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  1. dog!

    Still Can't Upload Images

    I don't get it. Why are you posting my quote twice?
  2. dog!

    Still Can't Upload Images

    I'm bumping this thread because this is still a problem. I cannot login with my Steam account, nor can I upload any avatars (it seems like the site is not able to accept uploaded images). It would be nice if a site manager could look into this.
  3. dog!

    austin ridge.

    Minor update. (x3)
  4. dog!

    The PAC Collective

    How would you do that?
  5. dog!

    austin ridge.

    Minor update. (x2)
  6. dog!

    Still Can't Upload Images

    We are talking about profile pictures and avatars.
  7. dog!

    Height Measurements For PAC

    I've seen it on multiple forums. I don't see why it's a bad thing, seems pretty accurate. Why? Is it bad, or something?
  8. A simple list of heights for you to accurately set your character to in PAC. I did not do this, this is on plenty of other forums. 5'0/60 inches/1.52 meters - 0.833 scale 5'1/61 inches/1.55 meters - 0.847 scale 5'2/62 inches/1.57 meters - 0.847 scale 5'3/63 inches/1.60 meters - 0.875 scale 5'4/64 inches/1.63 meters - 0.888 scale 5'5/65 inches/1.65 meters - 0.902 scale 5'6/66 inches/1.68 meters - 0.917 scale 5'7/67 inches/1.70 meters - 0.931 scale 5'8/68 inches/1.73 meters - 0.944 scale 5'9/69 inches/1.75 meters - 0.958 scale 5'10/70 inches/1.78 meters - 0.972 scale (Average height of an adult male human in the U.S.A.) 5'11/71 inches/1.80 meters - 0.986 scale 6'0/72 inches/1.83 meters - 1.000 scale (Default PAC3 standard) 6'1/73 inches/1.85 meters - 1.014 scale 6'2/74 inches/1.88 meters - 1.028 scale 6'3/75 inches/1.91 meters - 1.042 scale 6'4/76 inches/1.93 meters - 1.056 scale 6'5/77 inches/1.96 meters - 1.069 scale
  9. dog!

    Still Can't Upload Images

    I second this. No matter what I use, whether it is a direct upload or through a third party site like Imgur or Puush, I cannot set anything. I get a simple 'Error code: EX0' and I have yet to be able to fix it. Not only that, but I'm unable to login with Steam.
  10. dog!

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    hey what's up i'm a dog
  11. dog!

    Leana Wells

    austin ridge.
  12. dog!

    austin ridge.

    Minor update.
  13. dog!

    austin ridge.

    An old polaroid is paper clipped to the file.. Austin 'Ridge' Nordheim is a young man of eighteen years of age at the prime of their life, or what could be considered life in the 112th Mobile Infantry division. A normally reserved boy they are heavily hesitant on making new acquaintanceships, and they are even more cautious in founding genuine relations. A moderately unhealthy paranoia surrounds their social bubble and this both protects and hinders them; they rarely will seek out others. They are unusually apathetic and seemed disinterested in most events, both political and other, unless it involves his person and those he cares for. In many areas physically he treads the average line. While they are not the tallest (5'8"/1.73 m) they make up for it with a fit build as they regularly keep themselves in shape through various means. In terms of weight they were, again, average (145 lbs./65.7 kg), but given their height the two combined created an ideal body form with a 9% body fat ratio. Their high metabolism helps keep this in balance. Facial feature wise their nose was thin and only barley extended out at his nostrils, his lips were not too grossly thin, and their brows were moderately thick. His eyes were a solid shade of Prussian blue and beyond having an unusually unblemished face for his age there was little else of note. Due to a longer family heritage in Norway their skin is naturally paler. Austin is currently posted with the 112th Mobile Infantry, but due to a constant chain of harassment from numerous other sources within the division he is currently in the process of applying for a transfer. The more prominent names of his harassers include Sergeant Patrick Stevenson and Staff Sergeant Alice Vickers; the pair of them have been attempting to isolate him for any breakage in the rules, no matter how minor. Of the two names Vickers would be considered the worst as they have issued numerous arbitrary orders despite an abundance of issues in their logic when issuing said orders. From this point of view it has become clear that added onto the fact that many others in the platoon have been attacking him he intends to move on. All that is needed is Bently's signature. While there are hundreds within the division there are a few who stand out to this boy, but those few he does recognize on a day to day basis are in his thoughts every other day. Leana Wells You are different, but you are questionable. You are not like everyone else. What you say is in good fun, but there are times where you can go overboard. I enjoy this about you though, and despite it all I am starting to like you. Annabelle Thacker You are good to me. You did not judge me without reason, you did not strike without cause. You are the only person that really seemed to care for me in this unit when all others thought of me as some annoying pest. I do not why they hate me, or why they intend to see my in front of a court martial. At least I have you behind my back. Thank you. Maxine Valentine You are open and committed, but beyond that I do not know much of you. We shared a talk where we exchanged nothing but truths, and while that says a lot about you I cannot put a description on you from only the one conversation. You appear to be Leana's best friend, maybe more, but that is only from a glance. Valerie Faust You are almost like kin, but perhaps that is too much. You wish to take things slow, and that I understand. Maybe I moved things too fast for the both of us. I should be more careful, and I will. I wonder if I'll see you again. Elizabeth Staines You have the potential to be special. I see a lot of myself in you, but only of the better qualities. I cannot put a description, an adjective, to cite how I think of you, but you are really something. Bernhard Franke You are somebody who pushes too hard, too much, and even when you are told this you continue. You were assigned to me by Stevenson, and I did not have a say or choice in the matter. While I thought of you as someone that could have been trusted things changed. You persisted, you acted like a therapist when I had no problems to be treated. My personality was the problem you sought to 'fix', and I hate that. You should have backed off, I wished you did, but clearly you have a different mindset than I originally thought you had. Whatever your goal is, stay away from me. Patrick Stevenson You have it out for me. At least, that is what it feels. Ever since you decided to 'discipline' me you've clearly had an agenda, and that agenda is to mentally change me into something I'm not. I am not here to make friends, I am here to complete my service. Stop acting like you care, I am not going to allow you to turn me into you. Why should you care that I leave the room when people jest about me? I have better things to do than listen and care about those rasshøl. I can handle myself, but it seems you cannot handle who and what I am. Go back to grabbing enlisted so you can use your unregulated sense of power on them.