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    Operation Dust Devil

    Mission Report - First Platoon Abstract Mission Briefing i. First Platoon is to secure a mountain pass (Stockholm Pass) and allow for the safe transport of elements from Alpha and Bravo of the 88th Moritas to pass through. ii. First Platoon is to ensure the safety of several emplacements on said pass Mission Log >> 14/11/2298 - 1:20 Federation Standard - MSgt. McCarthy as drop lead. Cpl. Daby as RTO / SIC. >>1:25 - Little Eagle Two-Three touches down. Platoon deploys. L-E returns to orbit. >> 1:35 - Platoon entrenches at the pass on a bridge and encounters light resistance from Warrior, Hopper, and Firefly castes. >> 1:50 - Platoon encounters first string of troopers from the 88th. They pass through without incident. >> 2:00 - Platoon gains more attention from Arachnids, and deals with increasing resistance. >> 2:10 - Stragglers from the 88th filter in with Arachnids in pursuit. They travel through the pass after eliminating their pursuers. >> 2:20 - Arachnids begin counteroffensive, and sandwich First Platoon between both ends of the bridge. At around this time, ammunition runs critically low. A supply drop is called in. >> 2:22 - Red Wing 1-2 arrives with resupply in tow, gets knocked into the bay by a Firefly and crashes, destroying the munitions inside and killing the pilots. (2x KIA) >> 2:30 - First Platoon is pushed off the bridge after requesting air support (could not be granted) and retreats further into the tunnel to their south. >> 2:40 - First Platoon is informed that Operational Command is aborting, and that they are to exfil ASAP. >> 2:50 - First Platoon extracts via Red Wing 1-4 >> 2:55 - First Platoon officially boards the Grant, concluding their tasking. Abstract Mission Conclusion Mission was a failure. Elements of the 88th were entirely wiped out (most of Bravo and Charlie). Several TAC wings lost in addition to the crew of Red Wing 1-2. GnT failed to accurately forecast the intensity of the resistance the Mobile Infantry would face on the outskirts of Mesa Verde.
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    What I've been doing

    wtf dude lmao
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    'Hominid' Incident - 27/10/98 - Recordings

    ANALYSIS RETURNS (10/11/98) Skull A recovered by TSgt. Naomi Hawthorne determined to be of early Homo sapien (Cro-Magnon) origin. Skull A exhibits lacerations/etchings burnt into the bone in angular patterns near the Occipital bun. Carbon dating estimates that the Skull A is roughly 23,000 years old. Stone fragments retrieved from a petrified leather sack in the general vicinity are concurrent with hafted tools and arrow heads dated from 40,000 to 15,000 years old. The petrified sack itself was determined to be roughly 25,000 years old. Skull B was determined to belong to Homo neanderthalensis, and was determined to be roughly 80,000 years old. It exhibited similar lacerations near the Occipital bun much like Skull A. Mandible A recovered by the detail team exhibits a dental pattern congruent with Homo heidelbergensis. Mandible A is estimated to be roughly 211,000 years old. DETAIL TEAM REPORT: - Dozens (32 currently) of skeletal fragments recovered. - Skeletal fragments belonging to various Homo sp. in addition to several Denisovan skeletons, almost all of which exhibited lacerations congruent with intensive surgery. - Multiple projectiles, both extraterrestrial and Terran in origin (ages dating from 90,000 to 500 years ago) recovered at the site. - The dropship pilots were never recovered. - The corpse belonging to the orderly identified as Cpl. Oscar Sotomayor appeared to be vivisected. Sotomayor was missing his spleen, liver, and heart. - The massive skull belonging to the 'apparition' belongs to a species of quadrupedal, ruminant extraterrestrial fauna native to Samson, not Barbarossa. - Some bones recovered have yet to be corresponded with any one species. - The extraterrestrial projectiles recovered are of similar composition to ancient Skinny spears and lances found on ██████ ██████ and █████████ █████ ████ - Due to the massive overgrowth of the forest, the detail team has remarked that the extensive forest cover has allowed much of the area to exist for a very long time without relative disruption from the environment. - The detail team remarked that they had not experienced any hallucinations or otherwise odd happenings besides a general feeling of uneasiness that dissipated as they left the AO.
