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    Fantasy jumpball league??

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    Italo Disco

    Any thread that has Righeira is automatically god tier
  3. Theme Song Combat Theme Appearance Reference Basic Information: Name: Vito Dominiko Age: 23 D.O.B: 1/24/2273 Gender: Male Affiliation: Federation Role(s): Grunt/Bullet Sponge. Kin: Father - Donald Dominiko [Unkown] Mother - Sofia Dominiko [Unkown] Brother - Lorenzo Dominiko [Deceased] Homeworld: Terra Alignment: Neutral Good Hair color: Dark Brown Eye color: Dark Blue Build: Light Muscular Rank: SergeantBackstory: Vito Dominiko was born in Brooklyn, New York to a family of three. His parents were spacers and hopped from planet to planet selling goods. This left Vito alone with his brother for most of his early childhood. As a result of this, Vito had little to no relationship with his parents, as he rarely saw them outside of the occasional holiday. His brother served as his primary care taker until his late teens, when Lorenzo (Vito's older brother) enlisted in the federal fleet. Vito was left home alone to his devices, taking care of himself and growing up alone and isolated from his family. Upon his eighteenth birthday, Vito left Terra and spent the next three years hopping from system to system, finding work on planets in which it was available to him. The bug menace did not make this easy as once prosperous centers of industry were now infested or destroyed. Several months after his twenty second birthday, Vito was alerted with the news that his brother had been killed in action. Vito was devastated and torn by the loss of his brother, turning to the armed services as a outlet to cope with his loss. He had neither the grades or smarts to follow in his brothers footsteps in the fleet, forcing him to enlist in the mobile infantry like many had before him. He now serves upon the Ulysses S. Grant as a member of the 112th and is still looking for answers as to how to deal with the loss of his brother. Perhaps with time he will find closure, or maybe something else entirely. Attributes:Strength: 15/20Dexterity: 17/20Constitution: 16/20Intelligence: 13/20Wisdom: 10/20Charisma: 20/20Misc. Attributes:Combat Rating: 6/10Pain/Health: 9/10Wealth: Broke as shit.Other Information: Large burn scar from prog round on his upper right arm, five lashes across his back, both of his legs have been replaced with biotech, various other scars from less serious wounds across his body, Often seen sporting the Zegama Beach Barracudas Logo on his Kevlar and Helmet Characteristics: Sarcastic, Laid back, Too Cool For School, Friendly, Creative.AchivementsNeutralRegrets Personal Relationships Relations: Romantic Interest|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--Anton Volker: Volker is a good man and looks out for those under him. I haven't got to know him well, but served in one his fire teams once. He kept us organized in a chaotic time and made sure shit didn't hit the fan. He seems to genuinely care about fellow troopers and I appreciate that. I hope to be seeing more of him around the ship. Alexander "Lick" Tshenkowwitsch: Lick is a good guy and a damn good soldier. For the several hours I lasted as Lance, he showed me the ropes and made me shit my pants a little less, while he was actually shitting his (long story). He's what I strive to be honestly and hopefully with time I'll be a good as of a corporal as him. I look forward to seeing him around and hearing his "words of wisdom" more often. Travis Young: Young is a good LT from what I know, and cares about his men. I was surprised how helpful he was when I found myself in a rough spot and for that, I'm grateful. I don't know much about the LT, but I'm grateful for what he's done for me and hope to see him around more. Jamie Sanderson: I don't have much to say about Sanderson, they're one of the newer guys (not say I'm not mean and green myself) and it seems like they're fairly competent on the field. I'm not their "best bud" by any means but I have nothing against them either. Don't get yourself killed and I might consider getting to know ya. Maxine Valentine: You taught me how to use a shotty which is pretty dope and they have some bad ass tattoos. I don't know them that well, but they have some kick ass dares and made things interesting during that cluster fuck of a RnR. Sebastian Bently: What's more intimate then kissing your Cap on the cheek? I'm not sure, but it was a fucking crazy night. I don't know Bently well, but he certainly made things fun during RnR and knows how to hold a conversation, even with the complete and utter retards such as myself who litter the MI. I'd honestly like to talk more with the captain and pick at his brain