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  1. [LOADING ENTRY] ... ... ... [FILE CORRUPTED] [RECOVERY IN PROGRESS] Ọ̻͔̥͇̪̤͡f̶̕͏͙̥͓̣̭̼̳͖ ͎͔͓̥̣̮̀̕c̢̮͍̲̲̗ͅo̷̧͔̝̤͉u͏͕̥̠͓͇ŗ̸͎̯s̷̨̪͈̘̝̰̳ͅe͓͓͍͖̮͚͢͝ͅͅ,̡̖̞͔͍̘̤́ ̝̱̪͖̳͜͟n̢̳͚͖͎o̵̕ͅb̴͈̲̠͎͇̠̥o̪̦͜͠dy has been returning our calls to Abboud. Dr. Watson's at his wits end, trying to provide what little palliative care that we can. It seems like every day there's more patients, despite the lockdowns. According to one of our nurses, they're closing hospitals further south where the resurgence is worse. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite as bad as the situation on Salk. I was doing my residency when the first outbreak happened back in '73. How long ago that was. This strain is much, much harder to pin down. Ivan laments to me that the second they manage to isolate it and synthesize a vaccine, it's already mutated. Outside, everything smells like ash and cinders. They're burning down the condemned blocks. They, being the few-remaining police detachments that are garbed up in protective suits, just like us. As the days drag on, we're seeing fewer and fewer of them. Every now and again, I accompany the interns to the station to retrieve supplies. The conditions have deteriorated at such a tremendous rate that I wouldn't have believed that such poverty and destitution existed if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. When we go, we pass unresponsive bodies on the street; some of them are patients that we were forced to turn loose. Sometimes, I even recognize their faces. They lay on the pavement, gasping for air as their lungs fill with fluid. They struggle to hold down food, and they slowly drift from place to place until they stop moving altogether. They mix with the vagrants, many of whom have been kicked out of their homes in an attempt to control the spread of the disease. This, in turn, makes it even easier for the virus to spread among the encampments that have sprung up. I've had patients die on me before, I'm no stranger to it- but it pains me to watch these people slowly suffer and being able to do nothing about it besides ease their pain. Sick mothers becoming estranged from their infant children, knowing that they won't be around to watch them grow into adulthood. It's soul-crushing. The streets have become dangerous. Roaming gangs smash storefronts and loot the few businesses that haven't been closed down. Money has stopped flowing into the city. People know they are living on borrowed time, and are acting accordingly. I've been threatened on numerous occasions. The scars from the fighting last year are still present; many buildings have been left in different degrees of ruin. The Kaminski administration is tearing at the seams, and it shows in this place in particular. The government has issued a litany of restrictions on travel, and have prioritized screening and detection over palliative care. As a result, many places have been quartered off, and the people inside have been left to hang in the wind. Ivan fought on Salk, and I can tell he's got a lot of opinions about Kaminski and his cronies. Either way, our frustration is palpable. We've had to discipline some of our nurses for snapping at patients. I can hear a pack of dogs outside, fighting over a corpse, probably. Tomorrow, we're meant to pick up our month's cut. Sometimes, we've received packages of supplies that have clearly been tampered with, with several articles missing. It's disheartening to see such behavior. Sometimes, I think of Sally and Fatimah, and that gets me through the long shifts. It's hard to keep in touch with your humanity when each day you're the one who has to break the news to a patient that they're not long for this world. I fear that the government will soon relocate us, and stop all operations here. It's been an uphill battle. Wherever we get moved to, we'll inevitably get moved somewhere else, and blockade everything. Burn down the condemned blocks, and start all over again someplace else. Sometimes, it reminds me of my time developing trauma equipment for the Mobile Infantry. There's only so many ways you can protect and mend a person who has been sliceḓ̷̛̻̖̼̝͝ ̷̪̝͚̺͓͎̰͙͟ͅų̸̡̹͎̮̗ͅp̶̡̖͍̼̗̯̱ ̶̥̹̣̯ͅḅ͈̖̦̕͘y̢̞̮̹̘̩̩ͅ ̭̼̤̲ą̩̲̩͉̲͕͝n̫͓͇ ̹͘͠͡Á̷̧͓̬̩̩r͈͚͉͇͈͝a̶̢̞̱̻̻c̝͙̳͙h̖̻͢͡n͞҉̴̤̻̯ͅi͙̪͘͘͡d̞̝̯̣͉̻͘͟.̱̣̩̞̭̭̗̮͝ͅ ... ... ... [RECOVERY FAILED]
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    Charlie Scott

