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    Terran Front

    21/9/98 DEVELOPMENTS CIVIC CENTERS SECURED: + Glasgow + Delhi + Albuquerque + Toronto + Gibraltar + Lisbon Waterway clearing operations in progress: -Nile -Amazon -Mississippi -Yangtze
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    [FEDNET] OP Salvation - Caer Malley retaken

    Twatter (@grillboss55) gotta agree with guy above me on this one... nnothin beats having troopers on the ground giving it to em old fashioned mi are the best of the best it's a proven fact love the parades every fed day always a pleasure to break out the grill
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    Terran Front

    [POST-FALL POPULATION CENTERS] (AS OF SEPTEMBER 1, 2298) WESTERN HEMISPHERE Thule (Fleet Base) [ 1,300 ] Comox (Fleet Base) [ 9,500 ] Colorado Springs [ 11,430 ] Fort Bragg (Mobile Infantry Base) [ 7,200 ] Tampa [ 4,880 ] Panama City [ 2, 360 ] Arauca [ 1,120 ] Paramaribo [ 6,350 ] Macap√° [ 1,200 ] Imperatriz (Mobile Infantry Base) [ 1,100 ] Santiago [1,090] TOTAL: 47,530 EASTERN HEMISPHERE Paris [ 12,200] Bremen (Fleet Base) [ 11,520 ] Marseille [ 8,770 ] Venice [ 6, 870 ] Bujumbura [ 6,000 ] Sana'a (Fleet Base) [ 8,220 ] Kazan [ 3,100 ] Volgograd (Mobile Infantry Base) [ 7,000 ] Astrakhan [ 2,300 ] Kaxgar [ 3,200 ] Abbottabad [ 4,650 ] Okinawa (Fleet Base) [ 8,900 ] Darwin [ 7,450 ] Warburton (Mobile Infantry Base) [ 4,430 ] TOTAL: 94,610 GRAND TOTAL: 142,140~ [NOT COUNTING MOBILE INFANTRY + FLEET PERSONNEL] LONG-TERM REHABILITATION GOALS - Remove Neon presence from North America - Remove Neon presence from Latin America - Remove Neon presence from Europe -Remove Neon presence from Africa -Remove Neon presence from Asia -Remove Neon presence from Australia -Remove Neon presence from Antarctica -Remove Neon presence from Arctic Circle -Restore civic centers to support at least ~100,000+ for further operations -Restore manufacturing and production capabilities to sustain influx of returning Terrans -Establish ground transport routes between civic centers -Clear area for development of said ground transport routes -Establish safe clearing grounds for transport between planets in Sol System -Remove Neon presence from the following rivers/waterways: Nile Thames Amazon Amur Congo Yangtze Huang He Mississipi Hudson Yenisei Ob Parana Danube Ganges Rhine Volga Sepik Mekong Zambezi Rio Grande Missouri Great Lakes (North America) Great Lakes (Africa) Tigris Euphrates Indus Murray-Darling Shatt al-Arab SHORT TERM GOALS -Regain control of the following areas for future operations -Hispaniola (Port-au-Prince, Santo Domingo) -Iceland (Reykjavik) -British Isles (Belfast, London, Edinburgh) -Aleutian Islands (Cold Bay Fleet Base) -Japanese Archipelago (Sapporo, Nagano, Miyazaki) -Madagascar (Antananarivo Fleet Base) -Sri Lanka (Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte) -Newfoundland (St-Pierre Fleet Base) -Tasmania (Hobart Fleet Base) -Borneo (Bandar Seri Begawan) -Sicily (Palermo Fleet Base) -Cyprus (Nicosia Fleet Base) -Crete (Heraklion Mobile Infantry Base) -Seychelles (Victoria Fleet Base) -Malay Peninsula (Songkhla Fleet Base) -Tierra del Fuego (Primavera Fleet Base) -Kamchatka Peninsula (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Fleet Base) -Dyer Plateau (Dyer Fleet Base)
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    [FEDNET] The Terran Frontier

