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    Har Nevo

    The salt was stained and grey, accumulating into piles across the lake bed. The wind never let up, and the fine salt and sand became one with your clothes. Even from this distance one could make it out. I pulled the wrapping over my mouth. From here, one could see everything. The scorched sides of the Wasatch Mountains were drab and grey. The twisted metal from what was left of Ogden stretched up into the air; a mangled mess of melted support beams and rubble. The air warbled and distorted under the hot sun, shifting the images from far away into a wobbling haze. I breathed heavily, sucking in the stinging air into my lungs. I planted my hands on my knees, and looked out over the summit. The entire lake had disappeared. Dropship hulls were littered across the choked lake bed. A gust of hot air rose up the windward side of the peak, bringing with it a taste from the foothills of the shore. They said it would snow, but that was a week ago. My ears are ringing. He placed a hand on my shoulder. "There. Further South. Do you see it?" I pried the caps off my binoculars. I hefted them up to my goggles, squinting. A shimmering spit of land, rising up out of the lake bed. My lungs ached. He pulled on the burnt, peeling sign, grunting. ANTELOPE ISLAND The land was desolate, and piled with heaps of ash and salt. "Did they really have antelopes here, back then?" "In the beginning." "What do you mean?" We crested over a dune, trampling over a rusted fence. A scattering of massive chalky bones, arched into vaulting cages crowned with a long and flat skull flanked by two small horns. "When our ancestors first came, they raised buffalo here." I reached out and grasped the dark horn. It broke off in my hand. "Behind us." He almost whispered it. We both saw it. Bulbous and bleeding feet. Warped skin saturated with salt. A pulsating mass of silently shuffling flesh, calloused and burned by the sun. Tendons hung off the exposed bone as it staggered towards us. Arms and prongs hanging off of its waist, supporting a vestigial set of legs above its pelvis. Pop. Pop. My ears ring. A chunk of its midsection slides off onto the sand, taking a string of tangled innards with it. Pop. Pop. Pop. I start to join in. Pop. Pop. Pop. Ba-bum. Ba-bum. He hated doing it, despite everything. I wasn't as bothered. We watched it writhe on the ground, bleeding out of the holes drilled through its body. Ba-bum. I smelled the propellant floating up from the barrel, and time resumed. In the distance, we saw another salt-encrusted body turn on the shore of the lake bed. It rolled aimlessly in the sand, pitifully dragging its body along. "Are you still up for the rest of all this?" "It's too late to be asking questions like that, don't you think?" We walked towards the ruins to the South.
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    Har Nevo

    I placed the final rock over the small pile. No headstone. No markings, just a pile of rocks out on the dead plain. There was no name. Snow had started to fall. It smelled of sulfur, and was stained with ash. The ground was still too warm for it to stick. It turned into this soupy slush that covered everything, and clung to your clothes. I spent the night swaddled in blankets, caught in a never ending cold sweat. Neighbors came by to bring gifts of consolation, constituting of the little surplus that they had. I felt sick to my stomach. I wondered what I had done to deserve this. I heaved and sobbed until I passed out. I sat out on my knees, in the cold. Before the pile. I listened to the wind cross the dried lake bed, and the distant humming of ships passing overhead. Air traffic had picked up recently. People were starting to get more and more concerned about the inevitable. He came down and sat beside me, and pulled me close to him. "We can try again. It's not the end of the world." "I failed." "No, you didn't fail. It's happened to plenty of people. It doesn't make you any less of a woman, or a mother." My eyes welled up again. I couldn't clear the images from my mind. "...It happens. Sometimes, without a proper reason why." "...If I had done something differently, maybe..." "You'll drive yourself crazy, dwelling on it like that. These kinds of things happen, and plenty of women who have them go on to deliver healthy babies. God has a plan for us. This was part of it." "Aren't you upset?" "I am upset. But I'm not upset at you. You know that." "I just wanted..." "I know. It's alright." Our livestock are dwindling. Many are ill, and there's little to graze on this time of year. Scouts at Provo said they saw dropships buzzing around. People are getting nervous, and it's only being fueled by dwindling supplies. We may have to begin rationing to last through the Winter. Our numbers are burgeoning, and there are fears that we may not be able to support them all. The temple is being restored. It keeps us together. The cold is biting. I can't forget why we're here.
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    Psychic Roll Bonuses and Rank

