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  1. Also the Qoute is Service Garuntees Citizen ship Also Being in the Mobile Infantry is Fun I think we should take most of those slides from the "Would you like to know more" guy Canon He has some very Informative bits of Info. So if we can have like a Panel on the Server like a Public screen where we can access the FEDNET AKA the Forums and use the Forums ICly as the NET I think that would be cool. Or maybe make an Actual PDA addon that would be Cool AF.
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    GOOD WORD PLAY. I have to agree with lalatina at this point because we will ask for restrictions and things to make RP better yet when we actually get them....they backfire in our face and then we say the Faction isn't Immersive enough or we can't RP how we want. YEt your the same people implementing restrictions to limit RP so therefore, If you want an Elite Group/Special Detachment don't bitch when YOU yourself place restrictions to /BETTER/ the detachment and complain after you don't get to RP how you want. Another thing is the Snowflaking, you guys want a special detachment to not have anything special about them in other words your just making them psychic MI that should atleast get to dress fancy to seperate themselves....then as Pilot said he wants a common culture....Like make up your fucking minds it is either you wanna be EDGY and look cool or you want everyone to be a Fucken Grey Boi.
  6. This is a comment to add to the number of posts I have also Drama is Drama If I hate yopu I can say I touch lil kids and blame the crime on you the world is a filthy place!
  7. Right My character is afraid of you OOF your so edgy and intimidating...but if you want me to talk to ya sure I will most definitely ask.
  8. Hoo-Hah!. The Mobile Infantry the One of the most heavily Man powered section of the Federation, filled with Crazy troopers and real war veterans. Now if we are to "fix what we already have" we must first address the problems that exist already for example one major noteable problem is that most NCO's act like dicks toward their Subordinates and make them feel inferior for no given reason. More like a power flexor thing. It gets annoying to the point where you are trying to RP but things don't flow because you have someone of a higher rank breathing down your neck. It becomes overwhelming and it drains and stagnates the RP on-ship. That is my point of view lets get into the meat of the problem: 1.The Lack of Proper Passive RP: I have been on this server for the latter parts of 2018 and I have seen all there is o see. I know for a fact that everyone on this server can do something more than go to the bar, drink ,flirt,Fuck,kiss etc etc. While we have NCO's aboard the ship who can do so much more than heckle the lower members of the Infantry. For example Last night there was a Training for the SAW which I didn't mind too much, albeit I was already trained I still took part regardless. It isn't Like I had a chance to say I was trained in the SAW my NCO would not acknowledge me upon raising my hand. Anyway I was being trained and it took forever to even look at the guns we stood in line for about a good 30 mins before walking up to the Aisle with the SAW and Loading it. The Role-play was Dragged on to the Point where we were getting bored of the Passive RP. The one time that I got some decent on ship RP was with SGT Pauline, she made us do a killhouse with targets and whatnot I find that was so resourceful of her and I respect great minded people like her it gives up something to do while on ship,sharpens our skills and fills us with the shooty shooty mentality most infantry have. In short a solution is:If you are not creative don't Passive RP and Include everyone in it especially if it is going to be long and arduous otherwise try to make it fun so people won't realse it is work. 2. The not so Mobile Infantry: This one is short. CAN WE USE THE APCS ON MISSIONS PLEASE THAT WOULD SEVERELY REDUCE OUR CASUALTIES ESPECIALLY ON BIG MAPS! Thanks 3.Player Progression: As Commanding officer of the MI I think that Captain Bentley when he is on Boosts Morale of his troopers I think that he is one of the Best Leaders of the MI we had since Colonel Davidson. Sadly however the CO's I know for the MI are so few and Far between as almost they don't exist. No one wants to promote anyone due to BIAS/Job Security/Usefulness. My Character was Promoted to PFC just for Giving a tour for a couple of new Recruits while all the NCO's were in the Bar doing god knows what. To quote the Captain himself "Thank you for being useful more than half my NCO's" I was then Promoted and I felt useful but I know they won't make my character an NCO just because I am doing well. They say you gotta show leadership to get promoted. How the heck are we supposed to be showing leadership if the NCO's and CO's are Drop Leads/Second in Command. No one gives the PFC/Lance a chance. Hence forth people complain/Leave the server because there is no true player progression it is more like your just a trooper mean't to shoot shit and die with no purpose. If anyone here has anymore problems please drop them down below so I can propose suggestions/solutions to fix em thanks.
  9. What the....*INHALES* **EXHALES** Alright.
  10. Also Can Any Admin just Deny ya Marauder App I am Slightly Salty I want that Over Looked
  11. How does one Join the staff Team I really don't know and no one wants to tell me anything . Anyone who knows please do help me out here.
  12. The /me's Mean I wanna Hear your Role-play level not how many /m's you typed I wanna know how you RP so for example [/me gets up and jump kicks the trooper in his head]
  13. Solutions to the Problem is quite Simple give people what they want with the intents.. I am really sleepy Rn So mayeb when m yMarauder |Apps get looked...d. FUCK TYPOS.....
