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  2. SANCTUARY SURRENDERS, O'BRIAN IN CUSTODY We, acting by command of and in behalf of the government of Sanctuary, and the Sanctuary Federal Headquarters, hereby accept the provisions set forth in the declaration issued by the heads of the Governments of the Coalition on 10 July 2298 aboard the UCF-BC-101 Nathaniel Banks, and subsequently adhered to by the aforementioned powers, which are hereafter referred to as the Federation. We hereby proclaim the unconditional surrender to the Federation of the Sanctuary Federal Headquarters and of all Sanctuary armed forces and all armed forces under Sanctuary control wherever situated. We hereby command all Sanctuary forces wherever situated and the people of Sanctuary to cease hostilities forthwith, to preserve and save from damage all ships, aircraft, and military and civil property and to comply with all requirements which may be imposed by the Supreme Commander for the Federation or by agencies of the Sanctuary Government at his direction. We hereby command the Sanctuary Federal Headquarters to issue at once orders to the Commanders of all Sanctuary forces and all forces under Sanctuary control wherever situated to surrender unconditionally themselves and all forces under their control. We hereby command all civil, military and naval officials to obey and enforce all proclamations, and orders and directives deemed by the Supreme Commander for the Federation to be proper to effectuate this surrender and issued by him or under his authority and we direct all such officials to remain at their posts and to continue to perform their non-combatant duties unless specifically relieved by him or under his authority. We hereby undertake for Admiral O'Brian, the Sanctuary Government and their successors to carry out the provisions of the Instrument of Surrender in good faith, and to issue whatever orders and take whatever actions may be required by the Supreme Commander for the Federation or by any other designated representative of the Federation for the purpose of giving effect to that Declaration. We hereby command the government of Sanctuary and the Sanctuary Federal Headquarters at once to liberate all prisoners of war and civilian internees now under Sanctuary control and to provide for their protection, care, maintenance and immediate transportation to places as directed. The authority of Admiral O'Brian and the government of Sanctuary to rule the state shall be subject to the Supreme Commander for the Federation who will take such steps as he deems proper to effectuate these terms of surrender. These were the words relayed by Erin O'Brian as she and her cohorts signed the instrument of surrender aboard the UCF-BC-101 Nathaniel Banks. Troopers and Fleet personnel from all regiments and detachments were present as the Civil War was brought to an official close. With General Martin himself officiating the surrender, cameras snapped and flickered as the ceremony was preceded by the symbollic changing of the flags, signifying the reunification of the Federation under one banner. The declaration of surrender comes after a massive offensive on several planets surrounding Sanctuary, including the planet itself. As the last of the holdouts gradually turn themselves in, the time to take stock of damages dealt during the conflict approaches. Now reunified, the Federation faces challenges both old and new. The daunting task of restoring humanity's numbers and production outputs to pre-Civil War levels is disquieting, but many are confident that now the human race stands on much sturdier ground to confront the challenges ahead. As for O'Brian and her collaborators, they will remain in custody until they are formally sentenced for their crimes against the Federation.
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    Civil War Megathread

    Week 27 After months and months of fighting and bloodshed, Sanctuary has finally fallen to the Coalition. Admiral Erin O'Brian has been captured along with her top councillors after fleeing the falling Fleet Headquarters before it crashed into Sanctuary. She was apprehended by the 112th, 'Davidson's Deathmakers,' and is being processed before formalizing Sanctuary's surrender. The last few bitter-enders prove to be the only obstacle remaining to reunifying the Federation. The days to come will consist of taking stock of the damage inflicted, and remobilizing as a unified fighting force once more to combat the enemies of the human race that have grown and multiplied while we fought amongst ourselves. Now is the time to pick up the pieces, and in our diminished state, begin the arduous process of taking back what we once took for granted. As the war draws to a close, the scale of the destruction along with the ground that's been allowed to fall into enemy hands poses a daunting challenge for the road ahead to restore the Federation to pre-Civil War levels of efficiency and production. To some, the future of the human race is disquietous, but the resilience of the human spirit shines through today. No one can contest that this victory was not an end to an epoch of strife and darkness in the Federation's history. From our mistakes, we seek to better right ourselves so as to make our journey to the future as smoothe and prosperous as possible for us. With the end of the civil war, humanity has the chance to gleam insight from the mistakes made, and arise from the ashes reborn; resilient and steadfast, immunized against the divisiveness that led to the deaths of so many. The future belongs to the citizens of the Federation, and to no one else.
