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  1. Fuppy

    SST Quotes Thread

    21:17:27 - **Sgt. Troy 'Horny' Hughes put two slices of chicken breasts on some heavy plastic, sliding it over to Franke and handing him a meat mallet. "Beat them well right now." 21:17:40 - Sgt. Troy 'Horny' Hughes: About half an inch thickness. 21:18:11 - **Sgt. Troy 'Horny' Hughes busted the eggs and put them in a bowl, beating them with a whisk as he read the directions. 21:18:42 - **LCpl. Bernhard Franke grins. The man is a self proclaimed master of beating his meat, after all. This will be hardly a challenge. "Rodger dodger, sarge. Two half an inch thick breasts cumon right up!" He grabs the mallet and gets to work, hammering out his... Cock.
  2. Fuppy

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Lance Corporal Bernhard Franke - Fuppy - EST
  3. Fuppy

    Omar Quinn

    Name: Omar Quinn Station(s): Science Biography: The highlight of a youth’s schooling - the apex of their entire life up to this point: test results. Test results meant everything in a Federation rich with the idea of earning your way, and paving the future for oneself. After all, a citizenship wasn’t free, nor was life, and so these scores meant it all… In truth, though, the notion of doing well through determination and willpower, was partially an illusion. Much of the system begins far before you even take those tests, and your opportunities stem from your parent’s own. Like in Quinn’s case. He was born into both the wealth, and the influence. A well taught education came easily, albeit expensively, and some of the best tutors his side of Karrus were only a phone call away. He made sure to take full advantage of these offerings, too. With eyes set on Military Intelligence, he needed some of the highest marks plausible -- because he wasn’t some general’s son, or a psychic, just, well, rich. Full time studying, with also a part time hobby of book-worming, sums up basically all of Quinn’s early life. However, the pipe dream of intel shrunk as both Quinn, and Karrus’ pride, grew. The “New Earth” scare effectively barred a Karrus native from the higher echelons of what was then their policing force, so an alternative was required. With marks far too high for infantry, yet an ambition crushed too low to utilize his potential: fleet stuck out as the middle ground. A bridge position specifically, backed by the man’s taste for the sciences. He sought out cadet schooling after receiving his scores, which were disappointingly low relative to expectations, par science, and soon found himself salvaging his future in the confines of a ship.
  4. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Bernhard Franke Physical Age: 24 Race: Caucasian Gender: M Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Blonde Height: 5'10" 1/2 Weight: 180 Employment & Background Current Rank: Private Educational History: June 5th, 2291 - New Madrid Academy of Future Youth, High School diploma. Criminal Record: 1x Underage Drinking, 1x Dangerous Conduct. Both offenses waivered with a juvenile rehabilitation program. Employment History: October 20th, 2291; December 23rd, 2295 - Metal Fabrication Weld Cleaner, and General Laborer. Service Record: August 12, 2297 - Enlistment contract finalized, sent off to boot camp. September 5th, 2298 - Received station orders for 112th, shipped off following day. September 10th, 2298 - First deployment, promoted to private. OOC: Character's College Explanation: N/A Server Time: 12ish hours. Roleplay History: 4 years of HL2, 3 years of SRP, 1 year of SST, and some on and off MMORPG/forum/other RP platforms. Interested primarily in MEC/driving vehicles.