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  1. captain sternn's lawyer sure has a distinct profile...
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    Terran Front

    09/12/2298 Neon clearing operations continue; Operation Manifest encounters difficulty in American and Canadian Rockies. Operation Oni encounters difficulty in Hokkaido and northern Honshu. Combat portion of Operation Dreamtime nears completion. Combat portions of Operation Desperado and Operation Crocodile have concluded. NEW DEVELOPMENTS: - Widespread efforts to reclaim the cities of the Amazon underway under Operation Jaguar, commencing next week. - Troops have been diverted from Operation Sepulcher and Operation Dreamtime to liquidate Neons on the Indian subcontinent under Operation Akasha, commencing next week. - Troops from Operation Manifest have been diverted to the Malay Archipelago for thoroughly routing out remaining Neons under Operation Parang, commencing next week. - Mobile Infantry and Fleet have encountered difficulties on the Tibetan Plateau and Himalayas. - Cuba has been expunged of Neons. - Taiwan has been expunged of Neons. - Hainan has been expunged of Neons. - Reconstruction of superhighways from Buenos Aires to Colorado Springs underway. - Major urban centers on the North American Eastern seaboard and Europe are being thoroughly searched for remaining Neons. - With the help of Terran and Colonial partisans, Mobile Infantry and Fleet were able to reclaim Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and push North to as far as Sumbe, Angola. - Testing for chemical weapons designed to disable Neons en masse have been confirmed; Intelligence is currently conducting experiments on proving grounds on Roku San and Rhohan. - Mobile Infantry have been encountering difficulties fighting Neons in Western Sub-Saharan Africa. - Mobile Infantry have been encountering difficulties fighting Neons in the Andes Mountains. - Mobile Infantry have been encountering difficulties fighting Neons in Patagonia. - Mobile Infantry have been encountering difficulties fighting Neons in the Hudson Bay.
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    Player Competition #2

    i won that screenshot contest and nobody ever put my photos up
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    Har Nevo

  5. Orwell

    Har Nevo

    "You sure? They're from Rhohan. The tobacco there's got a different flavor from the soil." "Not for me." "Suit yourself." He pulled down his scarf, fit a cigarette between his lips, and lit the end. The night was cold and snowy, but the prefab provided shelter and warmth. Outside, a flurry battered the encampment. "To me, it seems like you're damned if you do, damned if you don't." Dropships were coming in from the Rockies and setting down nearby. Outside bustled with troopers moving to and fro. "...Nobody wants to have to deal with that sort of thing, especially at a time like this. Too messy." "Did we get a response from the Church?" He nodded, ashing the cigarette. "They're not affiliated, haven't been for quite a while now. Their rep' said he'd stay in touch, help us fill in the details once we figure out who's who." Outside of the window, a cavalcade of armored vehicles began to roll by. "Hands off, huh?" "For the most part. They're cooperating, at the very least. They took a similar stance during the hubbub on Terra Neue, remember?" He nodded. "You're one of them, aren't you?" "Hard not to be, when you're from St. George. Foot of Zion." "You taken any time to visit since you've been around?" "No. I know what happened, me seeing it and soaking in it won't do any good. Why do you ask?" "That area, near the Great Salt Lake. What's so special about it? It's a desolate hellhole. Even back when it was first settled. Why crawl back there of all places? Surely there's better land for the taking." "We went west because there was no place else to go. We had been chased out of our communities in the east. Built something out of nothing, made our own promised land." He ashed his cigarette, listening. "...A testament to triumph in the face of adversity." "Your kind were never exceptionally well-received anywhere, were they?" "I'm no historian, and I'm not the best Mormon, but I can't think of any time where that wasn't the case." "Do you agree with them?" "...No. I think that kind of thinking is... not practical, at this point. They had to have known that it would've come to a head at some point, and they probably have some kind of a plan. That's what worries me. It's a stubborn line of thinking for them. I just hope they'll realize it's not worth adding more bodies to the pile for. "For their sake, I hope you're right. I knew Colonel Sikorsky before he was commissioned." "What was he like?" "A little odd, but he was sharp as hell. Cool as a cucumber. We fought in the civil war together. We ran into a really rough patch on Faraway. He always told everyone to treat the enemy with respect, thought that the war would end a lot sooner than it actually did. We got ambushed, and he lost his hand in the fighting. Our guys kept on getting wasted in the jungle. Sikorsky moved like he was in a trance, keeping everything together despite his wounds. When all was said and done, only about one third of us were left alive. He lead us out of there, trying to keep us safe with bullets flying all around us. We'd all have died if he'd bought it back there. I owe him my life, but he was never the same after that. He changed when we jettisoned out those empty coffins in orbit." "What was different about him?" "I think he became angry, angry at the whole war. When he enlisted, Arachnids were the enemy everyone rallied against. He hated the fact that troopers had to take one another's lives, but he realized that was the only way to bring this war to a close as quickly as possible. He was ambitious before, and he became more ambitious afterwards, eager to do whatever it took to bring the fighting to a close. Now he's decorated, and holds the outcome to this issue in the palm of his hand, and I worry that he will roll over these people. " "Ambition can be a dangerous thing." "A massacre, especially after all of the trouble we went through, would be a horrible thing to mark the beginning of this new chapter of ours." "Hopefully they'll come to their senses, then." A runner swaddled in winter gear knocks on the door. "Sir? Bravo and Charlie want to know when we're rolling out." He checked his watch. "About ten mikes, tell Watson to keep the engines running on the APC's. Give me a moment to finish this." The runner departed. "...You heard the rumors?" "About what?" "Intelligence. They're cooking something up. A kind of weapon for the Neons. Rumor is they're starting dry runs in the Pacific next month. It's supposed to make the fight a breeze." "Sounds like that'd put us out of a job." "Egh, there's always freaks to fight somewhere. I'd rather be here than anywhere else." "...Maybe somewhere warmer, if you ask me."
  6. Orwell

