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    [These Papers denote a transfer from the MI to Fleet] Name: Jee-un Choi. Station(s): Weapons Biography: Born into a Rural Village known as Taegu-Jikhalsi in the mountains of South Korea, no one expected much of Jee-un Choi, born to some average farmers, everyone assumed she would just work on the farm for the rest of her life.For the first few years of her life she was in basic education, nothing special, yet she still displayed a natural aptitude for maths and the sciences, after everyone in the village learned of this could be genius, they sent her off at age 14 to travel Korea in hopes of reaching Seoul and joining their elite ranks of the highest achieving students in the world. On her travels she would see many places, from the seaside city of Busan to the City of Flowers known as Ilsan, but eventually after a few months she eventually arrived in the technology capital of the world, Seoul. While in Seoul she took the preliminary tests to get into Seoul's most prestigious Academy where she would continue to have a successful academic career as one of Korea's, and The World's smartest and highest achieving students Although Choi's personal life was never quite as good, since she grew up in a rural village, the city people immediately disliked her from the start, causing her to feel unwanted, but after a while, she eventually managed to make friends with some amazing people, and for a short while was in a relationship with another girl until she had to move to another academy. She had a good time with her friends, but that wouldn't last for long. Due to Korea's reputation as the country with one of the highest suicide rates, it was inevitable that Choi would lose someone or herself, but what happened was far worse, one by one her friends committed suicide, deep down she had felt responsible for all of them, feeling that if she tried harder she could've saved them. She has never been able to lose this emotional baggage, yet it doesn't seem to affect her, putting on a strong face at all times to show she was strong, to make her friend's spirits proud. After Choi has lost everybody and graduated from the Academy, she moved back to her home-village, she never told anybody what she went through, instead only telling her parents of the good times and with the money Choi had saved up, she offered her parents a chance to move to a colony, giving them a better life than in their small village. They accepted although Choi would not be joining them, instead Choi would join the Mobile Infantry on the Ulysses Grant to follow in her Brother's footsteps to honour his family. Even though her parents did not approve they would not stop her. For a while, Choi enjoyed the MI, she had friends she was determined to keep, including Iris Blanka and Alysia Harper, but one day during a drop, Choi would get into a bad position, she was clipped with a plasma explosion, the heat burned a large portion of her left side and the force from the explosion broke the skin and disrupted her internal organs, She would lose her left kidney, end up with a biografted stomach and a damaged reproductive system. This served as a grim reminder for Choi that this was just not the place for her, she was better at thinking, not fighting. And due to her previous aptitude in Maths and Science, she decided that she would attempt to transfer to fleet, opting for a position in the Weapons department in the Bridge Crew. [My Technical Document should've been sent in already, if not It will be attached to this application.] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lNbUYSUAX8IMpzK5-BBuAIXWCQXlxBqofv3tOWJZwNM/edit?usp=sharing
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