    PSYCHIC ROLL BONUSES AND RANK (FOR VETERANS OF THE PSYCHIC WARS) From now on, depending on your rank within the faction, you will receive a roll bonus for psychic activities. There will always be a risk of backfiring when using psychic abilities. These bonuses are intended to alleviate the severity of the drawbacks imposed on psychics as they ascend through the ranks and become more experienced. As one ascends from say, Third Specialist to Second Specialist, not only will they receive a slight roll bonus, they will gain an additional point with which they can spec into an additional skill, or further ascend an ability's tiers. KEEP IN MIND: These roll bonuses are to be applied ONLY when using your psychic abilities. In regular PvP situations, the psychic in question would defer to the roll bonus granted by their INFANTRY rank. This is not to be infringed upon. LT. - (+20 ROLL BONUS TSgt. - (+20 ROLL BONUS) MSpc. - (+15 ROLL BONUS) SSpc. - (+15 ROLL BONUS) Spc. - (+10 ROLL BONUS) 2Spc. - (+5 ROLL BONUS) 3Spc. - (NO ROLL BONUS)
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    Terran Front

    [POST-FALL POPULATION CENTERS] (AS OF SEPTEMBER 1, 2298) WESTERN HEMISPHERE Thule (Fleet Base) [ 1,300 ] Comox (Fleet Base) [ 9,500 ] Colorado Springs [ 11,430 ] Fort Bragg (Mobile Infantry Base) [ 7,200 ] Tampa [ 4,880 ] Panama City [ 2, 360 ] Arauca [ 1,120 ] Paramaribo [ 6,350 ] Macapá [ 1,200 ] Imperatriz (Mobile Infantry Base) [ 1,100 ] Santiago [1,090] TOTAL: 47,530 EASTERN HEMISPHERE Paris [ 12,200] Bremen (Fleet Base) [ 11,520 ] Marseille [ 8,770 ] Venice [ 6, 870 ] Bujumbura [ 6,000 ] Sana'a (Fleet Base) [ 8,220 ] Kazan [ 3,100 ] Volgograd (Mobile Infantry Base) [ 7,000 ] Astrakhan [ 2,300 ] Kaxgar [ 3,200 ] Abbottabad [ 4,650 ] Okinawa (Fleet Base) [ 8,900 ] Darwin [ 7,450 ] Warburton (Mobile Infantry Base) [ 4,430 ] TOTAL: 94,610 GRAND TOTAL: 142,140~ [NOT COUNTING MOBILE INFANTRY + FLEET PERSONNEL] LONG-TERM REHABILITATION GOALS - Remove Neon presence from North America - Remove Neon presence from Latin America - Remove Neon presence from Europe -Remove Neon presence from Africa -Remove Neon presence from Asia -Remove Neon presence from Australia -Remove Neon presence from Antarctica -Remove Neon presence from Arctic Circle -Restore civic centers to support at least ~100,000+ for further operations -Restore manufacturing and production capabilities to sustain influx of returning Terrans -Establish ground transport routes between civic centers -Clear area for development of said ground transport routes -Establish safe clearing grounds for transport between planets in Sol System -Remove Neon presence from the following rivers/waterways: Nile Thames Amazon Amur Congo Yangtze Huang He Mississipi Hudson Yenisei Ob Parana Danube Ganges Rhine Volga Sepik Mekong Zambezi Rio Grande Missouri Great Lakes (North America) Great Lakes (Africa) Tigris Euphrates Indus Murray-Darling Shatt al-Arab SHORT TERM GOALS -Regain control of the following areas for future operations -Hispaniola (Port-au-Prince, Santo Domingo) -Iceland (Reykjavik) -British Isles (Belfast, London, Edinburgh) -Aleutian Islands (Cold Bay Fleet Base) -Japanese Archipelago (Sapporo, Nagano, Miyazaki) -Madagascar (Antananarivo Fleet Base) -Sri Lanka (Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte) -Newfoundland (St-Pierre Fleet Base) -Tasmania (Hobart Fleet Base) -Borneo (Bandar Seri Begawan) -Sicily (Palermo Fleet Base) -Cyprus (Nicosia Fleet Base) -Crete (Heraklion Mobile Infantry Base) -Seychelles (Victoria Fleet Base) -Malay Peninsula (Songkhla Fleet Base) -Tierra del Fuego (Primavera Fleet Base) -Kamchatka Peninsula (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Fleet Base) -Dyer Plateau (Dyer Fleet Base)
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    Terran Front