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    Terran Front

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    'Hominid' Incident - 27/10/98 - Recordings

    EL: PO. Eric Lao ML: LCpl. Madoc LLewellyn [A recording plays with two voices, one an unaffected North American male, and the other a Scottish female.] EL:This is in regards to a deployment on the 27th of October, 2298. You were sent to investigate and retrieve the contents of a crashed dropship on Barbarossa. Do you know what I'm talking about?" ML: Ah recall, ye'. 'S'posed'ta be eee-zee, jus' go'en down'tae the dropship, mark'et an leave. EL: Please state your full name and rank for the record, if you would. ML: Madoc Llewellyn. Lance Corporal. EL: We've spoken to one of your colleagues, also a member of MIPOD, about the events of the drop. We were fortunate to retrieve footage from one of the AEGIS suits present, but some of the footage is corrupted in parts. We're looking to construct a timeline of the events. EL: Can you walk me through what happened that drop? From the beginning to the end. ML: --Ye'. Ah'can try. 'S'real fuzzy, fer the record. EL: Whenever you're ready. ML: Righ'. Uh. . . Firs' thing's firs'. We dropped'en. Dropship doors open'an'lit. . Uh. . . Though'et was water. --Nah. . Ice. Ye'ever seen a nature documentary wit'clear-ass ice? 'S'lit' tha' bu' worse. We step out. . Start movin' towards some land. . . Er-so we were thinkin'. . 'Cept the fuckin' ground was alive. EL: -Yes, a type of fungus that's native to the area. Go on. ML: Movin' on from'ere. . The Techie, me-self an' Daby star' feelin' real fuckin' bad. . Like takin' the wrong alleyway on the way'ome bad. Someone's watchin' us, ready'ta jab us. We star' movin' an' uh. . Find a burial site'er somein'. . A skull an' ribs. . Carved up. . Laser-like, lit' some alien fuckin' did-it. No-way, no-how a Terran did it, ye'? EL: What kind of skull? ML: Wha's the word uh. . . Lit'a'Neanderthal. Lit-rully tex'book lookin'. So Day-be tries touchin'et 'er somein'. Ah'dinnae wha'e's doin' 'cause ah'm on perimeter. Whils'e's aff do'en his do, ah'get real freaked out. Feelin' like some'in'sboota pop out of the woods. Fuck us up. -An' that's it. . Nothin' happens at that poin'. Daby jus' starts freakin' out, so we all move. Ah'grab some weird-ass burial bag'is skeleton 'ad.... An' it jus'. . Disintegrates like. . . --Like ash. EL: The detail team we sent to recover artifacts brought in a petrified sack. Appeared to be some sharpened rocks, axe heads- small stones inside, yes? ML: Sounds'bou' righ'. Any'o. . Nex' up we find'is. . Uh. . . . Weird-ass burial site. . 'S'got these bone-lookin' trees near it. . An' there's jus' loads'e corpses sittin'about. An' below a few rocks was a skull. . 'S'bout as long'as'is desk. Four sockets'fer eyes, glowin' real bad. --Daby uh. . Touched some'in when we were there. . 'E'start's shriekin' about bein' ripped in'alf. So'ah punch his helmet, try'an' get us movin'. EL: What happened after that? ML: He snaps outa'et an' we move forwards, buh'as ah'm tryin'tae move away. Ah'gettis real fuckin' awkward feelin'. . Bein' drawn'tae the skull. Cannae quite explain'et but it's. . Supernatural 'lit some shitty paranormal-spookery film. --Ah'fight'et aff an' keep goin'. Up the river bank. EL: This feeling of being watched, did it persist? ML: Ye'. Through the entire'thin'. . Til everythin' went tits-up. So--We uh. . Make'et tae'the dropship. Star' checkin' it out. Corporal fuckface is freakin' out an' badgerin' Daby an'I. Then the whole fethin' platoon got some wicked-bad head visions. EL: What did you see? ML: . . A flash'o'ligh' then we're. . All fuckin' primates, basically. . Huddlin' around. . Axes an'shite. . . An'uh. . . .Eventually we're bein'. . Chased. Dinnae by what, bu'we're runnin'. Harder than ever before, lit' runnin' from speed-smokin' bugs. EL: You couldn't see who you were being chased by? ML: Nope. Notta'fuckin' clue. EL: Go on. ML: Eventually we wake up an' uh. . .