    THE TERRAN FRONTIER: EARTH'S FUTURE Troopers from the 64th Moritas, picking through the foggy beaches around the ruins of Crescent City, California. "Today, we laid the first brick, and we make a statement to all races of the galaxy: the human spirit cannot be broken." These were the words of recently reappointed mayor of Fountain, Colorado, Eric Genovese after christening the first new plot of land for development on the ruins of the small town outside of Colorado Springs. Genovese was a citizen when Earth was besieged by the Progenitors; he and his family were shuttled off to Sanctuary and remained there until Sanctuary's fall and the end of the Civil War. Now, he finds himself returning to the city he was born and raised in, only to find it a mess of ruins and scorched earth. "It will be decades- maybe a hundred years before we can restore Fountain to what she used to be. But I'll be damned if I won't spend the rest of my days to see it through to the best that I can." Eric Genovese's story is not unique. He is one of the thousands of Terrans trickling back onto the few patches of territory deemed 'safe' by the Federation. Civic centers that used to number into the millions are now rendered nothing more than moonscapes full of debris. Osaka, Mexico City, Delhi, London, Paris, Manila, Jakarta- the list goes on, one urban center after the other that was devastated by the Progenitors. The urban sprawl around Odessa, Ukraine share similar fates with other civic centers across the planet. Once a thriving arm of the Tokyo metropolitan area, the ward of Suginami is rendered a husk of its former self. Lake Victoria, the largest of the African Great Lakes, now has its waters polluted from ruptured pipelines in addition to having its water levels significantly lowered (up to ten meters). A projection of human and Progenitor forces on earth. Red resemble the concentrations of neons still left wandering the planet, while the blue patches resemble the slowly expanding territories reclaimed by the Mobile Infantry and Fleet. As humanity takes its first steps to reclaim our species' home planet from the remaining Progenitor forces, a new set of challenges besets the waves of incoming soldiers and settlers alike. Some areas, such as Colorado Springs in the United States, Bujumbura in Burundi, and Kaxgar in China have been deemed 'safe' for returning Terrans. Indeed, with the destruction of the Ark and the end of the civil war, the millions upon millions of Terrans displaced by war now have the option to return to their home planet, albeit in incredibly secure strongholds maintained by the Mobile Infantry. Emotions run high among these Terran diaspora finally allowed to return to just a fraction of their home planet. But some Terrans, many of them citizens, take up the struggle with the Mobile Infantry and Fleet- determined to see earth expunged of any trace of the Progenitors. A fireteam of MI resting in the ruins of Bucharest, Romania. The UCF-BC-403 John Pershing hangs above them. Bands of veterans, citizens, and sympathetic colonists have found themselves flocking to these strongholds by the thousands, eager to take part in the reconstruction process alongside the Mobile Infantry. While such gusto and eagerness to rebuild is certainly admirable, there are many Terrans who don't share their same optimism. Federal researchers have concluded that microbiological surveys taken from the corpses of dead neons show the microscopic organisms that 'hitched a ride' on the bodies of the Progenitors are now being found in such high concentrations in certain parts of the planet that they're killing off and out-competing the native bacteria, suggesting that the biological consequences of an invading alien force might have the potential to severely disrupt earth's natural distribution of microscopic flora and fauna. Correspondents from the ruins of Kingston, Jamaica report the cries and sorrows of those who ventured out to see what became of their homes- a story repeated across the globe. With such devastating levels of destruction, many Terrans believe that it will be decades before earth is restored to the status that it had before its fall, an approximation backed up by Federal researchers who arrived at similar projections. With damages in the upwards of trillions of pounds, it will not only be an incredibly time consuming task, but also a very expensive one- even the most populated of colonies today would cost significantly less to rebuild were a similar situation happen to them. One of the most resounding messages we received from the ruins of many once-great civic centers was the lamentation from those who knew that future generations will never be able to experience the splendors and sights of earth as they once had, and as their ancestors had. While many are content with accepting that earth will no longer hold the spot that it once had as a dominant force in the Federation; an economic and political epicenter for our system-spanning society, others reject their attitudes. We spoke with a citizen by the name of Shelly Parks, a native of Leeds, England, who along with her family had been displaced from Earth during the civil war. She finds herself returning to her favorite pub along with a band of multi-national Terrans, many of them veterans, many of them emblazoned by the prospect of reclaiming earth. Parks' favorite pub, The Cross Keys, constructed in 1802, is now nothing more than a pile of rubble; indistinguishable from the rubble that spans block after block in the once prominent English city. The skyline of Leeds, England. Shelly Parks keeps a Morita carbine on her ruck as she picks through the rubble along with her compatriots. Overhead, an unending stream of corvettes and battle cruisers slowly make their way across the smokey skies above the British Isles. In the rubble, the dusty corpses of one of the many races to try and topple the human race finds itself face down in a murky puddle with a chunk of rebar impaling its torso. Its appearance is wretched; a mess of limbs and appendages of different unrecognizable organisms. Streaks of brightly colored blue score the creature's body. Black, coagulated ichor pools at the bottom of the rebar stake where it lay. "They're everywhere, really. Every nook and cranny, every pond, every stream, every breach. People will be coming across their wretched bodies for years to come. We torch hundreds a day, but there's always more. Always more." One of Parks' compatriots alerts her to a still-living abomination trapped under the rubble of a chemist's office. "We've been doing this for about a week, now. Cleaning up the rubbish, that's what we've taken to calling it." When asked if she had any words for Terrans still abroad, uncertain about the future of the planet, Parks had this to say. "It will never be the same, no. There's no denying that. More than anything, to me, it's about the principle of it. How could we abandon the cradle of our species? Thousands and thousands of years of progress as a race- we can't just leave it to twist in the wind. Even if every city, every district, every block is ruins, those ruins belong to us. I wouldn't be able to look at myself the same way if I had forsaken it. Future generations deserve to know that- no matter what the condition is- this had once been the genesis of our space-faring society. It was here, that there was unparalleled achievement in the face of tremendous adversity. It was here, that we first looked up into the sky and realized our dreams, and it was here that we laboured meticulously to realize those dreams. Even if it's ashes, even if we'll never be able to restore it to what it once was, earth is ours, and nobody else's... and that's what's keeping me here, keeping me working. We still have people who remember what it was like, people who can record their experiences of what once was. And if we have that information, then future generations can ponder about what had been. They'll be able to have some kind of reference, some sliver of knowledge about the greatness that for the longest time, was the only home we'd ever known." INTERESTED IN RECLAIMING TERRA? INTERESTED IN BECOMING A CITIZEN? THE FEDERATION NEEDS YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER! CONTACT YOUR LOCAL RECRUITER FOR THE MOBILE INFANTRY OR FLEET AND ASK HOW YOU CAN HELP RECLAIM TERRA! WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
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    Federal PX