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    Debates done quick: Traps

    you're all sick
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    my baby shower

    im going to bring life into this godawful world
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    Har Nevo

    New arrivals today from Nauvoo. Some of their ships landed near our dwellings. More would be passing through in the coming days. The peculiarity of everything wasn't lost on them, I don't think. I learned later that there were some among us who felt the leader of their camp had buckled, and made a grave mistake by surrendering Nauvoo on faith. An argument broke out, and it escalated to blows near the southern well. They had to take him to the infirmary. "...Ultimately, not something that could've been rectified in the eyes of the more extreme among us. Nauvoo rivalled Chicago in its heyday. Couched on the Mississippi, they would've had a lot to work with." "It sounds like they were forced." "I agree, but..." "But what? Would you have rather they died there? You heard how it happened." "Of course not. I just know that this won't bear well for the future, that's all." "What are you afraid of?" "I'm afraid that the Federation doesn't hold up their end of the bargain. We're alone out here. There's not much stopping them from painting us into the rubble. I know I wouldn't have been able to have put my faith in a Mobile Infantry officer to keep his word, even if I were a veteran." Thunder clapped in the distance. A front was coming our way, laden with acid rain. We'll have to repaint everything again. "If our numbers keep growing, then I think we can stand a chance. Show them that we can hold our own against the Neons. It wouldn't be hard." "We'll see how it goes." We're driving down to Provo tomorrow. According to reports, it's not as leveled as Ogden. On the way back, we're splitting and stopping by Camp Williams, in the mountains. Much of the freshwater deposits have been tainted. They're deep in the earth. Every drink has to be saturated with iodine. Some of the animals are starting to get sick. I hope nothing comes of it.
  10. EVENTS IN QUESTION 6/10/98 - 112th Moritas, Alpha Company, were sent to the wreck of the UCF-BC-403 Charles De Gaulle, shot down over the Atacama Desert by the Ark during the Fall of Earth. Tasked with recovering the ship's life support systems, weapons systems, reactor, and black box, the MI made contact with the wreck to find that they had been beaten to the punch by a group of scavengers. They were: Comprised mostly of individuals of Terran origin, mostly Chileans who resided in the safe area around the ruins of Santiago, with a number originating from the colonies. Experienced, in some capacity, with the operation of weapons such as an M-55, and appeared to be in the middle of loading parts stripped from the wreck onto their own craft when Alpha Company interrupted them. Many fled the scene, but three of them were captured by Alpha Company. TAC recon failed to locate where the small personal craft had fled off, and had some experience with evading detection. The cargo of the remaining personal craft held many of the stripped weapons, life support systems, and black box. Several assets of weaponry from the Charles De Gaulle's armory were missing. Large amounts of ammunition corresponding to the Charles De Gaulle's