--Ah'gettis feelin' tha' the little hovel place ain't so dead, feel? --OH. Ah'forgot'a detail. The crashsite? Absolutely fuckin' filled wit' bodies. Strewn about, missin' skin an'bone. Pilots were missin'. Sorry'aboot'at. EL: S'fine. The wounds the bodies sustained, how would you describe them? ML: Uh. . . Lit' bein' torn apar'. Bugs-but-worse. Was'nae a crash landin'at did it. 'S'lit they got up after an'en some'ne butchered'em. EL: You were displaced, after the vision, correct? ML: Ye'. . Some'o'us woke up buried in snow. . Ah'don' carry a watch but uh. . . 'S'lit' we were comatose an'sat in the snow'fer hours. Ah'reckon we -did-. EL: Indeed you did. There was about a four hour gap between transmissions sent from Bandicoot 1-1 to MOBCOMM. Can you tell me anything more about the vision you experienced? ML: Uh. . Canny' remember much. Bu' there was a'lotta emotion'tae it. Lit' relivin' someone's memories. EL: I see. After you woke up, your group moved back towards the grave you spoke about. What did you see there? ML: . . Uh. . A fuckin'. . Spectral moose? EL: Can you be more specific? ML: --We wen' back'cause ah'felt somethin' livin'oot there. Fer the record. EL: Noted. ML: Tall. Mebbe a story? Holographic almos'. Lit' a projected image. . Brigh' as fuck. . . Jus'. . Radiatin' ligh'. It ignored us. . Movin' out into the snow an' disappearin. . So whilst'et was gone ah'went into the hovel. --Noticed tha' the uh. . Skull in there was the same on'ets head. Had a few spikes innit. Like spears, really. So ah'grabbed'ne. . And uh. . Tha's when it hit me. EL: Tell me about it. ML: Uh. . 'Ad a flashback. . But'not'tae my own memory. Somethin' else's. . . One'o' those primates, ah'reckon. We're all huddled'aboot. . Head'tae'head an' we're celebratin' after'avin' chucked a fuck'loade spears into'at creature. 'S'like celebratin' after a successful hunt, ya'know? EL: This spear you touched. We have it in containment. It's of extraterrestrial origin, I think you should know. What happened after that? ML: Uh. . Ah' was gettin'dragged back by Daby. . Ann'I handed'et tae'him. Ah'though' mebbe he could figure it. EL: ...Yes, we have his testimony from the incident... ML: The Tech' found some odd lookin' skull meanwhile. . An' we uh. . Started'tae pull out. EL: Go on. ML: Well uh. . Whils' ah'was diggin' one'o' the spears out, the spectre came back. . Didnae'seem ta'mind me. Jus' kinda faded away. Again. EL: What happened after that? ML: We're movin'tae extrac' an'. . Uh. . --Well. . Daby started'tae freak again. . So the platoon was up fron' an'he was laggin' behin'. Not exactly sure wha'appened wit'im. He was jus'slow. The feelin'o' bein' watched wasn't tae' prevelan' on the way out. EL: Mmhm. The sensations you felt dissipated completely once you left? ML: Ye'. Felt fine onna'way up. EL: Thank you very much for your testimony, Lance. Is there anything else you'd like to add towards the investgation before we wrap things up? ML: . . Uh. --The other MIPOD members. . 'Ey're all telepathic an'shite. Ah'm not lit'em'at all. Ah'dinnae do'at brain readin' or wha'have ye'. So ah'didnae expec' any'o'at. EL: Yes, we have your report from Lieutenant Pakdel... Anything else you'd like to add? [The recording stops.] NOTE: Skull(s) analysis completed. Carbon dating of petrified sack completed. Analysis of extraterrestrial projectile completed, results to follow shortly.