    I would like to know more
  3. ... J͎͙̪͡ṷ̱̮̜̳͡n͚͚͇̬͟e̡̹̥̜̮ͅ ̨1̙̘̬̯͓7̖̤͍͚,͇̹̝̟̙ ̡͇̯̘2̞͙̟͚̲̦2͈̠͕̹̤̯5̹͚͓̥͚̤͘4̟̯̬ ̷͖̙ ̩̤͉͢G̹͈̩͘ͅo͍̘͙͙d̖ ͖͖͚̜̬k̡̭͔͓̮̯n̘͓̬̪̙̦͕͘o̤̠͇̲ͅw̵͔̘̼̗̫̥s̫͔͎̺ ̛̱̖̦h̦͝o̮̠̩̯̝̬̦͝w̸͇̥̖̘̦̦ ̻̼̲̳̤͎͈m̹̫͙͙͈̫̘u͉͓͈̳͍͈c̶̗̩̭̫̗̙h̲͈͉͠ ̺͓̬͍̣w͘e̜̲̣̹͈̬'̻͓̞͈̞̻̻̀v̰e̙͖͓̞̺̟ ̨̝ṱ̶̹͙̜̩͙̖o̸͇̰̹̝̗i̵͎͔͚̬l̖̱̰̠̥ed here, carving the land and making it our own against great adversity. With my own two hands, I built the house in which I write this. With my own two hands, I cleared grazing land for my livestock in the lashing rain, and the beating sun. The elephant deer here are temperamental, and require many ranch hands to keep under control. A new brood has begun grazing near our grounds. Were it not pox, bandits, or the elements themselves, it is another challenge to the homesteaders. Out here, it is one test after the other. Jular goes to great lengths to remind me that things were much harder for his father's generation. He says we are soft. I still blame myself for poor Samantha. Laura is stiff-lipped as usual, but I can tell she's still racked with grief. Despite this, I would not trade this land for anything of 'luxury' and 'convenience' within the confines of the Federation. They don't understand that we don't want their laws. Despite everything this place can throw at you, it has something that none of the other colonies can offer. We don't want what they're selling. That's not how it works out here. Here, a man can truly be free. Away from the urban sprawl that brings out the worst in man. August 2, 2254 Rainfall is scarce, and many crops have died in a blight. Subatai ticks don't seem to be deterred by our pesticides this season. Jular, Bill, and Ken have left to make the trip to Page River. The storms have been unpredictable lately. September 20th, 2254 A group of Mormons have arrived. About twenty three, in total. They say they are pilgrims, looking for 'Kolob.' By Jordan's logic, they made it as far as they did unmolested, they deserve some hospitality. After all, we had harbored stranger folk. I still remember the Ashlanders, and their strange customs. What came of them, I'll never know. They want to stock up on supplies, and be on their way. Jular doesn't trust them. September 27th, 2254 More Mormons. They are accumulating numbers, and I am unsure of when it is they will depart this place to continue their pilgrimage. Many have begun moving closer to town. They gather to worship, and they work hard. I spoke with one, about their departure. He told me that the road to 'Kolob' is long and winding, and that they have 'spiritual needs' that need to be addressed in the mean time. Jular and I have watched the way that they stare at our tavern and distilleries with scorn. With the passing of each day, more of these folk come to here, of all places. October 11th, 2254 There has been some tension between our group and our new Mormon friends. They have begun to set up more permanent lodgings, and have arrived in such droves that we are quickly finding ourselves to be a minority in a community of our own forging. I did not come this far away to be subjected to the impositions of another dogma. Laura is worried. They have begun to demonstrate outside of our tavern, demanding that we become dry. A fight broke out, and two men were left bloodied and bruised. Jular fears that this is only the beginning. October 24th, 2254 Problems with the Mormons have been raised in our meetings. Their transgressions continue to disrupt our way of life. Many are divided on the proper course of action to take. Matthews, instead of being his usual determined self, was conflicted. The only thing I knew for sure was that people were angry. Winter was coming, and there were suspicions about the Mormons hiding away, or worse, stealing from our food stocks. After much deliberation that lasted long into the night, we decided that the Mormons would be better off living in their own area, slightly removed from town proper. November 2nd, 2254 Relocation was slow, and arduous. They have moved a good distance, but we can still see their lights at night. This hasn't meant that they've stopped coming to town to sell their wares. Nor does it mean that their zeal has been tempered. Matthews tells me in confidence that he fears we may have made things worse. Too early to tell. Laura misses Roku San. Roku San can spin into the sun, for all I care. November 8th, 2254 A horrible thing happened. The Katz' girl, Lisa, was found in the river today. Lyle and David found her while they were patrolling their property over near the Mormon side of town. They think she had been playing, slipped and hit her head, and drowned. Family's devastated, as expected. Rumors have spread about a few Mormon boys being seen with her the night before. There is a bad taste in the air. I'm beginning to worry. November 13th, 2254 The tavern caught fire in the night. It spread out of control, and jumped to the storehouses stocked with foodstuffs for the winter. When dawn came all that was left were smoldering cinders and smoke where months' worth of food used to be. Jular was furious. I was too. This will put us in grave danger when the ground freezes over. Matthews and myself went to make an emergency run to Page River. We were buying what little was left in the stores when the Mormons' homes were razed to the ground. I sit here, writing this the morning after. I know not where the Mormons have gone, now. The small temple they have built still stands from outside my window, but I don't know for how long that will last. _____ Lyle has been shot, and we haven't seen Ken. We are unsure if they took prisoners. The fight broke out near the river. They had amassed a force of around a dozen. Was hard to see, and was very conf̶̲̩̥u̡͕̟s̫̜̮̺̱͓ḭ͢n͚̯̖͉̯g͏̞͖̤̫.̞͉̪ ́S̟͓̠̬̮͘ṷ̵̦̜̩̥r͇̩͍̞̠̘p̟͜r̟̣i̬ͅs̳̖ͅẹ̤̱̳͈͉̕d̩̣ ̝̰ͅw̪̬̟̰̰̬ͅe̟̝̬ ͓͖̕ͅd̮̬̻̤i͕͚̙̲̬̣ͅd̷̦̰͚̗̖͚ń̗̲̦̻̠͔̤'̢͖̥̟̯̯̘t̪͕ ̺ͅl̮̣̞̘̙͎̮͜o̞̘̖͖̙̟̠s̗͈̬̠̪̬̕e̞̺͞ ̼̲̖̰m̵̫or͚͢e̦̭͓͈͇͕ ̵͕t̙͇͚͉h̢̥̙̩ͅa̯͡n̨̫ ̧̤̘̱͍w͈̘͡e̶̳̦̯ ̤͢di̫̤͔͉̯͙d̥͡.͚ ...
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    Edward 'Eddy' Vang

    Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee It gets hotter than a hoochie coochie We laid rubber on the Georgia asphalt We got a little crazy but we never got caught Down by the river on a Friday night A pyramid of cans in the pale moonlight Talking 'bout cars and dreaming 'bout women Never had a plan just a livin' for the minute Yeah way down yonder on the Chattahoochee Never knew how much that muddy water meant to me But I learned how to swim and I learned who I was A lot about livin' and a little 'bout love Well we fogged up the windows in my old Chevy I was willing but she wasn't ready So I settled for a burger and a grape snow cone Dropped her off early but I didn't go home Down by the river on a Friday night A pyramid of cans in the pale moonlight Talking 'bout cars and dreaming 'bout women Never had a plan just a livin' for the minute Yeah way down yonder on the Chattahoochee Never knew how much that muddy water meant to me But I learned how to swim and I learned who I was A lot about livin' and a little 'bout love Yeah, way down yonder on the Chattahochee Never knew how much that muddy water meant to me But I learned how to swim and I learned who I was A lot about livin' and a little 'bout love. A lot about livin' and a little 'bout love.
  5. DIONYSUS - MOVING FORWARD Neglected for twenty-one years, the wilds have been allowed to encroach onto the site of once-bustling urban centers. CAMP FOXTROT, MESA VERDE - Most of Dionysus is covered in craters and scars from saturation bombings, but among the ruins of Mesa Verde, time has stood still for twenty-one years. It only took 36 hours for the city to fall, taking the lives of around 2 million, mostly being civilians. Having been dealt a devastating blow, the Mobile Infantry hastened to mobilize a counterattack, but were overwhelmed by the number of Arachnids. A planetary evacuation was ordered, and the Federation struggled to maintain stable routes for fleeing civilians. After cutting their losses, Sky Marshall Phid authorized the saturation bombing of the planet's surface to dislodge the entrenched Bugs. Despite the bombing, the Arachnids held their ground, and operations on Dionysus were ceased. For over two decades, the planet would serve as an agitating reminder of the destructive power of the Bugs, being just out of grasp for reclamation. Now, with Operation Dust Devil coming to a close, the Federation has managed to right old wrongs and re-establish a foothold on the planet's surface. Mobile Infantry and Fleet brass are currently convening to decide further course of action for the next phase of Dionysus' rehabilitation. We spoke with some of the troops stationed at Camp Foxtrot, in the old West Stadium in downtown, specifically one Sgt. Victor Mendelbaum. "It's pretty wild, walking around the old streets of Mesa Verde, and Xiaogan. You'll be in the middle of a city and it'll be dead quiet. Everything's exactly the way it was twenty years ago. You can still find the New Years' decorations. It wasn't pretty, what happened here. I'm real glad that we're finally taking back what's ours." SALT LAKE CITY SIEGE ENDS IN BLAST OGDEN, UTAH, USA - The standoff between radical Mormon extremists and Mobile Infantry in the Utah-Nevada theater has come to an end. Lasting for nearly two months, the standoff began in late December after a firefight broke out between the extremists and a group of MI, leaving two troopers dead. Since then, the area has been on lockdown with the Mobile Infantry maintaining a tight vise on the compound in the ruins of Salt Lake City. Intelligence confirmed the existence of unarmed women and children within the compound, preventing troops from arresting and detaining the extremists. Lt. Ivan Sikorsky of the 9th Infantry brigade was in charge of defusing the situation, hoping to negotiate for the safe evacuation of the women and children from inside the camp. Throughout the course of the siege, only 4 of the 12 suspected women and children left the compound. Around 2:30 AM local time, smoke was spotted from the back of the compound. Around two minutes later, it is suspected that an ammunition cache nearby ignited, and set off a massive blast which destroyed most of the compound. Authorities are struggling to identify the bodies of the potential ringleader, Joshua Nedermeyer, who claimed to be on a religious crusade by refusing to leave what they saw as theirs granted by 'The Most High.' Mobile Infantry have apprehended around a dozen survivors, who appear to be in a state of shock. Lieutenant Sikorsky declined to make a comment on the situation.
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    SST Quotes Thread