helicals and MAC's were missing. The three individuals captured were identified as Miguel Alvaro (Santiago, Chile) Andre Chikatilo (Hesperus) [DECEASED] Liam Forge (Chicago, Illinois?) Liam Forge proved to be the least helpful to the investigation, and at multiple times presented an unchanging story that paints him as a small time criminal approached with the opportunity to gain a lucrative amount of money for what seemed like a small risk. Forge had the least to contribute, and was subsequently shuttled off to a penal facility to pay for his crimes once it was determined that he held no pertinent information to the investigation. Miguel Alvaro seemed to be of similar background to Liam Forge, seeking to pounce on a lucrative opportunity to make an exorbitant amount of money. Miguel states that he was approached by Andre Chikatilo in Santiago, and later at a bar known as 'Club Loco' on Hesperus, in New Memphis- Chikatilo's hometown. Chikatilo proposed the job to Alvaro, and he accepted, assembling a crew to take part in the stripping of the wreck of the Charles De Gaulle. As far as Alvaro knew, the primary benefactor for the operation remained unknown to him, and to the people he worked with, including Andre Chikatilo. Andre Chikatilo was the most valuable prisoner. He made direct contact with several representatives of the unknown benefactor, each at different locations, every meeting consisting of meeting a separate representative of the same benefactor. Chikatilo was the most experienced of the three in terms of crime, and expressed a degree of skepticism and curiosity towards the identity of the benefactor, and tried to ascertain the identity of said benefactor through their many representatives, most importantly an individual reffered to by the initials 'A.M.' Upon questioning, Chikatilo stated that neither 'A.M.' nor any of the other representatives were able to provide a clear answer as to who the benefactor was. Each of the representatives, most notably 'A.M.' were contacted by their own set of representatives, with the entire operation of stripping the Charles De Gaulle being obfuscated, and deliberately obscured. According to Chikatilo, every level of the operation was shrouded in mystery, with leaders of the stripping operation being directed entirely through fronts, which were in turn directed through fronts of their own. A note left at the scene contained instructions left to a man referred to as 'Santos Rivera' by Liam Forge. The note contained instructions on meeting another representative at a shopping center on Hesperus. Upon discovering the note, the location in question was staked out, and ultimately yielded nothing. It is suspected that either the remaining ships that fled with some of the missing assets from the Charles De Gaulle either contacted the unknown representative and rearranged the meeting place, or the deal fell through altogether. After further psychic probing, no further revelations were made. To ascertain the identity of who would've wanted the stripped assets of the Charles De Gaulle is ultimately speculation at this point. One thing is clear, whoever it was that wanted the bounty of the battle cruiser went to great lengths to obscure their identity by operating through a myriad of different fronts and identities.
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    War! It's WAR! WAAR!