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  7. EL: PO. Eric Lao SD: LCpl. Scott Daby [A recording plays with two voices, one Scottish, and the other North American. There's the occasional ruffling of papers and the burning of cigarette paper.] EL: I don't mind if you smoke. Go ahead and state your name an' rank for the record. SD: Scott Mag-Uidhir Daby, Lance Corporal. EL: This is in regards to a deployment that you all returned from roughly twenty minutes ago... You were sent down to retrieve the contents of a dropship, is that correct? A downed dropship. SD: Aye, tha' we were. EL: A deployment that arguably shouldn't last longer than say, an hour at most, ended up lasting over four. Something happened on the deployment that was not accounted for. We're looking to construct a timeline of the events, so what I want you to do is walk me through what happened- from the moment you got dropped off to the moment you were picked up. Any details, no matter how seemingly small they are, can be helpful. Whenever you're ready. LB: 'rite. Am' gonnae start fae the beginnin'. Tryin' tae be concise and detailed, yeh'? -- Anywho. Step oot'a the dropship, and shite's a'riddy goin' sideways. Ah' don't feel 'rite, y'know? Lit' sum'in's aff. Way aff. EL: How so? DB: Sum'in's lettin' me know tha' ah'm no' wanted there. Fear. Felt fear -- legitimate fear, no' jis' sum' anxiety. The kindae fear when yer' mum's jis' caught'cha 'avin' a quick chug. You know. SD: Bones lined the snowbanks, and we came across sum' kindae tentacle things under the snow. Livin' flora. EL: Go on..." SD: We carry on, figure the shite's no' gonnae dae nuthin'. Still a big redflag, tho'. The further we continue through this forest, the more bones we stumble across. 'umie bones, but real thick ones-- What's wrong? EL: Any indication of how they got there? SD: No' yit', no. Gettin' 'ere. Ah'm trudgin' along, an' ah' find this cave type'a thin'. Ah' point it oot' real quick-like, and sum' blokes go o'er and check it oot'. Meanwhile, ah' try tae examine the bones. The moment ah' git' close, ah'..---- Started 'avin' real intrusive thoughts. Ones ah' could tell weren't me own, cos' they weren't consistent wi' me thought process, nor whatever wiz' goin' on a'the time. Sum'thin's tellin' me to run. Ah'm feelin' confused, and am' feelin' cold. Mind'jae, ah'm wearin' a thermally insulated suit. No way ah'm feelin' freezin' unna'neath this...But ah' was. Nevertheless, ah' decide tha' maybe ah' should try tae figure oot' whit's goin' on. Dae sum'in kindae stupid, but warranted. Touched one'a those bones. Big mistake. EL: What happened when you touched one of the bones? ...Take your time. SD: ..felt lit' ah' was terrified. Real confused. Me' vision wiz' startin' tae go, -real- fast. Me knees buckled, an' ah' fell tae 'em. Ah' heard crackin' bones, crumblin', screamin' -- ah' wiz' feelin' whatever this poor bastid wiz' goin' through b'fore 'e died. EL: What happened afterwards? SD: Ah' felt lit' ah' wiz' gettin' dragged away. Piercin' pains throughout me body, all over. Then..-- ah, fuck. Then, it started gettin' real bad. Felt lit' ah' wiz' gettin' butchered wi' fuckin' exact-o knives. Y'know? Like sum' kindae fucken' animal. Cuttin' me, real precise-like. An' ah' could'ae sworn, me insides were bein' ripped fae me. Ah'-- Ah' could feel my fucken' organs movin', man. Lit' they were jis' guttin' me! ... Sec'. EL: It's alright. SD: Ah' could feel it, min'. All of it. An' then it faded. Ah' wiz' surrounded by the squad ah' wiz' wi', an' sum' fucken' twatwaffles wanderin' around tryin'a grab me. Some 'raudae restrained me. One o' the Russians, ah' think. EL: You were very much in a state of extreme duress, it seems. What else happened? SD: ..ah' wiz' back in bidness, tho'. Ah' wiz' carried aff tae an area wi' the rest o' the squad, an' everybody's flippin' their shite. Techie's callin' fer' me tae inspect the ship or the shite around it, an' the 'raudae's refusin' tae let go. Stevie-fuckin'-Wonder, the fucken' shitstack Sarn't fer' hire hits me wi' tha', 'don't put 'im down,' bullshite. Next thing we know, it happens again. Dunnae what triggered it, but the entire fucken' squad passed oot'. Ah' wiz' one'a the last ones down. EL: What happened once you passed out? I know it's difficult, but... We need all the information we need. SD: Ah' saw Earth. An unrecognizable Earth. --..nearly. EL: Walk me through it. SD: Looked prehistoric. 