    ***TSgt. Charlie Scott kissed Bently's forehead through his mask in a very professional, surgical and hygenic matter.
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    The Graveyard

    fuck machine learning
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    System for Sparring

    i find feats more rewarding when there's some adversity to overcome, even if it means acknowledging you're tired/hot/cold/sick/chronic lumbago through a /me
  9. Orwell

    System for Sparring

    maybe if we can get some people to cease their headassery we might get somewhere. we used to have people who understood the limits of the human body, even a human body conditioned by military rigors has its limits, and its part of your role as a trooper to understand that consequences will follow if you push yourself too far. it's part of a bigger problem concerning a lack of roleplay around fatigue. we sprint non-stop, we climb up sheer rockfaces, we zip zop all over a map and even when fatigue conditions are /ev'd, ie "The troopers would feel tired after marching for 5 hours straight" there is still a reluctance to acknowledge "wow i'm a human being and i get tired" because it might be inconvenient for the player edit: worse yet, some think that BECAUSE they are military this means that they don't get to roleplay many of these conditions at all, which isn't the case
  10. Orwell

    System for Sparring

    Roleplay with people who understand that their characters are not monoliths of strength and constitution, and who are aware of how taxing it can be to spar for three minutes. Swallow your pride and understand that when you've taken 10+ blows to the head and you're bleeding all over the gym, you're not showing off how much of a badass you are, you're holding up the sparring ring for other people that actually want to roleplay. understand that when a private goes up against a sergeant, they will probably lose. You don't even need a roll bonus system, just use common fucking sense. A trooper who has been in the service for years is probably going to wipe the floor with a rookie. Playing to lose isn't so much 'trying to lose' it's more about you and the other person coming to a logical conclusion about who would most likely win so you don't have to stand there on the sidelines watching people roll for 10 minutes in what's supposed to be a 3-4 minute spar get dragged out until one gets put in the medbay. get into a fight in real life, see how long you can maintain your stamina and fight for three minutes straight.
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    teamspeak is about 10% useful and 90% causes more grievances/bs than warranted. rest in piss
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    Terran Front

    01/02/2299 NEW DEVELOPMENTS: - Operations on Terra presuming as planned, obedience to campaign timetable maintained. SICON estimates the removal of combat-capable Neons on Terra to take place by August. - Rehabilitation and reconstruction in full swing; civilian subsidized laborers and government workers have their work cut out for them. Massive labor force required, economic incentives abound. - Many cities and urban super centers have been irreparably damaged; hopes for complete rehabilitation are slim. Terran diaspora affected heavily. - Neons have been pushed into more adverse terrain; removal conditions are expected to be slow. - Mobile Infantry forces from North America and Europe are being siphoned off to the Martian theater. - Operation Akasha winding down; troops being diverted to Tibet and Xinjiang to combat Neons. - Combat portion of Operation Jaguar has concluded. - Combat portion of Operation Oni has concluded. - Combat portion of Operation Manifest has concluded. - Combat portion of Operation Dreamtime has concluded. - Combat portion of Operation Scatter has concluded. - Combat portion of Operation Parang has concluded.
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    Aoife York née Hviteulven

    you're so fucking gay