some, see what he says. Hopefully I'll be seeing more of him around the ship. Patrick Stevenson: Stevenson you're kinda a cold mother fucker, but I suppose it's what make you so damn entertaining. I've spent a lot of nights talking with this man and he's given me advice during some pretty tough times. I appreciate you not only as a competent Sergeant, but as a friend. Just please for the love of god show more emotion you creepy motherfucker. Sarah Redbrick: Red, you were the first person I met when I joined the 112th. Not many people tolerate my bullshit like you do, but I'm damn thankful to have a friend who can. You've been there for me when I've acted like a mopey little bitch and made sure I didn't stay down in that spot. I owe you a lot and am proud to call you a friend. It's a shame you have to speak in that awful alien dialect though. David Harris: You're a damn fine trooper, even if you don't say that much. I love working with this guy on the field and having in my fire teams, because he listens and gets shit done. Harris, you keep up the damn fine work and you'll probably pass up my retarded self in the chain one day. Aaron Holtz: This dude is really fucking intense and I love it. He knows how bumblefuck any conversation and it's truly an art. I don't know much about him other then he's a veteran and some former pathfinder fag. But he's pretty fucking awesome and I look forward to speaking with him more. Eric Shepard: This guy is pretty fucking bad ass. He looks like he was born for the soul purpose of killing shit and every time I've worked with him he's been a fantastic trooper. Stay cool and shit you edgy motherfucker. --[[Federation Engineering Division]]--Charlie Timms: Charlie is a nice guy and has been nothing but friendly towards me. There aren't many people you can just sit down with and have a conversation with, anytime, any place. He's a gifted engineer and I'm glad to have someone like him on our side and as a friend. Kyril Layland: This guy is pretty fucking chill and my favorite wasp (even though he's a stupid mother fucker and eats charms before drops). He gets my sense of humor and doesn't get butt hurt by most of my jokes and shenanigans which can't be said for most troopers on this ship. My only word of advice for him is to stop getting himself in fucking trouble and picking fights he can't win.--[[Psi-Ops]]--- - ---[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--George R. McCarthy: Guys like McCarthy made me feel welcomed when others didn't. McCarthy has been a friendly face and good guy to be around. He even made me and another hot coco which was damn good. I definitely look forward to getting to know him better as I continue my days aboard the Grant. Sylase "Fucker" Freeman: Freeman is like that one guy who might not know what shenanigans you're up to but always find a way to not only join in, but make it better. The stupid shit I've done with this man is not only legendary, but some of the best moments I've had on this ship. Not many fellow retards are as sociable as Freeman and I appreciate him greatly and am glad I have friends like him. Cait 'Teddy' Donovan: A good friend with an amazing sense of humor and some of the best banter on the entire damn ship. People like Donovan give me hope that even though I'm a huge fuck up, I'm not the only one struggling. Lately we've been a little more then friends and I will say, I like where things are going. I don't think there is a person on the grant that makes me more happy then she does and I hope she doesn't vanish again anytime soon. Daniel Dumont: Dumont is something else, but he’s certainly entertaining. The man always has something funny to say and I appreciate how he lightens the atmosphere around the ship. I hope to speak to him more honestly and get to know him better. Dorian Elswood: He's a pretty nice guy and I enjoy talking to him, I really have nothing negative to say about Elswood. You've patched me up numerous times and I'm glad it was him and not some dumb fuck third specialist when I lost my legs. He should stop by the bar more and maybe we can talk or something like that.--[[Federation Marauders]]--- - ---[[Federation Fleet]]--- - ---[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]--- - ---[[Other]]-- - - - --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- Devin Saiphan: You were an amazing engineer and a damn good friend. I miss you buddy and I wish you were still here. I'm sorry I wasn't there in the end, I should have been. - -
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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

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    Eric Shepard

    Vito Dominiko
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    Leading Logs.