'umie's were around, but. They were all tribals. Men, women -- entire families together. Lit' they were waitin' fer' sum'in. Tha's when it happened. A light. A real big fucken' light -- lit' sum' kindae nuke-flash, y'know? it wiz' -that- bright. Blinds us all. Meanwhile, ah'm in immense pain ..we were back in the forest after tha'. Everyone's panickin', bu' ah' donny know whit' they're sayin'. They're hidin' fae sum'in. A light. The same light tha' blinded us, bu' it's local. No' sky-encompassin'. Tha's when everythin' went red. Dark red, real dark. Think lit' old blood tha's no' quite dried yit'. Tha' same shite ah' told'jae earlier. We were bein' experimented on. Real precise-lit incisions bein' made on us; those incisions gettin' fucken' wrenched open lit' barn doors, an' --We were bein' vivisected by sum'in. Tha's whit' it was. And then, another lapse in the fucken' hallucination -- we were gittin' hunted again. By sum'in, an' we were runnin'. Runnin' as far an' as fast as we could. Fae the light. Ah'm soundin' lit' sum' kindae a fucken' looney, bu' tha's around the time we woke up. All of us, entirely displaced fae where we were. -- 'cept Lance Corp' Layland. EL: He was someplace else? SD: Aye. Y'remember tha' cave type'a thin' ah' told'jae aboot earlier? Well, Sarn't Stevenson ordered Llewellyn tae go find 'is arse and they found 'im. 'rite at the mouth o' tha' cave. 'cept it wasnae jis' sum' 'cave'. Fucken' thin' wiz' a shrine... it wiz' lit' 'e wiz' bein' prepped tae be sacrificed 'r sum'in, bu' tha's jis' speculation on my part. Anyway, ah' sense sum'in's watchin' us. Llewy, Techie, and masel' dae. Shit starts movin' in the trees, so we go tae the shrine. Give it a looksie on the way back tae our ship. -- 'cos tha' wiz' around the same time Stevenson called fae evac, 'r we were notified 'boo our bird bein' 'ere. Didnae hear the hails on the rajio. As we're on our way back, ah'm still recoverin' fae the pain. At the shrine, we're 'avin' a look, an' ah' keep gettin' sum'in tellin' me tae look a' the skull. -The- skull. Ah' look at it. 's no' jis' a human. It's old. Real old. But, ah'll git' back tae tha'. -- Inside'a the shrine wiz' an animal 'r sum'in coated in snow. Couldnae make it oot, but it wiz' sum' kindae pincushion fer' four spears. Llewy went and took one fae the corpse. She 'ad a quick episode, and handed the spear aff tae me. Ah' suffered the same. We learned tha' this wiz' a huntin' grounds. Fer' what, we didnae know. The light, mibby? Dunno'. Ah' didn't tell you about the light, tho'. Not enough anyway. EL: The non-encompassing light? SD: Tryin' tae git' all'o this info out as fast as possible -- aye, tha' one. Took on the form of sum' kindae ethereal elk. Moose? Elk, likely. Antlers were tae thin tae be a moose. Phased through objects lit' it didnae abide by physics. Nuthin' lit' us. We first saw it when we first passed the shrine. Befer' we knew wot it was. Didnae know the correlation. No' at the time. -- It left us after everyone started tae flip oot about it. Tha's when we found the ship, an' all'a tha'. Anyway, back tae the current time -- Llewy's spear. EL: -This is Private Madoc Llewellyn? -Lance, correction. SD: ..Lance Corporal Llewellyn, aye. So, Llewy takes up the spear. 's no a 'umie spear lit' the others. Sum' kindae alien spear. Real ornate, but simple lookin' a' the same time. -- 's a fucken' ayylium spear. Has an episode, gi's it tae me, ah' have an episode -- Now, the elk comes by. Starts walkin' tae us. Steps intae the hovel where the shrine's at. Dissipates tae dust once it reaches the bones. Tha' animal covered in snow wiz' the elk. ..ah'm assumin'. EL: ...We're sweeping the whole area with an FFRL team as we speak. Gonna' recover anything we can for futher analysis. What happened after the elk appeared? SD: Nothin'. Lit' ah' said. Dissipated. We got the Hell outta there, after tha'. Took one'a the skulls, an' left. Ah' feel like ah' git' shot. By