  4. OPERATION OLYMPUS MAPS DAY 1 rp_sheep_v3 rp_nc_c8_v3 rp_salvation_night_redemption rp_salvation_2_stalker rp_thorncreek_v1 rp_dust_v2 DAY 2 sstrp_sanctuary_v1 mor_spaceship_v10 rp_scifi rp_ragnarock_bunker_b1 (additional map content here) mor_facility_cv1 rp_city8_canals rp_outercanals rp_ineu_apocalypse rp_pripyat_hl2 DAY 3 rp_tnb_coast rp_stalker rp_apocalypse rp_industrial_beta9 BRIEFING BEGINS AT 7 PM GMT
  5. EPSILON PRIME, ELIXAEBERNA BESIEGED! DEIPHOBUS, EPSILON PRIME - As part of a mutli-pronged offensive launched by General Martin, operations commenced on Epsilon Prime of the Epsilon Eridani system and Elixaeberna of the Thorbjorg System. Today, elements from the 2nd and 10th Carrier Battle Groups each composed of dozens of dreadnought, corvette, and battle cruiser class vessles, commenced their assault on the two systems. Priam, a thriving port city on Epsilon Prime, was one of the first cities besieged by the Coalition. The port city of Priam under fire; pictured are the UCF-BC-502 Dmitry Donskoy, and the UCF-BC-317 Leo Major shot down on the right. After 17 hours of intense fighting, Priam fell to the Coalition as the last of the city's defenses gave way. With an estimated 12,000 casualties and an additional 2,000 aircraft shot down, the initial assault on Priam is slated to be one of the bloodiest battles of the entire siege of the planet. Tensions run high as troops on the ground struggle to beat back the numerous Sanctuary troops determined to push out the Coalition. To say that Sanctuary was expecting a massive attack would be a gross understatement; compared to the days before the Civil War, much of the planet's cities have been rendered into militarized bastions fitted to withstand the traumas of war. Mobile Infantry troopers performed the dangerous and tedious task of clearing out the entire city; block by block, building by building, determined to root out any persistent Sanctuary stragglers. As more and more Sanctuary vessels appeared to counteract the incoming Coalition invasion, the more destructive and chaotic the scenes on the ground became. As above, so is below; while Fleet fought valiantly to liberate Priam from Sanctuary's yoke, so did the brave men and women of the Mobile Infantry persevere to spearhead the first jab into Epsilon Prime, with many paying the ultimate sacrifice. Troopers of the 90th Moritas, 'Jackson's Jaguars' marching towards one of the military stockyards in Trondheim, in the Jägare Valley of Elixaeberna. On Elixaeberna, the capture of the city of Trondheim in the Jägare Valley came with much less difficulty. Trondheim is one of the many cities in the Jägare Valley responsible for some of the only ship manufacturing on Elixaeberna. With a population of around seven million, Trondheim is one of the most physically expansive cities on the planet; Sanctuary clinging to the sprawling outskirts as Coalition troops continued to pour in proved to be a stubborn hurdle to overcome- and not without significant bloodshed. Though not as intensive as the siege of Priam, Trondheim was finally felled after almost two days of combat. As MI and Fleet elements on Elixaeberna continue to make territorial gains, it's expected that they'll arrive at Mälmo, the planet's capital, by the end of the week. Troopers on the ground not only have to combat the stalwart Sanctuary defenders, but also the colder climates that Elixaeberna is known for. With days almost half as long as earth, temperatures rapidly dip as the night encroaches for the troopers stuck on the ground. With the civilian populations of both planets being funneled towards Sanctuary proper, the fighting is only forecasted to worsen as the battle for the inner worlds of O'Brian's empire continues. ARE YOU SKILLED IN THE FOLLOWING FIELDS: -PSYCHOLOGY -MEDICINE -ENGINEERING -ELECTRONICS -HYDROPONICS -BOTANY -BIOLOGY -SPACECRAFT PILOTING THE FEDERAL ARMED SERVICES NEEDS MINDS LIKE YOURS TO HELP CONTINUE THE WAR AGAINST INTERGALACTIC TYRANNY CONTACT YOUR LOCAL RECRUITER AND SPEAK ABOUT ENLISTMENT TODAY