    Twatter @flaccidmorita you thought you really snapped on this one huh you kook #argonauts
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    War! It's WAR! WAAR!

    Twatter @wetflango havent been this hyped for argonauts v raiders since 94 showdown at the bowl!!!! RAIDERS 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Deckers Semi-LOA/Light XA Duty


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    Har Nevo

    They were a series of huts, re-purposed from the little wood that could be reclaimed. It took days to clear the rubble. It's a strange experience, to pick through what used to be someone's living room. Holding fragments and pieces of family histories in your hands. I was delegated to the lighter work, at their insistence. The road ahead seemed fret with troubles, but seeing the rows of houses we had raised ourselves put a bounce in my step. I thought of my future. I thought of our future. In a sea of debris and destruction, we'd made an isolated stand; the first steps towards the restoration of what once was. All I had to go on was scripture, and the knowledge of those who had seen it first-hand. He looks out over the salt flats, and despite everything, he smiles. I think he wanted this, deep down. A chance to be a part of history, like our ancestors did so long ago. It feels somewhat ethereal to walk the same ground as them. To think, what it would have been like to cross the Wasatch on covered wagon. To see this land for the first time. I keep myself busy with these thoughts when there's not work to be done. We've run into the same problems they did, according to him. The canals that lead to the lake are completely dry. Only stagnant puddles of tainted water remain, festering with flies and gnats. We've penetrated the water table with the help of some equipment, and have built a handful of wells that will supply us until the Spring. As temperatures rise, hopefully the snow melt from the mountains will seep down into the valley and provide us with a bit of excess. We found the old temple. It was of course, destroyed. He spent many hours there, alone in deep thought. We're still visited by them. We come across new ones pinned under the rubble, paralyzed and malformed. They've become less of an active threat, and more of a nuisance that must be dealt with before further expansion. His voice is drenched in vitriol when he speaks of them. With our numbers, we'll have our work cut out for us. Others are arriving here as well. They talk among each other, both glad and apprehensive at the lack of any Mobile Infantry. I ask him if it's only a matter of time. "They won't ignore us. It's inevitable that they will eventually come here." "And what then?" "We won't repeat the mistakes of the past, and allow more blood to be spilled. We must show them that we can sustain ourselves independently. They're tired. Fatigued from fighting." "Has that stopped them before?" "This is different..." He planted the sign into the soil. Nearby, we were putting in the supports for our greenhouse. On it were four words emblazoned over a painting of a beehive. S A L T L A K E C I T Y D E S E R E T
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    Har Nevo

    The interior was totally still, as though it were suspended in time. Not even the particles of dust seemed to stir with our entrance, and poking around. All the seats fanned out around a decrepit stage. I sat down, and for a moment, imagined what it must've been like. I thought of the shows, the music, the laughter, the drama... To be able to forget, if just for a brief moment. The seat gave away, and my fall kicked up a plume of dust and sent an echo through the ruined chamber. I looked up at the sunlight spilling in through the gaps blown through the ceiling, tracing the perfectly angular beams of light illuminating the dirty floor up to the holes they poured in from. I found a dirty pamphlet. C A P I T O L T H E A T E R D E C E M B E R A T T R A C T I O N S The rest was burnt and ruined. I could hear the doors swing open, followed by his footsteps. "Look." "...How old is this?" "Very old. Back when they still used these." "It looks so... Green. There's snow in the mountains. This was really here?" "Yes. But, that was a long time ago. You've seen the ruins- it's since been built up. Hundred floor buildings, shopping megacenters..." "It must have been beautiful." He knitted his brow, before nodding slowly. "It still is. We just need time, and diligence." I looked around at the chamber pit. There was an old grand piano with a rack of a burnt collection of pages resting on the music rack. The elaborate designs in the carpet had long since been singed off by the immense heat. He sat down on the bench while I wandered towards the entrance.
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    OOC Questions + Clarifications

    Hey guys. This thread is meant to provide answers on any psychic-related queries you may have. We're going to be streamlining a lot of the abilities that psychics have and make them a bit more digestible and accesible. In the mean time, if there's anything you're curious about, here's the place to get some fax, honey child.
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    OOC Questions + Clarifications

    If he uses GUT FEELING, and rolls well, yes.
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    OOC Questions + Clarifications