a real thick arrow, or lit' ah've jis' been stabbed wi' a spear ..as ah' closed in on the ship, started intae another episode, but didnae go intae a full one. Got weak, confused, scared -- lit' ah' wiz' bein' chased. Tha' entire area is a huntin' grounds...an' we weren't the hunters. EL: I see. Anything else you'd like to add, Lance Corporal? Your testimony is very much appreciated. SD: The bones...they were thick. The skulls were thick, tae. But reminded me o' -- they were ancient. Ancient 'umie's, on this planet? ...Elk? EL: Yes, the uh... The bones you lot found are being analyzed as we speak. There's... No possible way that something preceding Homo sapien could've somehow left the confines of planet earth. SD: No' at all. No fucken' idea. Thinkin' tha' bright light in the beginnin' wiz' prolly the abduction. -- y'know, the types fae the twenty-first an' twenty-second centuries tha' nob'dy believed. Abducted, displaced, hunted, vivisected. What a fucken' way tae go, min'. Tha' place tells ya' a story. EL: So it seems... SD: ..tha's all ah' can imagine why it exists. The presence o' the aliens, tho'. No sign other than sensin' danger. Feelin' o' bein' watched, and crackin' trees. Could'ae been the wind, could'ae been tha' the branch had tae much weight and gave out at that moment in time, but -- ah' don't know. EL: You've been very helpful, Lance Corporal. The uh... The tentacles you described in the beginning. They were small? Kind of like spaghetti? Moving? SD: ..in the beginnin', yes. But they were pokin' through a snowbank. Meanin' they were a lot taller unnaneath. Others were lit' seven feet, later on. EL: There's a footnote here from FFRL, it's a type of fungus that's endemic to the area, apparently. Anyways... I thank you kindly for your cooperation, Lance. We might have to call you in for some more questioning in the future, depending on how the analysis goes. [The recording stops.] NOTE: Skull and projectile analysis pending completion at the time of this recording. (22:00:00 UTC, 27/10/98)
  8. The study of the nature of psychic phenomena is fraught with mystery and scintillating intrigue. In the long scale of human history, psychic individuals have only been utilized successfully against the extraterrestrial threats to the Federation in the past century. As a result, the field of psychic phenomena is not entirely explored, and researchers are making new discoveries related to these special individuals and the nature of their powers frequently. However, it is understood that human beings are not the only creatures in the galaxy with psychic aptitude. Indeed, the majority of alien threats to the human race are much more graciously endowed with psychic potential than the human race, and we have learned through observation and analysis how exactly they use their powers. We shall proceed to discuss two of the most prevalent and dangerous threats to our existence, Skinnies and Arachnids. The Skinny Hegemony A bipedal race of humanoid aliens whose existence predates the human race; Skinnies are much more reliant and accustomed to psychic phenomena. Every Skinny has some kind of psychic aptitude, with their chieftains usually being the most skilled at utilizing its power. From our understandings of Skinny culture, the usage of psychic powers among their populations is heavily intertwined with religious meaning and story telling, artifact construction, illusory suggestion, and as a means of communication. Surpassed by the Arachnids in terms of using psychic powers to communicate, Skinnies excel in utilizing their powers to conjure illusions, and are masters of psychic suggestion. From the few samples of Skinny brains that have been recovered, the constructs in their brains (which are several times larger than a humans') that are suspected to serve the same function of the parietal and frontal lobes and Pineal gland are magnitudes larger and more electronically active than humans. Often times, some of the most seasoned psychic veterans of MIPOD or Psy-Ops are unable to hold their ground against a slightly versed Skinny. There are few psychic humans that could hold a feather to a Chieftain's ability. As a result, combat