    Operation Dust Devil

    Abstract Mission Briefing i. First Platoon is tasked with destroying a tunnel network on the floor of a canyon in Hirabayashi-Neumann Federal Park while Second Platoon eliminates a tunnel network to the North of first Platoon. Destroying said networks will inhibit entrenched Arachnids from bringing down dropships flying overhead. Mission Log >> 26/11/2298 - 1:00 Federation Standard - Sgt. Madoc Llewellyn as drop lead. >>1:11 - Little Eagle Two-Three touches down. Platoon deploys. L-E returns to orbit. >> 1:35 - Platoon comes across remnants of park buildings on Hirabayashi-Neumann Federal Park grounds. >> 1:50 - Platoon encounters minimal resistance from Arachnids, and proceeds down into the canyon. >> 2:00 - Platoon proceeds to dispatch Arachnids before noticing the effects of the ethanol springs on the floor of the canyon. >> 2:10 - The platoon crosses the canyon before contacting MOBCOMM to report 'wooziness.' >> 2:20 - Platoon begins to become noticeably inebriated from the excess ethanol in the air on the canyon floor. >> 2:22 - Platoon attempts to destroy the geysers in an attempt to cut off the ethanol. This does not work. >> 2:30 - Platoon remains in the canyon. Misfires and accidental discharges reported. Inebration worsens. >> 2:40 - Platoon manages to close the entrance to one of the caves. Command structure and communication break down. >> 2:50 - Platoon decides to hole up in the park building near their LZ for their own safety. Platoon is thoroughly inebriated. >> 2:55 - Platoon exfiltrates via MEDEVAC. >> 2:55 - Platoon officially boards the Grant, concluding their tasking. Abstract Mission Conclusion Mission was a failure. Due to the overlooked detail of the location of several ethanol springs and geysers on the floor of the canyon, First Platoon was rendered combat inefective. Dropship supply lines are to be routed around Hirabayashi-Neumann Federal Park until further notice. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Orwell