    Under the tab 'Psychic Abilities' For now, yes. Except Marauders. No psychic marauders. edit: specialist ranks are significant only within the faction, meant to show a distinction in skill and reliability.
  19. MIPOD ENLISTED AND PSYCHIC OFFICERS - HOW DO THEY DIFFER? To understand why, the nature of psychic powers must be understood. More than anything MIPOD favors a consistent display of their ability to control and exhibit their powers. Due to the often unpredictable and particular nature of psychic phenomena, it is paramount for a psychic to be able to consistently call upon their special power at a moment's notice. The demanding mental hurdles that MIPOD enlisted face are numerous, with many succumbing to the pitfalls along the way. Be it from having their minds burnt out, or suffering from the mental trauma induced by psychic warfare, the MIPOD enlisted lifestyle is very 'sink-or-swim'. Those who last the passage of time and exhibit a clear understanding and grasp of their powers and limits usually ascend into officer positions, with some electing (or being chosen by MIPOD command) to remain on the field. With the nature of the fallout of the Civil War, the precarious nature of enlisted life is even more fickle than usual, with fewer enlisted lasting to become officers. Officers are seen as a sound investment as a psychic asset, usually an adept in their own particular skill set by the time they make rank. Psychic officers take part in the deliberation and planning of psychic operations; ranging from the apprehension of brain bugs, mapping of underground tunnels, or engaging in reconaissance operations to information extraction. MIPOD enlisted follow the orders of MI leadership, but also find themselves in a subordinate position to their MIPOD officers. Officers have no such responsibility towards MI leadership for the reasons listed above, and the fact that they will usually be of a slightly higher rank and paygrade than their MI equivalents. With the established basis of consistency, officers are most commonly deployed to deal with serious psychic threats; their benchmark for performance has been thoroughly established along with the fine tuning of their skill set to tackle a wide variety of foes and situations. MIPOD and Psyops take great measures to ensure that the mental well being of their operatives are looked after, but even as an officer, there's no guarantee that you're 'out of the water' and can't be pulled back to the field to handle a threat worthy of the attention of a seasoned psychic. As a result, despite their prestige, officers ultimately continue to face the same risks that enlisted do, just at a smaller frequency.
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    Terran Front

    29/9/98 DEVELOPMENTS Large scale reclamation efforts are now being undertaken in several regions across the globe. Removal of the remaining Neon forces from these territories is paramount to ensure further development and rehabilitation. A. OPERATION SEPULCHRE - Gain control of Nicosia, Damascus, Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina, Baghdad, Kuwait City, Antalya, Istanbul, Alexandria - Remove Neon presence from Suez Canal, Euphrates, Tigris, Dardanelles, Dead Sea, Jordan River B. OPERATION SCATTER - Gain control of Leeds, Limerick, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Dover -Remove Neon presence from Pinnines, River Thames, River Mersey, River Tweed, Lough Neagh C. OPERATION MANIFEST -Gain control of Oklahoma City, Denver, Fairfield, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, St. George, St. Louis, Winnipeg, Calgary, Nampa, Tacoma, Independence, New Orleans, Chicago, Fort Worth, San Antonio, San Diego, San Juan, Santo Domingo, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Tijuana, La Paz, Guatemala, Managua, Panama City, Miami -Remove Neon presence from Great Lakes, Mississippi River, Missouri River, Ohio River, Snake River, Rio Grande, Brazos River, Colorado River, D. OPERATION DREAMTIME - Gain control of Perth, Madura, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Alice Springs, Borroloola, Longreach, Bourke, Nockatunga -Remove Neon presnce from Outback, Murray-Darling basin E. OPERATION DESPERADO - Gain control of Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Montevideo, Salvador, Buenos Aires, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Asuncion -Remove Neon presence from Rio São Francisco, Rio Uruguay, Rio de la Plata F. OPERATION CROCODILE - Gain control of Khartoum, Juba, Nairobi, Aswan, Bukavu, Lilongwe -Remove Neon presence from Nile River, Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Malawi, Lake Nasser, Lake Tana, Lake Turkana G. OPERATION ONI - Gain control of the Japanese Archipelago - Remove Neon presence from Ryukyu MISC. DEVELOPMENTS MOBILE INFANTRY HAVE BEEN RECENTLY DEPOLYED TO: - BOSTON, USA - JERSEY CITY, USA - NAIROBI, KENYA - MONROVIA, LIBERIA - ODESSA, UKRAINE - LIMA, PERU - RIGA, LATVIA - SINGAPORE - PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA - JAKARTA, INDONESIA - HONOLULU, USA - GUILIN, CHINA - GUANGDONG, CHINA - KATHMANDU, NEPAL Terran patriots and colonist sympathizers, many feeling compelled by their Terran roots, continue to flood back into the few safe areas built up enough to sustain their numbers. Religious sites such as the Kaaba in Mecca, Jacob's Well in Tell Balata, and sections of the Western Wall in Jerusalem have been heavily damaged following the Neon occupation.
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    Marco Dominiko