  6. TJUNKAYA STATION CAPTURED! CASSANDRA BESEIGED! Mobile Infantry of the 74th Moritas attack Tjunkaya Station, seated in the foothills of the Fairfax Mountains on Cassandra. The 74th rounding up a few Sanctuary officers following the capture of facility's grounds. TAZMAN, CASSANDRA - The town of Tazman is one of Cassandra's least populated settlements with less than five hundred residents. Today, however, the town is bustling with non-stop activity as it rests at an important crossroads for invading Coalition troops. As part of a new offensive towards Sanctuary, Cassandra is one of the planets targeted due to the sizeable Sanctuary military presence. Battle cruisers and corvettes fly overhead while countless lorries loaded with troopers clad in grey funnel through the dusty roads of the old town, heading off towards the planet's front line. Built in 2200, Tjunkaya Station used to be an important military station designed to accommodate and service thousands of Mobile Infantry and Fleet personnel passing through the Eta Cassiopei system towards the AQZ. However, towards the beginning of the Civil War, Cassandra fell to Sanctuary, and Tjunkaya Station was heavily refurbished and fortified to serve as a more active post manned around the clock in the event of an attack. FedNet correspondents witnessed the heavy bombardment the Station endured, and accompanied the Mobile Infantry as they secured the sprawling grounds of the facility after nearly twelve hours of constant fighting. The occupants of Tjunkaya Station eventually surrendered after a long, drawn out fight, granting the Coalition a valuable post to further facilitate the offensive against the rest of Cassandra, and towards Sanctuary. Hundreds of Sanctuary troopers were captured, while a few dozen Coalition POW's being held in the Station were liberated as well. With Tjunkaya Station under Coalition control, Military Intelligence suggests that the hardest part of the siege of Cassandra is over. As of now, Mobile Infantry and Fleet personnel make their way towards the planet's capital of the same name, aiming to do battle with the remaining Sanctuary forces hunkering down for the invasion. The Mobile Infantry is made up of men and women who are a clear cut above the everyday civilian. Do you think you have what it takes? Contact your local recruiter and talk about ENLISTMENT TODAY
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    [FEDNET] Major Offensive Underway

    NEW MOLDOVA, RHOHAN - The scene on the ground in the smoggy mining city of New Moldova is one of anticipation, and tension. For the past week and a half, Mobile Infantry and Fleet have been making their presence known more and more as the Coalition begins to undertake an offensive targetting the inner worlds surrounding Sanctuary. Corvettes and battle cruisers obscure the muddled skies while troops on the ground drill and prepare for what is projected to be some of the harshest fighting of the war against Sanctuary. Troopers performing drills on Rhohan's Grey Forest. Veterans and seasoned troopers who fought toe-to-toe with Sanctuary on planets like Shoreridge are anxious to return the favor. "I lost more than my fair share fighting against those traitors. There's good men and women that'd still be drawing breath if it weren't for them." Sergeant Thomas Flores lost his eye in an explosion while fighting against Sanctuary forces on Claudius I. "We're gonna' hit 'em ten times as hard as they hit us during their offensive. I'm determined to see those rolling green hills and sprawling seas on Sanctuary for myself, and to see that bastard O'Brian hang." Sergeant Flores and his men are stocking their ship, the UCF-277 Ivar Knudsen, and are set to deploy to Epsilon Prime later this week. Sergeant Flores' story is not unique among the thousands of troopers mobilizing on Castus. Between the scarred and hardened faces of the troopers, Fleet personnel are more than eager to satisfy their bone to pick with Sanctuary. The Ivar Knudsen, preparing to visit a supply depot on the other side of Rhohan. "My Captain sacrificed his life in order to save the rest of the cruisers in our flotilla. My home, and everything I had was blown out into space by a Sanctuary helical." Ensign Laura Graham served aboard the UCF-187 Anne Bailey, one of the many corvettes lost during the Battle of Shoreridge. "I'm alive now because I'm not gonna' let my Captain's sacrifice be in vain." Graham and her colleagues spend their days overseeing bustling cadets as they rush to stock up the Anne Bailey with enough ordnance for the coming fight against Sanctuary. Lieutenant Colonel Mahmoud Babar stands at a solid six feet. His biotech right leg is barely noticeable underneath his cleanly pressed dress pants. His medals gleam in the artificial light of the military offices in New Moldova. "...With the end so close, we're more than willing to do everything it takes to bring about a stop to Sanctuary's insurrection. I've ascended the ranks through this civil war, and have seen men and women much greater than I pay the ultimate price for supporting the Federation. It's my duty as an officer to ensure that they will rest peacefully- which will only be brought about with O'Brian's deposing." Outside, three battle cruisers' thrusters