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  1. FEDERAL COUNCIL BUILDING STORMED! ORTIZ RECEIVES VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE WROCLAW APPOINTED SUCCESSOR; 112th TO RECEIVE PARDON Vigil's Point on Sunday night, approximately an hour before the incident. Police and Federal Fleet grounded all air traffic out of the capital once authorities realized what was going on at the Federal Council Building. VIGIL'S POINT, ISKANDER ‒ The Federal Council's late-night hearing over Cassandra's fiscal contingency was interrupted on Sunday by members of the 112th; the celebrated military unit turned fugitive after supposedly acting independently of orders to set in motion the events that lead to the Third Bug War. The members taken into custody were identified as Sebastian Bently, Roger Espinoza, Thomas Lawson, and Lionel Mercier. Upon the floor, they stated they had evidence that the 112th had been following orders issued by Sky Marshal Ortiz at the time. At the same time, the damning recordings of the events obtained through the Ulysses Grant's black box were being received by millions; the genesis of the signal being traced to the OMS Deep Transmission Array on one of Faraway's moons. The floor of the Federal Council Building. These revelations sent murmurs through the Council, culminating in a hearing and subsequent majority vote of no confidence in Ortiz three days later- something which hasn't occurred since before the destruction of Buenos Aires. After a timeline was established of the 112th's whereabouts and audio analysis had finished, citizens and civilians alike who claimed to have interacted with the unit came forth to testify to their conduct. Interestingly enough, one of the testifying members was Maj. Miguel Romero of the 44th Moritas, who were tasked with bringing the 112th to justice. Romero made brief comments about his interactions with the unit, and spoke to their quality of character in high regard. Despite this, many members of the Council criticized the 112th's actions, but many were inclined to defend them in light of their circumstances. Once the hearing concluded, the Council held a vote of no confidence for Sky Marshal Ortiz, who denied wrongdoing. After a majority vote, Ortiz was forced to resign. The Council decided to appoint Councillor Viktor Wroclaw of Arcadia to succeed her. Wroclaw stated that he is fully prepared for the task at hand; with the Third Bug War claiming more lives by the day, he reaffirmed his commitment to preserving the Federation and safeguarding the human race. It is expected that the 112th is to receive a pardon in the days to come as more garrisons are diverted towards the AQZ to bolster besieged colonies. We were unable to get a statement from the unit's representatives, as their location is now considered a matter of internal security. Are you interested in helping restore the Federation? Are you skilled in the following: - Electronics - Engineering - Medicine - Computer Science - Construction - Agriculture - Transportation - Logistics - Microbiology - Humanitarian Aid - Urban Planning Contact your LOCAL ENLISTMENT CENTER and ASK ABOUT HELPING THE FEDERATION TODAY Would you like to know more?
  2. BLOODY CONFRONTATION BETWEEN MOBILE INFANTRY AND FUGITIVE 112th; ONE ARREST MADE MOUNT MAVILE, NEW VETANIA ‒ In a masterful operation that was the product of months of investigation, Mobile Infantry and Fleet elements near Mount Mavile on New Vetania have apprehended a suspect believed to be directly involved with the infamous 112th. After a deadly firefight in the foggy streets of Mount Mavile, the suspect was left wounded at the scene and was arrested shortly after the rest of the 112th fled the scene. The suspect has been identified as one Edward Vang; a Terran ex-Mobile Infantryman with an unremarkable military history. His records show that he enlisted on Sanctuary, shortly after the end of the Civil War. Despite their best efforts, the 112th managed to escape, leaving a trail of dead Mobile Infantry in their wake. The suspect is currently being rehabilitated in an undisclosed military hospital vessel under heavy guard. According to the doctors, the fact that Mr. Vang has survived his wounds as long has he has is remarkable on its own. Concerned MI onlookers peer through the operating theater windows. The ambush was spearheaded largely by Major Miguel Romero, officially tasked with bringing the 112th to justice several months ago. The suspect, unfortunately, sustained critical wounds during the engagement between the 112th and Major Romero's men. We managed to speak with Major Romero, who had this to say: "The issue of the matter is whether or not Mr. Vang has any intelligence that will assist us in our hunt for the command of the 112th. Right now, his condition is too critical to entertain any ideas of psychic probing. The doctors are working their hardest to get him into an acceptable state. If he pulls through, hopefully we'll be able to utilize him to bring us closer to holding the right people accountable. We'll keep our fingers crossed." The comatose suspect is currently being rehabilitated using biotank therapy, but the doctors present were reluctant to say whether his condition would worsen, even with their most cutting-edge faculties. As the Third Bug War rages, those responsible for its transgressions will be brought to the full extent of the law. With a member of the 112th in custody, the Federation is one step closer to achieving justice for the countless lives lost on Tango Urilla. Are you interested in helping restore the Federation? Are you skilled in the following: - Electronics - Engineering - Medicine - Computer Science - Construction - Agriculture - Transportation - Logistics - Microbiology - Humanitarian Aid - Urban Planning Contact your LOCAL ENLISTMENT CENTER and ASK ABOUT HELPING THE FEDERATION TODAY Would you like to know more?
