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  1. Fuppy

    Bernhard Franke

    bump, i'm playing again.
  2. Fuppy

    The Politics of Starship Troopers

    s-sargon is really g-good...
  3. Fuppy

    Lydia Valentine

  4. Fuppy

    Black Ops Detachment.

    Quoptign you so you can see my application faster Im very interested I would quote you in the oringal post but I don ot know how these forums are weird haha
  5. Fuppy

    Black Ops Detachment.

    Application: In-Game Name: Pvt. Mawl'o Stefen Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:34142388 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028550505/ Age: Ic age: Twenty one (hes old enough to drink old enough to die in cobra) OOC age 13 (turn 14 next week) Timezone: Eastern Centrl Time Hours Played on Server: Like fifty maybe fifty five I lost track sorry What can you bring to the team?: I can bring my level head shooting skills and combat prowess my Character is very deadly when he is in the AO (Area of Operations) or as he likes to call it Ass Office because he kicks so much ass. What I can bring is my level head I have led Clone Wars squads before on the Clone Wars roleplaying servers and also was the leader of the Sith Temple on that server so my leading experience is high. Why should we accept you over other applicants?: Refer to above please that is everything I have to offer but I promise to give even more if accepted 110%% percent will be given at all times to make sure Cobra Squad functions at 110% effeciniety i How often can you be online?: Whenevr my mother doesnt know when i skip school so I can skp on days that are important to the squad so when we are doing squad training or squad drops on the black ops missions Please state one reference (optional): Deckers Beargrills Xalphox and myself (Haha ) RP Example (/me's Count make em Beefy): My /me is count is really high because of my fifty or something hours on the server but i dunno how many /mes ive typed in total usually i do /it's but that's still roleplay b ut what i mean is that i cant track them easily so i apologize i hope that d oesnt make my application not as noteworthy as the others because i dont know my total /me count. Please pm me over the forums or add on my steam if this is a proble mand we can sort it out i will ask the admins for logs if i have to to get you my /me count (Btw sick CoD reference lol black ops 2 right?) The numbers
  6. Fuppy

    [Fixing what we already have] Part 1 of 6

    A few of my friends left because of this. Nothing against the marauders themselves, as in the players or their leader, but just their presence on a drop drains the badassery pool. Simplifies too much shit, too. We don't need a support unit designed to open doors or make fortifications out of cars. Those should both be jobs for sappers, but aren't, because marauders do it better (and faster). Also balancing a drop to account for a marauder(s) still means you're catering to them instead of grunts. Disagree with the first block because of this, encouraging people to idolize marauders IC isn't the solution. It'll just create bigger problems out of the current ones. Anyways, reading through the third block, I agree with the Frank vs Joey shit, that stuff is cool. The mandatory suit roleplay shit while an admin watches over you in observe isn't though. You aren't gaining anything storywise for doing it, and are effectively solo rping. Imagine the server as its own, lived in world that keeps going while you aren't connected. Like fading to black medical roleplay, or, more relevant, just going off the assumption that your marauder takes care of his suit in the downtime. Time shouldn't stop for your character because you aren't playing. Sorry to come off as so preachy, but calling it out as it is, man. Don't encourage more mandatory RP that'll burn people out. Gmod RP player retention is already low. Back to the Frank vs Joey sitch... Nobody ever does that stuff naturally, because Garry's Mod is actually about your character's big dick progression, not character progression. It's too risky to roleplay outside of the norm and create conflict and what not, since that can mean missing out on promotions. People prefer high ranks, big guns, and power over their story. MMORPGs handle RP way better when it comes to that bullshit.
  7. Fuppy

    Sub Detachments of MI

    I agree, the faction bloat takes away from the infantry experience. The dudes I joined .net with have all since left due to getting sick of marauders. They felt the B tier movie trooper's thunder had been stolen by "spec-ops". Also agree that the people make the infantry boring, yeah. That's something everyone contributes to, though, from the admins, to the NCOs. And arguably even the privates and recruits, but you can't blame them. They're usually the people who want to do more than two emotes on a passive focused drop, but can't, because they feel pressure from their squad leaders to keep it fast... Squad leaders who are feeling pressured by their superiors, too; IC and OOC. It's a mentality SST suffers from, which is a derivative of the Garry's Mod RP mentality that plagues all communities -- nobody is going to create their own roleplay; monkey see, monkey do. That's why admins run events.
  8. Fuppy

    Sub Detachments of MI

    Think you guys are overlooking where Father Lee's problem stems from, that he thinks the basic infantryman position right now is too boring. I say he, but obviously you guys know the standard MI is lacking identity right now (besides being a perimeter puppy), so it's definitely not just him. His solution just sucks. Pilotfish's "Make the MI more mobile during events. Give them more standard 'go here, blow this up, come home' drops, and cut the duration. Not all events need to take several hours. The problem of enlisted disengagement will disappear.", would fix these kinda situations without needing to tell somebody that their suggestion isn't good.
  9. Fuppy

    Sub Detachments of MI

    Should meet him at the halfway and encourage range training with the special gats for a certification ribbon. Something that lets NCOs know this dude wants to have fun with a big machine gun, or a DMR, without having to throw up special divisions. It'd give Gunnery Sergeants something more to do, too.
  10. Fuppy

    EFT Pics

    pls spare NVG for poor mosinling
  11. Fuppy

    Federal PX

    Name: Franke, Bernhard Rank: Corporal Item(s) requested: Portal Cassette Player (1) Folding Leather Cigar Case (1) Karrus' sabor de Cuba Inc. Cigars (3)
  12. Is poisoning myself with the GP-5 filter mandatory? I'd like to poison myself with the GP-5 filter.
  13. Fuppy

    Things going forward

    . . . . . . . . .
  14. Fuppy

    My vasectomy

    Fuck you.
  15. Fuppy

    [CANNONFODDR] This Weekend Only, 112th!

    Delayed until next saturday.