    Name: Norman Cox Rank: Private Item(s) requested: The Holy Bible (500) Miniature Fondue Fountain (1)
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    Lithium. What is it? What does it do? Lithium compounds and lithium salts are enclosed within capsules to create one of the most reliable means of psychic defense for the human race. Prior to contact with alien life, lithium was used to treat depressive disorders, post-traumatic stress, and bipolar disorder. After contact with psychic lifeforms such as the Bugs and Skinnies, the human race realized that we were at a crucial disadvantage to psychic suggestion and manipulation. There was little that the average human could do to resist being fooled by psychic trickery. However, in large doses, lithium was discovered to be a somewhat effective means to resist psychic influence. Lithium works by blocking neural pathways to different parts of the brain that are associated with psychic stimulation. After oral ingestion, a trooper is now protected from most forms of psychic suggestion. That being said, there have been instances when troopers being affected by psychic attack even after being dosed with lithium, but these instances are few and far between. Lithium does a fairly good job at protecting the mind, but its effects can be nullified by a psychic force that is powerful enough to break through the barrier it creates in the mind. However, Lithium has a great deal of adverse effects as well. In addition to nullifying most psychic activity from outside, lithium does the same to the inside. Psychics are unable to access or utilize their abilities while on lithium, cancelling out the combat advantage of a MIPOD operative on the field. In addition to prohibiting a psychic from performing, the general side effects of Lithium are: Blurred/distorted vision Tinnitus Nausea/Vomiting Shakiness Anemia Numbness in Extremeties Shortness of Breath Heartbeat Irregularities Fatigue/Lightheadedness Pulmonary Edema Bloodshot Eyes One capsule of lithium will last the course of two hours. Further consumption within an 18 hour period is ill-advised, as one capsule alone is a high enough dosage to cause severe disruption to the human body. Disregarding this can result in an overdose, or death.
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    Samson Salvage Map