    Har Nevo

    Abstract Mission Briefing i. Reconnaissance Team Alpha is to scout the Wasatch National Forest-Vernon Division. ii. Reconnaissance Team Bravo is to scout the ruins of Alta and ascend Mt. Baldy. iii. Reconnaissance Team Alpha is to confirm reports of resettlement on ruins of Temple Square, Salt Lake City. Mission Log >> 24/11/2298 - 1:31 Federation Standard - Sgt. Usman Karsai as drop lead. Cpl. Patrick Strugatsky as RTO / SIC for Alpha, Sgt. Mallory Humphrey as drop lead. Cpl. Mario Caro as RTO / SIC for Bravo. >> 1:42 - Thunderbird 1-0 touches down. Recon Team Alpha deploys. Thunderbird 1-0 returns to Nellis Fleet Base. >> 1:57 - Thunderbird 1-1 touches down. Recon Team Bravo deploys outside of Alta. Thunderbird 1-1 returns to Nellis Fleet Base. >> 2:01 - Recon Team Alpha encounters minimal Neon resistance. Notes of upwards of 12 Neon corpses shot to death and strung along the route from Alpha's LZ to Interstate 80. >> 2:08 - Recon Team Bravo encounters moderate resistance in ruins of Alta, reported difficulties in the snow and ice in the ruins. 1x KIA (LCpl. Bobby Yang). >> 2:47 - Alpha crosses I-80, proceeds north along UT-65. Reports of apartment buildings littered with Neon corpses, shot to death. Snowstorm moves in and obscures vision. >> 2:55 - Bravo confirms liquidation of Neon presence in Alta, they proceed to Alta Ski Lodge and begin to restore cable car system. >> 3:02 - Alpha confirms signs of settlement as snowstorm clears. Alpha begins to record evidence. >> 3:35 - Bravo repairs cable car system, and begins ascent of Mt. Baldy. >> 3:42 - Alpha confirms signs of settlement as snowstorm clears near ruins of University of Utah. Alpha begins to record evidence, and proceeds north towards Bountiful Peak. >> 3:59 - Bravo completes their ascent, clears summit of Mt. Baldy of minor Neon presence. Bravo receives new orders to mark the location for an FOB for future operations. >> 4:03 - Alpha concludes scouting operations, and proceeds to extract near ruins of Bountiful. Thunderbird 1-0 retrieves Alpha, and returns to Nellis Fleet Base. >> 4:15 - Bravo concludes marking the area, and proceeds to extract via Thunderbird 1-1. Thunderbird 1-1 returns to Nellis Fleet Base. Abstract Mission Conclusion Reports of settlements in ruins of Salt Lake City confirmed, G&T provided with video footage and photographic evidence of 64~ structures near Temple Square, at least 23 of said structures dedicated for agricultural purposes. The footage denotes very little foot traffic, and the presence of at least 6 space-faring vessels on site. Alpha acknowledges poor visibility from the weather affected recording efforts. G&T is now tasked with investigating Mormon connection. Bravo has cleared the summit of Mt. Baldy, and has opened up a convenient method of transport between the city of Alta. The decision to act further on the matter has been passed up to Col. Ivan Sikorsky of the 9th Brigade now that reclamation efforts in Las Vegas and St. George are concluding as part of Operation Manifest.
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    i always used the sci fi citizen arabs
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    PK Appeal, Corporal Dwight Conelly

    Case resolved overnight, locking thread.
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    PK Appeal, Corporal Dwight Conelly

    to be fair man, i was standing right next to you when it happened. you got hit by ripplers that had been harassing the whole platoon. We'd killed it before. You got killed by one, and you rolled a 3, which is something that needs to be mentioned. Part of the reason we sometimes use rolls is to give the character in question some way to survive on a spectrum from 1 to 100. out of all those 100 digits, you rolled a 3. @cat danny 25 @Tony I'm going to open this up to tony and nazz so they can hopefully help clarify the situation better, as they were directly involved.
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    Operation Dust Devil