    Drop lead: Sgt. Vito Dominiko Second in Command: MSpc Troy Hughes. Squad leaders: Cpl Matthew Squires, LCpl Kyril Layland
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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

    added feg
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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

    Added after ten gazillion years
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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

    Added after ten gazillion years
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    Temporary/Permanent Leave

    Hey so I'm like just really burnt out of the server and I'm sorry I haven't been very active for those of you who actually noticed. I just need a rather long break, I'm sure I'll be back, it's just going to be awhile. I love all of you retards and I've had a blast playing with you all, but for now I need to step back and focus on myself due to a lot of shit going on in personal life. Once again, it has been a blast and this is personally my favorite rp server I've ever played on and I think highly of each and every one of you. See ya around and shit nerds.
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    Specialist. Devin Saiphan

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    -The- Medic, Daniel Dumont

    Rest in piece you sweet magnificent prince
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    Leading Logs.

    Drop lead: Sgt. Vito Dominiko Second in Command: N/A Squad leaders: Cpl. Greg Simms, LCpl. Qasi Dubois
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    Debates done quick: Traps

    It’s not gay if they’re wearing socks
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Vito Dominiko promoted to Sergeant
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    Cornelius Zeem

    Add Vito
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    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

    Update Vito nerd
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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

    Updates coming soon
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    [IC] CD-95-S Pump-Action Shotgun.

    I need this fucking gun holy shit
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    The PAC Collective

    Can somebody post some biotech limbs tutorials
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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

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    Marco Dominiko

    Theme Song: Face Claim: Basic Information: Name: Age: 22 D.O.B: 3/17/2274 Gender: Male Affiliation: Fleet. Role(s): Helm, Fleetie Cunt Kin: Marco Dominiko (Father, Alive) Suzanne Dominiko (Mother, Alive) Homeworld: Tera Alignment: Lawful Good. Hair color: Light Brown. Eye color: Blue Build: Medium Muscular Build. Rank: OfCdt Backstory: Marco Dominiko, the younger and better off cousin of Vito Dominiko, was born to a middle class family in New Jersey. Ever since he was a boy, Marco was surrounded by space craft, due to his close proximity of the enlistment center and space sport growing up. His fascination with fleet began when he witnessed TAC pilots flying formation during a military parade. From that point on, Marco was dead set on becoming a member of the fleet and enlisting as soon as he was able to. Having a rather strong school performance, Marco spent most of his time in high school preparing to enlist in the fleet academy. He had little times for friends or social activities, causing him to be somewhat of a outcast among his peers. This led to him feeling lonely and isolated, but motivated to get off world. Coming from a civilian family didn't help the fact that he had very little social support. This meant that neither parent had the experience or advice to guide him on his ambition of joining fleet. He was essentially on his own throughout his early life. During the initial progenaitor invasion, New Jersey was hit rather hard, forcing Marco and his family to flee off world. Fortunately, he had already finished school, meaning he was able to enlist, but the chaos of war time meant made the process long and tedius, as him and his parents were shuttled from space port to space sport, among many other refugees. It wasn't until numerous months later until he was finally granted the opportunity to take on federal service. Attributes: Strength: 10/20 Dexterity: 13/20 Constitution: 14/20 Intelligence: 18/20 Wisdom: 17/20 Charisma: 17/20 Misc. Attributes: Combat Rating: 5/10 Pain/Health: 10/10 Wealth: Middle Class Achivements Neutral Regrets Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- Vito Dominiko: This man is family and I love him to death. We've kept in touch since we're kids and I miss the family dinners we always had on holidays. Please stay safe you big dumb ape, I'm watching over you. --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- --[[Psi-Ops]]-- --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- --[[Federation Marauders]]-- --[[Federation Fleet]]-- --[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]-- --[[Other]]-- --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--
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    FSN - FedNet Survey

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    Artyom Kholvok - Russia's BFG

    Vito Dominiko
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    The PAC Collective

    This is actually a really good idea