shake the windows as their massive frames lift from the stockyards, heading towards planets like Epsilon Prime, one of the manufacturing powerhouses for Sanctuary, and Agamemnon, a largely agricultural planet responsible for supplying much of Sanctuary space with an ample amount of food. "As we speak, we're already striking Sanctuary targets to pave the way for our offensive. An overwhelming show of force with surgical precision- that's the theme of this operation. We're gonna' make O'Brian and her cadre quake in their boots." As we speak with Lieutenant Colonel Babar, more and more ships streak through the sky. Their contours cover the sky, slowly zooming away towards the Sanctuary front, heavily fortified on both sides. The fighting is forecasted to be some of the fiercest in the entire war- Lieutenant Colonel Babar states that Sanctuary troops will be fighting tooth-and-nail now that their backs are pressed against the wall. The troopers we've spoken to show a headstrong resolve to put an end to this war. But they're not alone. They need men and women like YOU for the final fight to come against Sanctuary. Do you think you have what it takes? Contact your local recruiter and speak to them about enlisting. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO TAKE PART IN THE FEDERAL ARMED SERVICES? VETERANS WHO RE-ENLIST WILL RECEIVE INCREASED STIPENDS! SERVICE GUARANTEES CITIZENSHIP!
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  12. GAMES AND THEORY DENOUEMENT FOR YOUR EYES ONLY Based on the testimony of the 112th, prior collected evidence from ███████ on ████ and █████, Sites ███████ and ███████; Games and Theory is convinced that these sites, specifically the 'Megalith' on ███████ have strong cultural significance to the Skinny race. Evidence collected from prior sites corroborate the same camera phenomena; none of the aforementioned sites can be captured with a camera (precise cause still unknown, requires further analysis.) Witnesses describe similar sensations when in proximity with the aforementioned sites. Whether this is tied to the distorting effects exhibited on photographic elements is undetermined as of the writing of this denouement. The 112th's statements corroborate prior testimony from both other Mobile Infantry, Fleet researchers, and even civilian statements about sensations of dread, being followed, feeling 'a presence' that seems to permeate the site, and cause discomfort to all nearby. Carbon dating of the 'Megalith' proved to be inconclusive. Sedimentary analysis nearby, along with relative dating of the rocks and minerals surrounding the site suggest that the site in question is approximately 13,500 years old. Prior encounters on ███████ and ████, along with testimony from research teams on ██████ and ███ ███████ from an expedition in 2294 seem to corroborate mostly mild psychic phenomena- very different from the intense 'vision' that Alpha company of the 112th experienced. Said 'vision' sets this site apart in terms of intrigue and importance to Games and Theory. [DISCLAIMER: Human thought constructs have proven to be misleading in describing the true nature/characteristics of extraterrestrial cultural contributions. Regarding the Skinny race, even our most advanced translation apparatuses experience difficulty in transmitting ideas originated by Skinnies into a format that's able to be understood and digested by the human race. Games and Theory arrives to the conclusion about the 'Megalith' after examining testimony and testimony only, as not much else proves to be a viable way to relay information in regards to sites of this nature. In our limited human understanding, interpreting the exact purpose and precise significance of certain extraterrestrial constructs sometimes proves as accurate as forecasting the path of a typhoon by lifting one's wet finger to the wind. A measure of skepticism is not only strongly advised when discerning the true nature of such sites, it is expected, and encouraged.] Descriptions of the 'vision' itself varied slightly among troopers, but there's no doubt they experienced the same 'event,' some ancient battle most likely between Skinnies. The 'vision' appears to have lasted approximately thirteen minutes, with no known occurences of time dilation. The apparition eminating from the central sarcophagus in the site is believed to belong to a Chieftain, or some distinguished warrior, as the sarcophagus is set aside and placed in the center of the site, while the headstones (Subterranean imaging along with mild excavation came back with NO other remains, save for the contents of the central sarcophagus) flanked the sides- all