with Skinnies is usually based on deception. Relying mostly on creating vast illusions to either lull their prey into a false sense of security or something similar to that effect. They take advantage of the dazed prey, and almost always have the mental upper hand on the battlefield. The Arachnid Empire The Arachnids' primary advantage has always been their numbers. For every human being, there are hundreds of Arachnids. In the time it takes for a single human to be born, a thousand replacements of Arachnids have already been churned out. Due to the structure of Arachnid society, psychic skill tends to stream from the top down. One could easily compare the nature of the Arachnids' communication network, which almost entirely hinges on psychic communication and the usage of pheromones, to a massive network of super computers, in turn controlled by even more massive and expansive super computers. The most common 'super computer' a human being is likely to come across in the Arachnid Empire is the Brain Bug. Aptly named due to the fact that the bug's body is almost entirely composed of brain matter, and must rely on the physical assistance of more appropriately suited combat castes to protect it. Put simply, the Brain Bug is the 'brain' of the operation for the Arachnids in a region or planet. It coordinates and takes in stimuli from thousands upon thousands of different external sources, with its combat castes acting as incredibly dangerous tentacles that all feed information back to the head of the octopus, so to speak. When it comes to mass scale, interstellar psychic communication in a way that would utterly overwhelm the mind of a human being if it were to ever try anything on a similar scale, the Arachnids are king. Brains act as information synthesizers, receiving input from a massive array of pawns which seek to expand its knowledge. One of the most direct ways for a Brain Bug to receive knowledge is through consuming the brain of a desired individual, whatever race they be. This is almost always the reason that an Arachnid would rather abduct something rather than kill it on the spot. These Brain Bugs, as massive and complex as their psychic span seems, funnel their tonnes and tonnes of information to higher castes, such as Queen or God Bugs, who orchestrate Arachnid movements and plans on an even grander scale. The Human Race The new kids on the block. It's generally accepted that of the three races mentioned, human beings are the least adept when it comes to psychic ability. Humans struggle to perform the illusory feats of Skinnies, and can hardly dream of pulling off the scale of communications of Arachnids. The areas of the brain that are believed to be responsible for psychic ability in the human race are significantly smaller than their suspected extraterrestrial counterparts. Nevertheless, there are some areas where humans seem to have carved out a psychic niche. Humans seem to handle more intimate and small-scale psychic operations without relative difficulty as compared to other races. In terms of discerning information from other human beings (and sometimes aliens), objects, and locations, psychic human beings tend to gravitate towards these modicums of psychic use, and tend to rely on them through their course as a MIPOD operative. While usually limited to more powerful psychics, some human beings can perform some levels of psychic suggestion- but their abilities are utterly dwarfed by even the most novice of Skinnies, and the even the youngest of brain bugs. Human beings can use their ability to communicate with one another, but never on the scale and distance at which Arachnids can. As a general rule, the larger the scale, the more variable, unpredictable, and usually unsuccessful the results are. Smaller scale operations tend to perform the least amount of stress on the human brain, and are generally within the scope of psychics to consistently control. While the Federation has prided itself on its massive military might and coordinated efforts as the largest empire in the human race that has stood the test of time, humanity will always remain at a disadvantage to these two formidable foes on the psychic front.