  14. The Other 5 Parts are just me going through the Other Factions Not only Marauders unless yall want me too cuz I can Rattle off Issues and Solutions like a New York times editor.
  15. Right so I am going to be playing Devil's Advocate here and Say this very much so out right. The Marauders are mean't to be Specialized Infantry aka Special bois they do the things Infantry Cannot which is to Open impassable doors and absorb Bullets so that Infantry can Complete a Drop/Missions with the least amount of causalities as possible. The Following list I have Compiled below are a mountain or Problems and Statements from Other threads on another Discussion about the Marauders when Hazy was here. I assume that this can provide some insight into what the community wants to see from the Marauders and maybe these help as solutions. 1. Marauder Segregation: The 13th Marauder Detachment is a Mechanized Aegis Mk II Armor wearing Unit that uses big Guns and Heavy Weapons to Complete Missions. The Most Logical Explanation for the Segregation is where else would you put the Mechs..? I don't think we can put them in the Bunks with the Infantry..obviously it cannot fit. Secondly If anyone here has played the Starship troopers FPS:Marauder you would all know that the Marauders were looked up to by the Infantry as like Marines would look up to Master Chief in Halo they see them as a Saviour of sorts not someone to set apart of and show distaste towards. For example I heard someone say ICLY behind a Marauders back "Those fucking Rauders think they hot shit with they big guns and fancy armor..the fuckers" I was in shock. What type of Hatred did they Deserve for this? We have to look past the Fact that Not Everyone can be a special Boi otherwise it won't feel special anymore. Hence Forth Bring me to my Second Point How one should be picked for marauder. 2.Being Picked for the Marauder Program: As for being picked for the Marauder program it should be Based on the Merit of a Mobile Infantry Trooper who has the Minimum Service of Two Years which is for example the Rank of an Sergeant or Corporal. If I remember Correctly it was [hewhogrillsbears Said "PFC/Lance should be able to get accepted as that is like two years in-game"] I for one think that it is a superb Idea for two reason one to underscore my point Earlier If Infantry can use their main Character to join the Marauders I think that would instantly Tie the knot with Infantry and the 13th because it will cause more Infantry to Marauder Interaction as those who do get picked will not just drop the friends they had from infantry so they will still speak to them with nothing changing but their armor and the color of their Beret. This will also Boost the trust aspect as they will get to know what kind of people the Marauders are instead of think they are just Mechanized Fuck boys who hang around and look cool. 3. The Role-play Factor for Marauders on-ship: Right for starters I heard from Deckers he said what this community needs is people who spur the RP w/o the help of Admins because they are lazy/busy so therefore what I can do to counteract this is to Cause some role-play random Occurances for example: A Loud explosion can be heard from the Back of the Marauder bay one of the arms of the Mechs they had blew off through a battle test. After that would be evented the Marauders would rush over and Role-play the Situation, this will give them something to do and Enlist the assistance of engineers MI-13th Interaction or for another example: Frank hits Joey who is a Marauder of a Higher rank Frank gets NJP by a Staff Sergeant in the MI. Simple things like this cause interaction weather or not it be warranted. Not all forms of role-play are pleasant. That being said I would also like to say Maintenance of their Marauder Suit is something I have never seen anyone do. It is said on the Marauder Fact sheet that you should try to bring your Marauder suit back in one piece at all times now I know Marauders get shot up alot so them just using over the armor the had from a drop earlier is not logical if it is true RP i say we have someone overlook them when they are fixing the aegis armor so when on a drop if it is not in proper condition that will be how much Armor they get in the drop itself. Which I think is Fair and very IC. I think I played a very Key role in this little Marauder Apartheid so I would like to know your thoughts bear in mind these are just suggestions/solutions which I deem Logical and are not set in stone nor is it gospel. With that being Said Keep this Wholesome and Don't Shit post :). Thank you for taking the time to read this Feel free to add and or take anything away FRANCO and Deckers I am looking at you guys
  16. Right so then you know what this means I am gonna work extra Hard to do Shit and Thinnk Outside the Box Imma do Onship events and Shit! IMMA MAKE SSTRP GREAT AGAIN!. Well Not events but Things to do ya know. Like Training Races Activities.
  17. I made another Topic about it go look at the NEw thread Just something I threw Out There
  18. Recon Heavy Weapons Light Weapons Standard MI Making these Sub Detachments will make the MI Great again as A posed to just having people Given Weapons on Drops This I presume will Breathe New Life Into the MI without Changing Anything major at all. These Groups will be Led by Staff Sergeants up. Therefore making Fire Teams Easier to construct instead of Just saying or You with Blue because we Feel like it. Just a Suggestion. If That Doesn't Work How about Small RP Groups Within the MI. I am gonna be Honest Here everyone is Tired of Just Being a Green Boy and the Factions are as limited as is. Making Small RP Groups for Example: "Welcome to the Roughnecks...RICO's ROUGHNECKS!" Things Like This Bolsters Morale among Men and women in the Federation and can Hold Friendly competitions with other Squads/Groups.
  19. Alright Then So May I propose something to make the MI More Special...?
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