for platoon.
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    Amanda Whitfield

    Vito Dominiko
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    ::>Vinera Rose<::

    Vito Dominiko
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    Another change.

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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

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    Taonga Terere

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    Taonga Terere

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