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    fuck machine learning
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    System for Sparring

    i find feats more rewarding when there's some adversity to overcome, even if it means acknowledging you're tired/hot/cold/sick/chronic lumbago through a /me
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    System for Sparring

    maybe if we can get some people to cease their headassery we might get somewhere. we used to have people who understood the limits of the human body, even a human body conditioned by military rigors has its limits, and its part of your role as a trooper to understand that consequences will follow if you push yourself too far. it's part of a bigger problem concerning a lack of roleplay around fatigue. we sprint non-stop, we climb up sheer rockfaces, we zip zop all over a map and even when fatigue conditions are /ev'd, ie "The troopers would feel tired after marching for 5 hours straight" there is still a reluctance to acknowledge "wow i'm a human being and i get tired" because it might be inconvenient for the player edit: worse yet, some think that BECAUSE they are military this means that they don't get to roleplay many of these conditions at all, which isn't the case
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    System for Sparring

    Roleplay with people who understand that their characters are not monoliths of strength and constitution, and who are aware of how taxing it can be to spar for three minutes. Swallow your pride and understand that when you've taken 10+ blows to the head and you're bleeding all over the gym, you're not showing off how much of a badass you are, you're holding up the sparring ring for other people that actually want to roleplay. understand that when a private goes up against a sergeant, they will probably lose. You don't even need a roll bonus system, just use common fucking sense. A trooper who has been in the service for years is probably going to wipe the floor with a rookie. Playing to lose isn't so much 'trying to lose' it's more about you and the other person coming to a logical conclusion about who would most likely win so you don't have to stand there on the sidelines watching people roll for 10 minutes in what's supposed to be a 3-4 minute spar get dragged out until one gets put in the medbay. get into a fight in real life, see how long you can maintain your stamina and fight for three minutes straight.
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    teamspeak is about 10% useful and 90% causes more grievances/bs than warranted. rest in piss
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    Terran Front

    01/02/2299 NEW DEVELOPMENTS: - Operations on Terra presuming as planned, obedience to campaign timetable maintained. SICON estimates the removal of combat-capable Neons on Terra to take place by August. - Rehabilitation and reconstruction in full swing; civilian subsidized laborers and government workers have their work cut out for them. Massive labor force required, economic incentives abound. - Many cities and urban super centers have been irreparably damaged; hopes for complete rehabilitation are slim. Terran diaspora affected heavily. - Neons have been pushed into more adverse terrain; removal conditions are expected to be slow. - Mobile Infantry forces from North America and Europe are being siphoned off to the Martian theater. - Operation Akasha winding down; troops being diverted to Tibet and Xinjiang to combat Neons. - Combat portion of Operation Jaguar has concluded. - Combat portion of Operation Oni has concluded. - Combat portion of Operation Manifest has concluded. - Combat portion of Operation Dreamtime has concluded. - Combat portion of Operation Scatter has concluded. - Combat portion of Operation Parang has concluded.
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    you're so fucking gay
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    Federal PX

    Name: Edward Vang Rank: Pvt. Item(s) requested: SLIP N' SLIDE (x1) Trophy Mount (x1)
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    Edward 'Eddy' Vang

    this kind of eddy
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    Edward 'Eddy' Vang