    SAMSON TO-DO LIST With the daunting task of restoring the Federation's Fleet to its former status, scouring the old battlefields of the civil war for vessels to be salvaged has become an important task if we are to see our military at its peak. Samson fell in the lines between Sanctuary and the Coalition front, with many casualties on both sides. While salvage and resettlement efforts are being undertaken across the Federation, Samson will be handled primarily by the 112th. VESSELS OF INTEREST UCF-BC-402 William Carpenter - RECOVERED: Fusion reactor, weapons systems + ammunition, hull components, data blackbox. Remains to be transported. UCF-BC-128 Yamamoto UCF-CV-055 John Kennedy UCF-BC-395 Horatio Nelson UCF-BC-553 Marquis de Lafayette - RECOVERD: Thrusters + Engines, intelligence databanks, data blackbox, CIC center
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    Order of Battle for Female MI

    http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Desynomia_trachomatis educate yourself- it can happen to you.
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    powerful khmer and hmong magick at work in these postings...
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    Norman Cox

    Norman Cox, in a combat stance. THE LORE The accidental bastard child born from the union of a Fleet ensign, Thurgood Cox, and Mobile Infantry private Serena Duffy, Norman Cox was estranged from his immediate family at an early age. With his mother's pregnancy discovered, she was quickly medically discharged. Refusing to have an abortion, but having no particular desire to raise a child, she absconded to Wolf Run to her sister Aisha's abode to birth the young Norman into the world. Shortly after Norman was born, Serena dumped the bastard child onto her sister to re-enlist, only to be killed in service in a dropship accident when Norman was six. Norman was raised almost exclusively by his aunt and her circle of friends who worked in the hazardous conditions of Wolf Run's mines. The tight and dingy quarters of Wolf Run were the only home that he ever knew; educational opportunities being sparse, Norman believed that the course of his life would be spent toiling in the increasingly fatal mine shafts on the asteroid belts. The closest man to a father figure that Norman had (and believed was his actual father until the age of 14) was an ex-convict miner named Ryan Manx, who had his shoulder ripped from his body after a workplace accident. Being rendered incapable of holding one of the few jobs available on Wolf Run, Manx took a hankering to teaching young Norman about life along with his aunt. At fifteen, Norman began to notice that he had started developing blotches of melanin-deprived skin on his hands. He was diagnosed with vitiligo, and the blotches continued to climb up his forearms as he continued to age. Working a short stretch in the mines after completing his mediocre high school education, he quickly became disillusioned and repulsed by the lifestyle after having one of his best friends killed in a mining blast accident. With the nature of the mines being so dangerous, Norm thought it'd actually be a safer choice to enlist with the Mobile Infantry he'd inhabited the station with rather than risk his life toiling in the mines. Norman, now a fresh twenty year old, was entered into the ranks of the Mobile Infantry. Setting foot on a planet for the first time for boot camp in The Trio (Camp Presley, Boot Hill specifically), Norman began his journey to becoming a legitimate Infantryman. Upon graduating, Norm was attached to the 112th, where he now resides. Does he have what it takes? Who can say? RELATIONSHIPS ALICE VICKERS My first drop with the 112th, and she seems to think I did alright. I'll be the first to tell you I was scared shitless that day. It's one thing when you're at boot, and you've got a grizzled group of seasoned vets behind you on a controlled course. The rounds are simulated, and the bugs are too. It's much much different when they're actually running towards you, trying to make you into mince meat. I thought they would never stop coming. Vickers was my squad lead, and she put up with my whinging and pleas. I asked if it was always like this. She said sometimes it was worse. Good God. When the sim-bugs get you, you get shocked, it's painful enough to dissuade you from slacking off to allow it to happen again. But no amount of shocking could've prepared me for the searing, throbbing, agonizing pain of a talon shooting straight through your thigh. I felt ashamed. But Vickers stopped by while I was high on pain meds, and told me I did good. At least, I think that's what she said. She seems like a good person. I oughta' buy her a drink or something. ARCAS Seems like a fun guy to be around. WILLIAM ST. CLAIRE Kinda freaks me out a little bit. Not quite sure what he does.
