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    every time i see this shit in chat it just makes me embarassed please i'm begging you stop with all this shit, it's like watching a chopped and screwed pewdiepie video i'm sincerely asking you to stop for your own good
  2. [THE FOLLOWING IS AN AUDIO TRANSCRIPT FROM CONVERSATIONS BETWEEN FEDNET CORRESPONDENT PFC. DAVE FOSTER AND TSGT. JOSHUA EDWARDS, DATED MAY 12, 2298] DF: Right... Name and Rank? JE: Joshua David Edwards, tech-sergeant of the 13th marauder detachment. Assigned to the 112th. DF: ...Alright. Technical Sergeant Edwards, you've been enlisted for how long now? JE: Served for three years and four months. Two as a infantry man, one and four months as a marauder. DF: And where did you train as an infantryman? JE: Dartford Infantryman Academy, just south of London. DF: An earthling, then. JE: Yep, born and bred in England - Terra. DF: My condolences. JE: Its fine. DF: There's much easier, safer ways to achieve citizenship than service in Fleet or Mobile Infantry. What first brought you to the MI? Why this? JE: Family, most of the males in my close family. Being my father and brothers are enlisted so I kinda' followed in their footsteps, I also couldn't stand where I lived - wanted to see more of the galaxy than just the same streets for the rest of my life. DF: But you went beyond that. You not only became a marauder, you've become a technical sergeant. Are you shooting for career? JE: Yeah, after the fall from Terra and well - the lost of my father to Sanctuary. I decided to stick it, I pushed myself and climbed the ranks and well now I co-lead this Marauder detachment. Prehaps one day I may even lead my own, but that is still a far sight for me. DF: You enlisted prior to the Civil War, of course. But, the 13th is attached to arguably one of the most instrumental divisions involved in some of the heaviest fighting the war has seen. What do you make of this war, as a marauder? JE: Hmm- tough question. As much as every time myself or one of my troopers drop. We may kill hundreds of men, I know myself I do not enjoy killing fellow infantry no matter who they fight under. The quicker we get this finished the quicker we can face the real enemy, is what I say. DF: This is a personal question, and you don't have to answer. How many men do you think you've killed? JE: Hmm, in my time alone as a marauder or over my whole career? DF: Whole career. JE: Pre-maraudering, fifty, maybe less. After.... JE: In the thousands? DF: Thousands, you think? DF: Hm. JE: Mhm, I take no pride in any of them. DF: We're lucky to be a part of a very active component of the war against our new enemies who laid waste to Earth, but relatively few companies have come into contact with the 'Neons,' as they're called. How would you describe them to your fellow trooper? What makes them different from fighting an Arachnid, or a Skinny? JE: Hmm, they are as if an Arachnid tanker, skinny and an OSW operative had a three-way and some how made a baby. They are twice as strong as the average human - Hell, some are even stronger than the marauder suits. Their weaponary is one hundred percent more deadly in my opinion than anything else you can face... JE: Even in a marauder suit their weaponry ripped my leg clean off, at quite some range. At least with a bug it normally has to get close. DF: Yes, lots of stories about energy-based weapons from the front. JE: Looks wise, they are bit black and glow. Hence the nickname neons, they aren't like anything an average trooper will normally see so you'll know 'em when they see them - yeah, we had first hand experience on Terra. DF: You want to share the story of how you lost your leg? JE: Hmm, it's a bit shady but sure. We were tasked with collecting intel and data from a local MI fort before the neons got their hands on it but by the time we got there the neons were already on our tails. We pushed into the fort, went deeper than I can remember underground, collected the data and then on the way back up once we reached the surface, I came face to face with one of the larger versions of the neons, not sure what we call 'em. I think striders, or something? Hell, well it fired its cannon. Hitting my left thigh armor before the plasma melted through and took my leg off, as if I had let that round hit anyone else I would of probably sentenced them to death. DF: Indeed, not a whole lot of options for Medical once you get hit with something like that. Have you seen the Ark, their ship first-hand? JE: Yeah, the Grant was one of the first ships to ever face it, and at the time I was guarding the bridge in case of boarding parties. I witnessed it rip apart our fleets like they were nothing - then of cause when it attacked Terra again, I watched it destroy cities like they were nothing while we fled. DF: As a native, it must've been quite perturbing. JE: Hmm, I took into account that I heard that England was one of the final countries to fall so most of the populace had been evacuated including my mother, but yeah, seeing my home world, or well, humanity's homeworld burning was not a nice feeling. DF: The... attacks on the Sol system significantly more-than-halved humanity's population. The following civil war has already exceeded death tolls in the millions; how do you see the victor of this civil war facing off against the Neons? JE: Hm, I presume you read up on past wars as a journalist? so you would of heard of humanity's 'world wars'. JE: More point being, like in those. We'll be faced with a force that is going to be twice as strong as us and we'll have the defensive foot but with smarts and trust in each other. We can find a way to defeat them and save humanity. No matter the cost. JE: Not sure how we'll win, but I know there's always a way and a chance. DF: What's something you've found as surprising about the events of the Civil War so far? JE: Hmm, what a man is willing to do to another man just to live. DF: You have any specific examples in mind? JE: I will not name anyone but there has been a case, we had a prisoner. He didn't look no older then eighteen. Someone cut his throat as he begged for his life and left him to choke on his own blood - I put a bullet in his head as a mercy and I will not see that knowing I have friends and family like him. DF: Very rough times we live in. DF: How do you see the final confrontation with Sanctuary happening? JE: Indeed but I try my best to help where I can. Just tryna' do my part and finish this fight before more unneeded lost takes place. - with O'Brien hiding behind her desk probably about to take the coward's way out. DF: Hm. JE: ...As for the final battle - by then I'm not sure if sanctuary will have the forces to even make it a battle. DF: Assuming we win, and that we manage to repell the Neons, what do you see yourself doing after that? JE: Taking some leave, heading back to my old homestreet. Perhaps rebuild a little or help. Then continue my career, perhaps marry a lovely lady. DF: There'll certainly be a lot of rebuilding to be done. Anything you'd like to say your fellow troopers, fleet, and marauders scattered throughout the galaxy? JE: Just keep pushing on together, although you think its going very slow. In a blink of an eye everything will change and you'll be looking back on this time as if it was years ago. But most importantly to remember even though you are still fighting one another you are still brothers and sisters. You are not the reason this war started so do not be the reason for unneeded lost. JE: So to show each other the mutual respect we all deserve. DF: Anything you'd like to say to anyone in particular? JE: Nah, I won't embarrass anyone over the Fednet. DF: Alright. You want to wrap it up here? JE: If thats all the questions you got, sure. DF: I think we've got enough. Thanks for your time, Tech. [TRANSCRIPT END]
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    12/5/98 FedNet's accepting less and less of my shots nowadays. They decided on this one after the tattered corpse in the foreground was cropped out. Spilling blood on holy ground is something disdainful, but this place was far from holy.
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    The spiderman we all want.