composed of some form of polished stone (Samples taken, analysis pending) whilst the sarcophagus itself was adorned with carvings, as well as an 'artifact' that rested atop said sarcophagus. The precise purpose for the artifact is so far unknown, whether it serves as a 'trophy,' or some kind of device imbibed with psychic energies, G'n'T is unsure. Psychic operatives did not detect any living Skinnies anywhere near the 'Megalith', raising questions about the nature of the psychic energies seemingly embedded within these sites, and even more as to the actual process of doing so. As of now, the intensity of the psychic vision experienced by Alpha company is believed to be tied to the destructive nature of the fighting, or the cultural significance of the 'battle' that the MI witnessed. Alpha's troopers drew their own conclusions, many of which fell in line with Games and Theory's denouement. "...After my mind finally registered the entire event I recognized what the Megalith actually was. It was a memorial to either the buried there, or to the battle that raged. I don't know who the figure was exactly but he was obviously prominent. I think we desecrated the site with our presence, and then removal of the significant artifact. The Megalith defended itself probably in a automated way rather than transcendant." "...We had desecrated that site, and we should leave. It wasn't hard to figure out with the vision that we were inside of a war memorial ground. A mass grave for their warriors, or, atleast their commanding officer or some figure of importance." With the disclaimer in mind, Games and Theory's denouement is largely similar to conclusions drawn up by Alpha. The point of intrigue comes with the nature of the vision itself, with which G'n'T has a hypothesis. Prior encounters with said sites in the past have left little to no means of transmitting physical evidence of its existence (photographs, etc.) The remedy to this situation was to deploy a psychic operative to merely observe the sites, and they would be 'read' by another psychic operative upon their return to safety. However, this proved to be disastrous, as severe mental trauma was inflicted on both the 'reader' and the 'read-ee' when they tried to recall their experiences from the site. Operatives were left in catatonic states, and were subsequently medically discharged as their conditions worsened. Why this is, Games and Theory doesn't have a concise, concrete explanation. Our hypothesis is that the nature of the knowledge imbibed in these sites appears to be 'sacred,' or seemingly meant for Skinny consumption only. This is supported by the chaotic and frazzled nature of the 'battle vision' where many voices belonging to Skinnies long gone appeared to badger the troopers' minds- something that a Skinny would be able to handle and synthesize easily, but something that could prove overwhelming and terrifying to an organism not versed in psychic discourse. It's very likely that if this site is some kind of 'memorial,' than like reading a plaque at the bottom of a statue, the 'vision' the MI experienced would serve a similar purpose to Skinnies coming to 'pay their respects.' Photographs from both Master Sergeant Liliana Verbeck, and G'n'T operative Specialist Maxwell Fields both contain shots of a red light that appeared to 'follow' and 'watch' the MI throughout their deployment. Photographic analysis of both Fields' and Verbeck's photograph show a light profile that's congruent with Skinny space vessels that we've recorded in the past, i.e; The Skinnies were consciously 'watching' the MI and Specialist Fields throughout the course of their deployment. PROGNOSIS: - Investigation of the site is to continue, contact with ████ ██████ and ██████ ████ shows promise as far as yielding more substantial results. - Followup with psychically disturbed individuals deemed unneccesary; residual effects appear to have completely subsided. -Technical Sergeant York's drawings to be vaulted- Along with Master Sergeant Verbeck's photograph of the Skinny vesel. - Further investigation at ██████████ is to be delayed until boots on the ground can be procured, and further analysis can be achieved. Whether or not Alpha will be called again for similar operations in the future is undetermined as of the writing of this denouement. - Contact with ██████████ of █████ advised, however ██████████ have proven to be uncooperative in the past. Exercise discretion. -Megalith Incident to be classified, and added to the list of other encounters. Alpha will be given an exception. Delay investigation at ████-████ until further safety measures can be ensured to research parties.