    Mission Report - First Platoon Abstract Mission Briefing i. First Platoon is to secure a mountain pass (Stockholm Pass) and allow for the safe transport of elements from Alpha and Bravo of the 88th Moritas to pass through. ii. First Platoon is to ensure the safety of several emplacements on said pass Mission Log >> 14/11/2298 - 1:20 Federation Standard - MSgt. McCarthy as drop lead. Cpl. Daby as RTO / SIC. >>1:25 - Little Eagle Two-Three touches down. Platoon deploys. L-E returns to orbit. >> 1:35 - Platoon entrenches at the pass on a bridge and encounters light resistance from Warrior, Hopper, and Firefly castes. >> 1:50 - Platoon encounters first string of troopers from the 88th. They pass through without incident. >> 2:00 - Platoon gains more attention from Arachnids, and deals with increasing resistance. >> 2:10 - Stragglers from the 88th filter in with Arachnids in pursuit. They travel through the pass after eliminating their pursuers. >> 2:20 - Arachnids begin counteroffensive, and sandwich First Platoon between both ends of the bridge. At around this time, ammunition runs critically low. A supply drop is called in. >> 2:22 - Red Wing 1-2 arrives with resupply in tow, gets knocked into the bay by a Firefly and crashes, destroying the munitions inside and killing the pilots. (2x KIA) >> 2:30 - First Platoon is pushed off the bridge after requesting air support (could not be granted) and retreats further into the tunnel to their south. >> 2:40 - First Platoon is informed that Operational Command is aborting, and that they are to exfil ASAP. >> 2:50 - First Platoon extracts via Red Wing 1-4 >> 2:55 - First Platoon officially boards the Grant, concluding their tasking. Abstract Mission Conclusion Mission was a failure. Elements of the 88th were entirely wiped out (most of Bravo and Charlie). Several TAC wings lost in addition to the crew of Red Wing 1-2. GnT failed to accurately forecast the intensity of the resistance the Mobile Infantry would face on the outskirts of Mesa Verde.
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    What I've been doing

    wtf dude lmao
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    'Hominid' Incident - 27/10/98 - Recordings

    ANALYSIS RETURNS (10/11/98) Skull A recovered by TSgt. Naomi Hawthorne determined to be of early Homo sapien (Cro-Magnon) origin. Skull A exhibits lacerations/etchings burnt into the bone in angular patterns near the Occipital bun. Carbon dating estimates that the Skull A is roughly 23,000 years old. Stone fragments retrieved from a petrified leather sack in the general vicinity are concurrent with hafted tools and arrow heads dated from 40,000 to 15,000 years old. The petrified sack itself was determined to be roughly 25,000 years old. Skull B was determined to belong to Homo neanderthalensis, and was determined to be roughly 80,000 years old. It exhibited similar lacerations near the Occipital bun much like Skull A. Mandible A recovered by the detail team exhibits a dental pattern congruent with Homo heidelbergensis. Mandible A is estimated to be roughly 211,000 years old. DETAIL TEAM REPORT: - Dozens (32 currently) of skeletal fragments recovered. - Skeletal fragments belonging to various Homo sp. in addition to several Denisovan skeletons, almost all of which exhibited lacerations congruent with intensive surgery. - Multiple projectiles, both extraterrestrial and Terran in origin (ages dating from 90,000 to 500 years ago) recovered at the site. - The dropship pilots were never recovered. - The corpse belonging to the orderly identified as Cpl. Oscar Sotomayor appeared to be vivisected. Sotomayor was missing his spleen, liver, and heart. - The massive skull belonging to the 'apparition' belongs to a species of quadrupedal, ruminant extraterrestrial fauna native to Samson, not Barbarossa. - Some bones recovered have yet to be corresponded with any one species. - The extraterrestrial projectiles recovered are of similar composition to ancient Skinny spears and lances found on ██████ ██████ and █████████ █████ ████ - Due to the massive overgrowth of the forest, the detail team has remarked that the extensive forest cover has allowed much of the area to exist for a very long time without relative disruption from the environment. - The detail team remarked that they had not experienced any hallucinations or otherwise odd happenings besides a general feeling of uneasiness that dissipated as they left the AO.
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    Terran Front