  12. RESTORING THE FEDERATION Recently reintegrated Mobile Infantry troops working alongside a detachment of the 38th Auxiliary, assisting in the salvaging of the UCF-BC-088 Mucius Scaevola on Sanctuary. With Sanctuary defeated and the Federation made whole once again, our society comes to grips with the consequences of civil war. Not since the Disorders and the fall of earth has such an event been so threatening to the integrity of our species. Old and new challenges emerge, as Sanctuary's holdings are reintegrated into the Federation. Mobile Infantry and Fleet still stationed on Sanctuary have their hands full with the rebuilding process; restoring our Fleet to pre-civil war numbers is a task that must be undertaken in order to secure the survival of our race in this brave new world our society finds itself in. Heavily damaged during the fighting around Sanctuary, Fleet Headquarters made landfall in the Belgica Desert. With many of the occupants of the station boarding the escape pods, the death toll continues to soar into the thousands as more bodies are pulled from the wreckage. Old battlegrounds are picked over for anything salvageable. In addition to restoring our navy, the Federal Fleet Headquarters was knocked out of orbit during Operation Olympus, and currently is being appraised for damages by Fleet researchers. Responsible for maintaining the massive network that is the Federation's Fleet, in addition to housing closely guarded intelligence and records for the military, rebuilding any kind of replacement would take years to say the least. Prior to the fall of earth, both Sanctuary and the Federal Fleet Headquarters' locations were closely guarded secrets among the top echelons of the Federation, excluding even the Sky Marshal from knowing where the 'brain' of Fleet activity took place. Sanctuary was meant as a refuge, or 'sanctuary' in the event that earth had fallen to the Arachnids; that it wouldn't be a sealed victory for the Bugs if we lost our home world. With many of its denizens being relocated to their former worlds once the war was over, many have chosen to remain on the planet. Sanctuary's administrative government has taken the steps to reinstate itself as an official member of the UCF, giving it a promising future along the road to recovery. But now, a new challenge presents itself with finding a replacement for not only the Fleet Headquarters, but the tactical equivalent of Sanctuary itself. Different worlds are currently being surveyed as Mobile Infantry and Fleet detachments make their way to not only reclaim the past, but to tread ground both new and old fallen to the Arachnids during the duration of the civil war. With the tragic death of General Danny Martin, the call for a new Sky Marshal to be elected by the newly unified body of citizens is heard. Elections are expected to be held in the near future as the Federation recoups its losses from the civil war. Prominent candidates from across the UCF will convene and take part in one of the first major democratic decisions in the unified Federation. With a grand set of challenges ahead, a strong leader of our armed forces is necessary for the days to come. Enemies of the human race have exploited our infighting, and have not slackened in their ceaseless drive to destroy everything and everyone we hold dear. SEEK TO LEND A HAND? WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? THE MOBILE INFANTRY NEEDS MEN AND WOMEN LIKE YOU TODAY CONTACT YOUR LOCAL RECRUITER EXPRESS YOUR INTENT TO ENLIST! BECOME A CITIZEN! WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
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    Theory on Half Life G-man identity.

    gaming thyroid