  13. PETTY OFFICER AUDREY SONG - AS STAFF SERGEANT JENNIFER HAYES - JH The following recording contains the voices of two women; one with an Irish accent, and one without. AS: This is in regards to a deployment you participated on during the twelfth of June, 2298. You were sent to investigate a 'site' that held interest to Military Intelligence. Do you recall what I'm speaking of? JH: Well I remember it pretty well. First was that informant that ran the fuck away. Then our long walk to the middle of a desert to find that alien structure. The odd pillars going skyward in a circle like pattern with differing sizes in an order to them. Then the middle of the pillars was a slab like a sarcophagus. To me it looked like a weapon or grave site in the beginning. Once we were inside of the site, it gave off a terrible vibe and didn't feel right. Upon investigating it, it knocked everyone out once someone picked up a small object on the slab. Then seeing the visions... AS: Go on. JH: The visions were Skinnies fighting each other and a large civil war from the looks of it. Then I woke up with my head wanting to kill me. When I passed out, my head hit a pillar rather hard, even with a helmet on. Then I ordered everyone to leave the site right away. Get away from it as soon as possible. Also Verbeck was telling me that she had reason to believe to leave that moment. Then upon leaving some one was having issues because they picked up an artifact. So we only made it up the hill from the site before we had to send two back to try and return the artifact. Then once it was returned we called for a dropship and left. AS: Yes... Staff Sergeant Verbeck and Sergeant Young returned the artifact, and then you all absconded and exfiltrated. Did anything else that you might think would be beneficial for the record happen after that, or were there no further instances of any psychic phenomena? JH: Just the normal skinnie nightmare but that just might be me. I have a troubled past with them. AS: Can you elaborate on what you felt a little bit more once you came into contact with the site? AS: Sensations of... dread... being watched... Did you experience anything like that? JH: At first it was a hum like, then it did turn into that. I felt the need to leave for awhile. Like I wasn't supposed to be there and we were wrong in being there. JH: The place glowed an odd color too. AS: Can you describe the artifact's physical appearance? Would you say it's around fourteen inches in length, as far as dimensions? JH: Oh, that one. I did not get a good look at it as for small detail. It was small like an idol. Fourteen inches sounds about right. JH: Probably supposed to look like one of them or something. AS: Any other details that you feel might be pertinent to the investigation that caught your attention during the deployment? JH: I think I said all I remember....There was a ghost like being after the visions. Speaking in an unknown language. It looked like a skinnie. AS: Showed up after you came to from the first 'vision?' JH: Yes. Ontop of the slab AS: Do you recall seeing anything like this during your deployment? JH: That was in the sky the whole time I believe. I remember looking at it once and then ignoring it. AS: Right. I believe that's all we'll be needing from you then, Staff Sergeant, if you've nothing further to add. JH: That is all, Ma'am. AS: Very good. Door's unlocked, I believe you know the way out. Thank you, Staff Sergeant. [The recording stops.]
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