    Ed Vang, standing in formation at Camp Cohen. EDWARD KOU VANG POB: MERCED, CALIFORNIA DOB: 2277/2/2 BLOOD TYPE: B+ FAVORITE FOOD: BEER-BATTERED COD BIO: The furthest back Vang can trace his family's origins to is the flight of Hmong diaspora following the Laotian Civil War's end in 1975. Initially settling in Monterrey, California, the Vang family and their descendants kept a low profile throughout the Disorders and into the creation of the Federation. Their 'ancestral holdings' eventually amounted to an almond farm outside of Tulare, California, but beyond that little is known about the Vang's legacy. Edward was born in Merced, California where he lead a fairly ordinary life visiting Yosemite National Park- which had become so encroached with urban development that it was rapidly shrinking. Edward cherished these outings with the family, and he would lead an unexciting existence until the invasion of earth, and the subsequent coup. Vang, along with his immediate family, were shipped off to Sanctuary. He and his family lived fairly comfortably under Sanctuary's yoke until Sanctuary itself fell in the last days of the Civil War. Now that the Federation has reunified, Vang seeks to take the fight back to Terra to make sure nobody else would get swept up in the tides of war as he was. If he can break out his tackle box and crack open a cold one with the boys along the way, that wouldn't be such a bad thing either. RELATIONSHIPS (ASK TO BE ADDED)
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    i saw thing that i knew and i clapped!!!!!
  12. MOBILE INFANTRY AND MORMON EXTREMISTS LOCKED IN STAND-OFF; 3 TROOPERS WOUNDED, 2 KILLED. SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - Outside, engines of trucks and armored vehicles loaded with Mobile Infantry stand ready to be deployed. In the ruins of Salt Lake City, formerly a major population center for members of the Mormon faith has become the scene of a strange, embittered, and deadly stand-off. In the distance, a snow-capped compound is encircled by dropships. From Camp Zulu, one of the many perimeter establishments around the settlement that military intelligence has estimated to have been set up around September, the cluster of buildings seems distant and fortified in the winter night. Save for the lashing of the wind and the rumbling of engines, the night is eerily silent. "Right now, our priority is making sure nobody comes in, and nobody comes out," said Sergeant Ihvi Hughes, in charge of a gaggle of troopers swaddled in winter gear. They keep busy in the cold, maintaining a constant watch on the enclave of nondescript buildings. The windows are all blockaded, and the entire compound is constantly illuminated with bright spotlights. "We received orders to escort anybody in the ruins out. The area's still got Neons, and we can't have any non-military in the area until the all-clear's been given." Around 07:24, A party of Mobile Infantry from the 9th Brigade were sent out to inform the settlers, and enforce the evacuation. A welcoming party was sent out from the settlement, and an argument ensued. The settlers identified themselves as members of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, and refused to evacuate on the grounds that they have a religious attachment to the land they occupy. We reached out to a spokesperson from the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints (whose headquarters have since been relocated to Karrus following the Fall of Terra) who vehemently denied that the squatters in Utah had any affiliation with the legitimate Mormon faith, referring to them as 'extremists, who must comply with the mandate of the Federal law.' After continually refusing to abide by the evacuation order, a firefight broke out between the extremists and the Mobile Infantry. Three Mobile Infantry were wounded, and two were killed in the exchange. LCpl. Vincent Guillard was instantly killed after being shot through the head, and Pvt. Andrew Humboldt was shot through the neck, succumbing to his wounds several minutes later. Since then, the area has been under siege; military intelligence has confirmed the presence of unarmed women and children inside of the compound, and has been negotiating for the group's surrender. Efforts to restrict communications for the compound have been a top priority; as of now the Mobile Infantry has refused to compromise with the extremists' demands of releasing a statement to the public through FedNet in exchange for their surrender, and a promise that the land will be retained exclusively for practicing Mormons. With both sides waiting for the other to act, Colonel Ivan Sikorsky of the 9th Brigade has found himself in charge of handling the dispute. A veteran of the First Bug War and the Civil War, Colonel Sikorsky had strong words for the occupants of the settlement. "Let me make one thing abundantly clear. These people, whatever creed they are, have the blood of two men on their hands. Men whose job it was to defend them and their livelihoods from whatever threat the galaxy could throw at them, and they turn around and took their lives. Were these cowards not hiding behind women and children, this would be over in a heartbeat. They make demands to 'plead their case' to a public audience, and I refuse to grant any kind of a platform to anybody who takes the lives of any serviceman or servicewoman and expects to be heard out. We have lost so much in these past few years that we cannot afford to make divisions among our dwindling numbers over antiquated religious dogma. We did not sacrifice so much in the past so that we could spend the present squabbling over such petty issues. If these people had any sense, they'd abandon their crusade and come into Federal custody without anymore bloodshed. We can't afford any more." Civilian air traffic over the state of Utah has been frozen, and it is unknown how long the occupants of the settlement will be able to last under the Mobile Infantry's blockade. LUNAR DEFENSE REVITALIZATION PLANNING UNDERWAY SEA OF TRANQUILITY - The hissing of hydraulics and whirring servos blends into the background of LC-110, the official designation of a rapid-deployment colonial encampment residing half a kilometer from the ruins of Tereshkova Fleet Academy. Outside the thick bulkheads, construction workers outfitted in exosuits toil to clean the wreckage from the massive scar in the lunar surface left from the Progenitors' invasion of the Sol System. Once the most popular and renowned Fleet academy, Tereshkova was blended back into the crater-pocked surface of the moon by bombardment after bombardment. "It looks pretty nasty now, but you should've seen it a month ago," said Petty Officer Erica Stein. She directs an industrial lift loaded with marked containers down onto the EVA bed of LC-110, which she has affectionately nicknamed 'Lucy.' "Everything's been kind of hectic since we lost the Fleet HQ over Sanctuary. The hope is that once we get Tereshkova back on her feet we'll take some of the weight off." PO. Stein beckons us toward the crates, and points out the finer workings of 'Lucy.' "...But that'll be some time from now, I think. The real buzz is that the Sky Marshall has approved a new line of defense, right here in the Sea of Tranquility." Indeed, the Sky Marshall has unveiled plans to construct an array of computerized artillery cannons utilizing technology gleamed from the Progenitors, the same technology that was used against after the Fall of Terra. The weapon itself has been outfitted onto Fleet vessels under the moniker of a 'Lubomierz Cannon,' named after the scientist that pioneered it- but one of this scale has never been constructed. "I'm sure it's a hefty price tag, but it's worth the peace of mind- especially if you're a Terran. There's not a chance in hell we're ever gonna' let that kind of thing happen again. Hopefully we'll be able to get Tereshkova back up and the cannons done by the turn of the century. Here's to that!" TERRAN WAR MEMORIAL PLANNING UNDERWAY GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - On the banks of Lake Geneva, the massive megalopolis that once held the heart of the Federation is currently being cleared out by relief workers and members of the Mobile Infantry numbering in the thousands. With the projected costs of restoring Geneva to its pre-war glory reaching into the tens of billions, the work is far from over. However, SICON has been scouting potential locations for a memorial of incredible scale meant to commemorate both the military and civilian casualties of the Fall of Terra. The proposed site would be over 9 kilometers squared, and have enough space to accommodate over ten million plots. Upon completion, the cemetery would be the largest in the galaxy, surpassing Wadi-us-Salaam in Najaf, Iraq which contained over seven million bodies as of 2296. THE TIME TO REBUILD IS NOW EVERYONE MUST DO THEIR PART THINK YOU'VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO LEND A HAND? CONTACT YOUR LOCAL ENLISTMENT CENTER AND ASK ABOUT RELIEF EFFORTS FOR TERRA AND THE SOL SYSTEM WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
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    thjat look inn her eyes you kust KNOW
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    you look in those eyes you just know yiu JUST KNOW