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    Har Nevo

    I placed the final rock over the small pile. No headstone. No markings, just a pile of rocks out on the dead plain. There was no name. Snow had started to fall. It smelled of sulfur, and was stained with ash. The ground was still too warm for it to stick. It turned into this soupy slush that covered everything, and clung to your clothes. I spent the night swaddled in blankets, caught in a never ending cold sweat. Neighbors came by to bring gifts of consolation, constituting of the little surplus that they had. I felt sick to my stomach. I wondered what I had done to deserve this. I heaved and sobbed until I passed out. I sat out on my knees, in the cold. Before the pile. I listened to the wind cross the dried lake bed, and the distant humming of ships passing overhead. Air traffic had picked up recently. People were starting to get more and more concerned about the inevitable. He came down and sat beside me, and pulled me close to him. "We can try again. It's not the end of the world." "I failed." "No, you didn't fail. It's happened to plenty of people. It doesn't make you any less of a woman, or a mother." My eyes welled up again. I couldn't clear the images from my mind. "...It happens. Sometimes, without a proper reason why." "...If I had done something differently, maybe..." "You'll drive yourself crazy, dwelling on it like that. These kinds of things happen, and plenty of women who have them go on to deliver healthy babies. God has a plan for us. This was part of it." "Aren't you upset?" "I am upset. But I'm not upset at you. You know that." "I just wanted..." "I know. It's alright." Our livestock are dwindling. Many are ill, and there's little to graze on this time of year. Scouts at Provo said they saw dropships buzzing around. People are getting nervous, and it's only being fueled by dwindling supplies. We may have to begin rationing to last through the Winter. Our numbers are burgeoning, and there are fears that we may not be able to support them all. The temple is being restored. It keeps us together. The cold is biting. I can't forget why we're here.
  11. Orwell

    Psychic Roll Bonuses and Rank

    PSYCHIC ROLL BONUSES AND RANK (FOR VETERANS OF THE PSYCHIC WARS) From now on, depending on your rank within the faction, you will receive a roll bonus for psychic activities. There will always be a risk of backfiring when using psychic abilities. These bonuses are intended to alleviate the severity of the drawbacks imposed on psychics as they ascend through the ranks and become more experienced. As one ascends from say, Third Specialist to Second Specialist, not only will they receive a slight roll bonus, they will gain an additional point with which they can spec into an additional skill, or further ascend an ability's tiers. KEEP IN MIND: These roll bonuses are to be applied ONLY when using your psychic abilities. In regular PvP situations, the psychic in question would defer to the roll bonus granted by their INFANTRY rank. This is not to be infringed upon. LT. - (+20 ROLL BONUS TSgt. - (+20 ROLL BONUS) MSpc. - (+15 ROLL BONUS) SSpc. - (+15 ROLL BONUS) Spc. - (+10 ROLL BONUS) 2Spc. - (+5 ROLL BONUS) 3Spc. - (NO ROLL BONUS)
  12. Orwell

    Terran Front