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  1. they're all already pissed off because hawthorne can't play violin
  2. Asper, Verbeck, Benjamin Taylor, Rose, Alice Taylor, Hawthorne and Oberlin (Left to Right)
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    Victoria Rose - Aesthychic

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    Victoria Rose - Aesthychic

    Bio is being restructured, relationships have been removed for now, will be re-added at one point
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    Victoria Rose - Aesthychic

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    Victoria Rose - Aesthychic

  8. Face Claim: Theme Song: Physical Information: Name: Victoria Rose Alias(es): Tori, Chicken Gender: Female Age: 18 Birthday: 10th March Birthplace: Hucknall, United Kingdom Ethnicity: White-Asian Height: 5ft 4 inches Weight: ~120lbs Hair Colour: Light Brown with Dark flecks Eye colour: Greenish Grey Skin: Pale Military Information: Faction: Mobile Infantry - MIPOD Rank: Private First Class - 2nd Specialist Psychic Role: Pointman - Psychic Specialisations: Telepath Psychic Level: Tier 1 Telepath Medals/Ribbons Educational History: Primary Education: Attended Broomhill Primary School Secondary Education: Nottingham Girls High School Higher Education: Nottingham Trent University, School of Art and Design Close Family: Alexander Rose - Father - Alive Maria Rose - Mother - Alive Personal Belongings: "My rad photos" "Yoink" Interview Transcripts: Interview #00-01 990301 ['Introduction'] Interview #00-02A 990308 ['Checkup01'] Relationship Transcripts: Interview #00-02B 990308 ['Checkup01'] - Addendum A: Sergeant Lowell Hartwick Interview #00-02C 990308 ['Checkup01'] - Addendum A: Second Specialist Shane Emmett
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    Mira V. Oberlin - Resident [REDACTED]

    SCP 2299 - Mira [REDACTED]
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    Aranea Saint-Laurent

    I've literally never talked to Redbrick on Laurent
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    Applications of interest, Status: OPEN

    - OOC SECTION - Steam Name: Jinny Steam I.D.: 0:1:80225212 Length of time on the Server: 6 Months Length of time RPing: 4 Years Time-Zone: GMT How active are you?: Daily if not every two days --- What is your backstory that would make you believe that your character was a Psychic? OR Why would the Federation believe you were a Psychic as a child?: Victoria had come from a family of psychics, so it would be no surprise that the child of Maria and Alexander Rose would be a psychic. She showed many of the telling signs of psychic ability in her childhood, somehow feeling a connection and link to the energy and emotions of the living things around her, whether it be her classmates who gave her a casual high five that could set off her ability, or to her beloved Saint-Bernard dog, which she always seemed to have a prominent connection with. As she reached adolescence her abilities seemed to grow further and further, though her control over them wasn’t as good as they could be though not from a lack of trying. This often caused her to miss days of school due to being unable to go to school one way or the other. Then as she joined the MI her psychic ability was fully recognised by the federation and she would be given proper training at last... --- Write out a situation in which you would have to use one of your abilities?: (Passive Scenario) Perhaps a fellow trooper or friend of Victoria approaches her, they do not look completely fine but she didn’t need to look to tell that as she could sense the person’s sadness as they came near her, being the nice person she is she makes skin contact with the person to try and understand their problem, then first uses her words to try and calm them, if not successful she would use her abilities to try and calm the person's mind, possibly at risk to herself but a risk she would be willing to take to do some good with her abilities. (Combat Scenario) The MI drop onto a planet in order to fight against Separatist forces, there are few numbers of the MI and also few numbers of the Separatists, making this an up close and personal battle for both parties. Victoria is stationed on the patrol through the area and before she sees it she can sense it, an anger infused separatist coming to attack her, this causes her to back pace, before the threat has even shown itself, and get ready. The man rushes at her and her gun jams, an unlucky occurrence, so she thinks fast and uses her psychic ability to interfere with the man’s mind and overflow him to subdue him to being unconscious or to at least impede him in place, then un-jams her weapon to kill the man as he stay defenceless. --- - IC Section - Name: Victoria Rose Age: 19 D.O.B.: 3rd April Sex: Female Physical Description: A pale short-ish female standing at only 5ft 4inches with a dense athletic frame, hair would be a smooth black and eyes that seemed a dull grey mixed with a mossy green. --- - If Applicable - Current Rank: Rct. Education History: All qualifications up to and including an A-Level in Art Criminal Record: Non-Existent Employment History: Library Assistant, Café Employee Service Record: Fresh from Boot ---
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    Aranea Saint-Laurent

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    Aranea Saint-Laurent

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    Aranea Saint-Laurent

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