  3. St. Lawrence, Cassandra. Members of the 204th Moritas rush to lick their wounds after sustained fighting. CASSANDRA, CASSANDRA ‒ As the planet approaches the turn of the century, Cassandra has found itself as the setting for vicious fighting once more. This most recent Arachnid offensive following the disaster on Tango Urilla has resulted in Cassandra's falling under siege with renewed vigor. After making significant strides against the endemic Arachnid population last year, the self-named capitol now finds itself within range of bloodthirsty Arachnids. Combined forces from the 204th and the 95th working to prepare evacuation zones for civilians in the Deston Wash. "Very hot, very dry, and very unforgiving." Sgt. Marie Cristobal clears sand from the receiver of her Morita. "They're bolstered, now, and they're making quick work of a lot of good men and women." Sgt. Cristobal and her unit were formerly stationed in Spain, working alongside civilians to rehabilitate Barcelona. When the Tango Urilla disaster occurred, her unit was one of the many called out to face the Arachnid threat. "I'm lucky, I fought Bugs on Dionysus not too long before we were sent to earth. Our unit was split, with one half working Terra, an' the other working Mars. A lot of the rookies we get haven't had the pleasure of going toe-to-toe with Bugs until Cassandra." Sgt. Cristobal knocks the remaining dust out of one of the Moritas. A train of troops marches across the dusty streets of Cassandra, carrying their wounded in slings and stretchers. With many areas of the planet subject to evacuation orders, the residents of Cassandra are no strangers to upheaval and hardship. The elephant in the room remains; the prolific 112th once played an instrumental role in subduing Arachnids on Cassandra in 2298. Now in a fugitive state, troopers like LCpl. Tyrese Wilkes feels resentment toward the outlaws; "It's a travesty, man. We need all the guns we can, and when we need 'em most, they're gone." Arachnids have entrenched themselves in Cassandra's poles, where temperatures can drop to as low as -50°C. Gen. Florian Schmidt has assumed command of operations on Cassandra. When asked to comment on the situation, he had this to say. "The situation on the ground is not a pleasant one; Arachnids have entrenched themselves with incredible speed, and have made maintaining logistical connections between Mobile Infantry assets difficult. They think that they can break us, and try and make us have Cassandra go the way of Dionysus or Percy's Landing, but our resolve has never been stronger. If the Arachnids want it, they're going to have to work for it." Are you interested in helping restore the Federation? Are you skilled in the following: - Electronics - Engineering - Medicine - Computer Science - Construction - Agriculture - Transportation - Logistics - Microbiology - Humanitarian Aid - Urban Planning Contact your LOCAL ENLISTMENT CENTER and ASK ABOUT HELPING THE FEDERATION TODAY Would you like to know more?
  4. Been a pleasure, Argon.
  5. I do not remember how I got here. I have been around for as long as there has been a time and a place to exist. A fluttering series of images, spread across a million different worlds unrecognizable to mine own eye. I have tried to make sense of these things, and have come to no avail. Perhaps I exist to carry out some task. My taskmasters, whoever they are, are not keen on communicating their desires. I hardly know if the apparitions I see periodically are genuine or a figment of my scattered mind. My actions to appease these unseen eyes are cut short at strange intervals; a sudden loss of eyesight, a loss of sensation in my limbs. A floating sensation in dark isolation. I am left distraught, and confused. Did I do something wrong? I know now there is no sense to these lapses. I could be in one place for two hours, and another for ten. They have been with me as long as I have been with them. I navigate these strange places, confounded by the constraints imposed on me by powers far beyond my understanding. Sometimes, in the chaos, there are patterns. Reoccurring images and archetypes. Figures and voices in a dreamlike haze. Even sound and music. A group. Always a group. Why my existence is tied with theirs in this strange place, I do not know. Some of the faces I have seen before. I even know some of their names. They are cursed to bring conflict. They come, and they leave. Each time, I am bound to watch. Their behavior is sporadic, and their maneuverings vary from place to place. I have tried to interact with them on several occasions. Each time, I am ignored. My identity and purpose remains obscured; but I feel I am not alone. Some urge within me that I am unable to explain. An insistence that I am not the first to walk these worlds. That I am the second of my kind. My past is foreign to me, but this instinct remains. I have nothing else to go on. In this senseless world, I am driven to find my kin. Someone who I can relate to in this strange existence. Tomorrow is a new day, with the hopeful promise of a glimpse into the shining light of truth in a world so swamped in darkness.