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    FSN - FedNet Survey

    this guy has the right idea... definitely needs a little more female representation on the screen nothin like sitting down for the oold jump ball after a long days work . . . crack open a cold one and check in on the latest highlights from the best panel in the fed... i think my wife only watches the broadcasts because she has a crush on of the anchors GO CENTAURS!!!!!!!!!
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    Norman Cox

    Norman Cox, in a combat stance. THE LORE The accidental bastard child born from the union of a Fleet ensign, Thurgood Cox, and Mobile Infantry private Serena Duffy, Norman Cox was estranged from his immediate family at an early age. With his mother's pregnancy discovered, she was quickly medically discharged. Refusing to have an abortion, but having no particular desire to raise a child, she absconded to Wolf Run to her sister Aisha's abode to birth the young Norman into the world. Shortly after Norman was born, Serena dumped the bastard child onto her sister to re-enlist, only to be killed in service in a dropship accident when Norman was six. Norman was raised almost exclusively by his aunt and her circle of friends who worked in the hazardous conditions of Wolf Run's mines. The tight and dingy quarters of Wolf Run were the only home that he ever knew; educational opportunities being sparse, Norman believed that the course of his life would be spent toiling in the increasingly fatal mine shafts on the asteroid belts. The closest man to a father figure that Norman had (and believed was his actual father until the age of 14) was an ex-convict miner named Ryan Manx, who had his shoulder ripped from his body after a workplace accident. Being rendered incapable of holding one of the few jobs available on Wolf Run, Manx took a hankering to teaching young Norman about life along with his aunt. At fifteen, Norman began to notice that he had started developing blotches of melanin-deprived skin on his hands. He was diagnosed with vitiligo, and the blotches continued to climb up his forearms as he continued to age. Working a short stretch in the mines after completing his mediocre high school education, he quickly became disillusioned and repulsed by the lifestyle after having one of his best friends killed in a mining blast accident. With the nature of the mines being so dangerous, Norm thought it'd actually be a safer choice to enlist with the Mobile Infantry he'd inhabited the station with rather than risk his life toiling in the mines. Norman, now a fresh twenty year old, was entered into the ranks of the Mobile Infantry. Setting foot on a planet for the first time for boot camp in The Trio (Camp Presley, Boot Hill specifically), Norman began his journey to becoming a legitimate Infantryman. Upon graduating, Norm was attached to the 112th, where he now resides. Does he have what it takes? Who can say? RELATIONSHIPS ALICE VICKERS My first drop with the 112th, and she seems to think I did alright. I'll be the first to tell you I was scared shitless that day. It's one thing when you're at boot, and you've got a grizzled group of seasoned vets behind you on a controlled course. The rounds are simulated, and the bugs are too. It's much much different when they're actually running towards you, trying to make you into mince meat. I thought they would never stop coming. Vickers was my squad lead, and she put up with my whinging and pleas. I asked if it was always like this. She said sometimes it was worse. Good God. When the sim-bugs get you, you get shocked, it's painful enough to dissuade you from slacking off to allow it to happen again. But no amount of shocking could've prepared me for the searing, throbbing, agonizing pain of a talon shooting straight through your thigh. I felt ashamed. But Vickers stopped by while I was high on pain meds, and told me I did good. At least, I think that's what she said. She seems like a good person. I oughta' buy her a drink or something. ARCAS Seems like a fun guy to be around. WILLIAM ST. CLAIRE Kinda freaks me out a little bit. Not quite sure what he does.
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    Terran Front

    21/9/98 DEVELOPMENTS CIVIC CENTERS SECURED: + Glasgow + Delhi + Albuquerque + Toronto + Gibraltar + Lisbon Waterway clearing operations in progress: -Nile -Amazon -Mississippi -Yangtze