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  1. someone post bahamut tacoscript 1
  2. genuinely curious my guy, no offense intended I just can't tell yaknow?
  3. add snake plisken to roster plz
  4. being nit picky here but if I had a subordinate going behind my back to talk about issues he was having with his leadership to someone else I think the first thing id do would have a look at myself wondering why they thought they couldn't talk to me personally instead first. wonder why that is, gotta ask urself "am I approachable?" "do people think they can't talk to me openly and honestly?" just my two cents. kinda weird reee w/e
  5. lol can I fill out an app to be blacklisted from rauder? Sounds like more holier than thou shit that infects every RP community with AIDS.
  6. Boland


    saved to folder, ty rook ur my hero
  7. Boland


    Please.... See a therapist and remember it's not too late to begin caring about your future. God be with you.
  8. Remove weed keep Jesus add beer. Weed is the devils cabbage potheads become liberals.
  9. Being able to pick up a car is definitely the better one of the two guys cmon. Be real here.
  10. Do you workout, and the why is because I like seeing how many people hit the WEIGHTS here homie. I just like knowing these things.
  11. I like what I'm reading man. By the way, let's get this out onto a tray.... Nice!
  12. Just wanted to gauge the audience in regards to lifting and making sure your heart and lungs can withstand extended effort. If you workout why do you keep working out? If you Don't, why do you not workout? And would you like assistance in forming a workout plan?
  13. Name: Greg Simms Rank:  Corporal Item(s) requested: x1 King James Bible
  14. I usually don't care but simms man, lets see WHAT U GOTTA SAY FAM
  15. Dont forget the animal bones hanging off his cap and smartgun dude
  16. Make me as fat as possible
  17. I agree, liberals everywhere
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