  6. Fires raging in the brush outside of Dundreary, on Pallas. Fragments of a small Guilder Wave relay station peppered the planet, resulting in a mounting casualty rate. Investigations are underway regarding the planetary defense system, the nature of the impact, and the effectiveness of Pallas' planetary defense system. GUILDER RELAY STATION FALLS OUT OF ORBIT; BLOWN APART BY PALLAS' PLANETARY DEFENSE SYSTEM WITH FATALITIES MOUNTING, SICON SCRAMBLES TO DETERMINE CAUSE DUNDREARY, PALLAS ‒ With a blast heard literally around the world, the planetary defense cannons of Pallas were forced to destroy a small Guilder Relay Station after it fell out of orbit and began hurdling towards Pallas' equator on the 4th of May, 2299. Early in the afternoon, unknown assailants stormed the premises of X Station, and managed to dislodge it from its orbit using what can only be assumed was another vessel with significant thrusting capacity. Home to over 123 million people, Pallas is defended by an array of planetary defense cannons for incoming astronomical projectiles. Just as they have done before, the defense system engaged Guilder Relay Station P1XB499 as it hurdled towards Pallas. The blast was immense, and resulted in the fragmenting of the station into hundreds, if not thousands, of smaller pieces. Despite managing to knock out most of the incoming debris, meteors proceeded to pelt the surface of Pallas. Impacts were noted from as far as Dundreary to Westonhaus in the West, with debris landing in oceans, hills, yards, and the many shipyards that cover the surface of Pallas. Fires rage, and sirens blare on the surface as firefighters and emergency services try to help the affected and displaced. Hospitals are flooded with injured, and fire brigades roll out en masse to try and contain the damage. SICON is on the scene; working with investigative teams and police networks to try and determine which party is responsible for the deaths of thousands. In the context of the Third Bug War, many are now suggesting that due to the catastrophic nature of the attack, it was carried out by human beings who had been compromised by Arachnids. SICON has dismissed these claims, stating that postulation and conjecture without evidence is fruitless, and to wait for the facts to reveal themselves through thorough, empirical, investigation. Do you want to help with the relief effort on Pallas? We need PEOPLE LIKE YOU skilled in the following fields: - Medicine - Firefighting - Fire Prevention - Computer Science - Urban Planning - Disaster Relief - Construction - Infrastructure Development - Engineering - Biology - Social Services Contact your LOCAL RECRUITER and ask ABOUT PALLAS TODAY
  7. What were the details of the injury? To the neck, yes?
  8. Neither did I. Who delivered/ordered the A6?
  9. An angle of the eastern section of the memorial. The pictured area was converted from the ruins of the Golf Club du Domaine Impérial. PRANGINS, SWITZERLAND ‒ Today, SM. Ortiz christened the opening of a memorial graveyard for casualties of the Civil War. Attended by several hundred thousand veterans and their families, the memorial is the result of an ambitious undertaking on behalf of Fleet and Mobile Infantry in casualty recovery. The remains of over ten million military personnel are now interred on a massive 2500 acre plot now accessible to the public. Sitting in the shadows of the Alps, the memorial is not far from Geneva, where life is beginning to get back to the way it was before the fall. Speaking briefly, SM. Ortiz stated that honoring veterans was a crucial aspect of rebuilding the Sol System, and commended the brave men and women of the Federation who made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of all in one of our darkest hours. The memorial harbors remains from all stripes of the Civil War, acknowledging the sacrifice of all individuals who aided in the reunification process. In the wake of carnage wrought by the Arachnids, the throngs of patrons flooding into the memorial were reminded of devastating capabilities of the heartless enemies of the human race. Anxious to finally visit the remains of their loved ones, the memorial's admission goes directly to supporting the war effort and maintenance of the grounds. FUGITIVE ALERT SEBASTIAN BENTLY APPEARANCE: LIKELY TO HAVE CHANGED, 22 YEARS OF AGE, BRITISH INFLECTION LAST KNOWN WHEREABOUTS: NEW MADRID, KARRUS SUSPECT LIKELY ACCOMPANIED BY FORMER SUBORDINATES; CONSIDERED ARMED AND DANGEROUS. DO NOT APPROACH UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you have any information pertaining to the whereabouts of former Lieutenant Colonel Sebastian Bently, or any fugitive crew of the Ulysses S. Grant, please contact your local police department as soon as possible.
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