    "You know, Peter, with great power comes great responsibility. Rudyard Kipling called it "The White Man's Burden." Myself, I just call it as I see it: the responsibility of the master to discipline the servant. The niggers, the spics, the chinks...It's our responsibility to civilize them. And if we can't? Then they shall dangle from the elm tree. The Day of the Rope is near, Pete. We'll have every nigger in this country dead or in chains in 10 years, and may God have me shot in a carjacking this very night if I'm wrong. God bless the American Nazi Party." sam raimi really brought a lot of depth to the characters in his adaption of spiderman
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    The spiderman we all want.

    imagine actually caring about spoilers for media designed to sell toys to children
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    The spiderman we all want.

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    4/5/98 Bug meteors.
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    [OPEN] Marauder Applications

    MARAUDER DESIGNATION APPLICATION IC: Name: Samuel Locklear Physical Age: 24 Gender: M Eye Color: BR Hair Color: BL Height: 6'0 Weight: 180 lbs Employment & Background Current Rank: LCpl Educational History: High School Diploma (San Francisco Solano High School) Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: Part-time job at supermarket. Service Record: 3 years, Mark Two Certification OOC: Steam name: hellblade foreskin Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:24967385 Length of time on Server: Almost daily. Time zone: PST Roleplay History: Been with this iteration since the beginning, and have roleplayed in this community since 2011~. Roleplay example:
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    more like hazukashii
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    Chuck Malone
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    29/4/98 We won. Negotiations to follow.
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    'They will flock to the colors, no doubt.' 28/4/98 I haven't seen combat like this since Shoreridge. Sanctuary's really been fighting tooth-and-nail for any victory they can get. We're meant to finish our job here tomorrow. Here's hoping that I make it through in one piece. Note: took more photographs, but it was incredibly dark. Not much ended up showing in the end.
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    Dave Foster

    24/4/98 Lots of bodies lately. Probably won't be accepted, but I sent them in anyways. Want to talk to this guy named Lou, seems like he'd have some interesting things to say.
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    Federal Forward Research Laboratories research assistant (Petty Officer) Character name: Eric Lao Wiki account name: Orwell Are you aware you will have your own category on the wiki to maintain; which includes logging the missions you run? yes Desired field of study ('major'): Microbiology, Virology. Field of specialization: Microbiology, Xenobiology. How would your work affect the server and/or the canon we currently have? I tell you what, we'd learn a lot about different types of viruses and bacteria present in all the different places we go to. We'd use the data we've gathered on various alien life forms to better prepare troopers for hazardous environments and potentially weaponize certain strains of viruses or bacteria to turn the things in our favor from a biochemical weapons perspective. Describe a day in your lab! Lao would be synthesizing genomes for different bacteria collected from tissue samples of Arachnids, and other xenospecies, assisting in autopsies, cataloging symptoms, develop vaccines, weaponizing bacteria and viruses, and anything else of a microbiological nature.
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    dont do me like this